Bo Scaife says locker room “divided up” over Vince Young

The man who recently coined a new term involving the initials of his exiled quarterback has now declared the existence of a Minnesota-style schism over the player’s status with the team.

Tight end Bo Scaife, who said he left the locker room quickly after making a key drop against the Jaguars for fear that he may “pull a VY” on the media, tells Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that the locker room is split over Vince Young.

“I know his teammates definitely want him here,” Scaife said. “The more I think about that, I guess the locker room might be divided up.  But I know all the guys on my side [the offense], we all love VY.”

Scaife’s comments come on the same day that a defiant Kenny Britt said he’d once again wear a towel with Young’s initials and numbers despite a $5,000 fine, calling Young the “franchise quarterback.”

Scaife also said he believes Young doesn’t feel welcome in the locker room.  “I think [coach] Jeff [Fisher] has probably given that impression to him,” Scaife said.

“That is between him and Coach Fish and no one knows what is going on between them two.  But if people knew the real story they might understand the situation a little better,” Scaife added.

Scaife admitted that some players may have hard feelings about Young’s actions in the locker room after a November loss to the Redskins, when the quarterback cursed Fisher and left.  But apparently some don’t.

Thus, schism.

14 responses to “Bo Scaife says locker room “divided up” over Vince Young

  1. newsflash, to appease his flash in the pan qb, bud will hire a black coach to replace fisher.

    so vy wont get uncomfortable and go all vy. and take his shirt off or something.

  2. Britt, who was also due to be questioned by Wyatt, declined, saying, “Jim, I better not, I might go all BS on you like you know who.”.

  3. Fisher is a great coach and Vince Young is a proven winner and as good as he is he will only get better. We really don’t know exactly what happen in the locker room but it really piss Fisher off. I would hope that time will heal this relationship. This was their year to shine and they cannot win consistently without Vince Young. BUD is not crazy nor does he have his head in the sand. The Titians best chance to win is with a healthy Vince Young under the guidance of Jeff Fisher. Players don’t trust Mawae he will throw you under the bus.

  4. This is the problem
    The only one who should have anything to say on this issue is the man who owns the lockerroom

    Those who use the locker room are called the hired help
    They are not paid to think they are paid to play Football

  5. Unbelievable! How can a team win when they are so divided – contrast the Kraft story. It’s 0 and 3 from here.

    Where are the team leaders? Who’s in control? It looks like a group of children – Coach and all.

  6. well, with any luck Fisher will be here next year and Scaife won’t. He hasn’t played well at all this year and I’m not sure he didn’t drop that pass on purpose since he obviously takes the “crybaby’s” side over the coach. I would be embarrassed to have a quarterback who couldn’t control his emotions any better than VY has done. I hope Bud Adams realizes that if he cuts Fisher lose he will only be helping the team that Fisher coaches next. The bad thing is I had really hoped that VY had turned the corner this year as far as maturity goes. He wouldn’t play for me again for sure.

  7. The only thing that matters is what does Jeff Fisher and Chris Johnson think. I have Bo Scaife on my fantasy team, yes my fantasy team sucks lol and he hasn’t done crap besides the last weeks game against Indy. The titans will more than likely fire Jeff Fisher this year, due to Bud Adams man crush on VY. I could only pray that Jeff Fisher comes to Dallas.

  8. Ah, the ever under-performing Bo Scaife has an opinion on this. Hey Bo, there’s a lot of Titans fans who think you’ve been a major disappointment, and would like to see you gone, too…

  9. You’ll see apologists for mediocre Jeff Fisher come in and say that’s not true. If jeff Fisher says that the team doesn’t want him there, it must be true because you know, he’s a “great” head coach (or so you’ve been told 50 million times by his friends in the media despite his mediocre record and pathetic 6/17 winning season clip).

    Why it’s a debate who’s more important to that team is laughable…with young the last 2 years, 11-5, without him, 0-11. Pretty stark numbers.

    And it sure doesn’t sound like everybody in the locker room wishes he’d drop dead or is a quitter or is unprofessional or whatever else Fisher has claimed (but in the same breath he’s proclaimed the true quitter, Randy Moss as the best locker room guy ever).

    However, I’m sure I’ll see comments here that continue reflecting who people like personally rather than the bottom line, who’s getting it done.

    Of course, it’ll be based on absolutely nothing since 99% of you don’t know either of these men PERSONALLY.

    Leave it up to the moronic fans of today who are so foolishly led though.


    aNYONE WITH A CLUE CAN SEE THAT THIS STEMS FROM his dislike for the guy from day one because he wanted Matt Leinart INSTEAD, who was last seen falling off the end of the Houston Texans bench after failing miserably with his original team DESPITE having some of the best RECEIVERS IN FOOTBALL.

  10. The purpose of a coach is to get all his players on the same page, working to their potential. Scheme aside, that’s pretty much what they do. For whatever reason that’s not happening this year.

    We can all speculate. My take is that Fisher is pretty unwavering about requiring players to commit to the plan, and that VY hasn’t shown the commitment to do his legwork. At least in the first couple of years he didn’t. Adding to the pressure is the small window when all the ingredients are there and the team needs to be completely in sync. That’s been the situation the last couple of years. So rather than be more chilled out, Fisher would be more demanding. To be expected I imagine.

    The dynamic of having a coach who wants to make it happen now and a QB, regardless how talented, who doesn’t push himself to make that happen is ultimately unsustainable. The drama has gone on long enough. It ain’t gonna work. Call it a personality conflict or what you will. Time for a divorce.

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