Week 14 power rankings

Sure, the playoff picture is coming into focus.  But that’s only six teams per conference.

Power rankings compare teams across AFC/NFC lines, including the 20 teams that have no chance of finishing as the undisputed No. 1.

Hey, we gotta do something to get you to read these things in the final weeks of the season.

1.  New England Patriots (No. 1; 11-2):  The 2010 Pats are looking like more and more like the lovechild of the 2007 Pats and the 1999 Rams.

2.  Atlanta Falcons (No. 2; 11-2):  The road to the Jerry Dome will be going through the Georgia Dome.

3.  New Orleans Saints (No. 3; 10-3):  Though the Saints are playing more like the Saints, the quest for “Two Dat” could require them to win three on the road in January.

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 4; 10-3):  Ugly wins are still wins, and the Steelers could win ugly all the way to the Super Bowl.

5.  Baltimore Ravens (No. 5; 9-4):  The Patriots’ favorite team will be whichever team faces Baltimore in the wild-card round.

6.  Philadelphia Eagles (No. 10; 9-4):  Forget about Super Bowl matchups — more than anything else, we want to see the Eagles face the Falcons in the playoffs.

7.  New York Giants (No. 11; 9-4):  They’ve looked good the last two weeks, but the Redskins and Vikings definitely aren’t the Eagles.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 13; 8-5):  Though they may not win many/any games once they arrive, the Bucs are bound for the playoffs.

9.  Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 12; 8-5):  The toupee is currently soaking in lighter fluid.

10.  Miami Dolphins (No. 19; 7-6):  Could Tony Sparano finish with a winning record, miss the playoffs, and get fired?

11.  Chicago Bears (No. 6; 9-4):  Thanks to Brett Favre’s shoulder and the Metrodome’s roof, the Bears have a great chance to quickly put that thrashing from the Pats behind them.

12.  San Diego Chargers (No. 17; 7-6):  That sweep at the hands of the Raiders could come back to haunt the Chargers — and possibly cost Norv Turner his job.

13.  Indianapolis Colts (No. 14; 7-6):  A year after a Week 15 game against the Jaguars was meaningless, a Week 15 game against the Jaguars couldn’t have more meaning.

14. Green Bay Packers (No. 7; 8-5):  If the Packers actually had a traditional owner, that owner could be thinking about firing Mike McCarthy.

15.  New York Jets (No. 8; 9-4):  At Pittsburgh followed by at Chicago means the Jets will have to beat the Bills on January 2 to avoid staying at home for the playoffs.

16.  Kansas City Chiefs (No. 9; 8-5):  Under the classic definition of MVP, Matt Cassel has earned a few votes.

17. Oakland Raiders (No. 15; 6-7):  Start the “Tom Cable will be fired after the season if not sooner” speculation.

18.  St. Louis Rams (No. 16; 6-7):  Though they’re not ready to contend for a Super Bowl appearance, winning the division would be one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of the league.

19. Cleveland Browns (No. 18; 5-8):  Eric Mangini’s future in Cleveland arguably hangs in the balance, and whether he can win two of the last three games.

20.  San Francisco 49ers (No. 26; 5-8):  If Jon Gruden wants to coach the 49ers, he may have to wait a year.

21. Minnesota Vikings (No. 20; 5-8):  And now we know why the Vikings insist on playing Brett Favre no matter how injured he may be.

22. Dallas Cowboys (No. 22; 4-9):  The Cowboys aren’t far off from being one of the best teams in the conference.

23. Houston Texans (No. 23; 5-8):  If the Texans only played teams that currently are or used to be in Baltimore, maybe they’d make the playoffs.

24.  Seattle Seahawks (No. 21; 6-7):  So if Pete Carroll drafts Cam Newton, does he get Reggie Bush’s Heisman?

25.  Detroit Lions (No. 30; 3-10):  The latest sign of the Apocalypse?  The Lions scored more points at Ford Field in Week 14 than the Packers and Vikings combined.

26.  Buffalo Bills (No. 27; 3-10):  Despite their struggles, the Bills have finally found an answer at quarterback.

27. Arizona Cardinals (No. 29; 4-9):  If John Skelton is the quarterback of the future in Arizona, the future is bleak.

28. Washington Redskins (No. 24; 5-8):  Somewhere in Tennessee, Albert Haynesworth is laughing his ass off.

29.  Tennessee Titans (No. 25; 5-8):  The Titans’ season won’t get really interesting until it ends.

30.  Denver Broncos (No. 28; 3-10):  The latest proof of the consequences of concussions?  John Elway actually wants to rejoin the Broncos.

31.  Cincinnati Bengals (No. 31; 2-11):  Carson Palmer’s time in Cincy is so short that he shouldn’t even buy yellow bananas.

32.  Carolina Panthers (No. 32; 1-12):  Steve Smith says Jimmy Clausen isn’t at Notre Dame anymore.  And that’s a good thing, because Notre Dame probably could beat the Panthers.

22 responses to “Week 14 power rankings

  1. Lions have the potential to win more if they didnt have Mr.Glass aka Matt Stafford hurt all the time. I’m a Stafford fan personally but i really wish he cold stay healthy enought to play. I believe the lions would have at least 3 more wins if Stafford had played the entire season

  2. LMAO @ all of the Bills fans’ optimism. I used to live in Rochester, NY and it’s the same story every year, terrible team shows glimpses of fight, and all of Western NY convinces themselves that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Wake up! The division is not realigning anytime soon, so good luck surpassing any of the other 3 teams that have better markets, coaches, winning tradition, and players. The Bills only trump these other teams in one category: FANS! For people year in and year out to support that garbage team in garbage weather in a city that has long since seen it’s most prosperous days, they have got to get the nod as best fans. Most delusional, but best. This team will not be good nor make the playoffs until the move to a city with a better economy, less crime, and smaller snow banks.

  3. How is Tampa “bound for the playoffs?” They are 3rd in their division and behind New Orleans and New York in the wild card race. Far from a sure thing I’d say.

  4. It still manages to amaze me how quickly people will jump on a Cowboys bandwagon & claim they don’t suck.

  5. Uhh the chiefs are still better than the jags, bucs and especially the dolphins. Unfortunately I can’t argue with it because no one showed up on Sunday.

  6. At one point, you could have stacked a bunch of AFC teams near the top of these lists. But with the Jets, Ravens, and Colts crapping the bed, it’s just New England and Pittsburgh and a bunch of pretenders. The NFC is getting interesting with Atlanta, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and NY Giants all playing decent football.

  7. Hey, we gotta do something to get you to read these things in the final weeks of the season.
    Keep butchering English. That’s enough to induce me to partake in this non-sense.

  8. 1. New England Patriots (No. 1; 11-2): The 2010 Pats are looking like more and more like the lovechild of the 2007 Pats and the 1999 Rams.
    So which one of those bygone teams are you casting in the role of “female lead”?

    Or is this a case of “the 2010 Patriots have 2 daddy’s”?

  9. 23. Houston Texans (No. 23; 5-8): If the Texans only played teams that currently are or used to be in Baltimore, maybe they’d make the playoffs.
    With a 1-2 record?

    You didn’t have a point, did you?

  10. 22. Dallas Cowboys (No. 22; 4-9): The Cowboys aren’t far off from being one of the best teams in the conference.
    “far off” ?

    Dude, you are the funniest little twit on Earth.

    So how far is “far off”? As far as the nearest star?
    As far as a PFT “news and rumors” article is from being meaningful, pointed and full of common sense?

    And aren’t the Cowboys already “one of the best teams in the conference? And won’t they, and every other team in the conference always be “one of the best”? And also “one of the worst”?
    Sure they will.

  11. If Vick goes to the Dome will there be crowd noise when he’s running the offense, or will half the stadium be pulling for him? Mike is still very popular in Atlanta.

  12. 22. Dallas Cowboys (No. 22; 4-9): The Cowboys aren’t far off from being one of the best teams in the conference.


    “Not far off” = about 5 wins…


  14. Its very weird right now when it comes to the Eagles they could easily be the number 2 seed when everything is said and done or they could be the 7th seed and out of the playoffs.

    Right now they are a 1/2 game up on the Giants and play them this week. If the Giants win they take over the division lead with an easy final 2 games then the Eagles.

    That would put the Eagles in wild card contention. The way the Saints are playing they pretty much got the 5th seed locked down. That would leave the Packers and Eagles to fight for the final wildcard spot. If the Eagles n Packers end up 11-5 that would put them ahead of the Eagles bc of there week 1 win vs Philly. Even if the Packers end up 10-6 its very possible the Eagles could lose to the Cowboys or Vikings n go 10-6 as well.

    The Bucs are good but if the Giants win the division it will be hard for the Bucs to top the Eagles. The Bucs are 8-5 right now and there next 2 games are vs the Seahawks n Lions. Rhey could easily win both of those games n move to 10-5. There week 17 game is vs the Saints which will be a very tough game for them to win. Unless the Saints have nothing to play for n sit there starters. I doubt that though bc there is no way that they are going to let a division opponent beat them and walk into the playoffs. That never works out to good ask the teams that played the Jets last year.

    So they will likely be 10-6 when it is all said and done. If the Eagles some how lose 2 out of there next 3 game they still hold the tie breaker over the Bucs bc of there win vs the Falcons and the Bucs 2 losses to the Falcons. So if the Bucs are going to make it over Philly they need to hope for an utter collapse by the Eagles over final 3 weeks of the season.

    I have faith that the Eagles wont collapse like that but the problem is all they have to do is lose this week n the Packers win and there a 1/2 game behind the 6th seed in the NFC playoff race. With the Packers in the drivers seat.

    Luckily for the Eagles the Packers are falling apart and have a tough schedule ahead.

  15. “How is Tampa “bound for the playoffs?” They are 3rd in their division and behind New Orleans and New York in the wild card race. Far from a sure thing I’d say.”

    Definitely not a sure thing, but you have to look at the remaining schedule of the teams.

    Bucs: vs. Lions(3-10), vs. Seahawks(6-7), at Saints(10-3)

    Giants: vs. Eagles(9-4), at Packers(8-5), at Redskins(5-8)

    If the Giants beat the Eagles it’s over for the Bucs, but I don’t think they can do it. The Bucs have 2 games they “should” win and then NO, who may not be playing for anything at that point…Giants really have 3 games they could lose. Should lose to Eagles. Don’t know if GB or WAS will beat them, but Giants are playing on the road…who knows. A lot of teams are banged up this time of year so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. As far as the bucs go they need to win a couple at least and GB to lose all of their games, except for beating the Giants, and the Giants to lose all of their games…

  16. I just went over the Eagles Bucs Giants schedule and tie breakers and all that and its not pretty for the Eagles.

    If they lose this weeks game to the Giants. They will need to win there final 2 games plus have the Packers lose 1 out of there last 3 games and have the Bucaneers lose 1 out of there last games or there out of the playoffs. Or have the Giants lose both of there final 2 games vs the Packers and Redskins. Because at 11-5 the Giants, Packers, and Bucaneers all hold the tie breaker against the Eagles.

    That is insane that at 11-5 they would still need 2 other teams 2 lose for them to make the playoffs.

  17. shallowfan says:
    Dec 15, 2010 8:58 AM

    nah bucs got the tie breaker over the Eagles if they win out. They would be 9-3 in the conference and the Eagles would be 8-4 in the conference if they lose to the Giants.

    In a wild card tie breaker it goes like this:

    1.Head 2 Head
    2.Conference Win-Loss
    3.Common Games Win-Loss
    4.Strength of Victory
    5.Strength of Schedule

    A division tie breaker goes like this:
    1.Head to Head
    2.Division Win-Loss
    3.Common Games Win-Loss
    4.Conference Win-Loss
    5.Strength of Victory

    If Giants beat Eagles then lose to the Packers then Beat the Skins. They will be 11-5 record 4-2 Division 9-3 Conference
    If Eagles loss to Giants then Beat the Vikings n Cowboys they would be 11-5 record 4-2 division 8-4 Conference

    The would be tied in Common Games with both losing to the Packers, and Titans both splitting with a division rival and sweeping another. Both Beating the Texans, Lions, Jags, and Vikings. And the Eagles beating the Colts and Losing to the Bears and the Giants beating the Bears and Losing to the Colts

    Which brings it to Conference games where the Giants win.

    Leaving Eagles to fight with Packers but Pack have the head to head so they win.

    The its Eagles Bucs and the Bucs would have 1 more conference win so they go ahead of the Eagles too.

    All I know is this is the most important game of the Season to the Eagles and if they lose they probably wont make the playoffs. There only chance would be if the Saints beat the Bucs and the Giants beat the Packers and the way this season is going u never no whos going to win.

  18. I still think NE is being overrated despite their recent wins. They still have one of the worst D’s in the league. They have a good OL but their playmakers are slot receiver Welker and good TE in Gronkowski. This team is not comparable to the 1999 Rams who had 2 probowl WRs and a probowl RB in Faulk.

    NE’s wins have been against an injured PIT squad missing 3 OL, a struggling NYJ team who was also shut out by GB at home and only managed 6 pts against MIA and CHI with the erratic but overconfident Cutler handing them the win. The last decent team they faced put up 26 pts on them in a narrow win (IND).

    If they make it to the SB, I don’t think they’ll get past a truly balanced team like NO, PHI or ATL. Brees would shred their D.

  19. Let’s see now: the Pats have beaten Indy ,where the D did give up 2 4th Q TD’s ,but they were ahead 31-14 at one pt,they defeated Pitt, on the road, beat Balt. in OT earlier in the year, most recently have beaten the NYJ team, 45-3 or something like that, crushed the Bears in a snowstorm by 137 pts.
    You can use whatever reasoning you want to downplay their record,but there is likely no other team in the league who would have gotten over that sked undefeated as the Pats have. Brady throws confidently to both young TEs, to Welker,to Branch, to Woodhead out of the b-field, and they run it well too behind their very good OL. The D is young,had been very poor early in the year, but is getting better, esp. the d-backs. The Pats aren’t afraid of facing anyone in the league right now.

  20. By the way jay cutler had nothing to do with the bears getting beat like they did. The Pats are the best team in the NFL right now and nobody should even try to argue that.

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