Westhoff accuses Patriots of building sideline wall, too

The NFL opted not to investigate whether the Jets orchestrated the placement of strength coach Sal Alosi and others along the white stripe when the Dolphins were punting on Sunday because, in our view, the NFL didn’t want to start down that particular rabbit hole.  Indeed, now that we know the Jets were lining up personnel on the sideline in a shoulder-to-shoulder, foot-to-foot formation, it’s safe to assume that others have engaged in similar tactics.

Jets special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff, in a Wednesday visit with the Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, said that the Patriots engage in similar tactics.

“A number of teams do it,” Westhoff said.  “There is a pretty good team up north that lines their whole defense up when they do it, so it’s something that just kind of happened.”

Asked if he’s saying the Patriots line up players to impede punt coverage teams, Westhoff elaborated.  “Well, if you watch them, their defense when the opponents’ punt team is out there,” Westhoof said.  “They’re up there pretty close to the line so it looks like they are trying to do it.  Now are they doing anything illegal?  Are they tripping anybody, heck no.  I’m not saying that.  That’s not the point.  But, yeah, they’re lined up there.  Is it making a difference?  I don’t know.  I really don’t know, because to tell you the truth before this happened I never really looked at anybody’s sideline in all my years.”

Westhoff also reiterated his position that, as it relates to the Jets, “I had nothing to do with it” and “I didn’t even know we were doing it.”  He admitted that “anything that happens on special teams is a reflection on me, that’s how I look at it, and I don’t teach it, I don’t coach it, I didn’t know we were doing it, but the fact that it happens I’ve got to get involved.”

Our guess?  The Jets were willing to look the other way, but Westhoff was frustrated by the fact that people (like us) were assuming that he had knowledge of and/or involvement in the tactic.  And so we think Westhoff insisted on the team getting to the bottom of it, so that his name could be cleared.

That said, Westhoff has now implicated the Patriots.  And we assume the Patriots will be responding.

Finally, we’re having trouble reconciling Westhoff’s mixed signals regarding the situation.  When discussing his belief that the Patriots do it, he acts like it’s no big deal.  But he’s apparently offended by the suggestion that he instructed guys to stand on the edge of the white stripe but not try to trip opposing players.

101 responses to “Westhoff accuses Patriots of building sideline wall, too

  1. Oh for god’s sake, The Jets are blaming the Patriots for something again.


    In other news Woody Johnson blames Robert Kraft for the bad economy.

  2. Wow! Just Wow!

    Hey Westhoff why don’t you stop trying to deflect the crap and take some responsibility for your cheating! Your team built the wall and your team tripped the player. Get a clue.

    Tripgate needs an investigation by the NFL.

  3. “That said, Westhoff has now implicated the Patriots. And we assume the Patriots will be responding.”

    Uh really Mike? Since when do the Patriots respond to anything, never mind something like this?

  4. LMAO. They Tom Cruised him ! LOL:







    Point the finger at the Pats LOL. BB shot Kennedy too when he was like 8 years old !

  5. So Westoff knows that this goes on around the league. But when guys on his own team were doing it, he had no idea? And when the video was shown this week of guys lined up like toy soldiers, he said what? Nothing? It was exactly what he claims other teams do, he saw his team doing it, and what did he do? Why did this just come out now if he knew all along that ‘teams do this?’

    Dude is dirty. League needs to investigate him now – give them the third degree.

  6. Everyone refuses to notice how Rex Ryan was 5 feet away from the wall of players with no gameday responsibilities lined up on the sideline as close as possible to the field.

    He then kept his eyes on the Dolphins player that got tripped during the entire play, and after he was hurt. The video clearly shows this.

    He didn’t question why the wall of useless employees were lined up obstructing his view of the field?

  7. Yeah, but coldn’t the Pats defense lining up on the sideline be due to the fact that they’re about to go into the game?

    Assistant coaches and a strength trainer isn’t the same thing.

    Those zany, bumbling Jets will try anything to point the finger in the wrong direction.

  8. Nothing about Westhoff’s statement makes any sense. He first denies having EVER noticed it until this Sunday, and then implicates the Patriots. This guy needs to stop pointing the finger elsewhere. Those sidelines are packed, if Alosi hadn’t stuck his leg out, or if he was standing up another foot (and the gunner simply ran into him), this would never have been talked about.

  9. Of course, it’s perfectly legal to have dressed players in that area, like he’s implying the Pats had.

    But according to the NFL Rule Book, the area the Alosi guys were in is for coaches and substitute players only. The Jets’ guys were not dressed and were not allowed to be there.

    Westhoff trying to accuse the Pats smacks of desperation.

  10. Meeeh the Pats do it…

    I lothe this NY team. They are surpassing the Yankees on my hate meter.

  11. This guy is talking out of his @$$. First he says that there’s a team upstate (just say the Pats, your not being clever), that lines up their defense. He then goes on to say that they line up their whole defense and that if you watch it you’ll see it.

    Ok, then he says he hasn’t looked at anybody’s sidelines for years… but he knows apparently that the Patriots and “A number of teams do it”.

    And finally this leads to “I didn’t even know we were doing it”.

    Wait, so you knew that the Patriots do it all the time, but you don’t see 8 guys standing in a line on your own sideline?? Westhoff is an idiot, and instead of just owning up and saying yes we do it, he decides to go the other road and put all the attention on other teams and SPECIFICALLY, the Patriots. What a joke. I really hope the Jets don’t keep sucking this bad so that they can come to Foxboro one more time and get another beatdown.

  12. Westhoff also reiterated his position that, as it relates to the Jets, “I had nothing to do with it” and “I didn’t even know we were doing it.”

    Wait, wait, wait…

    Westhoff knows that the Patriots and other teams build the Alosi Wall but he had no idea that the Jets were doing it? I mean — if he knows the Patriots do it then he knows what it looks like. Was he checking out hot girls in the crowd and missed his team lining up?

    Westhoff is just trying to take attention away from THIGH-GATE

  13. Who cares if people line up to keep gunners out of the bench-area? That wasn’t the point. The point was that the Jets guy stuck his knee out. that’s a little different; even so I think this is getting way overblown. Frankly, I think the gunner should need to stay in-bounds. Why should they get to run through the entire other team’s off-field zone?

    Westhoof is giving his Jets a whiner personality. He complains about the Patriots every week it seems. They are starting to sound like the Ravens.

  14. lmao trying to pass the buck and take off pressure by blaming the pats. what a bunch of losers!!! well im not surprised after rex ryan burried the ball behind the goal post just like bellichek did, it only makes sense that they copy everything new england does. they cant seem to copy the wins and the rings.

    lining up in that situations isnt illegal anyway, having a coach purposely trip a player is.

    being a pats fan i couldnt have more enjoyment to see this team not only fall apart, but show themselves as the biggest losers in the nfl. sadly we wont get the chance to smack them around again in the playoffs this team probably wont make it to the playoffs and if they do they definitely wont make it to the second round.

  15. So he didn’t know his own team in which he is a coordinator on was doing it…but he knows the Patriots are doing it? Maybe he should pay more attention to his team , seems like sour grapes to me…

  16. Hey, we’re goin down in flames so lets lob a bomb at the patriots!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all “smart” & “efficient” teams are doing it. It makes sense to legally form a wall the could potential “trap” the gunner behind the wall requiring them to run, in the OB area longer than legally aloud. This would draw a penalty on the gunner. The only diff is that Alosi made the instantly moronic decision to stick his knee out, causing it to potentially injure a player and bring the whole “wall tactic” to the forefront.

  17. wow. how childish. we’ll worry about that when someone from the pats intentionally risks the well being of an opposing player.

    get over it jets, YOU’RE the ones who’ve proven to be classless jerks.

    let’s see who else they can try to throw under the bus to save face for themselves.

  18. Mike Cheathoff trying to deflect blame to the Patriots…typical CHEATING JETS…we didn’t trip anyone you filthy cheaters…take your punishment losers!

    Rex Ryacheat and Mike Cheathoff up to their cheating ways…

  19. … because it’s not a big deal unless the patriots do it. Then it officially warrants a “-gate”.

  20. The gunner is allowed to run out of bounds without being blocked. I’m sure people on the sideline have purposely held their ground in order to impeded him. But that’s a far cry from tripping someone.

    The worst part about Alosi is that he’s a former player. I would understand some moron who never played having a disconnect from reality and doing something like this. But this guy actually played. No excuse. He should be fired.

  21. he doesn’t look at other teams sidelines, but he’s pretty sure a team up north does the same thing? why would a strength and conditioning coach take all of this upon himself? this was a desperate move; does anyone doubt this came from Rex (besides Jets fans)?

  22. BUT the Patriots do not have their coaches PURPOSELY trip opposing players running down the sidelines.

    If it was the Jets who were caught videotaping in 2007 (which they were doing) they would have said again but the Patriots were doing it.

    Something a 4th grader would say but then again the HC of the NYJ acts like a 4th grader trying to be a bully on the playground, EXCEPT he got his a– KICKED ! 45-3 and then the team folds against Miami. At Pittsburgh, At Chicago it is going to be ugly in Florham Park.

  23. It is no big deal. The entire team can line up shoulder to shoulder, foot to foot as long as they are behind the white line and do nothing to impede a players progress if he happens to be running out of bounds (if pushed and such)

    Quit making such a big deal about nothing!

  24. So did Westhoff look at the tapes of the Patriots sideline while they were on defense in order to see the patriots forming a wall. Ooooops! There’s a different can of worms you don’t want to open here Westoff!

  25. All teams line the sidelines during the games, what a ^&%hole this clown is. All teams STAND THERE only the J-E-T-S jerks jerks jerks TRIP up a guy.

  26. This is the problem of having a culture of a “big mouth”. It causes way more trouble then good.

    Having a team with tight lips might annoy the media, but it doesn’t cause more harm to your team.

  27. What a dork.

    You cannot say that you either:
    -don’t coach a particular tactic
    -have no knowledge of a particular tactic

    Then, in the same conversation:
    -accuse others of that tactic (“everybody’s doing it!”)

    He’s looking like a petty whiner at best and a total liar at worst.

    He should keep his mouth shut.

  28. Westhoff said, “…Now are they doing anything illegal? Are they tripping anybody, heck no. I’m not saying that. That’s not the point.”

    Actually, that is exactly the point. There is nothing wrong with creating a wall of players on your sideline. There is something wrong with intentionally tripping a player, which is what Alosi did and which is something the Patriots have not done. This is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to redirect criticism of the Jets’ bad behavior to another team without any basis in fact.

  29. Hmmm…What is up with the Jets and their tattle tale culture? The Patriots do it too? I suppose that is why the waxed the Jets 45-3 and not the fact that the Jets were routed in every phase of the game. What a namby-pamby, if I were a Jets fan I would be ashamed of this kind of behaviour…

  30. Too freakin’ funny……you really have to be kidding me. Seriously??? Really? That’s all you’ve got Westhoff? Trying to deflect attention from what YOUR coach did….and play the “blame the Patriots” game yet again. Will it ever end?
    No matetr where ANY team has their coaches stand on the sidelines…isnt illegal or a violation of any kind….unless a coach is STUPID enough to try and tackle a player…..now let me think…did any team actually have a coach STUPID enough to try that? Hmmmmmmmm

  31. Jets accuse Pats of cheating. Again.

    Last time it cost about a million and a first-rounder. Better watch out there BB

  32. It’s no secret Westhoff was pretty PO’d at the Dolphins when he left because he was not considered for the hc job.

  33. Is it against any rule or is it a violation of any code to have players lined up shoulder to shoulder along the white strip? No, it isn’t and I don’t have a problem with any team doing that or coaching that.

  34. I’ve never heard so many fumbling Patsie “fans.”
    You sound like your jealous and hold Rex up to be your God.
    Let it go and get a life you panzie-tools.
    This applies to the Jet’s fans too.
    The play was hilarious and I hope it’s repeated.
    The NFL is hard hitting and not a place for sissies, unlike this blog …………………

  35. During gameday, Westhoff’s surrounded by waterboys. Now, is he doing anything illegal? Is he touching anybody, heck no. I’m not saying that. That’s not the point. But, yeah, he’s near waterboys. Is he touching them? I don’t know. I really don’t know, because to tell the truth before this happened …

  36. The next time, the Patriots should send a gunner down the Jets sideline, and when he gets shoved out of bounds by the two coverage thugs he should run full blast into Westhoff or loudmouth Ryan. Hey, he was shoved!

  37. Typical Jets. Loser coaches, loser players, loser fans. More of the same. Walling up on that line is part of the game from high school on, everybody that ever played knows that. I played college football and it was common there, even discussed during summer practices. The problem is the cheap, irresponsible, and appropriately(Jets) scummy move that could have cost a guy his season and maybe his career. No place for that, stop making excuses.

  38. Nice job Cheathoff. Nobody will notice your lame attempt at trying to deflect attention away from the Jets’ Tripgate.

    Lucky for him Arlen Spector is busy trying to find a job.

  39. Patriots have been cheating on just about every level possible for over 28 years. . .

    It doesn’t surprise me that they are doing this too.

    There are a handful of us that think the Patsies* * * are up to their old tricks. . . wink wink

  40. As much as I hate the steelers and want the Ravens to win the AFC North. I hope the Jet’s lose this weekend and every game the rest of the season. They are a bunch of blowhards who when the chips are down start pointing the finger everywhere but at themselves. Biscotti let Fatman walk because he knew how things would end up when you have a loose cannon running the ship everyone underneath him tends to act the same way.

    speaking of blowhards haven’t heard from bart scott lately. appears to me Leonard was the most valuable Raven Fatman brought north.

  41. Something smells fishy, and it isn’t his fat coach’s tuna melt.

    He says “I never really looked at anybody’s sideline in all my years”

    and then he says that a number of teams do it.

    Which is it?

    Is is aware of what every other team does, except for the one he is responsible for, and all without ever paying attention to it?

    He’s not passing the smell test

  42. this team has become so pitiful, that jets fans have completely disappeared. even loud mouth jets fans are so embarassed that they are gone from the message boards and we donthave to hear thier proclomations of greatness after having done nothing.

    thank you pats for smashing them so hard that they might never recover.

    hey westhoff you know what else the patriots do, they beat good teams and some really bad ones also like the new york yets

  43. wow, this is low and unprofessional even for the jets*. they have become the “Fredo” of the nfl. time to wack them.

  44. @kimcon22000

    1st.. your an idiot and obviously not a football fan to make a dumb comment like that.

    2nd.. if the guy had his knee planted at the wrong time and had gotten kneed in the side of his leg, he could of blown out his knee. I’m sure you’d be laughing if it was you. Go back to your mom’s basement.

  45. more jet lies!! this guy claims he didnt know his own team does this, yet he’s sure the Patriots do???? HAHAHAHA…. what a bunch of lying scumbags. can we just ban the entire jets organization now?

    from espn:
    “I had nothing to do with it, just to be honest with you,” Westhoff said. “I didn’t even know we were doing it. There was some organization to it.”

    But he also said that he ‘s noticed that the Jets aren’t the only teams lining up on the sidelines during punts. The Patriots engage in similar tactics, he said.

  46. Who cares? What teams do on the sideline should have no bearing on the game. When an idiot does and trips a player he pays the price, as old Sal boy did losing close to half his salary. Lining up out of the bounds of play shouldn’t even be questioned in the media, THEY ARE OUT OF BOUNDS.

  47. myspaceyourface says:
    Patriots have been cheating on just about every level possible for over 28 years. . .

    It doesn’t surprise me that they are doing this too.

    There are a handful of us that think the Patsies* * * are up to their old tricks. . . wink wink
    And there’s a handful of “you” that have their heads up their a$$es and shouldn’t be allowed out of Mom’s basement.

    The entire Jets organization – from Woody, Tannenbaum, the front office, the coaching staff, the players, and especially the fans – have really exposed themselves as a low rate obnoxious bunch of people. The posters here have all pointed out the hypocrisy of Westhoff’s “I didn’t know we were doing it but I knew that the Patriots were” defense. And again, this isn’t just about the Jets intentionally orchestrating the Alosi Wall – which clearly they did – but rather it’s about whether the coaching staff instructed those people to attempt to injute an opposing player. The fact that not one, but TWO of those clowns moved to hit Carroll shows that this isn’t the “random” act of one person.

    And to point the finger at a specific team – their bitter rivals, no less – is just piss poor. The Jets could have simply said “other teams are doing this” instead of singling out New England. How did all you PFT posters react when Patriots fans said “other teams are filming too”????

    Suffice to say that the wheels are completely flying off the Jets 2010 “bus” ….. you know, the one that had “Super Bowl Champs” painted on the side.

    What a trashy, cheap, piece of crap organization the Jets have turned out to be.

  48. There is so much fail in those Westhoff quotes, it’s like he’s purposely overloading our fail circuits in hopes that our brains will explode and we’ll forget about him.

    Fail #1: “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! And everybody else does it TOO!”

    Fail #2: “I don’t look at anybody’s sidelines! I never, ever look! And every time I don’t look I see everybody lined up!”

    Fail #3: “You know how our staff were lined up in an area that only players are allowed in? Well other teams line up their PLAYERS there so it’s not just us!”

    Fail #4: “Because why would defensive players possibly stand near the sidelines while the other team punts? It’s not like they might, you know, be planning to go on the field next or anything!”

    Fail #5: “Umm…me? Cheat? Umm…Hey look, a PATRIOT!!”

    and on and on and on. Seriously, that was a pathetic display of wuss-ness.

  49. Sometimes by point out another team they are correct. Instead of just name calling, how about we go review game tape and see if it is true.

  50. Is anyone really surprised by this?

    I can’t think of a single franchise more jealous/obsessed with another, from fans to front office to coaches, than than Jests obsession with the Patriots, and a lot of it comes from the slimeball GM Tanenbaum. Just watching the guy on Hard Knocks made my skin crawl.

    Here’s any idea, how about forging your own identity rather than acting like the bratty little brother who you’d just love to punch repeatedly in the face and tell him the STFU.

    This is the most unprofessionally run franchise in all of sports.

  51. vikings1979 says:
    Dec 15, 2010 4:25 PM
    Is it against any rule or is it a violation of any code to have players lined up shoulder to shoulder along the white strip? No, it isn’t and I don’t have a problem with any team doing that or coaching that.

    Hey, dummy, THEY WERE’NT PLAYERS IN UNIFORM, that’s the difference. They’re yahoos on the sidelines not players with pads on, get a clue.

  52. “I’ve never, ever even looked at a sideline… never even noticed them… despite the fact that 80% of the plays I’m responsible for could have the ball going out of bounds along the sideline or involve the key players screaming down the sideline, and I stand in front of one, and look across at one… I’ve never even noticed what my guys might be doing along the… what did you call it? sideline? If you say so, but again, I’ve never noticed them. Oh, but, but, but, I HAVE NOTICED that the Patriots do exactly what we do, even though I’ve never noticed what we do, or instructed any of my guys to do what we do but I’ve never seen it, don’t even look, but have noticed that the Patriots do… because even though I’ve never looked at the sideline, I have noticed that the Pats do it. It’s where I got the idea… oops.”

    Does this pass ANYONE’S smell test?

  53. Lining up on the sidelines is not a problem…having your guido scumbag meathead strength coach tripping players is the CHEATING part!

    Long live Trip-Gate…mark my words, Rex Ryacheat and Mike Cheathoff have been cheating for years…filthy cheats!


  54. when u dont know what your doing copy others…..

    so how about when the jets have the lead KEEP PLAYING LIKE THE PATRIOTS DO…..

    stop with the run run punt…..
    and stop with the run run punt when losing too!

  55. “There are a handful of us that think the Patsies* * * are up to their old tricks. . . wink wink”
    Think what you want, it doesn’t mean a damn thing to Patriots fans, and it sure doesn’t change the fact the the Patriots are THREE time Super Bowl Champions (probably beating your team into submission on numerous occasions in the past decade) nor does it change the fact that the Pats have all but locked up home field advantage this year.

    Might just be time to face reality and deal with it rather than coming off as spineless loser spewing sour grapes…just a thought.

  56. Mike W. and Sal A. – Now here is a pair that will beat a full house. Sal the tripper brings them down while Mike the mushroom points to the north to blame some one else. Rex where do you get your help?

  57. “Jesus”, muttered Westhoff, “A few days ago I was an anonymous sideline guy, just looking forward to retirment. Now all hell breaks loose.

    Look at me, I haven’t slept a wink in 4 days.”.

  58. End of the day – Patriots have 3 Super Bowl rings that will never be taken away because they were a better team than everyone they beat…and are the best team in football right now

    Jets are a joke of a franchise who haven’t won anything in a half century…

    how’s that 45-3 BEATDOWN taste LOSERS!!! LOL.

  59. “To tell you the truth until this occurred, I never really looked at anybody’s sideline in all my years.” -So Mike, if you are telling the truth and you never really looked at anybody’s sideline, how do you know other teams do it too? Just once I’d like a reporter in the room to call someone out when they say something blatantly contradictory. The Jets are quickly proving themselves to be the most pathetic team in the NFL. What a joke.

  60. “to tell you the truth before this happened I never really looked at anybody’s sideline in all my years.”

    “Well, if you watch them, their defense when the opponents’ punt team is out there,” Westhoff said. “They’re up there pretty close to the line so it looks like they are trying to do it.”

    Mike Westhoff, professional liar.

  61. One other point – obviously the Pats videotaping was a different type and a more serious offense. But when New England got caught, they took their punishment and didn’t whine saying “Wawa, other teams do it too, leave me alone, wawa.”

  62. “How did all you PFT posters react when Patriots fans said “other teams are filming too”????”
    Not only that, but I think Patriots fans know that Belichick could have brought a lot of other teams, probably much of the league down with him. But he didn’t, he took the punishment like a man and moved on, no doubt to the relief of many other teams.

    Don’t forget, it’s fairly well documented that an AFC East team (take a guess who) was caught redhanded at Gillette Stadium filming in the 2006-07 playoffs, was ordered to stop, and lied about getting permission from the Patriots to do so.

  63. “What a trashy, cheap, piece of crap organization the Jets have turned out to be.”
    No need to sugarcoat it, I’ve think this has been pretty evident for quite some time now.

    They are who we THOUGHT they were…

  64. @kanepft:

    Brilliant analysis. It just reminds me of the guy being chased and shooting as he runs. He eventually empties the gun, and out of sad desperation throws it at his oncoming pursuer. Which, of course, does nothing to improve his chances, but gives us onlookers a brief, sad chuckle.

  65. Sal Alosi, a strength and conditioning coach ordered players to form a wall on the sidelines??
    This is the fable the Jets are trying to sell??? ha ha ha ha ha

  66. Patriots kick ass with taping, without taping…
    it doesn’t matter to them. They’re just good.

    More serious then potentially injuring a player ?
    I don’t think so. Also, the Jets are f*cked here.
    They seem to be distancing themselves from this
    Elf now. If they go ahead and fire him, and he
    talks ? What would he say ? For that reason
    I guarantee the Jets don’t can him. It would be
    too harmful for their organization. This way they
    can control him.

  67. I criticize the Patriots as much if not more than anybody on this board but there is nothing wrong with lining up you players OUT OF BOUNDS so the opposing team can not go running OUT OF BOUNDS unopposed all over the place down your sideline is good coaching.

    Alosi only crossed the line when he purposely dripped the opponent.

  68. If the league office said there is no rule against the human wall, why not just say, “Hell yeah, we coach it! Everyone does it! It’s smart football, and it’s legal. We do not teach tripping, which is why we suspended the douche!”

    Is that hard? In New Jersey it is.

    This whole fiasco is annoyingly sweet.

  69. OMG…just enjoying watching the jets, their coaches…and fans….unravel before our eyes.

  70. The game would be more fun if any player leaves the field of play it would get tackled by the other team sideline. Or better yet they get fed to sharks

  71. If Rex came out and said yeah we had a wall to block the gunner. There would be no issue, because it is a common practice. But, he first says he has never heard of it before, than says well he knows other teams do it, and he was tow yards away from the wall he knows nothing about it. I bet Rex said make sure they guy does not get by them, that is why Alosi tried to trip teh guy and teh next guy was lowering his shoulder. Rex needs to come clean and admitt the punter was killing the Jets game plan, they defense held the dolphins to have to kick from inside their own 20 and the kicker just kept killing the ball and the gunner was getting down field quickly, so Rex did what he could to make sure the gunner did not prevent the Jest from getting better field position. Rex who usually has the gift of gab, today could barely speak, he is a terrible liar.

  72. As Felger said on 98.5, typical – Deny, Deny, Accuse.

    This is a team of bullys and rats. Why didn’t Westhoff just say that other teams do it? He HAD to bring up the Patriots. They simply cannot get over that, even after all of their bluster, the off-season paper champions are still the Bitches of Foxboro.

  73. “The game would be more fun if any player leaves the field of play it would get tackled by the other team sideline. Or better yet they get fed to sharks”

    Maybe that’s why Rex Ryan was so avidly watching his wall take down Nolan Carroll, rather than watching the play on the field? It’s because he thought that if his staff caught the dolphin, he’d get to eat it?

  74. First, I like “Thigh-gate” for this incident (Rhymes with SpyGate–brilliant even though it was a knee. Kinda like Squish the Fish even though a Dolphin is not a fish). Great name. I was thinking “Despicable Knee” (you know like the movie “Despicable Me”) as the reference to this, but I digress.

    This guy Westhoff’s a dumbass. It’s NOT the “Great Wall of Alosi” that was the problem. The coaches were in the coaches box. No problem there. The problem, Mr Westhoff, is that your colleague stuck out his knee to trip a player.

    And, as long as the players are where they are supposed to be on the sidelines, there’s no problem there either. So, stop accusing the Patriots of doing what your co-conspirator did.


    The gunner is NOT allowed to go out of bounds on his own (it is a penalty), and if he is pushed out, he must get back on the field of play immediately. A penalty can be assessed on the gunner if the ref feels he doesn’t get back on the field quickly.

  75. “The gunner is NOT allowed to go out of bounds on his own (it is a penalty), and if he is pushed out, he must get back on the field of play immediately. A penalty can be assessed on the gunner if the ref feels he doesn’t get back on the field quickly.”

    If the above is true, why wasn’t the gunner called for a penalty? There was no Jet player near him on that punt until he fell down – then he was surrounded by two players.

  76. I haven’t been posting on here much, or even checking in as much recently because I’m pretty caught up in the holidays.
    I had to come check out the way the Jets story was being blown out of proportion on PFT, though. Posters here didn’t disappoint, that’s for sure.

    – Players and coaches line up on the sidelines all the time, in high school, college and pro ball…nothing wrong with that. Sidelines are sidelines. They are not in the field of play. So be it.

    – Alosi just lost his paychecks, and hopefully, eventually, his job, for a scumbag move…absolutely. Agree 150% with the decision. I won’t be surprised to never see him again after this season as part of the Jets. If he is, shame on them.

    – A player could have had his career ruined. C’mon now…listen to yourselves. He is a football player, in full gear, running out of bounds. Part of his position, yes. Running out of bounds…yes, it happens to gunners on kick offs. The mob mentality is taking over here. You are feeding off each other. If you feel that him going down for a knee is terrible, what about tripping and chop blocks on the field? They can cause a career to be ended, as well. The penalty is assessed, and the next play is started. Alosi is a jerk off, but stop saying a gunner could have had his career ended because he was brought down at full speed. Are you trying to say that would never happen on a football field?

    Stick to the facts: the Jets coach is being punished for what he did, the team doesn’t approve of it, and let it be for crying out loud.

    So, this is what happens when Brett Favre doesn’t make news for over a week? When Ben Rothliesberger is doing well? When Michael Vick isn’t making negative news? This is the new PFT Witch Hunt? Someone new for the board to mob against?

    Shut up about the Patriots filming…everyone did it, Unfortunately for them, they took the fall.
    Shut up about the Jets cheating. There is no rule saying they can’t line up along their own sidelines. The JETS did nothing wrong. Alosi did, and he is suffering the consequences for it. It is being handled.

    The posts here remind me of the mobs with the torches going after witches in the old monster movies. Mob mentality: everyone feeds off each other. Collectively you all sound like junior high school cheerleaders, just being catty and thinking of new ways to twist something.

    I guess this is the way it’s going to be until someone else in the league does something wrong, and you all have someone new to gang up on behind your anonymous screen names, huh?

    And I know the “mommy’s basement” comments are coming (please…seriously??). I am 10 years from retirement and have my own home that I own free and clear, as well as two Masters degrees and a pretty damn good job. So, think of something else to hurl at me.

    Happy Holidays everyone!! Thanks for listening.

    Resume the torch carrying and group chanting.

  77. As usual, the Patriots just must do it better. Apparently when they do it, they win 45-3, and when the Jets do it, they lose to the dolphins!

  78. This soap opera of the Jets imploding is VERY entertaining!!

    Perhaps Ryan actually wrote “Soon to be Chumps” on the ESPN bus and we just misread it?

    Amazing that this guy Westhoff can so clearly see another team doing against them twice a season but he fails to spot it among his own team… not that there’s anything illegal about it, he says, (but how dare you accuse me of doing it!)

    The guy’s pretty schizo on this

  79. @WTF_Seriously

    Good post. You’ve used the mob mentality concept to defend NYJ before, so consistent as well. There is a definite mob mentality to all fan(atic)dom though, so IIWII. It’s part of the fun, at least for me.

    You gotta understand though, these loyal Pats fans (maybe some were bandwagon in 01 02 03, but it’s been awhile, and you gotta start some time) have been hearing trash talk from Jets fans echoing the trash talk from the NYJ organization itself for years, much of which was centered around spygate. Years.

    It’s been four days. Let us gloat! We damn well put up with more. I myself think it’s over. The guy’s been suspended, and will likely be whacked in the dolrums of football, between the draft and camp. I hope he moves on and is successful, and never does anything so absurd again.

    The Pat’s are having the best season since 07, and it’s a surprise to most of us. I figured we’d sse 8-8 and this would be a rebuilder year, and they’d start playing for real next year. Seriously, google my screenname, it’s there. We’re just enjoying the hell out of this, and have earned the privilege. The Jet’s have just made it easier lately.

    Happy Holidays to you too and you all! Enjoy football, cause yet again it’s almost over!

  80. Love how “lots of teams do it” eventually focused on the Pats. Pats are good for clicks and site activity. Keep beating this horse, PFT. In the mean time, Pats will keep beating the Jets.

  81. Westoff claims the he discovered the Patriots had been using the same wall tactic after he reviewed tapes of their sidelines.

    Isn’t taping of the oppositions sideline illegal?
    Shouldn’t the Commissioner’s office demand these Jets tapes of the Patriots sideline be turned over to NFL security to make sure no forbidden areas were taped?
    Then shouldn’t the tapes end up at the FOX affiliate where his wife works?

    After all fair is fair. I’d hate to think Roger has no integrity and is protecting his former employers.

    For those who don’t know his former employers would be those same Jets

  82. status?? is goodell gonna sweep this under the rug like he does with all their other violations?

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