Rodney Harrison breaks down how to defend the Patriots

Last night, we posted a video of Rodney Harrison and Florio talking about Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi and his trip heard around the league.

But that wasn’t all they discussed in this week’s one-on-one segment, presented by Nissan.

Rodney talks about why the Saints are so dangerous, and starts to look ahead to the huge Falcons-Saints game in a few weeks.

Harrison also reveals how not to defend Tom Brady.  (The Bears already know.)

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29 responses to “Rodney Harrison breaks down how to defend the Patriots

  1. Brady had 2 tongue-in-cheek responses to Rodney’s take on WEEI this morning. His first response was “what would Rodney know about playing man-to-man defense??” and the second response on playing man to man D against Brady is “you mean like the Jets played?”
    ‘Nuff said!!

  2. Harrison’s taken (& given) too many blows to the head to break down Brady. You have to have a pass rush from your D-line to beat the Patsies. The Giants did it.

  3. The rest of the NFL fans are waiting for the Pats to choke in the playoffs – like they did last season. THEN the Pats boards light up with condemnation of the players, the coaches, and the team.

  4. The Patriots didn’t choke in the playoffs last year. They just weren’t a very good team. They really cleaned house in the offseason. Different year, different team.

  5. Deb says:
    Anyone who wants to know how to defend against Brady this season should ask the Browns.
    What, shouldn’t they ask your Steelers, Deb? They did such an awesome job defending against Brady when they kicked New England’s a$$ a few weeks back, right?

    I’m not saying the Patriot’s offense can’t be stopped, I’m just thinking that a Steeler’s fan – of all people – shouldn’t be busting on Tom Brady.

  6. @ hooterdawg–

    I don’t really think it’s too fair to say anyone ‘choked’ by getting beat by a hungry Ravens team, especially without Wes Welker. Sometimes you win your playoff game, sometimes you don’t.

    This yr’s Pats team is an a ‘rebuilding’ phase, as you can obviously tell by the plethora of rookies. When almost 50% of your 53 man roster are 1st or 2nd yr players, you are in a rebuilding mode. The level of play and commitment that the young kids have shown is remarkable. Many fans expected a good, competitive team, but not the dominant one we see here today.

    If they lose in the playoffs, (which is more than possible) I hope that everyone appreciates the great job that they did this year, especially in dismantling great defenses such as the NYJ, PIT, BAL, SD, CHI, etc, etc, etc.

    Next year when they have 2 picks in every round (1-3) + basically ‘3’ first rd picks with Carolina’s #33, they will show even more improvement. Be honest dude, you could only wish your squad was as set for the next 5 yrs, and into the future.

  7. @grant444-

    Yeah, because the NYG sure did whip them in the SB right? That’s crazy talk. They won the game, and more than deserve their title, but it was a close 17-14 game helped by a once in a lifetime helmet catch, and a couple of dropped INT’s by New England.

    What about New England’s D that day? If I remember, the score was 14-10 Pats with a little over 2 minutes remaining, yet everyone always refers to the 2007 NYG team as the one’s who could get such ‘pressure’ on Brady.

    I remember a nasty Ravens team, a nasty Eagles team, and a bunch of other games that year who brought a ton of pressure, yet couldn’t get it done. You however, remember a 17-14 game as being the blueprint to stopping Tom Brady. That’s hilarious. He isn’t going to win EVERY game, lol.

  8. I do agree with you that having a great pass rush will help your cause in defeating Brady. That is, if you don’t blitz.

    Ask the Jets how that intense pressure and man to man coverage helped them last week.

    They’ll likely lose, something will happen, some balls will bounce the wrong way, a couple of turnovers etc, maybe a few sacks. They aren’t ‘god’s team.’ Yet, once again, everyone will talk about how those 3-4 sacks led to such intense and crazy pressure, when they see that almost every week. And yes, they’ll refer to the 2007 Ny Giants, lol.

  9. Did someone strike a nerve, richm2256? I’m not sure how Deb was bashing the precious Pats, she was just saying that they did something to Brady that no one else has this season. I know you’d like to forget that the Browns game ever happened, but it did and you can bet everyone remembers it. Stop freaking out on someone every time you think there’s even the smallest slight against Mr. Uggs.

  10. that browns game was the best thing that could have ever happened to teh pats. they were a little busy reading their press clippings and simply did not show up. they are not even close to good enough to do that and expect to win. thats what makes this team so enjoyable to watch and in a way comparable to the 01 team. no superstars, except for brady who work hard every day and continue to improve. what a rebuilding job by belichick.

    last years game against the ravens was certainly not a choke, the ravens kicked their asses up and down the field, clearly the better team that day.

    got rid of adalius thomas and a few other cancerous players and turned the ship around.

  11. Footballphan, it is the Pat fans who dismantle the losses as ‘choking’ on their forums. Sure, other fans join in on the ‘chokefest’ of disappointment, but Boston fans by and large brag they are the best in every sport, and then chit on their coaches/players when things don’t work out for a win. Pat fans especially are all over other team forums bragging about how great their team is, so it is no wonder that other fans delight when the Pats lose. For all the bragging that Rex Ryan does on behalf of the Jets, it is nothing compared to the arrogance displayed by Pat fans all over the internet.

  12. @cornellsteelers:

    I have no delusions that the Patriots are unbeatable. No problem with that, and I respect the hell out of the Browns for being one of just two teams who have done that this year.

    I just have a problem with hypocrites. You know, someone who uses another team other than their own, to bash New England. Deb is such a loud-mouthed Steeler defender, I just think it’s pathetic that she has to use the Browns to trash them, because her own team so thoroughly had their a$$es handed to them by the very team she’s bashing.

    If your own team got crushed by another, tip your hat to that team and move on. Don’t use another team that DID beat them, to trash them. If any Browns fans want to come on this thread and trash talk Brady, they have every right to do so.

  13. @hooterdawg …

    Don’t count on the Pats screwing up in the playoffs this year. If they go down this time, it will more likely be because they were outplayed, not because they beat themselves. They’re not the team they were last year.

    @richm2256 …

    I should think that would be obvious, rich: If we know how to defend against Tom Brady, we haven’t demonstrated it. We were outplayed and outcoached in our last meeting, repeating the same mistakes we’ve made in almost every encounter we’ve had with Brady.

    Please explain to me how the sentence “Anyone who wanted to know how to defend against Tom Brady this season should ask the Browns” is busting on Tom Brady. Your logic often escapes me, but with that we’re on different planets.

    As I’ve often said, in my view Tom Brady is the best QB in the league. And BB is the best coach in the league. This season, it appears they again have strong supporting players. Any team hoping to defeat them should be considering how to defend against them. It can be done. As the Giants proved in 07, no team is unstoppable. But my suggestion is that opponents look defenses that have had recent success against Brady–the Browns, and to a lesser extend, the Ravens–rather than listening to Rodney Harrison.

    That’s not insulting, it’s common sense. What on earth did you think I meant?

  14. Logan Mankins has made himself a lot of money in the last month. The team has a much harder edge to it since he’s come back. They look like a completely different team. BB can coach his ass off, and has done a great job getting the team better as the season’s gone on, but I think a lot of that credit goes to Mankins as well.

  15. Nooterdawg says that for all the trash talking Rex Ryan does is nothing compared to the arrogance displayed by the Pats fans all over the internet.

    I realize that you are a disgruntled Jets fan that is watching your sorry team implode before your eyes but what does what any fan posts on the internet have to do with your loud mouthed CAN’T BACK UP HIS TALK, target on his back, stupid rants ??

    NY Jets soon to be AFC CHUMPS.

    Same old Jests !

    Once again Jets SHHHHHHHHHH.

    Get ready to lose AGAIN this Sunday in Pittsburgh.

  16. @ Deb
    Your an objective fan of the Steelers a teem I must say, I admire a ton which is more than I can say for alot of other teams out there, and your right about teams should look at the Browns game to get clues on defending Captain America and the Patriots, only problem is other teams don’t have the Steelers, Ravens “D” or Rob Ryan on thier Teams.

  17. @bradybunch12 …

    Thank you! You’re right about the Ravens D and Rob Ryan. No one I admire more than Dick LeBeau, but he just doesn’t take the right approach against Brady. Ryan and the Ravens did the same thing the Giants did in 07. For some reason, we just don’t do that, and he picks us apart. The Ravens were the team that came closest to beating them in 07 before the Giants. We should definitely be looking at those game plans. They’re getting better as they go, though, which is another of their strengths. They’ll be tough for anyone to beat.

  18. @Deb,

    I enjoy your all your posts except the ones where you make excuses for Ben. I’ll never understand your support for that idiot.

    As to the Browns and Rob R. The Browns defense did not beat us in that game, the browns offense did. They killed the Pats on time of possession and Brady did not have enough opps to win the game. That along with a couple of costly turnovers.
    So I believe the key to beating the Pats is a good or great ground game (Hillis) and a win on the turnover score sheet.

    Anyway, good discussion. Thanks

  19. maddog111 says:
    Dec 13, 2010 1:53 PM
    Logan Mankins has made himself a lot of money in the last month. The team has a much harder edge to it since he’s come back. They look like a completely different team. BB can coach his ass off, and has done a great job getting the team better as the season’s gone on, but I think a lot of that credit goes to Mankins as well.

    I’ve got to hand it to Mankins. When the Pats marched off to a great start, I was right there saying we didn’t need his hold-out a$$, the line was doing a fine job of protecting Brady. And they were. When Makins finally signed, I said I thought he could only screw things up for New England as he tried to catch up.

    I was dead wrong. Mankins has flat-out been an animal, and as good as the line was before, without him, they are way better WITH him.

  20. @habsman …

    Thank you. Honestly wouldn’t defend Ben if I didn’t know the evidence proves he’s not a sex offender. If you want to change the discussion to bonehead, that I’ll give you. Have always been frustrated by his poor work ethic, though I gather that’s improving. Hope he’s finally gaining some maturity.

    If the key to stopping Brady is keeping him off the field, we may be out of luck. I’m happy with our running backs, but our offensive line is in tatters at this point. The defense has carried us the last two weeks. Just don’t know if we could be healthy enough to manage that kind of ball control.

  21. HotRod! STFU … Didn’t you sign a “no disclosure?” I’m thinking it really doesn’t matter the way Tom is playing!
    Brady is the MVP! Bring on man, zone whatever. Crump and Bronk max protect….Welker, Branch can’t be covered 1on1 anyway!!!

  22. It’s gonna continue for the rest of the season and years to come!!! BB has done it again. I smell Larry Fitz coming to the PATS next offseason.

  23. i like the fact everybody say pats are the best team in nfl right now which is understandable n saints still better than the falcons!

    but both saints and pats have lost to the cleveland browns n the saints lost to em at home but the falcons beat cleveland browns w.o a problem

  24. @#
    hooterdawg says: Dec 13, 2010 12:15 PM

    The rest of the NFL fans are waiting for the Pats to choke in the playoffs – like they did last season. THEN the Pats boards light up with condemnation of the players, the coaches, and the team.

    lol what a moron.

    Well the rest of the NFL fans might be waiting a long time.

    Yeah……Pat’s always choke in the playoffs….that’s why they have been to 4 SuperBowls in the last decade…winning 3.

    lol Pats nation hopes opposing teams will be as stupid as you are dude come playoff time. Maybe they can plan on the Pats having another game like they did against Baltimore last year…..just like Rexy boy planned on kicking their ass a few weeks ago.

    Brady is a man possessed and the new offense has him getting the ball out of his hands quicker than ever. A D-line pass rush will not matter, he gets the ball out two soon. For those that said “but look what the Giants did” blah blah blah….well…that was because Brady was holding the ball for 5 seconds while Moss got down field.

    If the Pats secure home field advantage throughout the Playoffs…the only chance any of you bitter, miserable haters will have in not seeing another New England Super Bowl victory will be if a team like the Saints make it to Dallas and can keep up with them on offense. They you will have a chance….a small one.

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