The 2010 Texans, in one insane stat

Last night’s Texans game felt so familiar for a reason.  It’s happened before this season four times.

According to manager of NFL Network research Matt Pomeroy, the 2010 Texans are the first team in NFL history to comeback from 14+ points down to lead or tie only to lose the game four times.

Here’s another: Three of the last four Texans’ losses have come with 10 seconds or less left or in OT.  It says a lot that coach Gary Kubiak wouldn’t call last night’s game the toughest loss of the year.

“Tonight is a low point because it’s tonight,” Kubiak said via the Houston Chronicle.

This is a heartbreaking season for the Texans, and Monday night’s game was typical.  Their comeback was unbelievably inspired, but they were terrible in the first half of the game, as usual.

For once, their defense played well — especially in the second half. But their special teams let them down.  We continue to believe that Kubiak isn’t a goner for sure because Houston’s excellent offense deserves continuity.

There are no easy solutions in Houston for owner Bob McNair.  (Although Florio will float one idea shortly.)

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8 responses to “The 2010 Texans, in one insane stat

  1. That was one of the very best 4th quarters I’ve ever seen. I like Harbaugh, glad he won, but he was helpless on the sidelines. Hated to see that.

  2. What’s worse? To know you suck and are going to suck, or to think you are good and have things snatched away from you?

    I might rather have been a Lions, Cardinals or Bengals fan in Week 1. At least you know what you’re getting.

  3. “The Texans are on the cusp of greatness” … hmm, whatever you say ‘coffinberry’. They were on the cusp of getting their asses handed to them (28-7) until they decided to try to make it a game.

    Every year they are supposed to be the sleeper. Every other game is labeled “the biggest game in franchise history”. Yet, every year they seem stuck at .500 (at best) and fade into oblivion as the season develops.

  4. Houston has one of the best running backs in football and they pass in bad field position.Real brilliant!

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