Vikings announce ticket plan for Monday night

Well, it looks like Monday night’s game really will go off at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Monday night.  (Barring an “insurmountable issue.”)

The Vikings have announced their ticket policy and further logistics for the game, the full details can be seen right here.  There are two major points that stick out:

1. The seating will be general admission, first come first served.   (Lower bowl seats only get to go in the lower bowl though.)  Since they are far fewer seats at the University of Minnesota, a ticket does not guarantee a seat.

2. Alcohol will not be sold at the game.  Considering the information above, that’s probably a good idea.

25 responses to “Vikings announce ticket plan for Monday night

  1. no beer at a outdoor football game in MN in december sounds like a terrible idea…but still better then the garbage dome.

  2. The wafting odors of barbequed meats from the tailgaters in the parking lot soon replaced by the smells of hops in the microbreweries and cornmash boiling in the home built stills.

  3. Time to break out the leather flasks. Should be able to smuggle at least a few fifths of whiskey in under all the clothes you’ll need to sit through this one

  4. This should be a lightly-attended game now that the word’s out that they won’t be serving alcohol. I can’t imagine even the most diehard Queens “fan” being able to watch this team without knocking back a few.

  5. This is going to be a deadly disaster that will be remembered for decades. I predict a death toll of at least 20, half from the temps and half from stampede deaths due to general admission.

  6. Flipping general admission? This is going to be about as popular as Brad Childress. I’m a season ticket holder, and couldn’t be more thrilled to drive through rush hour to the U of M, wait in line for two hours, and then rush through the concourse like a herd of cattle and fight with a bunch of drunk fans for a decent seat to see our 3rd string QB. I doubt even cheesers would do that crap. Then again, since beer isn’t served on campus, we know that cheesers wouldn’t show anyhow.

  7. “Alcohol will not be sold at the game.”

    I wonder how many flasks of vodka will get into that stadium?

    Is that a flask in your pocket, or are you just happy to be a Vikings fan………

    There will be more drunk fans at this game than a normal NFL game.

  8. General admission seating is always a bad idea. Wonder how many people will be injured during this disaster in the making.

  9. The mad rush through the door while trampling on other people’s backs is only fitting with Christmas right around the corner.

    Could that have screwed this up any worse?

  10. Nice, just scored tickets to the game. If I read this article right the game is BYOB though. That sucks. Parking is going to be a beoch too. Big time. And we are starting a 3rd string rookie QB. Bawooooh!

  11. I doubt there will be any flasks smuggled in as there will be metal detectors and pat downs so the mad dash for a seat will be slower than a 70’s general admission too.

  12. The Vikings really didn’t want to play outdoors this week.

    As an alternative, they challenged the Bears to settle this thing with a game of Battle Ship to be help in the U of M library … but Lovey declined.

    Why not just cut off what’s left of the Metro-tent roof and play it right there?

    Enjoy the fuzzy, frozen concrete turf, boyz.

  13. Why don’t they just cut the torn garbage bag off the roof of the MetroDump and make that an open-air stadium?

  14. $6 Beer!?

    Who is dumb enough to pay for enough of those to get drunk anyway. Tailgaiting and a flask is the only logical way no matter what game is being played.

    3 Beers=$18 (case of beer/bottle of brandy)
    4 Beers=$24 (sky is the limit)

  15. I think I am gonna try to score me some tickets!
    Somebody isn’t going to want go to this game after they hear this!


  16. Everyone makes it sound like this is a disaster waiting to happen. Wonder how many “deaths” there were in Detroit last week when that was general admission.

    Some are saying it will be too cold to sit and watch a game. Guess fans in Buffalo, NY, and Green Bay wouldn’t see their teams either would they since it is so cold out.

    Damn people, if you seriously feel the need to comment, how bout having something constructive to say instead of just flapping your gums!

  17. Metal detectors, hilarious. Yeah, please arrive at the stadium 16 hours early and be ready to remove your shoes. There will be plenty of flasks at the game. Pat downs aren’t that effective at locating flasks when you’re dressed for below zero weather.

    And the previous poster is right about the potential for a stampede. If uninterested Detroiters behaved themselves with free tickets and booze on sale I’m sure everything will be fine in Minnesota.

  18. These fans are not going to be knocking over the turnstyles trying to watch a meaningless outdoor game, especially without alcohol. Are you kidding? You´ll have to turn the volume all the way up (on your TV…assuming it´s not blacked out,) to even know somebody is in the stands…without the customary speakers blaring pumped-in crowd noise.

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