Kenny Britt fined $5,000 for Vince Young towel tribute

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Titans receiver Kenny Britt paid tribute to teammate Vince Young last week by wearing a towel with #10 VY written on it. Now Britt is $5,000 poorer as a result.

Jim Wyatt reports that Britt said he has been fined for wearing the towel, but Britt isn’t sorry: He said he’d do the same thing again.

No one in here wants to win a Super Bowl more than Vince,” Britt said.

Britt also said he would dedicate the rest of the season to Young, and referred to Young as the “franchise quarterback.” Which must make Jeff Fisher want to pull his hair out.

7 responses to “Kenny Britt fined $5,000 for Vince Young towel tribute

  1. Kenny is talented player not an smart one unfortunately.
    When have Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees ever attempted suicide, worked 9-5, get bothered by booing, or cursed off their head coach?

    Are those the qualities of a “Franchise quarterback ” or Superbowl winner ?
    Kenny! Google Kevin Mawae’s comments yesterday & READEM again & again! Hes a 15 yr veteran w HOF credentials. Think before you speak foolishness!

  2. This team is divided.

    Turds and showboats on one side stand with Vince Young…..earnest producers stand on the other side and are tired of Vince Young ‘The Insecure Mentally Unstable Man-Child’.

    Kerry Collins is a professional QB and leader.The earnest guys know that
    is what they desire and that is what they need.

    Problem is….often times the turds have a boatload of talent to go along with their self-centered >>>ME ME ME ME!!!!!!<<< mindset.

    Sometimes the allure of the turd talent trumps the production of good old fashioned earnest players who keep their mouths shut and quietly and consistently…..produce……

    ……and that is why the the turd named Vince Young will be back again….with whatever team….and will be paid many millions of dollars be….."The Insecure Mentally Unstable Man-Child".

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