Tarvaris Jackson heads to IR

For Brett Favre, his streak of consecutive regular-season starts ended at 297.  For Tarvaris Jackson, the streak will end at one.

Per a league source, Jackson will be placed on injured reserve due to a toe injury suffered on Monday night against the Giants at Ford Field.  The move presumably clears a spot for Patrick Ramsey, the veteran quarterback who likely will start for the Vikings against the Bears, only days after joining the team.

It had been believed that Favre would be placed on IR instead.  Until he is, a chance remains that we’ll see him on the field one more time.

Unless he plays again next year.

38 responses to “Tarvaris Jackson heads to IR

  1. Just release him already. This season can’t end fast enough for the Vikings. What a horror story they have become. Any more wins this season will just prolong the turnaround.

  2. TJ7,
    Thanks for working hard for 5 years. I know you are a great guy but it just hasn’t worked out as our QB. I don’t think you will be re-signed by the Vikes so good luck in the future.

  3. TJoke should’ve been placed on IR several years ago for “cranium deficiency”…….he is a free agent after this year and I would be surprised if any team would sign him.

  4. I had been looking forward to seeing him play. I was hoping he’d improved, but after seeing that one game, I hope I only see him play as a member of the Packtards from now on. Go Joe Webb!!!

  5. It’s officially starting over time in Minnesota.

    Not all the blame can be placed on Favre. Childress couldn’t lead that team and injuries really slammed the Vikings hard. Now their home stadium is trashed! It was a small window and almost everything had to go right.

    Despite it all, they are still higher than Houston, Tennesee, SF, Cincy and Dallas. All teams that were supposed to be playoff/Super Bowl contenders. Still some room for purple pride.

  6. @importantpftcomment:
    really? he SHOULD be going to IR. his streak is over, the guy who INSISTED on getting/BEGGED him to play for the team doesn’t work there anymore, the team’s out of the playoffs, and he has no business being the backup to anybody they trot out there to play QB (they arent qualified). if they dont put him on IR, they’re idiots. unfortunately, TJ is now on IR, so they might as well see what they have in this Webb kid. not to mention the possibility to open up a roster spot for some other player they want to take a look at.
    i do question your football knowledge if you dont think he should be on IR at this point.

  7. Only in the vast wasteland of Brad Childress’s head is T Jack Off considered a potential NFL QB. Not only that, the Vikings traded UP to draft him. Ok, its not as bad as trading your 3rd round pick for 4 weeks of service but it still falls into the stupid category.

    He has been a joke since the day he arrived and not only will he never start another NFL game, he isn’t likely to make a NFL roster next year. Unless, the Vikings do the unthinkable and resign him. Any team that pays Berrian $44 million to drop passes is capable of anything.

  8. So T-Jack didn’t end up being the franchise QB we Viking fans had hoped for, at least he has the best biceps of an QB in the NFL! My Mother always told me to find something good in everyone.

  9. I would love to see Favre play the last game of the year against the Lions. The Vikings should be able to beat them even if the Pack could not. I’d like to see Brett ride into the sunset with a win and no INTs. I have my fingers crossed!

  10. What a hilarious mess The Favre has wrought on Minnesota.

    This is so much freakin’ fun to watch.

    This franchise is in complete free-fall.

    They’re headed for cellar-dwellar status for at least next 3-4 years.


  11. @steelerdynasty2010

    Let me explain the IR for you. IR is for a player that a team thinks will be playing the following year, possibly for the team that puts him there. The IR opens up a roster slot for another player. Further, the IR stops a player from participating in any practices, etc.

    Whether you like Favre or not, no one can deny his extensive football knowledge which virtually prohibits a team like the Vikings from putting him there. To take it a step further, if Favre was done for the year, and he could no longer contribute to the Vikings, they would outright release him.

  12. Another “Legacy” to Chillys’ Coaching brilliance. Travarius was his Quarterback of the future. It looks like their futures will have similar fates.

  13. dukemarc says: Dec 16, 2010 11:49 AM

    Anyone else starting to notice that T-Jack is really soft? Turf Toe ends your season? For a QB?
    Exactly, does anybody, even the haters, think Favre would have gone to IR with turf toe?

    Come on now.

  14. Joe Webb should start without question. I don’t want to see Ramsey! I want to see the future of this team start! T-Jack should end up on waivers next. He should be done here.

  15. THANK YOU, LORD! T-Joke’s Viking career ending a few games early is a Christmas gift of sorts. Watching him attempt to play is painful.

    Joe Webb, he da man! = )

  16. Favre’s streak is for the ages.

    Tarv’s streak can be removed with regular washing by just adding bleach and stain remover.

  17. .
    even though this was not caused by the Giants hitting him it happened against the Giants….

    Another quarter back falls to the giants.

  18. 4saccroc, do you have any football knowledge at all? To blame Favre for Minnesota’s current problems is one of the dumbest things I’ve read on here! Favre took them to the championship game just 8 mos. ago despite a terrible coach and o line. This year the o line got worse, his receivers disappeared, as did the d line, and then the coach got canned. This is all Favre’s fault? Moron.

  19. zoxitic, love it. Jackson just illustrated how bad the Vike’s truly are.

    I would be very surprised if we didn’t see Favre start the last game of the year and play is ass off. He’s not going out on an injury and int.

  20. Turf Toe? Oh please !! Can you imagine Big Ben missing a game because of turf toe? He won the last game with his ankle turned sideways.

  21. 5-8 is a bad record. But given the Vikings injuries and strength of schedule this season and some of the close games early, it isn’t that insanely crazy, especially in this league of parody. People just make everything about this team so damn dramatic.

    Articles like “their organization is falling apart” just make me laugh. As if no other team has ever lost their starting QB and/or lost 11 games which is the worst they can do now. Hell if the Vikes win another game their final record will be 6-10. Yeah that is a bad record but c’mon there are regularly teams in this league that lose 13 or more games.

    It is bad for the Vikings because they are so consistently decent through history. But it isn’t that bad of a season for a lot of teams out there. And there will always be a next year.

  22. This is great! I’m a Vikes fan and for the past 4 years or so, everytime I play Madden and start a new franchise the first thing I do is fire Chilly and the next thing I do is cut Jackson…..My dreams are all coming true!!!!

  23. In the comments regarding the end of Brett Favre’s streak of consecutive games played, someone (sorry, wish I knew so as tom properly acknowledge the brilliance of the comment) said something like: “end of Favre’s streak, beginning of Tavaris Jacksons’ of one”. This was before the game was played and before Jackson got hurt. I thought it was funny then, it is just eerily prescient now!

    Brilliant, whoever you are!

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