Redskins cut Hunter Smith after botched extra point attempt

A botched extra point attempt apparently cost Redskins punter Hunter Smith his job.

The team dumped Smith and signed Sam Paulescu on Tuesday, according to Rick Maese of the Washington Post.   Smith, the team’s holder, could not corral a high snap on the Redskins’ failed extra point try against the Bucs Sunday.

Smith said after the play that the Redskins should cut him, not kicker Graham Gano — who struggled earlier in the game.   Unfortunately for Smith, Shanahan came to the same conclusion.

33 responses to “Redskins cut Hunter Smith after botched extra point attempt

  1. NO! NOT FAIR. Smith was a good punter. If Smith is a poor holder, then have the 3rd string QB hold. He has better hands, anyway. And that way you can fake FG easier.

  2. Did anyone else notice that he didn’t have gloves on??? You would think if you know you are going to play football in the rain, you would make the your players wear gloves. Especially the ones that touch the ball!!! Thats the first thing i noticed… Who is the one that dropped the ball on that?

  3. I’m convinced every year the Redskins suck they make these ridiculous moves in the month of December just to keep their names in the paper. Smith made a mistake with a high wet-snap, took his blame and now was removed from the team. Accountability is something that will NOT BE TOLERATED IN DC!!

    Be happy redskins fans, you cut a punter because he obviously lost the game for you and next week’s looking better with Rex Grossman starting for you!

    Dan Snyder, Angelos and Donald Sterling should all write a book on HOW TO RUIN a professional franchise while still milking your stupid fans out of as much money as possible!

  4. IF they cut one they should have cut both. The kicker has missed more FG than anyone else this year in the NFL. There are too many guys that can make short FG’s (and not lose games) they need to move on. Cutting one and not the other makes little sense. But that’s the common theme under Danny Boy.

  5. So a gift of a 5th down to even put you back in the game is overlooked and they think the punter lost the game for them?

    Not Donnie Ankles? Coaching? No, never.

  6. But they keep the guy that misses two easy FG’s. Mabye Hunter isnt a “good guy” Shanahan has proved no matter what talent you have if you not professing your love for the boss he will cut you…who cares about winning games.

  7. Could it be Hunter’s holding had something to do with Gano missing the two early field goal trys ? Ya think?! Whatever, Bucs are 8 and 5. No apologies for a win. GO BUCS!!

  8. If we’ve told you once Hunter, then we’ve told you a thousand times … You have to trip the opposing player. You’d still have a job (just not for the rest of the year).

  9. Isn’t Gano the guy they signed after cutting Suisham for missing a FG that amounted to the same thing as an extra point?

    Guys like Suisham and Hunter are as much responsible for the Redskins’ failures as they are for Dan Snyder being a legal midget.

  10. Never mind that Smith is 30th and 31st in the NFL in average punt yardage and net punt yardage.

    “Redskins cut underperforming, aging punter” doesn’t have quite the TMZ-ly flash that PFT is renowned for.

    The botched snap was simply the straw that broke the camels back.

  11. The Redskins are completely unhinged.

    No surprise. It’s Washington, D.C. Nothing there is functional.

  12. bummmer…..Hunter the Punter was pretty much the leading scorer on our team last year. Gano is the one who needs to go. hes too inconsistent and fits the mold of a Redskins kicker for recent memory. Call up Chip Lohmiller. Why would you cut the holder when the kicker is the reason your down by 7….Oh well. its just a punter

  13. I would have to say that the redskins is the worst ran franchise in the league… Every week Shanny has to defer the attention off him to blame someone else for the loses that’s ultimately his fault.. Poor coaching and his son has to be the worst OC in the league..

  14. ..maybe they cut him because his leg was worn out……….anyway………who would have thought the Foreskins could have duplicated the disaster of last year in new and interesting ways……….sad, pathetic franchise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hunter Smith needed more weapons.

    And a better offensive line.

    But since Gano would’ve missed it anyway, he’s free of any blame.

    These are the excuses made for McNabb. Seems appropriate to make for Smith…

  16. Weird. In the 1999 playoffs, the Bucs won against the Redskins due to a bad snap on a Last second FG attempt. The snapper, Dan Turk, was cut afterward. He also died of cancer late in 2000. Hunter Smith better get a checkup.

  17. Stupid. Suisham was cut after a missed FG and now as Jeff Reed’s replacement is 9 for 9 with the Steelers and has made 14 straight from 40-49 going back to the Skins. Personnel decisions are best made over the long run, not based on one game. Vinny must still be in the front office somewhere.

  18. The Redskins will never, ever win anything worth a damn as long as Snyder owns this team. That buffoon ruined this team YEARS ago.

  19. They play professional football in DC? I thought they stopped that when Riggins and Russ Grimm retired.

    Silly me

    Wonder if a team can fire its owner??

  20. As a Skins fan I don’t even know what to say. Go Ravens?

    Yeesh. I didn’t know he was having such a terrible year statistically, but last year he was definitely one of the few bright spots. Good luck dude.

    What a mess.

  21. The redskins should just draft the kid from “The U” (Bosher?) He is a good kicker and punter…but they would still need to find a holder.

  22. A guy in an office makes a mistake and the company loses $15 million dollars. Expecting to get fired, the guy is called into his bosses office. He asks, “Am I fired?” And the boss replies, “Hell no, I just invested $15 million dollars in training you *NEVER* to make that mistake again.”

  23. Will they also be cutting the longsnapper for snapping the ball 3 feet above Smith’s head? Who the heck is this new guy? Never heard of him so I bet he cant punt more then 30 yards. Bet the Skins front office regrets this when opposing teams are getting great field position.

  24. If only the Giants were as screwed up as the Skins and Cowboys. Unfortunately their ownership seems to “get it.”

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