Jets say Alosi formed wall of players

The NFL told us Monday that it wouldn’t investigate whether the Jets formed a wall of sideline personnel aimed at creating an artificial barrier to the ability of Dolphins gunner to run out of bounds while covering a punt.  The Jets apparently decided to conduct their own investigations, and they’ve concluded that the so-called Alosi alignment was created by strength coach Sal Alosi himself.

And so the Jets have suspended Alosi indefinitely, changing their suspension of him that previously would have expired after the 2010 regular season and postseason, if there is one for the Jets.

The announcement came in a conference call with G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, who per Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger said that the Jets “discovered” that Alosi instructed players to form a wall on the sideline.  Tannenbaum explained that players interviewed on Tuesday said that Alosi told them to stand next to each other.

The strategy imploded when Alosi decided to stick a knee in the direction of Carroll, tripping him up and exposing the scheme.

The process apparently ends with Alosi.  Tannenbaum said that no other coaches told Alosi to do it.  On Monday, head coach Rex Ryan denied knowledge of any such plan, even though video of the incident shows Ryan standing in a spot where he could plainly see Alosi and the others.  On Tuesday, specials-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff likewise denied responsibility for the incident.

Left unanswered for now is whether Alosi had used this approach in the past, or whether it was unveiled for the first time on Sunday.  Tannenbaum said that the team is investigating whether it happened in other games.

It also appears that Alosi was dishonest with the media and, presumably, the team.  “No, it wasn’t anything that was instructed,” Alosi said in a Monday press conference.  “Our inactive players, our guys that don’t play, we try to keep those guys focused on the game.  Root their players on.   There was a double-vice that was right there on our sideline and we wanted to cheer on our guys.”

Tannenbaum said today that it’s a “big concern” that Alosi didn’t share all information with them on Monday.  That’s a nice way of saying Alosi lied and, frankly, he needs to be fired because of it.

Employers need to be able to expect honesty from employees when investigating potential wrongdoing.  When an employee is caught lying in connection with such matters, the decision unfortunately becomes very easy.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see whether Alosi admits that it was all his idea, or whether he’ll point a finger at Ryan or Westhoff.  Regardless of how it all turns out, we find it hard to believe that no one noticed what was happening, if Alosi was doing it for multiple games.

Of course, Alosi’s candor will depend on his ultimate penalty.  If he saves his job, it’s likely that he’ll shut his mouth.

71 responses to “Jets say Alosi formed wall of players

  1. So the Jets pull Alosi out from under the bus so they can throw him under again but harder? I find it hard to believe the strength and conditioning coach thought of and implemented this plan all by himself.

  2. What BS. That dude dis not act alone and without consultation from westhoff.

    Also don’t let that punk JLC beat u by 23 mins on this story!

  3. Right……. Wonder how much the Jets are paying Alosi to stay quiet and stay away…. This apple didn’t just fall out of the sky, there has to be a tree near by.

  4. Why suspend him indefinitely? Just fire the dude. Say it was unacceptable, fire him and move on. Keeping him around just makes it seem like people higher up in the food chain were aware. Assistant coaches and even coordinators and head coaches get fired for failing to produce…this guy is a strength coach and actualkly tried to impact the game on the field and hurt a player in the process. He should have been fired before the post-game press conferences were done…regardless of what team he works for.

  5. So, all of the TV/Radio pundits who said he shouldn’t be fired on Monday, now look like idiots. I supported firing him because his actions could have ended a player’s career.Period. Secondly, now that they’ve found that he instructed having a wall on the sidelines and was completely dishonest with his apology, he’s only been “suspended indefinitely”. Huh? Why not just fire him now? Seems this goes a little higher than just Alosi and if’s fired he’ll sing like a canary, to borrow a cliched 40’s gangster movie line.

  6. I feel bad for Alosi… throw the goat under the bus…

    NFL should adopt TNT’s slogan.. “NFL. we know drama”

  7. “On Monday, head coach Rex Ryan denied knowledge of any such plan, even though video of the incident shows Ryan standing in a spot where he could plainly see Alosi and the others.”

    I guess in the vast world of PFT, a head coach has nothing better to do than to monitor what is happening on the sidelines.

    Beyond that, I have been saying Alosi deserved to be fired from the beginning.

  8. Like most other commenters, I don’t believe the STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH implemented this scheme on his own or that he’s the head of the scheme. But I will say this: if Alosi’s job is saved, it’ll be because he’s keeping his mouth shut about who the real schemer is. The Jets wouldn’t want to fire him and then have him blab about what really happened unless what really happened is what they say happened.

  9. Yes, I’m a Bills fan – and yes, I hate the Jets – but if they’re willing to go public with this sort of new info (which they could’ve stayed quiet about) then they deserve to be applauded for admitting a mistake.

    Now, that being said, I hope they fire this d-bag as much as I hope the uneeded media attention affects them the rest of the year.

    Especially Week 17.

  10. All the comments about the Jets being fined besides Alosi, why?

    Even if Rex/Westhoff suggested the wall, there is nothing illegal about what they did until Alosi stuck his knee out.

    I must agree that it is hard to believe that Alosi suggested this on his own.

    Now onto more important things, BOOM !!!!

    That’s the sound coming from the home of the Newark Jets from Florham Park,NJ.

    It only gets louder after Sunday. The implosion is under way for the Jets.

    The AFC Chumps ! Same old Jets !

    How far down his throat is Rex’s foot now ????

  11. I have a big problem with this in that Carroll went out of bounds. I’m sorry, but that’s no man’s land to me. If you want to avoid this, then create an area outside of the actual playing field that is a barrier between sideline personnel and the field.

    Not defending Alosi. Just saying, if you leave the actual field of play, what are you expecting to happen.

    Ya know, when you color, you are supposed to stay inside the lines……

  12. I really hope it was just Sal. The Westoff Alignment or the Ryan Alignment just don’t have the same ring.

  13. I also think it’s funny that these dumbass Jets fans, seen here:

    …were all ready to send the dude Hallmark Cards and flowers before this news came out today, and are now talking abot not being swayed by Alosi’s “crocodile tears”.

    Come on, Jets fans. Seriously. Your team is an implosion waiting to happen.

  14. Typical guido from the southern shore of Long Island. Look at the picture, all juice upped midgets who are wanna be’s. Wiggers who got that position based on his complexion and connection. He can now count reps at some juice gym on the Hempstead Parkway.

  15. This sounds exactly like McDaniels’ “No, I didn’t tell him to film that!!! I’m innocent!”

    McDaniels is now unemployed. Will that be Rex in a few weeks?

  16. Someone on ESPN said that, paraphrasing, the $25k fine was nearly half his annual salary. Really? A Strength and Conditioning coach for an NFL team only makes $50-60k a year? Can that be right?

  17. The Jets apparently decided to conduct their own investigations, and they’ve concluded that the so-called Alosi alignment was created by strength coach Sal Alosi himself.

    THAT SOooo B.S.!!!! You know it was a special teams coach. Why or how the hell is a strength coach even know how to do that, or even get other coaches to assist him.


  18. It’s a culture which eminates from Rex Ryan. He doesn’t have to instruct anybody specifically. he already instructed the entire organization to be arrogant bullies so they’re just following suit.

  19. The Jets coaching staff should line up like that in front of the buffet table when T-Rexy is looking for a snack!!

  20. “TE Jeff Cumberland, one of the players in the wall, said Alosi gave the instructions and they’ve done it all season”

    All season – there you go.

  21. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!!! Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan and Westhoff doing all the “investigating” themselves, determining guilt, passing judgment, declaring the penalty…..where the hell is the NFL and Goodell in this matter??????? They find it important to investigate a gold -digging nude modeling stenger to make allegations 4 yrs later about an off the field incident but totally ignore cheating on the field. To exonerate Rex Ryan without so much as an investigation has conspiracy written all over it. It’s not like the guy doesn’t have a track record of cheating….like offering bounties to his Raven defensive players to intentionally maim a QB.

  22. Hmmm, and they just did it? No one thought to ask Rex if it was okay?

    And what about the second guy, who threw a shoulder at the player and actually had to step forward onto the white line to stay upright? He was trying to make contact as well!

    Coordinated cheating by the Jets. The Jets should be punished as well as the guy who is supposed to be running the sidelines and the team…Rex Ryan!

  23. I still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with this. The knee thing, yeah, but the wall thing seems kinda non-rule breaky to me.

  24. tannenbaum needs to be removed from the nfl forever. how is it possible for someone to continue lying like this??? the best ever was when he claimed the jets never engaged in the practice of taping of other teams, then at the same time, Mangini was saying they in fact did, but had permission. HAHAHA. how about the tampering lies? how about just suspending the jet organization for a year or 2 and giving the players the time off with pay? liars AND cheaters!

  25. Sal is just a soldier in the organization.

    He disappears for awhile, maybe gets moved outta state to help out the guys in Vegas or somethin. His wife and family are taken care of donchu worry aboudit. It’s family.

  26. Explain what exactly is illegal about creating this wall OUT OF BOUNDS.

    It is in fact a penalty for players to be running down the field OUT OF BOUNDS. So whether or not they had some silly wall formed is irrelevant.

    The guy intentionally tripped a player and for that he is being punished severely, which is what should happen.

  27. Clearly the Jets are not firing Alosi b/c then he would spill the beans about the whole scandal. They are obviously keeping him on board and probably paying his fine and then some to keep quiet.

    To be honest, considering the Jets & Rex Ryancheat’s history, this does not surprise me.

    When will the team be stripped of a 1st round pick for the cheating that took place mid game?


    * caught cheating in a game they lost

  28. Unreal. Will the NFL please investigate this now? I don’t care if the Jets did their own investigations. This needs to be resolved. There is some major scumbagging going on here.

  29. So what if he instructed players or coaches to line up? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that in itself. Lying about it = bad idea. Actually tripping a player = very bad idea. So if the Jets decide to fire this guy, are they going to say it’s because he lied about it? He should be thankful he still has a job for tripping Carroll, but for the Jets to fire him now because he instructed players/coaches to line up would be lame.

  30. So the JETS are admitting it was organized cheating and throwing alosi under the bus (no doubt with alot of ‘hush’ money in a cayman or swiss account).

    Rex Ryacheat is at the bottom of this. A $500K fine for the JETS, $750K fine for flabby Rex and the loss of 1st and 2nd round draft picks is what the league needs to impose.

    This was a organized, coached CHEATING scheme that took place DURING a game in process DESIGNED TO EFFECT THE OUTCOME OF THAT GAME in favor of the JETS.

    Even worse, this could have ended a players career with injury.

    THIS IS THE WORST OFFENSE ever committed by an NFL TEAM and if the league takes the integrity of the game seriously and the safety of the players seriously, the NFL need to impose significant penalties on the JETS as an organization and on Ryan.

  31. Right, because those players are going to listen to what the strength and conditioning coach has to say on the sidelines.

    What a bunch of crap – this came down from Westhoff or even Rex himself. The Jets are a scummy organization from top to bottom – won’t pay their established players and bring in the dirtiest free agents(i.e. Holmes, Edwards, etc..)

  32. You people need help.
    “Gunners’ always get pushed out of bounds because return teams know the “The first player to touch a live ball cannot be somebody who was out of bounds” So if the return team pushes gunners out of bounds, then they should have a good job of recovering any muffed punts.
    Also, in listening to various players on radio and TV it’s an unspoken rule to get out of the way and let them play. I heard one player refer to gys like Alosi as the “Get Back Guys” coach for yelling it during play where they might get in the way of a play.
    Pay attention people. Some of you act like this is the first football game you’ve ever seen!

  33. Come on. The coach and the ST coach both knew about this. This guy didn’t think of all of this.

    This is pretty obvious

  34. I’m a Dolphins fan and have always hated the Jets, but I can honestly say that in the past they have always been a classy organization. They never behaved like this, that is before Rex Ryan came to town. As someone above said, this is about the culture he has brought to the organization. He is a loud mouth, boorish, classless pig. And now his personality is trickling down to the rest of organization.

    You know who this reminds me of? Remember that guy who coached the Eagles and Cardinals years ago? He asked like a jackass, punched other coaches, etc. What was his name? Buddy something? Buddy Ryan? Oh, wait a second… I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  35. Why is everybody assuming they are not firing him so he keeps quiet about THIS incident. This is already out in the open. You “pay” people to keep quiet about stuff that is NOT known.

  36. therealjr, one of the real idiots of the year. Impeding a player’s progress who UNINTENTIONALLY was OB due to the Jets shoving him out, dimwit. Happens on every punt if someone’s trying to angle in from the sidelines. You and the other idiots, “…can’t see how this is illegal.” Bullcrap. If it happened to your team you’d be the first to wet your pants. You think the guidos on the sidelines, that’s their domain, you can’t come near it? Players on the field is why you watch and pay to watch games not douches on the sidelines trying to impede players progress. Grow up.

  37. Take away the fact that he leaned in and tripped someone, what the hell is the problem with people lining up on the sideline however they want? Stupid unwritten “rules” that you media people blow out of proportion. I could careless if they have naked chicks on the sidelines flashing the players to distract them. It is not in the field of play. Grow up people this is a big boy sport. If one team can attempt to gain an advantage while doing it within the rules let em be. It is all the micro-analyzing the media does that is ruining this game.

  38. So the Jet’s “investigated” themselves, did they? Can NE have a do over of Matt Walsh’s error and do it’s own investigation?

    The Jet’s are stupid (well, mostly). They WON’T fire him until they know EVERYTHING he does! If he knows too much- then they’ll simply suspend him. If he knows nothing, he’ll be fired. Why fire him if he can burn you later?

    How come the “Ex-NY Jet employee turned NFL commissioner” is turning a blind eye towards his old team’s cheating, but was right there when it came to investigating and punishing an old team foe?

    Sniff, sniff?? Anyone else smell that? Somethings rotting in Denmark ( or NY your choice).

  39. ok. this is pure speculation, but it doesnt seem likely Alosi acted alone. what makes more sense here?

    a strength and conditioning coach suddently gets a bright idea to gather up some players and form a wall with the inent to attack a player as he is covering a punt. he doesnt inform the special teams coach or anyone else of his master plan, risking a possible unsportsnmalike conduct 15 yard penalty.


    the special teams coach orchestrated this (perhaps with the urging of the head coach). told Alosi to take the blame when the crap hit the fan. 1st they tried to act like the incident never happened. they thought maybe the story woudnt get any attention. they escorted alosi out the building bypassing any reporters. when they realized the story was becomming big they told asloi to apoligize and they would wait and see what happened, if it would blow over. the next day when everyone is saying the dude should be fired, they tell alosi to apologize again and that he would have to be suspended to make it look like they did something about it and to back up their story that no one else was involved. at that time nobody was talking about it as if it was orchestrated. no one was suggesting that it was a conspiracy from the top. so they figured they could put the blame on alosi who could just say he acted without thinking. they figured that would be the end of it, everyone would just move on. then people did start asking tougher questons. endless replays of the video got people to notice all the guys lined up together and how unusual that was.
    so today, knowing that this story is really about to blow up, they tell aslosi to change his story from monday (which he said he did it without thinking) to they he alone orchestrated the linup. they still do fire him, cause once they do, he’ll spill the beans about it being a coverup. so instead they suspend him. he’ll take the hit and probably get a handsome christmas bonus in 2011.

    the jets are doing what they have done Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and now Wednesday. just admitting what people already know in order to try to head off ppl digging deeper.

  40. Yeah right he did it all by himself. Time for the NFL to investigate Tripgate. We’re not buying what your spouting Tannenbaum. Alosi is a scapegoat, hope he talks.

    Tripgate isn’t going away anytime soon.

  41. “8man says:
    Dec 15, 2010 2:46 PM
    I have a big problem with this in that Carroll went out of bounds. I’m sorry, but that’s no man’s land to me. If you want to avoid this, then create an area outside of the actual playing field that is a barrier between sideline personnel and the field.

    Not defending Alosi. Just saying, if you leave the actual field of play, what are you expecting to happen.

    Ya know, when you color, you are supposed to stay inside the lines……”

    check out the replay. the jets had two guys and caroll and they pushed him out of bounds. thats why there was no penalty called on carroll. its a penalty to run out of bounds on punt coverage, unless the other team forces you out. they forced him into the wall!

  42. “Explain what exactly is illegal about creating this wall OUT OF BOUNDS.

    It is in fact a penalty for players to be running down the field OUT OF BOUNDS. So whether or not they had some silly wall formed is irrelevant.

    The guy intentionally tripped a player and for that he is being punished severely, which is what should happen.”

    you are right. creating the wall itself is not illegal, but add in the fact that the jets had two players on nolan caroll and they pushed him out of bounds towards that wall, and then you’ve got a problem. the players probably knew the wall was there and they directed caroll there. perhaps they figured he would just crash into the wall and that would give the opportunity for the returner to spring a big return, since its now 11 on 10. when Aliso realized Carroll was going to avoid the wall, he stuck his knee out. he knew his team needed a boost since their offense was getting its butts handed to them all day.

  43. What kind of team is this where the strength and conditioning coaches have authority over the position coaches and the head coach to the point where they can order players around without anyone’s permission?

    Smells like Alosi is playing the part of the patsy for the Jets*.

  44. This practice of placing personal on the sideline is an attempt to influence a game by non playing members of a team. The people involved admit that it has been going on in the past. Where are all the New York suck ups who show bias against the Patriots any chance they can on a continual basis regardless of the facts. The never given apology from ESPN and every other NY centric sports news organizations when that liar Matt Walsh and his dimwitted partner in lying John Tomasi of the Boston Herald has done a disservice to fans. The Patriots were doing what was done by many good coaches who admitted this. Now we have a case of a deliberate attempt to injure a player by another low life from a crap organization, the R-A-T-S, and the silence is deafening.

  45. 8man says:
    Dec 15, 2010 2:46 PM
    I have a big problem with this in that Carroll went out of bounds. I’m sorry, but that’s no man’s land to me.

    You can’t really be that stupid, can you? Have you even WATCHED the video? Carroll was forced out of bounds by two Jets players, which is what kcking teams generally try to do on returns.

    I have a big problem with people atacking a keyboard without knowing what the hell they’re talking about. I’m sorry, but that’s “no man’s land” to ME.

  46. I even admit, and I’m a Patriots fan, that this is stupid. The only thing wrong is that the coach stuck out his leg and tripped the guy.

    However, it seems like the Jets coaches are panicking now, acting like there IS something wrong (especially now that they’re dragging other teams into it, i.e. the Patriots) and that makes them look worse. If there’s nothing wrong with it, then why are you dragging other teams into it?

  47. Funny how it’s bleeding obvious to everyone that the Jets are lying through their teeth. Intentionally trying to injure people not in the field of play is much worse than simply spying on another team. I don’t see anything wrong with creating a wall out of bounds, but kneeing someone crosses the line into cheating a-hole territory.

  48. Plain and simple, if the Jets are to be believed that “Alosi’s conduct is unacceptable” then there is only one fitting punishment……termination. If he isn’t fired then his actions must be acceptable.

  49. As a Patriots fan…these comments are putting a huge smile on my face. Jets fans get a little glimpse into how the media (especially tabloids like this website) can coax people into making a big deal about nothing…

    Enjoy Jets fans…ya filthy cheaters!…hahaha

  50. more jet lies!! this guy claims he didnt know his own team does this, yet he’s sure the Patriots do???? HAHAHAHA…. what a bunch of lying scumbags. can we just ban the entire jets organization now?

    from espn:
    “I had nothing to do with it, just to be honest with you,” Westhoff said. “I didn’t even know we were doing it. There was some organization to it.”

    But he also said that he ‘s noticed that the Jets aren’t the only teams lining up on the sidelines during punts. The Patriots engage in similar tactics, he said.

  51. Well, I certainly feel much better knowing the Jets did a thorough and in-depth investigation into the teams trangressions (cheating ) and saving the NFL Front Office the time and trouble.

    Didn’t the team start out saying he acted alone?
    Next day they said he instructed others to form a wall.
    What’s going to be found out the following day?
    THIS is why you don’t trust a team or a corporation to do it’s own “in house” investigation!

    Pull their 1st round draft pick!

  52. To answer all of the “ZOMG!!! Carroll was breaking teh roolz!!!!!” posts, he was not breaking any NFL rule.

    Yes, a penalty flag can be thrown for running out of bounds to get pas defenders. It’s called the Tasker Rule and a Dolphins player was flagged for it on the previous punt. However, it is not a penalty if the player is forced or blocked out of bounds by the opposing team. If you watch the video, you clearly see two Jets players forcing Carroll out of bounds towards that wall of coaches and players.

    Can we say Hounds to the Hunters?

  53. On Monday the Shock Exchange wrote a post that said “Former Jets Strength Coach trips Dolphins player”, implying Alosi would be fired >> . . . Only after reading visiting our website did Ryan decide to suspend Alosi indefinitely.

  54. there’s your patsy…

    of course not a single Jets management employee noticed this happening, and Ryan didn’t notice even though he was standing at the end of the formation… rrrrriiiiiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhttttttt

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