DeSean says “I’m gonna try to get the most I can”

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, fresh from a game in which he generated 210 receiving yards on only four catches, appears on the latest edition of The T.Ocho Show (Versus, 10:00 p.m. ET) to talk about, among other things, getting paid.

A lot.

Jackson tells the hosts, Bengals receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, that he’s aiming high when it comes to negotiating his next contract.

“T.O, man.  I’m gonna set the bar for you, man,” Jackson said.  “I’m gonna try to get the most I can and I’m gonna set it high for you and I’m gonna set it high for everybody else, too. . . .  They gonna have to do something, because they way I’m putting it in, something’s gotta happen, baby.”

Near the end, Jackson was smiling.  Still, his point was clear.

Jackson seems to understand the impact of the 30-percent rule, the unsettled labor situation, and the possibility of a lockout on his ability to get paid.  But get paid he intends to do.

Currently, Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is the highest-paid receiver, with an average of $10 million per year.

And so the Eagles will have to come up with more than that to keep Jackson happy.

77 responses to “DeSean says “I’m gonna try to get the most I can”

  1. Just give him whatever he wants. He is only going to get better. Him, Vick & McCoy make this offense as dynamic as we’ve ever had in Philly. We just have to settle the O-line and move some moves on the defense.

  2. crap. Eagles better win the SB this yr, cause it sounds like Little TO Jackson will be doing sit ups in his driveway this off season.

  3. Jackson is good but not Andre Johnson or Fitzgerald good or Jennings good he will get paid but if he is setting his eyes on 10 mill per yr … doubt if that will happen

  4. Jackson is a complete ass hat. One of these days, a defensive back is going to knock him into next year, and that, my friends, will be the end of this guy. His antics and showboating are getting tired.

    At least Ochocinco is funny. Jackson is just annoying.

  5. On the verge of being a great WR, but he’s not worth Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald moola unless it’s all incentive based.

  6. He seems to forget the risk he poses re:his health. I’m sure he wants guaranteed money, but with his fragile fame if he wants to get the most possible then it should be an incentive heavy package. PRODUCE=PAID. And I don’t mean historical production. Acutally get paid for performance. People rag on what hedge fund managers get paid, but guess what. No performance=no or low pay. Can you imagine the level of play in the NFL if all pay was performance based?

  7. They money can’t possibly mean all that much to him if he’s willing to throw so much of it away on stupid TD celebrations.

  8. Good thing NFL contracts aren’t guarenteed for injury. Kid is fast as heck, but so is his mouth. If the Eagles can’t/don’t keep Vick for whatever the reason, is DeSean as valuable? Yes he went 91yrds on a quick hitter this week, but really he needs a QB that can air it out.

    IDK I wouldn’t want to pay a guy more than Fitz that can’t go over the middle on 3rd and 5. Speedsters don’t age all that well at WR either. ie Galloway, Glenn, lots of pulls and cramps.

  9. Bad idea letting Jackson hang out with T.O. and OchoCinco. There should be somebody within the Eagles organization whose job consists of nothing but distracting DeSean with big shiny cars, Xbox games, and rap videos; whatever it takes to keep Chad and T.O. from influencing him, they should be doing it.

  10. DeSean is a great talent, but he will never get ring! He’s like T.O…selfish to core!

    He will get paid, no doubts about that… he better go to the nearest K’s jewelers and buy two for each ear!

  11. “People rag on what hedge fund managers get paid, but guess what. No performance=no or low pay.”

    @thereisalwaysnextyear clearly you do not understand anything about hedge funds. most hedge funds are set up in a 2 20 pay scale. no matter how well the fund does they get 2% of the funds assets per year…and when you are dealing with billions of dollars, that can be a pretty penny (enough to retire on one years salary when you firm loses money)…go to college.

  12. Pay him big money because he thinks he is worth it…but make none of it guaranteed. If he continues to play he continues to get paid. No more of this garbage like pay big money and watch the team get held hostage by a player with an injury, bad work ethic, holdout, etc.

  13. i cant wait until he gets hit again and lays on the field in T-REX mode as I like to call it( rolling on the ground dazed with his hands up by his chest drooling and urinating on himself)…..that gives me a great night sleep!

  14. If I’m the Eagles I’d reply by asking him to run a crossing route. He is the next big Diva and I hope the Eagles sign him to a huge contract because he’s going to sink that franchise.

  15. Desean is a good receiver, but a little overrated. He wants elite receiving money without doing things that elite receivers are supposed to do. Only wants so many crossing routes, etc. Can’t run “go” routes all day. I’m with the poster above, incentive-based package.

  16. Pay him 10 million for every Super Bowl win that the Eagles have. that would come out to…..lets see…….carry the 2……..Then add the second super bowl…….about 0 dollars. hehehe.

  17. thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Dec 14, 2010 6:11 PM
    He seems to forget the risk he poses re:his health. I’m sure he wants guaranteed money, but with his fragile fame if he wants to get the most possible then it should be an incentive heavy package. PRODUCE=PAID. And I don’t mean historical production. Acutally get paid for performance. People rag on what hedge fund managers get paid, but guess what. No performance=no or low pay. Can you imagine the level of play in the NFL if all pay was performance based?

    Incentive based salaries are great until you get stat padding players. How about a QB that is only concerned about his QB rating? This QB will never throw a hail Mary pass and risk an interception. Take a sack instead of throwing an incomplete pass. A DE that won’t play the run or just rush the passer at any game situation.

  18. Running out of bounds on every punt return isn’t going to help him any.
    Still enjoy watching him drop into a fetal position when Ware was closing in on him.
    Clearly a top receiver.

  19. WOW!!! If that’s who he is hanging out with, I would cut him NOW!!! Someone needs to talk to this kid & get him right…ton of talent…would hate to see it flushed ala TO

  20. Look, the man is clearly talented, but I don’t care for his punk attitude. I’m a huge eagles fan too, so it makes my stomach turn to know how much cash it’s going to take to keep him. And people…. He does run crossing routes.

  21. DJ is 5-10 and 175 lbs if that one hit away from working in a supermarket.His mouth is faster then his body.

  22. Desean hasn’t shown the maturity and durability to warrant a huge contract. Look at how Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Miles Austin, Roddy White, Greg Jennings, Reggie Wayne, etc play the game and compose themselves.

    These guys worked hard, played hard, and hard great attitudes. If he got paid more than any of those guys it would be a shame.

    Jackson is fast, his QBs and coaches make him better than he is. Once his speed is gone(injury or age) he will be washed up. The above named players have a much more complete set of skills. Look how Andre Johnson played last night with a high ankle sprain. Amazing.

  23. I hate the Eagles, but I love players who produce. I love them and they should get paid at the absolute highest level. Pay him. Those of you who think otherwise or post “diva” are delusional. You are not billionaire owners. You are not millionaire players. How is it that all of you are always posting “out of their pocketbooks?” Keep your asses on your couches, getting fatter and bitching about the success of others, cattle. Pay him.

  24. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to get paid. He goes over the middle and his career could be over in a blink of an eye.

    If he keeps doing his showboating routines, he will get blasted, sooner than later.

  25. zinnsskins8 says:
    Dec 14, 2010 6:28 PM
    i cant wait until he gets hit again and lays on the field in T-REX mode as I like to call it( rolling on the ground dazed with his hands up by his chest drooling and urinating on himself)…..that gives me a great night sleep!


    Well thats the Douchey-ist thing Ive heard today….Rooting for someone to get hurt is the most pathetic thing ever….What a sad, sad ass you are.

  26. It’s telling and rather funny that the saltiest comments seem to be coming from Redskins fans. Joking about hurting someone and wishing for him to be hurt. Fing losers. Stop worrying about Desean and worry about fixing your pathetic franchise.

    Orlando Scandrick said it best. If you want him to stop showboating and dancing…keep him from scoring.

  27. What happens if he doesn’t get paid? What is the fallback plan? I am sure he has a degree right? Give me a break, all these guys should be happy they have a job. I get so tired of these guys, what else would they do? For once I would like to see the owners say, “ok, go find another job”
    They would only have to do it once!

  28. This guy is supertalented.

    Regardless of that, he is quickly moving up the ranks of most unlikeable players in the NFL.

  29. Let’s see, this guy is the fastest receiver in the league.. Proves year in and out that he’s a versitle threat.. He’s dual purpose meaning reciever and kick returner.. What else does he need to do in order to gain respect. You guys are disrespectful talking about health and ending careers.. He deserves to be paid… It’s simple, no he’s not an Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. But guess what, those guys aren’t a Desean Jackson..everything he’s not makes him everything he is… BEAST!!!

  30. @nceagle004
    I can’t stand idiots who say “just give him whatever he wants.” What kind of moron believes it is acceptable, let alone realistic, to allow employees to dictate their pay to employers? If owners gave every player “what they want” there would either be no NFL or game tickets would be more than you could afford on 3 years of your salary. Buy yourself a ticket for the clue bus!

  31. One good hit and he is done finished over

    Hanging with TO I am sure the epukes are happy about that

  32. once he loses a step he’s done. where as most other receivers can fill some kind of role. The only role he will fill is with steak and cheese.

  33. What do you expect him to say? I’m out to not make as much money as I can? You aren’t out to get as much money as possible at your job, even if someone else doing the same job at the same level is making more? C’mon now.

    Haters gon’ hate.

  34. Trade him even up for Fitzgerald. I’ll bet Vick would love it and Fitzgerald would be on a winner.

  35. You might not like his antics, but very few players in the NFL can KO another team on a single play like he has on several occasions. Usually a division rival.

  36. bigbluefan1 says: Dec 14, 2010 7:50 PM

    Hanging with TO I am sure the epukes are happy about that

    “Epukes”? How is that even an insult? I’m not even kidding. I seriously want to know what synapse misfired in your syphilitic brain that caused you to come up with that. You took the first letter of the team name, then I assume some spittle trickled out of the corner of your mouth, as you added “pukes,” much to your delight. “Bwahaha! E-pukes. Harf, harf, harf.”

    Here, let me give it a try. Uhh, G….dorks. G-dorks! Wow, I honestly feel like I should return my college degree for visiting the level of stupid that you normally occupy.

  37. Wow, it’s almost as if they do their job for money.

    Unlike all of us, who work for the absolute minimum we can get because we just love what we do and want to help the team/company.


  38. This moron has, wait for it…..42 catches. “I’m gonna get paid!” He’s a punk who is fast. Good luck 180 pounder.

  39. “What happens if he doesn’t get paid? What is the fallback plan?”

    Kind of like T.O.’s – he gets himself dealt and then finds another team to pay him exactly what he wanted in the first place. And then the Eagles will be worse off, paying less money to players while making more money than ever off the fans. Because they keep selling out.

    Player – wins
    Team – wins

    The player and the team always win.

    So, who loses? Oh, yeah. The fans.

    Go ask Mickey Mantle or Jeffrey Lurie for a loan if you can’t pay your mortgage. What the heck do you care about the team’s finances?

  40. Jackson is a a##wipe. Learn how to speak before making comments. I only hope Karma comes back and gives you a career ending injury where someone has to hold your pen#s when you pi##.
    You are a bigger scumbag than Vick. Brain damage would be great you piece of Sh#t

  41. We love you here in Philly Desean but you are not worth being the highest paid player in the league at WR. You’re 5’10, 175 lbs. You’re a one trick pony and in a few years your body will break down. fitz, andre, are huge men and can take a beating. Your body however cannot.

  42. Lets get this straight everyone… OBVIOUSLY he is not as good as Larry Fitz, Terrell Owens, Andre Johnson if this was a receiver competition but he will be rewarded for being possibly the leagues best playmaker. Whether he’s returning kicks, taking the ball in a reverse as a runningback, or getting wide open as a receiver. The man will be paid. Andy Reid has shown more affection for him than any player on his team. Sure he talked about McNabb a lot, drafted him as the qb, but Reid shows affection on the sideline for DJax and during interviews.

  43. Great POTENTIAL, Terrible ATTITUDE and NO professionalism. He is definetely someone I wouldnt want on my team. All the complaining, the “pay me” attitude. No thanks..

  44. Eagles better enjoy this yr because those cheap bastards will not pay the going rate for a play maker at WR or QB……..If they were smart they would have locked Vick up already…….I expect them to loose both…….

  45. After the cowboy game did you see this guy drooling over Vick.why do the black players worship this thug for. THE IDIOT FROM THE COWBOYS ASKING FORHIS AUTOGRAPH!!! The NFL is going down hill fast.

  46. Last week DJax got 210 yards. Braylon “Hands of Stone” Edwards, the self proclaimed great JETS receiver, got 17 yards. Based on their current salaries it seems like Braylon owes the JETS a big refund!

  47. WWBD?

    Belichek would let him get paid somewhere else. So should Andy.

    Pay for QBs and linemen — everyone else can be dumb and still be good at their job, and there’s always some big strong kid available for peanuts.

  48. where does he say that he wants to be the highest paid receiver in the nfl? nowhere. he just wants to get paid. fair enough.

    oh…and Dallas fans…and Redskins fans…he did, indeed, sting your asses this year.

  49. Kid is just a punk. He is worthy of a decent contract, but why should he get paid if he is one hit away from his couch? There have been some that justify a large contract is justified because he might get hurt. If that is the case, why pay someone for nothing. He wouldn’t sign unless there is a big bonus. Incentives ensure nobody gets screwed but players want money for nothing.

  50. A glamorized Todd Pinkston??!?

    This guy won’t last. If you’re small, you better tough as hell like Hines Ward and Steve Smith (the crazy Steve Smith).

    Roscoe Parrish 2.0. No way the bEagles pay him what he thinks he’s worth.

    Get the driveway ready for some pilates.

  51. I don’t think there is any receiver I want to see get ultra-reamed by a missile shot style safety hit in the ribs more than this despicable little turd. There is absolutely no humility, no class and absolutely no shutting him up. He’s just a dirty little piece of street trash with a really big friggin mouth and I hope somebody knocks his teeth down his throat the next time he opens his big mouth. I’d love to see him forcibly “taught” some humility.

  52. Maybe he should be lifting weights instead of hanging out with T.O. and Ocho. DJax needs a PR coach to make is image better. This is someone who children look up to and he is acting like a fool.

    It was ridiculous to see Vick(of all people) giving a calm well spoken post game interview and Jackson is in the background being an ass. He’s lucky he is fast and good at football. He better hope that doesn’t end any time soon.

  53. cowboys4life says: Dec 14, 2010 6:58 PM

    You can only hope this guy gets his bell rung again. This time career ending. Yea, I just said it
    Perish Cox is starting Sunday;
    Remember the big threat you made?

  54. janvanflac says: Dec 14, 2010 8:28 PM

    You might not like his antics, but very few players in the NFL can KO another team on a single play like he has on several occasions. Usually a division rival.
    That is exactly what is going on here.

    Redskins,Giants,Cowboys have all been victimized by Jackson, and some of their fans are too emotionally immature to handle it.

    Poor babies. It’s not fair.

  55. I would be shocked to see the Eagles pay him big bucks. Hate to give them credit for anything, but Philly is smart with their money and whenever one of their players makes too much noise about money, the Eagles trade them away and few of them ever do well after they leave. Cowboys fans might want to hold off on the venom, because I could easily see Jerruh paying this guy top dollar. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Philly pick Dallas’ pocket for a bunch of draft picks and watch DeSean’s career end with Dallas after another concussion or two.

  56. filmortonyc says: Dec 15, 2010 4:05 AM

    Thats funny because he hired Drew Rosenhaus last summer and the word is he’s been running around telling folks Drew is going to get him $30m g.

    $30 million over 7 years maybe. Hell $30 million over 5 years isn’t a bad deal. Its lower than Fitzgerald’s deal, after all.

  57. You guys make me laugh. Is Jackson a speed guy who is smallish? Sure, no doubt. Are there risks to paying a guy like that big money? Sure!

    But the fact is he’s the focal point of a big play offense. He didn’t FORCE Reid and Marty to develop a system that got him the ball in space and relied on big plays. He didn’t FORCE Andy to throw the ball far more times than he runs it.

    The Eagles made a DECISION to OVER-RELY on DeSean Jackson. Once you do that, you have to pay the man.

    You made him what he is. If he has leverage, it’s only because your plan for WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES dictated it.

    So be an adult, be a businessman. Pay the guy based on his importance to the team. The importance that you – as owner, coach, coordinator – decided he would have.

    We would have gone back to the SB with T.O. that second year. Instead we got crushed.

    And did your ticket prices go down because they didn’t pay T.O.? Mine didn’t!

  58. Uh, you mean the guy who said recently that he doesnt want to go across the middle? THAT MEshawn Jackson? Hey DJ: You are a tiny dude that is one Ray Lewis away from drinking your food the rest of your life. STFU! Eat a steak and drink a shake, because people are liking you less and less.

  59. Jackson is too small. We need an awesome big WR like superstars David Boston, Reggie Rembert, or Maurice Stovall.

    I mean, those guys just tore it up in the pros. And they never, ever get hurt.

  60. Lol at delusional Eagles fans on here. DJ stung our asses? About time he finally did it. Only took him how many games to do so? And lmao at the Eagles fans saying how the divisional opponents are butt hurt. The Eagles should be butt hurt by only beating the Cowboys by a whopping 3 points with Jon Kitna leading the team! Come and talk to us when you actually beat us when the game actuallyeans something. Knocked your butts out of winning the division last year and knocked your butts out of the playoffs and you guys ate running around because you beat us with an interm coach, backup QB, and no shot at us making the playoffs. Yeah, quality win guys, quality win. :rolleyes:

  61. They’ll try to lock him up long term with a respectable chunk up front, low base salaries and plenty of escalators. DeSean/Drew will get a big flashy number to boast about, and the Eagles will get maneuverability. Otherwise they’re going to have trouble signing Vick and saving room for Maclin and McCoy in a few years.

    The funny thing is that most of the venom being spewed in the comments is from fans of NFCE teams, all of whom would gladly take him on their own team.

  62. Man Eagle fans are just a$$ clowns. They say it’s wrong to cheer for a player to get hurt, remember when Michael Irvin’s career was ended, eagle fans cheered. Jackson will get his lights turned out, hopefully by a cowboy.And Eagle fans before you start talking trash about beating the cowboys, remember we beat you 3 times last year, once in the playoffs, so in retrospect you had 2 chances to prepare for us and still couldn’t get the job done. I know, I know you had McNabb. Excuses are eagle fans, they all stink LOL . Brag away eagle fans Brag away, The team should be called the “Philadelphia almost”

  63. Just because some fans cheered Irvin being hurt 15 years ago doesn’t excuse you clowns for being asses. Relativism is for people without strong convictions. Eagles, Cowboys, football, everything aside – you should be ashamed of yourself.

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