The real Jamaal Charles numbers

As we predicted on Sunday, the contract given by the Chiefs to running back Jamaal Charles wasn’t as good as initially advertised.

We were confident in making the prediction because no contract ever ends up being as good as initially advertised.

Per a league source, the reported guarantee of $13 million is actually $8 million, in the form of a roster bonus paid upon (or not long after) execution of the deal.  There’s another $2 million in injury guarantees only.

Also, the reported value of $32.5 million over five years (an average of $6.5 million) is the maximum package, with all incentives reached.  The base package has an annual value closer to $5.5 million.

Though the drop isn’t as dramatic as the gap between the initial ESPN report and the subsequent ESPN report regarding Donovan McNabb’s deal with the Redskins, we hope that those of us who report the initial numbers eventually will acknowledge the fact that there’s a disconnect between those numbers and the real numbers.