Titans place center Amano on injured reserve


A neck problem will end Titans center Eugene Amano’s first season as a starter three weeks early.

Tennessee placed Amano on injured reserve Tuesday after persistent neck stinger problems.  Amano replaced Kevin Mawae in a somewhat controversial decision in the offseason.

Mawae wasn’t coming off a great season, but it’s hard not to notice how Tennessee’s offensive line has struggled without him.  In an interview with ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky, Mawae talked about the Titans’ offensive line.

“The Titans have always faced eight- and nine-man fronts,” Mawae said.  “Now maybe the way they’ve incorporated them is different, none the less it’s the same box count the front has always seen. . . .  Without knowing intimately what’s going on as far as the players concerned, they just don’t look like they’re jelling.

“Without sounding like it’s all about me, it’s hard to see, to watch and to say anything that doesn’t sound like it’s directed back to me. I just hope they right the ship.”

Tennessee’s identity used to be on their offensive line.  We’re not sure what the reason is, but they lost their way this year.