Eagles-Cowboys sets SNF viewership record

We embark on this item fully aware of the fact that:  (1) we’ll be called shills for NBC (again); (2) we’ll be reminded by P.R. folks from other networks that we rarely mention their ratings triumphs; and (3) the e-mails from the P.R. folks from other networks will contain reminders of their most recent ratings triumphs, in the hopes that we’ll mention them.

And we’re fine with that.  Because the fact that Sunday night’s game between the Eagles and the Cowboys generated the biggest audience in the history of Sunday Night Football is amazing to us, given that one of the teams had won only four of 12 games when the game began.

The contest attracted 25.73 million viewers, a 23-percent increase over last year’s Week 14 game between the Eagles and Giants.  The number topped the 25.68 million who watched the Vikings-Packers game on October 24.

The game also generated a rating of 15.2, the second-highest SNF rating ever.

It shows the power of the Dallas Cowboys, who can put asses (or at least eyeballs) in the seats even when they stink.

While we’re on the topic, SNF has drawn the biggest audience and highest rating on each of 14 Sunday nights, and it’s the top-rated show to date of the 2010 prime-time television season.

We’ll now resume our usual approach of being far more subtle in our shilling for NBC.

20 responses to “Eagles-Cowboys sets SNF viewership record

  1. “It shows the power of the Dallas Cowboys, who can put asses (or at least eyeballs) in the seats even when they stink.

    That’s why they are America’s Team. And losing by three points with a backup QB isn’t stinking too bad.

  2. Or maybe it shows the power of the Philadelphia Eagles, who have an explosive team with an extremely polarizing QB in the spotlight.

    Or maybe its a combination of many factors…

  3. Somehow this post on ratings left out the real draw, Mike Vick. Sure having the Cowboys as an opponent added to the audience but Vick is the main reason. If the ratings are even higher this week will we here it’s because of the NY market.

  4. Hey, you guys aren’t shills on this one. NBC was just the network lucky enough to broadcast the game. It’s not like that rating was high because of anything NBC did (although I’m sure production for SNF would disagree, being the only outfit with egos massive enough to show opening credits for an NFL game – really, we don’t care who the executive producer is, thanks).

  5. Every week sets new ratings. People can’t afford to go to games, and everyone has a flat screen high def TV that makes watching football on TV better than going to the games. Plus awful weather in the North and Northeast helps.

  6. It show the power of the Cowboys? Let the cowboys play Arizona or San Fransisco and get back to me. It shows the power of the Eagles and their powerful offense plus Philadelphia is one of the largest and profitable football markets. Dude, stop being a duchone!!

  7. I think the ratings have may have a little to do with the fact that is was the first week for most people’s fantasy football leagues and the Eagles I think have a couple of guys who do well.

  8. There is obviously a direct correlation between the network’s decision to dump Keith Olbermann and your ratings. Your sponsers must be very happy with that call.

  9. Here’s a novel concept: perhaps millions tuned in, as did I, to watch the former “America’s Team” get their over-hyped ass kicked. I particularly enjoyed the look of despair on the face of their ego-maniacal owner. One and six at home. Joy to the World!

  10. yatista says: I particularly enjoyed the look of despair on the face of their ego-maniacal owner. One and six at home.

    You forgot to add: In their beautiful, brand-new, very expensive stadium (which, by the way, I toured this past summer. It is very nice–even took my picture on the star holding my Terrible Towel…thank God Mr. Jones wasn’t there)

  11. The Cowboys may have lost by 3 but you know they were terrified to have the Eagles get the ball back. When they didn, they just stuffd it down the girls’ faces and Dallas couldn’t do a thing about it…..backup qb or not.

  12. That is the thing about America’s team. When they are winning the bandwagon fans tune in to watch them win. When they are losing the haters tune in to watch them get smoked. It is a win-win for the networks.

    As to those saying it was the Eagles or Vick, then where were the viewers the previous week when the Eagles were playing then? Unless people can’t stand to watch Eli, it must show that Cowboys were the reason for the increase.

  13. The Sunday afternoon game between the Bears-Eagles was the highest rated game of the year and the highest rated game on FOX since 1996. So, I’m inclined to think this has more to do with the Eagles (and Michael Vick) than it does with a sub-par Cowboys team. Of course the Cowboys are going to attract an audience, but given the other ratings, I think there’s a lot of factors (big markets, historic rivalry, polarizing players, etc.).

  14. It’s not schilling if it’s fact. And the fact that the NFL is the season’s top rated show makes me continue to wonder why the corporate folks at Disney continue to keep Monday Night Football on ESPN instead of putting it back on ABC where, quite frankly, it belongs.

  15. The cowboys could not win a game and still be broadcasted on tv somehow im still mad about 3-8 cowboys vs. 6-5 colts getting aired instead of 9-2 falcons vs. 7-4 buccanneers

  16. If it was the Redskins/Cows ratings it would be more in line. Give credit to the Eagles, no one’s hotter at this point in the season, other than the Red Zone.

  17. More likely, it was Cowboys fans seeing if it was safe to come out from under the rocks they’ve been hiding under for the last ten weeks.

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