Steve Smith on Jimmy Clausen: “He ain’t at Notre Dame anymore”

The questions about Jimmy Clausen during the build-up to the draft were less about his arm strength, and more about his ability to lead men.

Clausen has struggled mightily on the field, like many rookie quarterbacks.   Based on some comments from wide receiver Steve Smith, Clausen also may be struggling with how to command respect from veterans around him.

After Carolina’s 31-10 loss to the Falcons, Clausen sought out linebacker Jon Beason to apologize for his poor play.  Smith was asked what he thought of the matter:

“I’m the last guy to tell anybody to be apologizing, but if you’re going to apologize, you know, you should apologize to the people in the huddle with you,” Smith said via Steve Reed of   “He ain’t at Notre Dame anymore, that’s for sure.”

Sensing he said too much, Smith ended his session with the Panthers media right there.   Clausen was later asked about Smith’s comments.

“I didn’t hear Steve say that, so I can’t comment on something that he didn’t say to me,” Clausen said.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Smith’s talk.

26 responses to “Steve Smith on Jimmy Clausen: “He ain’t at Notre Dame anymore”

  1. HAHAHA, that was a fun game to watch! I can’t wait till they come to Atlanta, I’m talking about a beatdown of monumental proportions. They will get knuckled-down by our backups and our backups’-backups. Keep up the good work Jimmy, see you again in a few weeks.

  2. Not that I’m defending that abomination of a team in Carolina, but I love how these guys call out rookie players expecting them to come in and play like Tom Brady off the bench. This team stunk before Clausen. Also, I think this league is far too quick to write off players (especially QB’s). Every year guys like Clausen end up in entirely different offenses because these stupid owners expect a one year turnaround from head coaches. How good would Peyton Manning have been if he had to learn a different offense every year. Probably not nearly as good as he is because they stuck with the system.

  3. Well it’s kinda hard to earn respect from the veterans when he’s playing like hot garbage if he was playing good not even like sam Bradford good but like John kitna pedestrian good he would’ve earned those guys respect weeks ago

  4. Doesn’t help that their bacfield is being led by Mike Goodsen when they expected it to be Deangelo and Johnathan.

  5. I would say the Panthers ownership is the worst in the league. Yes, worse than Denver and Arizona. Before Steve Smith blames his QB he should blame is GM for not giving him a supporting cast.

  6. Honestly,

    That wasn’t that mean or anything. It’s true… i’m sure Jimmy is thinking the same thing. Not a big deal.

    You know who i’d love for this site to slam, though?

    Jerry Richardson – cheap ass jerk face ruined our franchise.

  7. What, besides nothing, has Steve Smith done since the year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl? Maybe if he got open, Clausen wouldn’t be so bad.

    At least he didn’t break Clausen’s jaw like he did that cornerback a few years ago.

    Yea Steve Smith is a guy I’d want on my squad.

  8. Why Steve, how COULD you call out your “franchise QB you haven’t had in a long time” like that?

    What goes around comes around.

  9. Obviously Jimmy fall in line with his predecessor and fellow ND failure Brady Quinn. Glad I don’t make a living as a scout because I thought these two guys sucked in college but for some reason, they were suppose to be great pro style QBs. Perhaps the over inflated image of sorry Charlie and the university of ND that obscured the scouts vision but it doesn’t appear they were all that accurate about their assessment.

  10. smith isnt just famous for suckerpunching people.

    he also throws QBs under the bus regularly. ask jake about it.

    it was smith’s time to shine this year and prove he could carry the team all by his peewee self.

    he couldnt. he should learn to apologize.

    assuming he leaves carolina, i dont see a real established good team picking him up. he is a ticking firecracker.

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