Signs point towards Favre being shut down for the season

Brett Favre milled around during pregame warmups Monday night looking every bit like a 41-year-old man.

Dressed in black warmups with a winter hat on indoors, Favre seemed a little lost.  He often kept his hands in his pocket, perhaps to cover his somewhat hideous purple right hand.  (Favre’s hand is reportedly numb.)   Sitting out is a new experience for him, and it sounds like one he’s going to have to get used to.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported that it’s very “possible/likely” the Vikings will place Favre on injured reserve.  Troy Aikman of FOX also casually mentioned that Tarvaris Jackson would likely remain the Vikings starting quarterback through the end of the season.

We have had our fun with Favre on PFT, but his consecutive games streak is an incredible achievement worthy of celebration. Unfortunately, the end of the streak is more sad than joyous, whether you are a Favre fan or not.

Favre’s career — especially his 2009 season — defied expectations.   But this season has been sadly, strangely familiar.

The end for great quarterbacks is almost never pretty.

48 responses to “Signs point towards Favre being shut down for the season

  1. Favre was warned that a suspension is coming this week. Lost your streak by injury or lose your streak by an embarassing behavior… your pick. And now comes the retirement… perfect timing.

  2. Yeah, sometimes you play a great game for your million bucks, sometimes you just mill around with your hands in your pockets for it. Poor guy.

  3. Asked at halftime how he felt having to just “mill around” all game, Brett said, “Actually it’s a bit more than a mill, but hey, who’s counting.”.

  4. LOL, on Brett’s “hideous purple right hand”.

    Luckily it matchs his “slightly purple left hand” and the “purplish hue” of his facial features. I guess he’s numb all over.

    “We’ve had out share of fun with PFT over the years, here on SB Nation, but it’s sad to see them fall for something this ridiculous…”.

  5. Tarvaris Jackson showing why this is his last year in Minnesota. I hope he sprained that ankle bad. Play JOE WEBB!

  6. Will be regarded as one of the better(not best) QB’s. No denying his toughness and grit. Too bad he came back to this disaster.
    THAT being said, hopefully, the yearly stupid off season Favre stroking will end.

  7. I had a shoulder injury and it’s no joke how bad it can be. Rot. cuff aside, you can severe/damage nerves. I couldn’t feel my left arm for almost a week. And I didn’t play NFL football. The possibility of permanent damage is real. Sever that nerve and your arm is done. FOREVER.

  8. If you think Favre’s right hand looks purple, imagine Terry Bradshaw’s face. After not breathing for the last couple of years.

  9. Enough of Favre – he’s ex post facto.
    I want to know what his (for now) wife thinks about his cheating arse.
    Heck, sell those pics autographed ……..

  10. T-Joke was safetied there, because like a moron he made no effort to get the ball out of the endzone.

    Lousy call by the officials. He was laying in the endzone. That was a safety.

  11. How many people lasted long enough watching this sad excuse of a game to the end of the 3rd quarter? Lets see who sat through the whole thing who is a fan of this team. I turned it once the 4th rolled in.

  12. His legacy was ruined playing for the Vikings. His biggest mistake was believing that because of some high profile FA signings, somehow, someway, Brad Childress could get that team to a Superbowl and win it all.

    50 years of futility does not just disappear. This is a snakebitten franchise from the get go. Add cheating (Starcaps) and lying (tampering), and the football Gods of Karma weren’t going to sit by and watch the Vikings win a Superbowl. No, not for the first 50 years and it will be at least another 50 years, moral bankruptcy prevades the entire franchise and they will suck for a long time to come.

  13. Well said, Gregg. The NFL was definitely more fun with Favre in it, mostly lately just to be able to make fun of him. Still a sad end to his career, no doubt.

  14. I am glad this jerks career is over for good poor litte Brett gets a million a game for not playing the last four games of the season .

  15. T-Joke supporters want to spend another season watching that from our starting QB? NO THANKS! Re-defining INCOMPETENT.

  16. I feel bad for Frazier, if he can’t see the obvious, his interim coaching stint is going to be exactly that.

  17. “The end for great quarterbacks is almost never pretty.”

    Yeah, but how is the end of Favre’s career going to go ?

  18. Jackson stunk up the joint big time tonight, he doesn’t even look like an NFL QB, just horrible.

    He keeps throwing off his back foot and making poor decisions.

    The Vikings need a QB, cause this guy stinks.

  19. @ textthis

    You’re absolutely right! That must be it!! I’m sure it has nothing to do with his throwing hand being numb. You are the ultimate insider…just like current media you’re throwing out crap with absolutely nothing to back it up. Well done jacka$$

  20. C’mon fella’s! In a year or maybe twelve you will all be having only fond memories of the man, the legend, the………….you get my point. Stop being whiny little bitches, man up and give the man his props! He played the game with more passion than most of us have in our big toe. He was able to play in a league and at a level that most of us have only dreamed of. He really was THAT good! Get over it!

  21. lionsfan20 – its amazing how big of a moron you are

    If any of you were athletes, you would realize ANYONE would rather end their career like Favre has this year that end it last year. Reason? As an athlete, you always want to know you played every last possible game you could. If he had retired last year, he would have always wondered, what would this year have been like. At least he can go out knowing he played every down possible.

    ..and it wont ruin his legacy….no athlete has ever ruined his legacy playing too long…..just ask Namath, Dorsett, F Harris….the list goes on!

  22. For some reason, when I think of a metaphor that pertains to the Vikings this year, I think of Chunk in the Goonies trying to make sure the glass water jug doesn’t fall over.

    I got it, I got it, I got it! I don’t got it. I hope it wasn’t a deposit bottle.

    Favre being Chunk in this metaphor.

  23. Farve is standing next to Pam Oliver in the pic, he must be asking for her cell number so he can text her enhanced pictures of his ahhhhhhhh…. hand.

  24. @dejectedfan

    Favre played the game with more passion than most of us have in our big toes??

    I certainly hope he did. I don’t have much passion at all in my big toe.

  25. I think he will be back in 2011 prolly not with the vikings bc that may help him get through a divorce alot easier! Even if he would be a back up which wouldn’t be half bad

  26. @rick1922

    It sounds like you’re the jerk. Since you like to throw out useless info with nothing to back it up, I’ll do the same. I imagine that you were the weak little nerd that all the football players picked on. I bet you always wanted to be a QB, but you throw like a girl which would eliminate you from that dream. So you set up your camera, Uncle Rico style, and throw some passes to make yourself feel better about your weak, lonly “litte” existance. You are the king of bitterness and hate……and the king of bit(he$.

  27. sterilizecromartie says:
    Dec 13, 2010 11:28 PM

    Favre played the game with more passion than most of us have in our big toes??

    I certainly hope he did. I don’t have much passion at all in my big toe.
    That’s too bad. My big toe just finished a super-excellent rock opera, has written several poems and is an accomplished lyricist and zither player. My other toes are not as inspired. Most of them just have fungus.

  28. Want proof that Thoreau was correct in describing some people as “living lives of quiet desperation”…..?:

    600 Vikings fans traveled to the Detroit game in four chartered planes.

    Oy vey.

  29. Great career Brett…… Sad to him leave, but also glad it is finally over…… Bittersweet feeling….

    Btw…. I do not think people understand the magnitude of his streak…… He has started every game since 1992! And it is not like he was dropping back behind a Peyton Manning or even Troy Aikman type line, where they hardly get hit, but he took a lot of shots throughout his career…..

    In my opinion, that streak has to be a top 3 record in all of sports….. I challenge anyone to find 5 records that are more impressive in any sport…..

  30. I feel no remorse for this man.

    He could have retired a Packer in 2008, and been a god here for eternity.

    Instead, he wanted to ruffle the proverbial feathers of the Packer Nation like a recently-divorced ex-wife, parading all over, interviewing himself and whining like the diva that he is.

    He was sent to a championship-caliber team in the New York Jets, and promptly led the collapsde there.

    Then he faked retirement for the sole purpose of escaping to Minnesota to stick it to the Packers for seeing what he could not — that he had lost himself and any clutch playmaking ability that he had ever possessed.

    I would have taken a bullet for this man once upon a time. Now, I’ll have to give him a few years off until I forgive him for what he did to my psyche.

    It will be hard to shake the image of him throwing passes clad in purple…

    …it helps that many of them were caught by opposing defenses.

  31. I knew there’d be at least one idiot who said his hand wasn’t really purple or messed up. Congrats hobartbaker, you’re the first. Many people who’ve seen it have said it’s disgusting. Good try though asswipe.

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