Finnegan plans apology to Andre Johnson, not retaliation

Titans coach Jeff Fisher was asked earlier in the week if he had to tell cornerback Cortland Finnegan not to get into an altercation Sunday when the team faces off against Andre Johnson and the Texans.

“I don’t think he got drawn into anything the last time around,” Fisher said via the Tennessean.   “So maybe someone needs to talk to Andre Johnson about that.”

Finnegan sounds less combative than his coach.  While the cornerback joked that people could get their proverbial popcorn ready for the rematch, he said he planned to smooth things over before the game.

“Regardless if I’m right or wrong,” Finnegan said, “I am going to apologize to get this off my heart. . . . [A fight] is  not going to happen.  I am more concerned about us winning a football game than anything right now. We haven’t done that in awhile, and that is one thing we need to get back to doing.  Retaliation is for the birds.”

Johnson made similar remarks, saying he regretted the whole situation and would stay in control this time.  Even without any fight, Finnegan and Johnson’s in-game battle is always worth the price of admission despite their team’s records.

Finnegan is enjoying an underrated season after a slow start, while Johnson leads the league in yards-per-game despite playing through an injured ankle all year.