Versatile Eagles offense too much for Cowboys

When it was all over, Cowboys running back Tashard Choice was just like any other fan, hoping to get an autograph from Michael Vick. (For his nephew.)  Vick can have that effect on his opponents.

This is how far the Eagles offense has come: They scored 30 points in what felt like a “B” effort from Vick.  The Cowboys knocked Vick around in a 30-27 Eagles win, yet he scored three times.  Ultimately, the game helped confirm a lot of previously held beliefs:

1. The Eagles offense is a lot more balanced than you think.  After getting the ball with 4:22 left in the fourth quarter, LeSean McCoy essentially ran the four-minute drill by himself.  He picked up four first downs to kill the clock and wound up with 149 yards on the ground.

It’s remarkable how the Eagles have seamlessly replaced Brian Westbrook with a new model, like they called 1-800-Scat-back.  (Yeah, that’s too many letters and McCoy is more than a scat back. It’s late.)   McCoy needs to go to the Pro Bowl.

2. The Cowboys continued to play hard for Jason Garrett.  They give better effort, but their secondary still gives up too many big plays.  The offense did well considering they struggled on the ground and Jon Kitna doesn’t often go vertical.  They are maxing out their potential and will be dangerous in Week 17 when they head to Philly.

3. Vick threw two interceptions, although one was on a dropped pass.  He only ran for 16 yards (including a touchdown), perhaps a reflection of all the hits he took.  Vick continues to get pounded by defenders.  The Cowboys at least slowed him down with this approach.  (He still threw for 270 yards on 26 attempts.)

Can Vick survive a long playoff run taking this many hits?

4. The Eagles are going to have to keep scoring like crazy because the defense is springing leaks.  Linebacker Stewart Bradley left the game with a dislocated elbow.  Coach Andy Reid confirmed Bradley is likely out for the year.  Defensive end Brandon Graham left with a knee injury and didn’t return.

5. No matter what you think of DeSean Jackson’s touchdown celebrations (his effort Sunday night was so cold even Al Michaels had to laugh), the kid is unlike any other pro.  Jackson put up 210 yards on only four catches.  He took a simple out route 91 yards.  It’s just so tough to defend this offense.

This game was just an appetizer for the Eagles.  They can take charge of the NFC East in next week’s must-see matchup against the Giants.

Tashard Choice should set the DVR early.

41 responses to “Versatile Eagles offense too much for Cowboys

  1. 6. DeSean Jackson is a classy guy. No really. Pure class. And by pure class I mean ass-hat. Act like you’ve been there before, douche.

  2. When Jackson tries that crap in the playoffs and gives up the ball, we’ll see how cute it is. He’s lost the ball before hot-dogging, and he’ll do it again.

  3. Ah the bitterness starts already. I guess no other players celebrate. The whole league does it.

    And to the dopey dallas fans (vox, boysroll) you can shove that 0-3gles up your ass.


    Maybe next year…. Maybe.

  4. @spartachris

    Yeah ok, act like Desean is the first player to celebrate going into the endzone, douche.

    Can’t wait to see the eagles standing in the middle of jerry world hoisting that lombardi trophy.

  5. Eventually, someone is going to take out Jackson’s knee. It will be dirty, a flag will be appropriately thrown, and no one outside of Philly will feel any pity for DeSean. He’s not celebrating, he’s taunting. Someone will finally have had enough and Jackson’s career will either end or never be same again because he’s an immature ass and Reid won’t put a leash on him.

  6. The only reason the Eagles are winning right now is LeSean McCoy. You can say Michael Vick is the reason, but if McCoy hadn’t started playing like the way he has… I don’t think this team would be where it is now if they didn’t have him as a threat.

    I knew McCoy would be really good, but I didn’t think he’d replace Westbrook this well this fast. Westbrook looks good in San Francisco too. He hasn’t taken the punishment but I heard he had an ankle injury he’s battling through. Hope the best for him.

    And give some credit to Juan Castillo (I believe that’s the offensive line coach) for doing what he’s doing with this make-shift offensive line. Questionable left tackle (playing better as of late), solid left guard, backup center, third string right guard, backup right tackle and still did a decent job tonight.

    I think the Eagles have the best offense in the NFL as far as skill-position talent goes. No team as fast, no team as versatile. The Eagles only have two teams to worry about in the NFC. The Saints and the Falcons. I think you can write them in for a bye if the Bears lose another game. But this is the NFL, anything can happen…

  7. Where are all the Cowboys fans saying how over rated Desean Jackson is and how he disappears every time he play the Cowboys?

    1. 6 rec – 110 yards – 1 td
    2. 2 rec – 46 yards – 0 tds

    1. 2 rec – 29 yards – 0 td
    2. 2 rec – 36 yards – 0 td –
    3. 3 rec – 14 yards – 1 td


    1. 4 rec – 210 yards – 1 td –

    Thats an average of ….
    3.16 rec – 74.16 yards – .5 tds –
    per game vs the Cowboys

    It just shows you how unknowledgeable of a fan base you are that you guys consider that disappearing. So what would an average career vs the Cowboys look like 10 rec, 175 yards, and 2 tds per game? God I dont think theres a number big enough for what you guys would consider a great career vs the cowboys.

    Also for 5 of those games he had a qb that didnt know how to read a progression, who was so worried about his int record that he would rather hold onto the ball then let Desean make a play, who would get at least 4 balls batted down at the line per game, who would throw the ball half of the time 10 feet in front of him, 10 feet above him, and 10 feet past him.

    Imagine what he would have done to you guys if he had a qb like Vick for the past 2 years throwing him the ball or even Romo for that matter.

    If I was a Cowboys fan I would be more worried about how Dez Bryant couldnt even make it to the field vs the Eagles in his rookie season when Desean, whos half his size, has never missed a game vs the Cowboys. Or how Miles Austin is averaging a paultry 1.9 rec, 25.5 yards, and .2 tds per game in his aw-inspiring career vs the Eagles.

    So how about you guys take a look at the facts next time before you start throwing out erroneous statements like that or someone else might shine a brighter light on the facade that is the Cowboys and all the talent their fans claim they have.

  8. That was one of the most clever responses I have ever read, SpartaChris. No really, good job. DeSean Jackson has been there before, and he’ll be there again and again and again, and in the same entertaining style. Get used to it.

  9. Awwwwe.

    Is lil SpartaChris cranky and upset?

    Don’t you think calling people a douche is just a lil played out? Can’t come up with anything more unique?
    Just because the man clowned your pathetic team over and over again doesn’t mean he has no class.

  10. Keith Brooking, is that you? Don’t be mad just because he stung they ass. He had the good sense to keep quiet before this one and let his play do the talking.

  11. I didn’t have a problem with a touchdown celebration but what was the deal with the post game interview? that was just plain stupid.

  12. If we have a season in 2011 this team should be very good. However, it’s hard to imagine a defense populated by rookies and free agents going deep in to the playoffs, if they get there. One ace in the hole they do have is possibly the best back-up QB in football, if Vick is unable to go.

  13. Sounds like SpartaChris is angry . I bet you’re a cowboy fan. So what he celebrated…not the 1st time and defiantly not the last. So get used to it..or turn off your tv. Go get an ice cream….douche.

  14. it’s the Eagle’s team culture going back to the Buddy Ryan days. The team can’t accomplish anything so you make the most out of an individual accomplishment…

  15. How the hell could they let a potential “Hall of Famer” just walk away?! Those draft day hating fans just don’t appreciate McNabb. This team needs more balance. They have to work on clock management.
    How tired and pathetic …….heck, just throw in Kevin Kolb, he might even throw for 300 hundred yards….oh wait, even Kolb averages 325 yards in CAREER games in which he starts and finishes.

  16. And our first hater of the day LOL. Somebody’s team get burnt? Aw poor kid. Yat that Desean sure is an ass-hat…an ass hat who avg’ed over 50 yards a reception, and had over 200 yards. What a CLOWN! I mean he did do a silly TD celebration, so that wipes out anything positive he did. its not like other people celebrate when they score or anything…just those damn dirty Eagles. Once again, the Eagles beat the refs as well. Its not easy beating your opponent when the refs are doing everything in their power to help the other team win. But Eagles still pull it off. After ALL THAT SMACK talking by the Vick Haters, Cowboys fans who are crawling out the woodwork again (until now since they been silenced AGAIN), Steelers/Giants fans etc. EVERYONE talked smack, the Eagles DIDNT, and who gets the last laugh? Damn those Eagles and those “ass hat” players…HAHAHAHAHAH

  17. Whats it like watching your team get beat at home, beat the refs, and then have your starting RB come up to the QB who just BEAT you and get his autograph? What an “ass hat” Vick is for writing an auto right? Or would the term “ass hat” be more appropriately used in describing the RB ASKING the QB who just BEAT him for an Auto? Well must be Vick, he’s the Philadelphia Eagle in this “whole mess”….HAHA

  18. spartachris, if they don’t want him doing that, then they should keep him out of the endzone. simple as that.

  19. Does NBC keep making you guys change your headlines? “DeSean and LeSean too much for Cowboys” was a much better headline with some actual character, unlike this sanitized crap.

  20. The best and the baddest ever (I’ve been watching more than 50 years) was Jim Brown. After he scored he would hand the ball to the official and trot off the field. The message was unmistakable – ‘I’ve been here before and I’ll be here again.’

    If he or ANYone tried that celebrating garbage he would be carried off the field the next time he came on it.

  21. If the Pats and the iggles meet in the Super Bowl it would be interesting to see what kind of D Bill Belichik could come up with for Michael Vick, given 2 weeks – he WOULD come up with something.

    Or what he could come up with for Matt Ryan.

  22. Jackson is arguably one of the best playmakers in the league. What he does is not really any different than any of the other diva receivers. But the guy is a definite game changer. I don’t know what SpartChris’s team is, but I am willing to bet a Chinese lunch that he would happily take Desean on his team.

  23. DJax endzone antics making Cowboys fans cry = music to my ears. Keep crying :). 4-9. 😀

    Djax burning that horrible running at what, 60% was beautiful. Keep up the great work Dallas.

  24. @SpartaChris. Lighten up. The guy scored a TD and was having fun. He has been there before, many, many, many, many times.

  25. SpartaChris,lighten up!You know you’d be loving him if he was on your favorite team(you know the one with the offensive coordinator who tanked the first half of the year until he got the head coach fired and took his job,then suddenly remembered how to call plays again.)Now that’s real classy!

  26. I’m so tired of hearing how much Vick gets hit,he could take off any minute and run so if you don’t put him down there’s a chance he will burn you. If he wants to be a running QB fine but don’t whine,like the dogs he killed,take the hits and move on or don’t run

  27. “Ultimately, the game helped confirm a lot of previously held beliefs:…”

    You missed one.

    You can cheap shot the QB all day and night without consequence unless his name is Brady or Manning.

    Geezus, even the announcers said so…

  28. While I don’t like seeing the Eagles kick off from the 15…

    Desean is the kind of guy with the skills that just about every fan would want on their team, but they hate the fact that only the Eagles have him. And then that hate is compounded when he shows off.

    Tell me if Dallass fans would rather have Desean or Roy Williams.

    Also-the best way to stop Jackson’s endzone antics is to keep him out of the endzone.

  29. That was a bogus penalty anyway. He hit the ground going into the end zone, not after the fact. In effect it would be the same as flagging a RB for hitting the ground on a 1 yard dive into the end zone.

  30. @ spartachris

    Guess you haven’t been watching Girls games when you see Roy Williams celebrate a simple 10 yard slant for a 1st down or when AAustini does it too. At least Jackson made a great play and did that after a 91 yarder. Sorry your Girls quit this year and then woke up too late to do anything.

  31. @goldensuneagle says:
    Dec 13, 2010 1:45 Am
    I’d worry about the matchup this sunday vs the giants first. They are getting healthy and will have guys back unlike the last matchup. Take it one week at a time.

  32. oh boyroll boyroll where art thy. Nothing like seeing cowboys get embarrassed on national tv. Nothing new this year. To those who think eagles will be in the SB, Please!
    You’ll be out in round one.

  33. Don’t feel bad Cowpie fan, the Eagles suck too. Jeez, the way Eagle fan talks smack, you’d think this team was really good when it really sucks. Hahahahahahaha!

  34. The endzone thing was stupid because he has lost TD points before for similar showboating, and he also cost his team 15 yards on the penalty. Whatever.

    The post-game interview was truly ridiculous. He was jumping around like a monkey through the entire thing. The cameraman finally cropped him out of the shot. I’m all for the fun side of the NFL but come on. Grow up, DeSean. You look like an idiot and it takes away from your on-field accomplishments.

  35. The Eagles are not a Super Bowl team, but there’s currently 9 reasons to argue that they don’t suck either. There are only 4 teams with more wins than them, so I guess the whole league is one big suckfest in your opinion.

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