Goodell: Favre investigation should be resolved in “near future”

The NFL’s investigation into Brett Favre and his alleged text messages should finally be resolved soon.

Speaking at the owner’s meetings in Dallas Wednesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he expects a decision on Favre to come in the “near future.”  Goodell said the league should decide before the season ends.   (We believe he meant the regular season, but it wasn’t specified.)

At this point, the conventional wisdom is that Favre may be fined, but not suspended.   Of course, conventional wisdom has a history of being wrong about Brett Favre.

[Editor’s Note: The original version of this post went up two hours ago, but some renegade hamsters ate it.  The issue should be resolved.]

42 responses to “Goodell: Favre investigation should be resolved in “near future”

  1. They’ll wait till he’s either on IR or the season is over to ‘suspend him’. He won’t really be suspended.

  2. A fine and warning will be enough. If she wants to take this to court fine, the other pics Allison Torres was talking about will come out, the other players will come forward, and they will chase her away.

  3. I’m sure it’s already been resolved. Punishing Favre is not in the NFL’s monetary interests. So Goodell will say there really was no evidence, while he wipes it off his face. Afterwards favre claims he will play another year!

  4. How about conduct unbecoming of an officer. Dishonorable discharge.

    It is sad when such a great football career can be overshadowed by one season. And I don’t mean just the inappropriate text messaging.

  5. Take your time commish. We wouldn’t want any rushes to judgement here. Why don’t you just wait a few more weeks and you can bundle your findings/punishment/inaction around his next tear filled retirement.

  6. Since the woman has never filed a complaint, it was idiotic for the league to “investigate” an Internet tabloid story about a two-year-old off-field incident involving a former Jets employee. It’s not the business of the league to investigate gossip where no suit or complaint has been filed.

    But this farce of so obviously dragging it out until Favre’s retirement is ridiculous. Does Goodell really believe the world is in a state of suspended disbelief so that no one notices his transparent BS?

  7. Conveniently, the league speaks out after his all-important ironman streak comes to an end.

    Have fun explaining to your grandchildren what “Crocs” are in 15 years, and why you sent pictures of yourself holding your pecker wearing nothing but them to someone other than grandma.

    Does money make someone an idiot, or was he destined to be an idiot with or without professional football?

    If he was poor, and not famous, and decided to send a work associate pictures of himself masturbating, would the world be so forgiving?

  8. nate.

    The kids will not waste they’re time on the computer to find out. A more likely conversation would be why did Mommy get pregnant at 19?

    And FYI he denied the picture, and yes I believe him.

  9. @Deb

    Thank you!!! That does not even touch on allison torres and the other people who have or will have sold her out.

    The very sad part about this is that there is a young woman in Colorado who is going through hell right now because some leech by the name of Perrish Cox decided to rape her. They not only have clear cut evidence, he has been charged. A real victim that is not getting enough time in the media because of this garbage. A real victim we could be talking about here.

    But no, Sterger says it has to be about Sterger. You fools still believe that she had nothing to do with the release of the text even though she told Deadspin in 2008? Or that she had text from other players in the same time period?, or that she responded to Favre(WHICH SHE ADMITTED TO) (on look it up.) This is extortion and not harrassment. Perrish Cox is a pervert and bum. Favre is just a bum.

    He will be fined for messing around with personel, which he is not supposed to do.

  10. Hamsters will have their revenge Favre tell the world about your famous turtle impersonations around the locker room.
    Mommy why does granny look so young in these pictures
    That isn’t granny hon that is a whore, not much older than me, that granpa tried to hump
    EEWWWWWWWWW granpa is a real scumbag isn’t he mommy? Didn’t he use to be famous for something good?
    Yes but that is far behind him now honey. Just look the other way like mommy auntie and granma and help him spend the other half of his money

  11. The gold digger does not deserve the satisfaction of knowing she got this guy fined or suspended. Do not announce it, not like he will play again.

  12. @supergoonone …

    It annoys a lot of people, but I try to avoid gossip and stick with the facts. Torres’s comments may be true, but they haven’t been verified. However, since Sterger hasn’t filed a harassment complaint, the league had no reason to get involved–and wouldn’t have if it had been a lesser-known player. Vince Young assaulted someone in a strip club, but Goodell took no action because it wasn’t a big story. He’s not interested in right or wrong, only in appeasing the public.

    By saying she never intended to file a complaint but would talk or not–or sue or not–depending on who made it worth her while, Sterger’s reps admitted she’s trying to extort the league and/or Favre. Goodell should have ignored the whole thing.

    As for Cox, all we know is there was enough evidence to charge him. The details of the case have been sealed, and he’s still entitled to the presumption of innocence until the evidence has been presented in court. But you’re wrong about Sterger stealing the limelight from Cox’s victim, if he is guilty. The last thing a real assault victim wants is publicity. She just wants justice.

  13. Remember back in October when the NFL swore it was going to “fast track” their investigation?

    Yeah you do.

    Fast-tracking is only for QBs like Roethlisberger, who’ve never been charged with anything. For guys like Favre it’s the ol’ double standard.

  14. notredamegirl says:
    Dec 15, 2010 10:43 PM
    Fine this dude for fraternization with personal only.
    Not personal, but personnel! oops!

  15. I kind of feel bad for Sterger. She used to be really hot, now she is pretty average. She is a typical girl of entitlement. But now her looks are fading and she really has no potential skills except for porn. Karma catches up to everyone.

  16. “Near future”… that anything like Brett Favre will be retiring in the near future, then unretire…then retire….then unretire….then…..

    Oh…and since when does Richard Gere write for this website?

  17. @ampatsisahypocrite

    I agree but that was Roth’s second offense in 8 months. So the womens rights groups wanted his head. That is life, its not fair, but it is.

  18. Have fun explaining to your grandchildren what “Crocs” are in 15 years, and why you sent pictures of yourself holding your pecker wearing nothing but them to someone other than grandma.

    Does money make someone an idiot, or was he destined to be an idiot with or without professional football
    He’s always been an ego-centric, idiot. I hope he just goes away.

  19. Many people on this site seem to think nothing should be done about Farve´s behavior because Sterger didn´t file a complaint. Technically, I don´t think she is required to. Once the employer has learned that in-house policies have been violated, I believe they can take their own action (or not.) But I´m no expert as some on this site seem to think they are.

    Regardless….everyone knows Favre did it. Let him fry in his own crap. Let the rest of the world (not just Wisconsin) see what a self-centered self-indulgent idiot this guy truly is. He deserves no sympathy. He has rendered this woman unemployable due to his unsolicited intrusion in her life. Why make her pay for that?

  20. I really couldn’t care less about this story with the exception of wondering what could possibly be taking Goodell and the NFL this long to make some sort of decision. Why is the commish incapable of making any decision in relatively quick fashion. He is a master at keeping stories like this alive for weeks and months – and I don’t know why he would want to do that. He is clearly an ego-maniac who just wants to see his name in the news as much as possible and doesn’t care what for. I am becoming more and more convinced that he is not smart enough and capable enough to have the position he does. And for all of us that love football, that is a scary prospect. Think a commissioner who is in over his head can’t ruin a sport? Just look at what Bud Selig has done to baseball.

  21. You guys suck. How can you compare Rottenberger raping two girls with Favre texting an alledged whore pictures?

    If the league had concrete evidence it would have acted by now. And people, she is no longer an employer of the jets or the NFL so they are not obligated to do anything. She never filed a complaint, not only with the cops but she also never filed a complaint with her employers. Anybody that knows their dick from their a-hole knows that the employer has no obligation if a complaint isn’t filed.

    This is a case of Favre being run through the mill because of his celebrity.

    If there IS evidence my guess is that the Commish isn’t going to act because three quarters of the Jets team will face the same charges since it is alledgedly known that this alledged whore has pictures of half the league’s dicks. Possibly the commish’s.

  22. @ stellar

    Oh well. you are right about the complaint procedure. But no complaint was ever filed by anyone, ever, so that goes out the window. If you hate his antics, fine. I do too. This BS would have never happened had he kept it in his pants.

    Our problem is that he is not the only one!!! What part of “she has other pics” don’t you understand. Really. This is partially her fault for thinking she could only blast Favre without us finding out the about the other players(and there are!) Her friend was there when it happened! What else do you want, really? She also told deadspin in 2008. So yes, she had an indirect hand in leaking this. The pics were stolen because she broke her phone(yeah yeah yeah) and didn’t tell want to go on record. So if anything you should be mad at deadspin.

    This is not about what she wore, this is about the fact these TWO idiots(Favre and Sterger) both have a severe lack of character. The only victim here is Deanna Favre. Remember That.

  23. @Deb

    “By saying she never intended to file a complaint but would talk or not–or sue or not–depending on who made it worth her while, Sterger’s reps admitted she’s trying to extort the league and/or Favre. Goodell should have ignored the whole thing.”

    Right there and then the investigation should have been dropped. I understand what your saying on Cox but I am angry that it has been buried in the back pages while this gets the headlines.

  24. @stellar …

    1. “Everyone knows” Favre asked her out in a nonthreatening way because we’ve heard the tape. It’s not a violation to ask out a coworker, as long as you don’t continue to press it. Personal feelings about his marital status are irrelevant.

    2. We do not know he sent the photos. He denied it to the league and no one has presented public proof they’re his, or if so, that they were unsolicited.

    3. If an employer knows an employee is being harassed, even if no complaint is filed, the employer must act. But this was leaked after Sterger left the Jets’ employ and she refused to cooperate with the investigation, saying she was open to other offers. That’s an admission that her cooperation was for sale. The league should have closed the case then.

    4. Brett Favre did not render this woman unemployable by privately asking her out. SHE kept the material for two years. SHE admitted sharing it with people in her industry. SHE is solely responsible for its release. SHE refused to cooperate with the investigation, giving the impression she was trying to extort a famous athlete. Now SHE is belatedly claiming she was harassed by the penis photos–a story HER friend publicly disputes. Neither Favre nor his people have said anything negative about her. HER reps keep threatening him, the Jets, and the league, making her look like a gold-digger–and making her unemployable.

  25. 1) Personal feelings about his marital status are irrelevent? Not to me. I won´t separate the man from the athlete. They`re one and the same.
    2) Where there is smoke there is fire. He said he didn´t send them? Oh, well then, I guess he didn´t if he said he didn´t.
    3) Wrong.
    4) Wrong again.

    Get your head out of his jock.

  26. supergoonone….I am having difficulty understanding your position regarding Favre. Your comments are all over the board. Bottom line….are you a Favre fan or not? Do you think he is an admirable character that deserves all the hero worship he gets?

  27. @stellar

    I hate Brett. I think he is a prima donna bum. But I don’t think he harassed this girl. He has not even said anything other than admitting the voicemails, reportd by fox sports. I think they texted back and forth. And despite what my past post say I am not that mad at Sterger. She made some collasal mistakes, like talking to deadspin 2 years ago and what not.

    I think he is a bum but not a creep, to keep it short.

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