Tashard Choice defends competitiveness after autograph request

Three days after Cowboys running back Tashard Choice’s autograph request of Michael Vick became a surprisingly big issue in Dallas, the third-year running back defended himself.

“Am I more competitive if I would have tried to fight him after the game?” Choice said via Tim McMahon of ESPNDallas.com. “What would you say then? If we would have won the game? Sixty minutes is from the beginning to the end. That’s all you play in a football game. When a game’s over, it’s over.”

Choice is known as a hard worker and a competitor.  His coach Jason Garrett defended him for those reasons before Choice had the chance to stick up for himself.

“There’s no fan, there’s no coach, there’s no person in media who cares more about a game, winning or losing, that I’m playing in,” Choice said.   “I play — you see what I’m saying? — and I give everything I’ve got for 60 minutes. That’s it. If you’ve got something to say, cool. Be in the NFL. Play. That’s cool. You’ve got your opinion, and I’ve got mine.”

My opinion is that we’ve probably spent too much time on this issue.

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  1. y are the cowgirl fans so mad bout this? u realize their all people after the game.Including half these guys hang out outside of football. U all needa RELX

  2. I think this flap is pretty silly. Same with all of the flap about Derek Anderson smiling/laughing during a loss.

    I don’t know why people use crap like this to judge someone’s competitiveness or toughness instead of just deciding by the way the person plays instead.

  3. “When a game’s over, it’s over.”

    He’s right. And most of the time the only ones who don’t really think that way are the fans. After some games, players are laughing and shaking hands and actually being friendly with the opposing team–while we’re staring at our televisions going “what are you doing–you just lost.”

    He should sell that autographed glove on EBay and make a ton of money 🙂

    We all know Brett Favre would…next to his $499 footballs.

  4. A couple years ago, PFT posted a pre-game inspiration locker room speech – Tashard Choice talking to his teammates. It was awesome and inspiring! I became a fan. This guy is fully invested in his team, his teammates, and winning. Anyone making an issue of this stupid non-issue needs to get a life!

  5. I’ve really enjoyed the Cowboys season. Total collapse on the field, Romo KOed by Micheal Boley, Wade Phillips fired… Now this.

    Do I really deserve to be this happy as a football fan?

  6. Much ado about nothing. Too many people make such a big deal about crap like this. Win or lose, I try to stay on an even keel because too many people that I know carry this to work on Monday and it affects their work for most of the day.

  7. yea, i agree … Definitely TOO much time on this issue. He wanted an autograph … so what !!! He’s entitled to be a fan as well as a player … I don’t believe for a second that his competitivness should be questioned. What better place is there to get autographs from stars new and old … M. Vick is the prodigy child this year, I can’t blame him at all !!!

  8. I am an Eagles fan. I remember a game against the cowboys when Aikman, Emmit and Irvin were still playing. They beat us and all game long the Eagles were going out of their way to help cowboys up off the ground. It was a big deal in Philly and fans were pissed. It might not have affected their effort during the actual game, but it gave the fans a perception that the Eagles respected them too much and weren’t even “mad” they were losing. The same applies to Choice. Fans may get the perception that he was just happy to get to meet Mike and not so sad about losing. It reminds me also of Derrick Anderson laughing on the sidelines during a bad loss. Fans want players to care about what happens during the game, not just give effort during the game. Choice should have been in too fowl a mood to get an autograph at that time.

  9. Nice role model for your nephew. Maybe the QB autograph he should be seeking is Brady, McNabb, or Manning. You know, guys who are not convicted felons.

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