Patrick Ramsey agrees to terms with Vikings

The Vikings worked out a number of quarterbacks on Tuesday, and it looks like Patrick Ramsey will be the guy to get a job offer.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports it’s likely that Ramsey will agree to terms with the team.  Interim head coach Leslie Frazier mentioned on Tuesday that the team may have to start a veteran like Ramsey who they signed off the street.  Tarvaris Jackson  “doesn’t look good for this week,” according to Frazier.

Ramsey hasn’t received significant playing time since 2007, when he was Jay Cutler’s backup in Denver.   He spent training camp with the Saints this season and part of the regular season in Miami.

Still, I’d bet that Ramsey could play fairly well if called upon.  That’s mostly because he graduated from Tulane one year after me, so I’m biased.

I’d also bet that’s why Florio had me write this post in the first place.

UPDATE: Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports Ramsey has agreed to terms.

24 responses to “Patrick Ramsey agrees to terms with Vikings

  1. Tarvaris Jackson “doesn’t look good for this week,” according to Frazier.

    has TJack ever looked good?

  2. Ramsey’s taking the team to the Super Bowl!

    He’s driving the team bus down so they can tailgate outside before the game.

  3. T-Joke, you’ve managed to extend your career much longer than it should have, by always coming up with an “injury”….thereby giving that idiot Childress a reason to keep giving you another chance. Meanwhile, you get to keep making that million-dollar salary. Well I hope Frazier is smarter than that, and it looks like he is. And how could you have “turf-toe”??? You haven’t played for 2 years until Monday!!!

  4. Frazier was so desperate he asked relatives on his Dad’s side to keep their eyes opened, and their ears pointed, for a possible QB back on their home planet of Vulcan.

  5. So who starts? Ramsey or Webb?
    Vikings need to do themselves a favor and see what they have in Webb! No point in starting some journeymen when you’ve already been eliminated from the playoffs!

  6. Realistically, how much can a QB, even a veteran one like Ramsey; assimilate in less than a week? 10 to 20 plays?

    Better yet, can the offensive line block for once in their lives? Assuming Ramsey even gets time to look downfield, who among the Viking WR’s can get open?

    Close your eyes Viking fans, much like Bruce did to you on Saturday night, the Bears are going to have their way with you without any consideration on how much it will hurt.

  7. Dear jimmy1smith,

    I know you have to be mentally unstable to be a Packer fan, but, shouldn’t you be rooting for the hated Vikings to WIN on Monday night?

    The only thing better than a Viking win is a Viking loss that all but assures that Cheesehead nation will be watching the playoffs on their inflatable green and gold sofas, crying into a mug of Leiney.

  8. I hope Webb starts and Ramsey is back-up.

    We have to see how Webb plays and decide if he could be our guy in the future.

  9. theoriginalcaptainmarvel says:

    And how could you have “turf-toe”??? You haven’t played for 2 years until Monday!!!

    Do you even know what turf toe is??? What does not playing for 2 years have to do with anything? That would be like saying ” How could he break his ankle, he hasn’t played in two years until Monday!” That statement is as nonsensicalas yours. You’re a dim bulb.

  10. @kimcon22000
    says:Dec 15, 2010 5:10 PM Excellent.
    My fantasy DST Giants will be glad to hear it ……………………….

    How does this help your Giants DST???? Maybe if you had the Bears DST it would be relevant. Better lay off the dope.

  11. So I am a Packers fan. And if there were ever a week I rooted for the hated Vikings it would be this week. If the Vikings win this week, and even if Green Bay loses. The Packers still control their destiny. If going into week 16, the Pack at 8-6 and the Bears 9-5. The Packers can win out and win the division no matter what Chicago does against the Jets. Win or Lose. If the Pack Beat the Giants and Bears. They’re in outright or via the tiebreaker. Division record 4-2 for both. Packers have edge in conference record at 8-4. Bears 7-5.

    Go Vikes on Monday and of course as always. Go Pack Go!!

  12. Patrick WHo?
    Travaris’ agent told him he better come up with some injury to blaime on his awful play.

    Favres agent told him to be sick, very very sick as in lets get put on injured reserve for rest of year. Then the commish can’t suspend you and your done at the end of the year.

    Joe Webbs agent doesn’t want him to play QB without QB pay. GIve him QB money and he’ll play otherwise he has an injury also.

  13. They should let Webb and Ramsey split time in the game. I don’t think Webb is ready to play a whole game at this level. Give him a series and then talk about it and let him watch Ramsey a little and then put him back out there.

  14. If Tavaris Jackson has turf toe then he may be done for the season. Turf toe is very painful and takes a long time to heal. We’re talking ripped tendons in the big toe. You can’t walk.

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