Vikings bringing back Daunte Culpepper, sort of

With Brett Favre potentially heading to injured reserve and Tarvaris Jackson also injured and Joe Webb the only other quarterback on the roster (for now), the Vikings need help at the position.  On Tuesday, coach Leslie Frazier suggested that the next quarterback signed could end up starting the Monday night game against the Bears.

With names like Patrick Ramsey (really?) being considered, what about Daunte Culpepper?  Now that coach Brad Childress, who alienated Culpepper in early 2006 before trading him, is gone, maybe Culpepper could come back and help the Vikings out of a jam.  Or at least keep them within 30 points of the Bears.

As it turns out, the Vikings have called Culpepper.  But not with a request that he play.  Culpepper will be returning to Minnesota because he has been selected as one of the 50 greatest Vikings players.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to a voicemail message from the Vikings inviting me in for a visit to Minnesota,” Culpepper told us via e-mail.  “I have to admit, I have been waiting for this call from the Vikings!  I am honored to be selected as one of the 50 greatest Viking players.  I am looking forward to going back to Minnesota for the celebration this coming weekend and the game next Monday Night (wherever it is played).”

The full list of the 50 greatest Vikings will be unveiled on Sunday, December 19.  Fans were invited to cast votes on a list of 100 candidates.

Though it’s unclear whether the Vikings would have been interested in signing Culpepper to play, Culpepper has said that he’s not interested in being thrown into an NFL opportunity without preparation.  However, Culpepper is keeping his options open for 2011, in the event that a team is interested in giving him a chance to compete for an NFL job.

Still, on Monday night at TCF Bank Stadium, there’s a chance that one of the guys on the sidelines will be better suited to play quarterback for the “home” team than anyone wearing purple jerseys and shoulder pads.  Then again, there may be three or four guys on the sidelines who fit that description, given the current injury issues the Vikings face.

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  1. He never really played well after being traded from the Vikings, but heck he is a better choice than what we have!!! To bad he wont be in a purple jersey as QB on Monday! They better figure something out fast!!

  2. Are they going to charter a cruise later to honor the 50 greatest player? That could be fun. Help them touch their fan base and all.

  3. Mike — Culpepper alienated Childress, pal. I didn’t care for Chilly, but if you want to be accurate, Culpepper refused to even meet with or speak to Chilly after the hiring. He was a big Mike Tice backer and didn’t want to switch to the West Coast offense Chilly was bringing with him.

  4. medialovesthecowboys,

    Being a Fins fan, I have absolutely NO LOVE for Culpepper, but in his defense, his best season came when Moss missed several games and had one of his worst statistical years. He made Nate Burleson look amazing that year, that’s saying something!

  5. The irony is this was suppose to be their great 50th Anniversary celebration. Instead of it being indoors at the Metrodump, the 50 greatest Vikings (who knew there were even 50 that could claim such an adjective?) now have to freeze their nuts off to participate in a meaningless ceremony in below zero temps.

    Let’s hope it gets to zero degrees if only to symbolically match their # of Superbowl wins in the last 50 years. And going out on a limb here, probably the same number for the next 50 years.

  6. ESPN Jemele Hill is having an orgasm over this. White QB not playing… now Vikes will have 2 black QB’s…. OH EMMM GEEE!

  7. I thought Culpepper blew out his knee and became way less mobile — which is what led to his being traded by the Vikings.

  8. Another team that needs to know how to build not buy success. Too late now – maybe Bud Grant (is he still alive?) might have some ideas. I liked Bud Grant and the Vikes back then. Nothing like todays mess.

  9. On the 50 Greatest list, I wonder if you honor Korey Stringer? I lived in MN when he died and he was loved enough that everyone I knew was grief stricken. I do not recall if he is capable of this list based on his play, but I wonder if he gets on in an honorary capacity at least. What say you Vikes fans?

  10. culpepper had 1 or 2 good years. how does that get him into the 50?
    I guess the Vikings dont really have any great players.
    but then again 50 is a large number that most likely engulfs many unknowns

  11. Tarkenton will suit up. Based on his comments last season about Favre, it’s obvious he thinks he still has it. Old QBs never fade away … they just get radio shows.

  12. Do Packer fans ever stop talking sh*t.. You guys can’t all be complete *ssholes can you?? There has to be Packer fans out there that have some dignity left.. All the crap you guys talk was funny at first, but now it’s just sad..

  13. medialovesthecowboys ,

    I agree that Culpepper was over rated, but he did put together a regular season one year that was statistically probably in the top 5 all time by any quarterback, ever. In that season Moss was out two games, which were incidentally two of Culpepper’s best games all year.

    Culpepper was a beneficiary of a great WR corp, even excluding Moss, and an outstanding offensive line and a really good system that fit him perfect. Had he never been injured, he might still be our QB.

  14. In that case if either of Tarkenton or Joe Kapp are present that night – both have more experience than Culpepper.

  15. Anyone who says Daunte wasn’t a great player or was only good because he had Moss has no idea what they’re talking about.

    In 2004, when Culpepper tossed for 39 TDs, 4717 yards, a 69 completion percentage, and had a 110 QB rating, his main target was Nate freaking Burleson. Moss missed games with a bad hamstring and only recorded 700 yards receiving.

    Oh yeah, we also SMOKED the Packers in the only Packer/Vikings playoff meeting ever that year.

    Culpepper is easily one of the greatest Vikings of all time. His injury finished him, not losing Moss.

  16. rcunningham says:

    Anyone who says Daunte wasn’t a great player or was only good because he had Moss has no idea what they’re talking about.

    I actually fully agree with you. The majority of people saying Culpepper sucked were Vikings fans. I guess they had to somehow support Childress’ tossing aside a former MVP candidate for the incredibly mediocre Brad Johnson. If that wasn’t a sign of things to come from Childress, I don’t know what could be.

    Daunte was actually a very decent quarterback, at least until his injury. 50 greatest players of all time though? Who knows. It’s probably hard to find 50 great players from such a miserable organization. Randle better be at or near the top though. Even as a Pack fan, I loved watching that man play.

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