Terrell Owens: “I can’t throw the ball to myself”

One week after imploring reporters to watch film to see how open he was, Terrell Owens again bemoaned his lack of opportunities Sunday after a Bengals loss.

“Sometimes, I just feel like I’m out there running,” Owens said when asked about the play-calling. “In the beginning of the game, I got some good looks. But after that, that was it. We had no adjustments.”

Owens had just one catch for 22 yards in the game.  He’s taken a back seat to Chad Ochocinco over the last two weeks.

I can’t throw the ball to myself. I can’t do anything else. All I can do is go with the plays that are called and just hope I get some opportunities,” Owens said.

T.O. mentioned that his impressive personal season doesn’t give him any great joy when they team has lost ten straight games.  But it’s hard to believe him when quotes like this only come out after he struggles individually.

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  1. TO is so full of himself! He cryies on the side lines, cryies to reporters and to everyone that will listen to him. I sure did not see him mention the pass right through his hand . He cares about me, me, me, not where this team stands on wins and loses. Thats who bust I want to see when I got the the NFL HOF.

  2. 2 things:
    1) Bob Bratkowski has not made an offensive adjustment during a game or at halftime in his entire career w/the Bengals. Thank you TO for calling him out once again.
    2) It’s more than likely an intentional move by Mike Brown so he doesn’t hit all of his incentives.

    3) Steeler Nation, please send your thank you Letter to Carson Palmer to Paul Brown Stadium

  3. Lets see, only 1 team was interested in Owens before the season, because of his “baggage and history”. And TO, the genius that he is, is making it impossible for the one team that is interested to keep him around. Hey TO, you moron, why are you alienating yourself from the one team that wants you? If no one else wanted you prior to this season, they certainly dont want you now. You are a year older, and when things go bad, you go off the deep end. No one is interested in that crap

  4. Bengals owner is so cheap that even with only 2 months left on his head coachs contract, he doesn’t make a change; Jerry Jones paid out a few years, you dont see him crying about the money, and he broke the losing streak doing so

  5. Terrible Owens is a soft, pathetic excuse for a football player. Looked like a perfectly thrown pass went right through his arms yesterday, and he may have had a route problem after the first Polamalu pick, considering the discussion he and Palmer had on the sidelines. The Bengals should just suspend him for the rest of the season and end their misery, since it will only get worse from here on out as his public complaining starts. For somebody that called Ben soft several times, he should considering shutting his trap, but that likely won’t happen.


  6. “But it’s hard to believe him when quotes like this only come out after he struggles individually”

    I’m not a TO fan but they actually come out when the team struggles. I’m sure it’s frustrating to any offensive player when you don’t get the ball and to make matters worse your team is losing. So of course you correlate the 2. Now if he says this stuff while they are 10-2 then your last sentence would make more sense.

  7. TO will continue to cry like this as long as there is a team out there willing to give him the “opportunities” to open his mouth. He should have retired years ago.

  8. Who could have seen this coming? Same song and dance… I hope Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are ok with their retirement plans or are content with dominating the UFL because that’s about the only option they’ll have after this season.

  9. I like Carson Palmer and Ochocinco. I even admire Marvin Lewis–the man has had a lot to deal with as the coach of the Bengals, and he never seems to lose his cool.

    But T.O., he is one man that annoys me. On every single team, as long as he’s being thrown to and is catching passes, he is happy. But as soon as he’s unhappy, his mouth opens up and the flood waters are released.

    He’s NOT a team player. It’s sad and almost pathetic that he’s never learned how to be one, and it’s ridiculous because he’s so talented.

    cincyorangenblack: I feel your pain. We have our own Bob Bratkowski (Bruce Arians) that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “adjustment” either. Oh, and I will send my thank you letter to Troy.

  10. C’mon, you can’t scrutinize a guy for saying the truth! Someone probably said “Hey, TO, care to comment on you only having one catch?” or something to that extent. What do you expect him to say? He’s right! Yet again… and Palmer has flat out sucked, period.

    Everyone calling TO a diva again here is just plain ignorant.

    Chad put it best on Facebook today. He’s damned if he smiles, or tries to act positive because then he looks like he’s ok with winning, and he’s damned if he complains, because then he looks like a diva. What do we expect these guys to do exactly?

    GET Brat THE “F” OUTTA THERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!! Give Palmer a shot at fixing things under some proper playcalling, but only a half seasons worth or so, then can his ass too if he can’t turn it around.

    Brat and Palmer = THEEE PROBLEM HERE!

  11. T.O.’s history will shade a good point, and that is his own doing. So he deserves the criticism and backlash his opinion merits.

    That said, Carson Palmer is throwing a terrible ball this season. As the QB on my fantasy team, I’ve watched him miss open receivers time and time again. As a reciever it has to be frustrating to watch a ball sail over your head when their isn’t a defender in sight.

  12. steelersmichele says:
    Dec 13, 2010 10:28 AM

    Any player on defense would have made that pick (especially after TO fell down) the dive he “hurt” himself on into the endzone…i doubt many would’ve made that play. But give credit where credit is due- Palmer scored more points for you than your offense, not Troy.

  13. It’s no secret Carson Palmer is not any good. He’s just not. I used to laugh when people would put him above Ben, even after Ben had some hardware. I’m so glad he’s being exposed as the terrible qb he is.

    As for T.O., he should just focus on the GAME and stop giving the media sound bites.

    Also, any of you in Cinci, are you not outraged that the team is 2-11 and your ‘stars’ are still doing their weekly national tv show?? Wouldn’t you, at some point, think they would say something like ‘You know our team is not doing good and we need to put this energy into the game.’?

    Lastly, it’s sad to see Marvin will be the one to get fired for Carson’s terrible arm and T.O.’s cancer.

  14. As a Cowboys fan, I know first hand the damage that TO can do, but I will say this…when TO is happy, the team is usually winning. I believe him when he says personal stats mean nothing. At this stage in his career he wants a ring. But if you look back at any point in his career TO is happy when his team is putting up W’s. And not coincidentally it usually means he’s putting up numbers. Problem is, his skill set has diminished, he can only catch with his body. And I think he might be getting soft over the middle. But you have to wonder how he would be doing right now on a team like the Colts. He needs a better QB. Palmer is done.

  15. Brat really isn’t the problem behind the offense sucking this year. Palmer is just making horrible decisions and throws. Brat isn’t throwing the ball, Palmer just isn’t playing like he used to for whatever reason.
    And Mike Brown has never been cheap when it comes to his players. He typically always spent right up to the salary cap. I always thought he was cheap on the front office though with the way undersized scouting department.

  16. medialovesthecowboys says: Dec 13, 2010 10:52 AM

    But you have to wonder how he would be doing right now on a team like the Colts.


    Interesting question but I have to think that the Colts are too smart – as are most other good teams – to sign an aging receiver with diminishing skills and a natural tendency to create drama…

  17. I’m a Steelers fan, as bad a game overall that Ben had – Palmer was actually worse. It’s no secret by now that Palmer does seem to be in some type of decline production wise especially with his decision making during the game.

    I can’t determine whether those passes were his fault or the receiver’s? maybe even the play called when the Steelers might have had the right defense called …? But Palmer unfortunately looks very pedestrian. Even Fitzpatrick with the Bills is a better passer, and has a quicker release than both Ben & Palmer.

    It’s SO frustrating to watch what should be good QB’s making some fundamental mistakes.

  18. “T.O. mentioned that his impressive personal season doesn’t give him any great joy when they team has lost ten straight games.”

    Rosenthal…is it possible for you to write a few paragraphs without junior high level spelling and grammar mistakes? You’re supposed to be a professional writer, correct? It’s embarrassing. It doesn’t say much about the editing process at PFT either since every single one of your mistakes makes it to the site.

  19. Owens was having a good year and nobody heard any negativity towards Palmer when he was getting his numbers. Now it is all Palmer’s fault (are there incentives he might not reach?). No doubt the QB shoulders much of the blame but T.O. needs a little more “we” and a lot less “me”. Even if he was asked a question he could have answered it without throwing teammates under the bus publicly. Show some class and humility.

  20. While it’s true that you can’t throw the ball to yourself, what you can do is make an effort to get open. The steeler db’s aren’t exactly lockdown defenders.

  21. I’m not a Steeler’s fan but Big Ben is arguably the toughest QB to play the game (1970 – upwards). Plus, he served up some good stats for me in one of my FF teams. Of course, Favre is up there too …………………………….

  22. Too many fans on here that haven’t seen T.O. numerous times use the “we”… again, I think a guy answered a question that was asked around the fact that he only had 1 catch, yet everyone wants to act like he’s being a diva again. Whatever… people will think what they want regardless of truth of the matter sometimes.

  23. He’d fail on the Colts team, too, because Manning wouldn’t throw to him just to make him happy.

    Better question would be “wonder how he’d be doing on the Eagles right now with Vick as the QB?” Guess we’ll never know since Owens burned that bridge…

  24. “303bengalguy says:
    Dec 13, 2010 12:03 PM
    Too many fans on here that haven’t seen T.O. numerous times use the “we”… again, I think a guy answered a question that was asked around the fact that he only had 1 catch, yet everyone wants to act like he’s being a diva again. Whatever… people will think what they want regardless of truth of the matter sometimes.”

    Seriously, 303bengalguy????? Look, we get you’re a Bengals homer, but at least look at Owens objectively and his entire career. Owens is a diva and a cancer in the locker room, plain and simple. His entire career he’s thrown each and every one of the QBs under the bus. It’s myopic fans like you who feed the ego and can’t see what is plainly obvious to the rest of the rational fans.

  25. Palmer is still a good QB, but just imagine being in hia shoes with those 2 prima donas on his team. Owens and Chad Johnson. The poor guy probably has nightmares of these two whiners barking in his ear to throw the ball to them. He is trying to make them both happy and while looking for them to get the ball to them so they can inflate their fat egos he is getting hammered.
    I am willing to bet if the Bengals dump both these egotistical bums that you will see the Palmer of old. I’m a Steelers fan and would take him over Ben any day.

  26. @granadafan:

    T.O. has repeatedly said all the right things in Cincy, including the statement that this article references. His past is his past, I’m going off what he’s done in Cincy. Sure he has had some poor choices of words in the past but show me one since he’s been in Cincy. Please do and we can discuss further.

  27. I think what he means to says is, “I practice hard all week and Polamalu and Woodley get all the passes!”.

  28. Ok this could get lengthy.
    First, Bob Brakowski is an absolute disgrace for an offensive coordinator.
    Second, mike Brown is a disaster of a owner for anything not just sports. He couldn’t even successfully operate a daamn sonoco gas station.
    Third, Marvin Lewis is soft as kleenex. He left his balls in Baltimore I suppose.
    Ok now we have that out the way I think palmer is terribly shaken by who knows what.. He is playing like jon kitna did when he was here. I would be totally open to playing JP a bit before the end of the season. Our organization is the WORST IN ALL PRO SPORTS! I think T.O. has provided a spark for us al season despite his lack of effort at times. Our running game would be much better if we actually had a real damn FB.
    Our D-line coordinator had just saved his job with the way the D played the steelers if I was the owner. I would let go of the Ocoordinator in a quick milisecond, marvin is gone, special teams coach gone, TE coach gone as well. We wont be able to get a big name coach regardless of the CBA or whatever because mike doo-doo brown wants to make all personnel moves head coach decisions an so on and so forth ( allah marvin bengals fans know that term marvin uses.) No one wants to deal with a horrible owner telling them how to run the team while allowing NO executive decisions. Marvin probably can’t wait to get the hell otta here and to some degree i dont blame him. Like we have gotten accustomed to repeating as bengals fans, there is always next year!! DROWN MIKE BROWN!

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