Bears may protest playing at TCF Bank Stadium

Our good friend Paul Allen of KFAN, who serves on the weekend as the play-by-play voice of the Vikings, has mentioned on his daily radio show that the Chicago Bears may be preparing to file a protest of some sort regarding the shifting of the Monday night game against the Bears from the Metrodome to TCF Bank Stadium, given that the field at the open-air venue will be frozen.  Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has heard the same thing.

Bears safety Chris Harris has complained about the situation on his Twitter page:  “Players have concerns of traction n the impact of falling on surface that could be as hard as asphalt.  What if ur head hits it.”

Coupled with the fact that it’s not clear TCF Bank Stadium can be cleared of snow and otherwise prepared for play by Monday, Atlanta could be the destination for the game.

Why Atlanta?  Because ESPN is televising Monday night’s Bears-Vikings game and the following Monday’s Saints-Falcons game, from the Georgia Dome.

That’s why the Giants-Vikings game moved to Ford Field; FOX was broadcasting the game and FOX had just done a game between the Packers and Lions at Ford Field.

It’s also why a decision needs to be made sooner rather than later.

We’re trying to find out precisely when the decision needs to be made, for ESPN’s purposes.

71 responses to “Bears may protest playing at TCF Bank Stadium

  1. Atlanta? Talk about a massive slap in the face to the fans & the Vikings. The Vikings have already been through enough the past couple weeks, and you’re going to move the game to the other side of the country to spare ESPN having to move their crap? That would be a horrible, horrible move on the NFL’s part.

    If it can’t be played here, it needs to be played somewhere where it’s reasonable for fans to get there without having to spend a grand to see it.

  2. The guy has a point except the only way you would hit your head on the ground is if the Vikings tackled you. Judging from the Giant’s game last week, there is almost no chance of that happening.

  3. Protests never amount to anything. If the NFL says the game is going to take place there then it will. A lot of money in equipment and labor has already been spent trying to get TCF stadium up and running again. The game is going to be played there and under protest or not the result of the game will count.

  4. Sew up the dome, put Paul Allen inside and let him loose.

    That gas bag will inflate the roof in minutes.

    This is not Detroit man . . .

  5. What’s wrong with playing the game at Lambeau Field? Packers play Sunday so it’ll be ready for a game and the field won’t be frozen.

  6. Seems a bit ridiculous to send Vikings fans to Atlanta… they’re getting screwed out of two home games. At least if they have to travel to Green Bay it’s only a 4-5 hr drive vs having to fly or drive across the country. Will be like a home game for the Vikings even if it’s all Packers fans due to the playoff situation. Packers need Vikings to beat the Bears.

  7. Monsters of the Midway, my ass…..make sure to drop your purses off before going on the field, girls.

  8. OMG, are you kidding me. what wine’ers!!! they want some chesse with that. Green bay plays in the same weather. Deal with it! stop crying

  9. Remember when the Bears were the tough guys? In a few more years it will seem like a myth… an old legend.

  10. Any Bearse player hitting his head on the frozen field = NO DAMAGE.

    Brain Scan, Negative, Nothing Found.

    Da Bearse Still Suck!

  11. The Bears??? A team that plays all their games at Soldier Field , except when they renovated the joint a few years ago and made everyone play at U Illinois. The Bears?????? Protest? I think not.. play the game at TCF, if you’re not “hearty” enough to play in the cold find a new line of work. I mean, I know people have changed but, c’mon!!! It’s a football game, man up!

  12. Wouldn’t playing at TCF be just like playing at the meadowlands? They have the same field turf and it gets cold as hell there also… The U of M is going to clear the snow off and then heat up the field on Sunday night so therefore it wont be frozen.. The Bears are just little bitches and don’t want to play in MN because this is a must win for them…

  13. Better make a decision soon. I passed the Monday Night Football truck at 0800 hours on Tuesday as it was headding north on I-35 in Oklahoma.

  14. Hey, might as well fly them out to SoCal since there’s a game in SD tonight. If you’re going to do it at least let them enjoy some decent weather (if you call 60 degrees and drizzle decent).

  15. Finally people are coming to their senses, this was a bad idea from the jump, not having the heating coils installed on the stadium field could prove to be more dangerous than the head on collisions.

  16. “debthebusybody says: Dec 16, 2010 11:40 AM

    Sew up the dome, put Paul Allen inside and let him loose.

    That gas bag will inflate the roof in minutes.

    This is not Detroit man . . .”


    I will finish it off.

    “It’s the Super Bowl…..”

  17. tramonisland says:
    Dec 16, 2010 11:37 AM

    they sure as heck don’t seem to protest playing against joe webb, patrick ramsey, or even tyler thigpen last month. luckiest team in football.


    Says the goof who roots for a team that couldn’t beat The Lions 3rd string QB. Take care of your own business before worrying about the Bears. Luck is the opportunity to play against stiffs, good football teams (9-4 Bears) take advantage, crap teams (Packers) don’t.

  18. They use to play at the Met, that field was nothing but frozen dirt and patches of grass. Back then they had helmets with a head band held in place by some webbing and the only padding was the under your ears. Are these pros today really this sissyfied?!

  19. The Bears are possibly filing a complaint about field conditions?

    The BEARS?????

    Didn’t we just read numerous complaints last week about the condition of the field at Soldiers Field? And the Bears – a team that plays in an outdoor stadium in the northern midwest, hard by the shore of Lake Michigan – complaining abou a frozen field????

    Dick Butkus, say it ain’t so …….Da Bears have turned into candy-a$$es?!!!

    Meanwhile, when you thought the Vikings season couldn’t get any worse, they turn into the Minnesota Vikings Traveling Home Field Show; now appearing in Detroit, Atlanta, and a venue near YOU!

  20. What a bunch of pansies, Soldier Field has not always been heated on the turf either, and the players for the NFL are really starting to show how soft they’re getting

  21. While the complaint (field conditions) may be valid, it’s simply not nice to take two home games from Vikings fans.

  22. It would be interesting if they did have it at Lambeau. Would Favres shoulder magically heal? Packer fans could have the chance to actually cheer for him one last time. Or would they? Would be interesting to see that’s for sure.

  23. Player safety first. It may be that the stadium is just not up to NFL standards where the fields are kept from actually freezing. I see some comments about “what’s wrong with the cold”. That’s not the issue.

    Sounds like they should move it if possible.

  24. “What if ur head hits it?”

    Twitter has been such a godsend, for players who never knew how to correctly spell things in the first place. Still not proof you’re smarter than a 5th grader, but at least you’re on their readin’ and writin’ level!

  25. Ja!

    The Bear’s players complain about the field conditions, but when the Eagles played at their stadium the field was soggy as hell making it impossible for Vick to run as usual.

    A lot a Eagles players saw this as a tactic to slow down Vick and the running game.

    Frozen field? This is justice! -thank you God-.

  26. funny how packer fans seem to make everything about them…

    and why atlanta? won’t fox be doing games a little closer to MN like St. Louis or something?

  27. we dont have to worry about things like this in n.o. we have qality places to play and qality super bowl trophy and qality qarter backs who dat we dat. done nfl you are owned.

  28. Says the goof who roots for a team that couldn’t beat The Lions 3rd string QB. Take care of your own business before worrying about the Bears. Luck is the opportunity to play against stiffs, good football teams (9-4 Bears) take advantage, crap teams (Packers) don’t.

    We found out just how “good” the Bears were last weekend.

    And how do you think the Bears would fare without Cutler? Based on the fact you barely beat the Lions with him, I would think the results would be similar to last Sunday’s game. Enjoy your one year at the top and being stuck with Lovie and Angelo for the next 3+ years.

    By the way, remind me how many backup and 3rd string QBs the Bears have played against this year?

  29. I think the Vikings would probably rather play indoors as well. With Old Man Winter starting or Joe Webb. I really don’t think either of them will enjoy getting laid out on hard frozen ground by Julius Peppers. So yeah, they may complain, but the Vikes prob agree.

  30. Good protest. Nobody wants to see the bears play in crappy gophers stadium. It holds a little over 50000 people. They might as well get rid of the vikings all together. I mean they cant even keep a piece of s### stadium together. This field will not even be playable. its going to be like a skating ring. Both teams will have problems but the Purple guys will especially will since they play in the blowup stadium. Advantage bears but i would still rather see them play in a real stadium.

  31. Can’t say I agree with your logic that Atlanta is even being considered.

    The reason why Ford Field was used is because Fox already had their equipment in place (it takes a day or two to do that). That is the only way the game is televised on a one-day turnaround.

    That logic fails for Atlanta, because the Saints-Falcons game would be seven days AFTER the supposed relocated game, which gives ESPN no more additional crucial setup and travel time BEFORE.

    Also, once the playoffs approach, the networks do not know exactly where they will be next week. They can adapt on a six-day week, if needed, maybe less if the travel distance is short.

    Seeing as the MNF equipment is headed north already, a southern diversion is pretty much out of the question.

    All of this is moot, because the Bears alleged/supposed/fantasized/headline-driven/speculated/nonexistant protest has no grounds. The game had to be moved to another facility, which does not need to be comparable (i.e., domed) with a week to prepare for it.

  32. Idiot Viking fans. Check out the same concerns for player safety first expressed by the Vikings themselves– in particular the concerns noted by Ben Leber and Visanthe Shiancoe about playing on a frozen surface. Clearly, the Vikings don’t want to play on what will be 100 yards of concrete anymore than the Bears do.

  33. HAHA just imagine ” Ladys and gentlemen celebrating 50 years, the Minnesota Gophers! wait i mean Brett Farve! umm, what are we excited about, oh yeah those guys with the purple jerseys with that horn thingy on the side!!! Eh em, did mention Brett Farve is here?

  34. OK… Picture this!!!

    Bears vs. Vikings @ lambeau Field. Favre comes out on the field in pregame in purple. The home crowd cheers for him and his Viking teamates as it they where the Green Bay Vikings. Knowing that should the Vikings pull the upset this weekend that it helps the Packers in the hunt for the Div. Because you all know that the Packers have no chance in hell this weekend.

  35. siantsarebest says:
    Dec 16, 2010 12:27 PM
    we dont have to worry about things like this in n.o. we have qality places to play and qality super bowl trophy and qality qarter backs who dat we dat. done nfl you are owned.


    arent you thankful that your team isnt as bad as your spelling or else you would be truely f’ed, cant say you own the nfl when you clearly got embarrassed by the browns in your own backyard n i do clearly remember your dome being damaged by natural causes from mother nature, moron on both accounts

  36. You people need to chill out. If the Bears are complaining about the conditions, they must be beyond awful.

  37. camprobot says:
    Dec 16, 2010 11:33 AM
    Bears complaining about field conditions is comical.


    Yup, Devin McCourty’s ribs can attest to that.

  38. Back in the day games were regularly played on frozen surfaces. Players just need to suck it up. It is one game. Plus the field will be softened somewhat with heating chemicals. Heck the condition at the end of the day might be better than Soldier field this time of year.

  39. These are not the Bears of lore. Martz’s system relies on speed and quick cuts…the Bears are a dangerous team on a good field. A sloppy field slows them down and takes away their advantage.

  40. Playing the game at Lambeau is a brilliant idea, but I’d like to think that the NFL muckety-mucks already considered whether the field at U of M would be worthy or play or not.

    aliowlsfalcons – perfect response to the dolt from N.O. Funny (scary?) the level of idiocy in some of these posts.

  41. ESPN pays the NFL $1.1 BILLION/year for broadcast rights – that gets them just a little “pull”, don’t you think?

    Atlanta is a safe, indoor, neutral site (just as Ford Field was last week) for the Vikes to “host” a game. Makes sense – now all the Vikings need to do is sign a QB to start… I hear Jeff George is ready to go:)

  42. 1. Calling the brand new TCF stadium crap is just retarded. It’s nicer than most current NFL stadiums.

    2. The “Who dat” term originated from the mating call of the Cajun Owl, meaning all Saints fans are actually just attempting to molest owls. Sick.

    Also, the Saints never beat the Vikings last year, the Vikings did. Hence forth, no superbowl earned, only given.

  43. haha what a mess in Minnesota. cmon nfl do something about this. Minnesota is crap anyway. cant we just move this game into a decent stadium with atleast 60000 seats and proper parking.

  44. 3-0 vs 3rd stringers is a lot better than 0-1.

    BTW – We won a game without Cutler this year for the record.

    Against f’ing Carolina……they’re the worst team in the league, you bozo.

    Oh and that’s another back-up QB the Bears beat this year too……enjoy your “one and done”

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