T.O. regrets remarks, Marvin has mixed reaction

Tuesday night’s decision by Bengals receiver Terrell Owens to vent his frustrations about his latest one-year team created a stir.  Though many expected T.O. to eventually blow his top, he did it in a way that provided him a plausible basis for claiming that he was taking aim not just at the owner and coaching staff, but that he was also blaming the players — possibly the 52 not named Terrell or Owens.

On Wednesday, Owens expressed regret for his first rant as a member of the Bengals, but hardly the first of his career.  “I guess I shouldn’t have said it,” Owens said, according to the Associated Press.  “It was something we were talking about on the show.  It was brought up.  I gave my comments and my opinions on it, and that was that.”

Coach Marvin Lewis addressed the situation as well, with both a show of support for T.O. and an admonition.

“Unfortunately for Terrell, he gets criticized a lot nationally,” Lewis said, omitting the reality that Terrell brings most of the criticism on himself.  “We all — like he said — need to do better, and we all have a hand in winning football games. . . . We haven’t done well enough.  None of us.”

But Lewis pointed out the connection between the things that come out of T.O.’s mouth and the contract offers that don’t arrive in his mailbox.  “In this case, no one was willing to bring you aboard for a long time and then we ended up doing it late, so don’t hurt yourself in that situation as you go forward,” Lewis said.  “There’s a lesson there and make sure.  Unfortunately once we say something, we don’t get the chance to take it back.  We try, but we don’t get to and it’s too late sometimes.”

One guy who gets it in this regard is the Robin to T.O.’s Batman.  Asked to share his views on the role of the owner and the coaches in the team’s struggles, receiver Chad Ochocinco said, “I don’t even cross those boundaries, and you know that.”  (He’s right.  Ochocinco only chooses once every few years to embark on an all-out effort to get more money or to be traded.)

Two of their offensive teammates chimed in on T.O.’s comments from Tuesday night’s episode of The T.Ocho Show.  Tackle Andrew Whitworth didn’t like it.  Cedric Benson didn’t watch it.

“I think Scooby-Doo was on,” Benson said.

Hey, at least when you watch Scooby-Doo there’s a minimal chance that Shaggy will find a way to take his shirt off.

UPDATE:  Full transcripts of the Wednesday comments from Marvin Lewis and Terrell Owens appear at Bengals.com.

25 responses to “T.O. regrets remarks, Marvin has mixed reaction

  1. Bengals 6-0 in the division last year, Division Champs, add TO, 0-10 the last ten games, I wonder how that could ever happen.

    Why doesn’t anyone ask TO that question?

    Come on Sports reporters earn your money.

  2. Marvin Lewis sux as head coach. Look at his record on the field and his players records off the field. He was a good coordinator, but that’s it. How he still has a job is beyond me. And if he gets an extension the Bungles should move even higher(if possible) on the list of worst organizations.

  3. Wow chad johnson has to be thrilled about how good TO makes him look… He is just too smart to say it.

  4. Some things in life are guaranteed:

    1) Death
    2) Taxes
    3) t.o. shooting her mouth off
    4) t.o. NOT winning a championship

    Don’t worry t.o. you have maybe one more year left to try and get that ring….then your 15 minutes are up!
    Now had you been a good little boy(like Little T), and been a team player…you might have a ring. As opposed to being jettisoned for being the shelfish, loudmouthed, team cancer that you are!

  5. I believe Marvin Lewis could be a great coach and Carlson Palmer a great QB if they didn’t have all these distractions.

    With an ocho-stinkco you don’t need a TO. Two many clowns make for a poor circus.

    You can build a better team by getting players with smarts and character. Not by getting characters who are smarta$$es.

  6. My gawd do the BenGirls blow!

    From ’91-10 they’ve had 2 winning season’s!

    Please sell the team Mr Brown, you do not have your dad’s football acumen!

  7. Notice how #85 has gotten almost no publicity this season? Bet he has. Foolish, foolish to bring this viper into his locker room. So it’s the first time he’s peed in his own food this season? I didn’t realize that since he’s been peeing in everyone else’s. Maybe Marv will cut out the cancer after the season and other teams will finally have wised up enough that he goes away for good. No good comes from someone who always tries to profit at the expense of others. And no team he’s played on has prospered long-term while he was there.

  8. Well, T.O. speaks his mind. And in this case, I agree with him. Everyone expected the Bengals to play better than they did. Yes, they’ve had injuries but all the teams have had injuries.

    It all comes back to this malaise that covers the team. What ever success the team has doesn’t last. And the Bengals have become a coach’s graveyard. No coach will be good enough because no coach will be supported by the owner. Mr. Brown is akin to a poor man’s Jerry Jones. Niether one knows what their doing.
    An old Italian saying, “The fish stinks at the head.”

  9. The thing is…TO was right in this case. As much as that pains me to say it. The Bengals organization is a joke.

  10. No matter how good the bum was, is or will be, why in hell would any team sign him to more than a 3 day contract?

  11. Bet they beat the Browns this weekend and blow their chance at drafting Andrew Luck. Probably wouldn’t anyway. Carolina would not draft Luck after just taking Claussen this past year. Or maybe they would. Bengals need a lot of position players this draft, so I bet they trade down for more picks.

  12. FinFan68 says:
    Dec 15, 2010 8:15 PM
    Palmer said he couldn’t watch the show either because he was rearranging his socks drawer.


    And here I thought Palmer didn’t watch the show because of injury

  13. TO is a bit of a moron, with a bad reputation and it’s going to hurt him in his future contract-seeking. And he has a problem where he gets frustrated with his quarterback and fails to go all out to catch balls that aren’t THAT badly thrown. All bad things about him.

    But in this one case he is 100% right. Mike Brown is incompetent and unwilling to either hire the talent he needs to help him or fire the incompetent buffoons already on his staff (like Bratkowski). The gap between him and the next worst owner is absolutely insane. If Mike Brown was Ryan Leaf, then Al Davis would be all the best parts of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, and Tom Brady combined.

  14. Doesn’t matter what T.O. or Lewis have to say. They’re both only with the team for another three games anyway.

  15. WOW – who could have possibly seen this coming? I am surprised at the timing though – usually it takes this punk a couple of years to start blathering his stupidity and bashing his teammates and organization.

  16. Hey Cincitucky fans,

    Still like the Bungal’s plan to get problem players like TO, Pacman, Harris, and Cedric? Worked out well didn’t it? How much did Dancing with the Stars help Ochostinko this offseason?

    Mike Brown is a genius! Seriously, how many embarrassing failures will it take for him to realize he sucks as a GM/owner? Lab rats learn after 2-3 shocks.

    And you fools keep paying to see his team play. Wow! And people make jokes about Cleveland…

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