Niners score three, then seven, then nothing


With the Chargers leading the 49ers by seven in their Thursday night date at Qualcomm (thanks to a 58-yard touchdown catch by Vincent Jackson), San Fran put together a solid drive.

On the second snap of the second quarter, the effort sputtered at the San Diego 20.  Former Steelers kicker Jeff Reed nailed a 38-yard field goal, and the NFL Network broadcast went to commercial.

After the break, Bob Papa explained that Antonio Garay of the Chargers illegally had hopped onto the backs of a couple of Niners in a failed effort to block the kick.  The Niners took the penalty, took the points off the board, and started again with a first and goal from the 10.

On third down, quarterback Alex Smith took off toward the left side of the field.  He appeared to sneak the ball inside the pylon while going out of bounds.  Replays suggested otherwise, so Chargers coach Norv Turner challenged the outcome, NFLN’s Matt Millen huffed and puffed that the call should be upheld, and the call was reversed.

On the next play, the Niners opted to go for the score from fourth and goal on the six-inch line.  The Chargers stuffed Anthony Dixon, and the Niners emerged with no points.

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  1. Seriously. Y’all were talking about some off-season stuff when I pointed out the Jets TRIP and then much later y’all posted something. Do you have a “command center” where you watch the games and can beat others to the punch or not???? Getting ejected for pushing an official is news/rumor isn’t it????

  2. That’s the problem with some coaches today, they want the TD vs getting the almost sure 3 points. That decision may very well come back to decide the final score of this game …………

  3. Is it me, or are the Chargers and Colts getting ready to, or in the process of, making that late season run to get into the playoffs.

    It is hard to bet against Manning and Rivers. Seriously, if it were NYJ, Balt., Indy, SD, Pitt and NE would it surprise anyone?

    Nothing against Jacksonville or KC, but I’ve got a feeling that they aren’t going to be in the playoff mix when it all ends.

  4. At first, I was pissed at Garay for getting the penalty on the field goal, but once we stopped them on 4th down, I was ready to send Garay a gift basket of selected wines and cheeses.

    Also, shame on Singletary for trying to get his Madden on in the middle of an important game, especially against the #1 defense in the league. Got what he deserved.

    I can see the lure for going for it, but you have to control your emotions in those situations and go for the field goal.

  5. Watching the 49ers is almost as painful as watching the Bronco’s.

    Inept, clueless offense and coaching. Just bad bad bad football.

  6. It was a touchtown. His knee hit the ground before the ball was over the line, but he was not touched by a SD defender until the ball hit the pylon. Should have stayed a TD

  7. piemasteruk says:Dec 17, 2010 2:35 AM Anybody who thinks the 9ers made the wrong decision here are horrible results-based thinkers.
    The only way you go for it on 4th down like that (against the league’s best defense) is if you have a couple Madden cards to enhance your overall rating, a broadband connection and a fully charged PS3 controller.

    Doing it in a real game, with real playoff implications, smells of desperation and basically admits that in order to be your opponent, you have to score touchdowns on every single drive.

    You’re an idiot.

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