Fassel mentioned as possible candidate for Broncos job


The Broncos have so much time until they have to decide on a head coach that we’re probably going to hear a lot of crazy names thrown around as possible candidates.

Jim Fassel is still not one we would have expected to hear.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post throws out Fassel’s name Tuesday, citing some experience in Denver and the fact owner Pat Bowlen may be hesitant to hire another first time coach.  Fassel, the former Giants head coach, is coming off a UFL title.

It’s unclear if this trial balloon was just a wild guess, based on some information within the organization, or a favor to Fassel.

Whatever the reason, Fassel is not a name that is going to get an angry fanbase on the team’s side.

26 responses to “Fassel mentioned as possible candidate for Broncos job

  1. how is fassel mentioned before billick? billick beats him in the superbowl, then hires fassel later. then billick has to fire him because he was so bad. billick has to be pissed.

  2. I don’t understand why the hate for Fassell or why he never got another shot at a HC position. The guy took a team to the Superbowl that probably shouldn’t have been there. What else does he have to do?

  3. How is that a “crazy” name? He has a great relationship with Elway, he won a division title with Danny Kannel and an NFC Championship with Kerry Collins, he’s absolutely the best guy to try and make something out of Tebow. He is far more deserving of a second HC job than guys like Chan Gailey, Mangini, Wade, and all the other retreads. And he would come cheap because Bowlen is already paying two guys a ton. Give me Fassel over Billick any day.

  4. I got 2 questions, if its 25k for a player how much does a head coach cost to transfer?

    In a few years will the UFL rename championship the Fassel Trophy?

  5. His experience in the Useless Football League does show he can coach still.

    He had a good relationship with Bowlen, has SB experience and as another reader mentioned a good relationship with Elway.

    He is a steady hand on the helm and a good person. The Broncos could do worse.

    Now just fire the front office and build around Elway and Fassel.

  6. What about keeping the interm head coach? He did a great job in that first game.. oh wait. So was it not McDaniels fault after all? They didn’t show much without him this weekend. Is it the coach or is it the players, or is it the trades of talent? What will a new coach bring in? This doesn’t seem like a dream job, this seems like a three to five year project. Maybe Fassell is the right choice.

  7. Rob Ryan or Jim Harbaugh…..those 2 would make a great hire.

    Kubiak is too offensive minded.
    So is Gruden….so is Fassell…so is Billick.

  8. Killing Fassel seems irresponsible to me. I’m an Eagle-maniac, but I see Fassel as a good coach who I can’t believe has failed to get a second chance. With guys like Chan Gailey, Wade Phillips and others being recycled like empty Four Loko cans, I can’t believe he can’t be recycled too. He took an underacheiving Giants team to the Super Bowl and lost to one of the best defenses of all time.

    Kerry Collins was the QB and Amani Toomer the #1 WR. Hardly what I would call a disappointing loss in the Super Bowl. They beat the Vikings down and I think they were the best team in the NFC that year (Eagles were 1 year away).

  9. Good Bye Ryan McBean! Good Bye Kevin Vickerson! Good Bye Jamal Williams! Good Bye Justin Bannon….Good Bye Perish “Toast” Cox! Good Bye Brian Dawkins! Good Bye Renaldo Hill!

    I won’t miss any of you…..

    Good Bye Champ!

    I will miss you!

  10. While you can’t see it, it’s obvious that Klis is just throwing out names over multiple articles so he can have something to write about every… Oh I get it, so are you.

    Sorry to divulge your secrets, carry on.

  11. Do the Donkeys take applications for their head coaching job? Also, do they require that you take a drug test and have a valid drivers licence?

  12. fassell actually is a great coach, he took a horrible team to the superbowl, with a horrible qb…
    He should of been coaching in the NFL a long time ago

  13. Fassel? Is this a zombie or a robot impersonator? This guy was buried and left for dead long ago. I still remember the “Fassel Gaurantee” from his NYG days. Does he have newfounded, equally hollow promises to broadcast for the Broncos?

  14. Nobody can win with this team…all the franchise players left in the big Josh McDaniels fire sale early on…now they’ve got nothing but poorly selected draft picks and ancient veterans bought off FA.

  15. Fassel could also hire John Fox to coach the defense if he doesn’t get another head coaching job somewhere this offseason. They worked well together in New York.

  16. bringbackorange says:
    Dec 14, 2010 2:33 PM
    Please just pick Gruden.
    Yes, that’s exactly what Denver needs… another 5’7 ‘offensive genius’ who doesn’t know how to draft. You are aware he was fired the same reason in the same season as Shanahan was right?

    Doesn’t matter, I’ll still have to listen to fans like you complain about whoever doesn’t go 19-0 in his first season.

  17. I don’t get it. Why is Jim Fassel, he of the 58-53 career W/L record and Super Bowl appearance, such a “crazy” name to be considered for a head coaching job? The team he took to the SB may have been one of the weakest ever, which should say something about his abilities.

    I’m not saying he’s a slam dunk, but it’s certainly not like hiring a 17 year old egomaniac and turning over the keys to the organization to him, like Bowlen did last time.

  18. The rest of the AFC West approves of this hire. It will keep Denver at the bottom of the Division for years to come.

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