Concussion symptoms return for Heath Miller

On Tuesday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin declared that tight end Heath Miller had no symptoms, nine days after suffering a concussion against the Ravens.

On Thursday, the symptoms returned.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Miller suffered a setback on Thursday, and he missed practice.  His status for Sunday’s game against the Jets is in doubt.

Miller practiced on Wednesday for the first time since the December 5 game, but he thereafter developed a “mild headache.”

“He experienced a little headache,” offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said.  “Very cautious.  We’re not going to take any chances with him.”
It’s unclear whether Miller must again be cleared by an independent neurologist to practice and/or play.  Hopefully, the Steelers will seek such clearance, regardless of whether it’s required.

11 responses to “Concussion symptoms return for Heath Miller

  1. Wait, hes a Steeler, I thought they were tougher than everyone else???

    He’ll play. He might not even bother to wear a helmet

  2. Arians said the team isn’t taking any chances with him … just like they didn’t take any chances with Roethlisberger against the Ravens last year or Ward against the Saints, regardless of all speculation to the contrary.

    Take care of your health, Heath.

    And Goodell … great job minimizing concussions. Impressive. Kudos to McAuley. Your fines have made a huge impact on the officiating. You must be thrilled.

  3. Good for the steelers. After they played the “neck injury” game a few weeks ago I’m glad they’re taking a more cautious approach.

  4. Goodell could care less about the players. Ward is pretty open about that. Fines but never a penalty against anyone playing Pitt. It is the truth Ben is a QB, and they let him get hit in the head non stop.

    Sell pictures of dirty hits to make money…

    Goodell must go.

  5. If Heath has to sit, than Heath has to sit and take care of himself rather than risking further injury

    THIS was going to be the mismatch for the Steelers I hoped to get the ball down the middle of the field. The Jets Safety spot is banged up with injuries as well, and Heath could have been the go to guy with Revis & Cromartie trying to isolate Hines & Wallace.

    This game offensively now rests on Mendenhall, Spaeth, & 2 Rookie WR’s – who line up in slot. Look for production from them OR we will be in another 17 to 14 slugfest …or worse 13 to 9 game.

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