Bucs blacked out for seventh straight home game

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Tampa fans are missing an exciting young Bucs team.

For the seventh time in as many games this season, the Bucs will be blacked out in their home market for their game against the Lions.  As Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times points out, coach Raheem Morris said this week the team is “becoming impossible to ignore.”

Unfortunately that’s not true in their own city.   This is where the Bucs’ recent string of arrests can’t be helping the bottom line.

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  1. If the Bucs are going to continue playing in front of a half empty stadium, can they at least go back to the orange uniforms full-time? It will bring back memories of the Sam Wyche era of Bucs football.

  2. That’s a joke.

    Where is the scorn that was heaped on Jacksonville — a much smaller city with an equally as bad an economy — when they had similar struggles last year?

  3. PFT in 2009. “The Jaguars have a winning record at 7-5 and they are having blackouts. Time to move them to LA. Jag fans are horrible, blah, blah, blah”.

    Raiders have been blackout every game except 1 this season, but it’s b/c “the Raiders have horrible management”. Not to mention they have had 80+ blackouts since moving back in Oakland since 1995.

    Bucs have been blacked out all season and now it’s b/c “Bucs’ recent string of arrests” and “Tampa has %12 unemployment”

    Lions have problem with tickets but “economy in Detroit in the reason”. Like it’s great everywhere else.

    San Deigo has blackouts, but “there’s too amy other things to do in San Deigo”.

    Buffalo has blackouts, but “the team isn’t competitive”

    Seems like every other team have an reason or excuse this season except for 2009 Jaguar fans, so save it. Sounds to me that 2009 was a witch hunt against Jacksonville. That’s cool though, everyone can eat crow. Jaguars aren’t going anywhere. It’s all good baby.

  4. There is no such thing as a blackout. The Benglas will not be locally televised, but I’ll be watching it at my house, in Cincinnati, Oh on the big screen TV. Go Bangals! LOL

  5. Unfortunately this is par for the course with fans in the Tampa market. The Rays have one of the best young baseball teams in MLB and nobody comes out to watch them either. As for string of arrests? C’mon Rosenthal, 3 arrests this season and the Mike Williams arrest was bogus and a farce.

  6. Exactly nationalmediacansuckit, Jax should not have had the team in the first place. If it wasn’t for Taligbue personal bias against B-More “…maybe they should take the stadium money and build a museam” they wouldn’t even have the team. And what has B-More done, continuous sellouts for 15 straight years.

  7. nationalmediacansuckit says:

    FYI, The Lions have sold out 6 of 7 home games this year.

    I think all 4 major sports leagues should just realize that Tampa is a terrible sports city and they don’t deserve any teams. They get about 1000 people to a Rays game for a team that had a chance to win it all and can’t sell out a single NFL game?

  8. I have several friends in the Tampa and Orlando area that are Bucs and Rays fans. They are truly emberassed about these african american outs. They aren’t season ticket holders so they can’t say much, but people should be able to watch their hometown team on TV for god sake

  9. This team is fighting for a division championship and the fans dont show up? send this team to LA…the fans dont deserve them….where else can a team be fighting for 1st place late in the season and the place is empty? Move this team now

  10. No “moolah”, if you are a true fan you will be AT the game.

    And Baltimore folks, your petty anger at Tagliabue and/or Jacksonville got old in 1994.

    At this point it’s just ridiculous, but consider the source I guess…

  11. @bigdaddyraven

    You Raven fans are so pathetic. Why don’t you focus on your team and not lose this one like you did in 1984. As far as 15 straight sellouts. I’ve been to Baltimore several times. What a piece of s*#t that town is. The Raven are the only thing you have to be proud of. You’re laughable.

  12. I love the Bucs ! I want to watch them play and support the team . I also want to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads. Let’s get real. It is all about the cost of the seats!! Tampa bay has a lot of free or cheap family activities that compete with all the professional sports here every year. In good times it was much easier to make the choice. Today there really is no choice for most of us in this area. So, if the Bucs want a full house , make the price of the seats more affordable! Simple ? Simple!

  13. Why does everyone talk about Tampa like its a terrible sports town? The Bucs havnt had a problem with attendance in this decade until recently, and Im positive the attendance will be just fine in the near future. Not even Canadians could get more people in hockey arenas then we could for multiple years and we are still middle of the pack in that sport. Anyone who lives in rural Tampa (Brandon, Riverview, North Tampa, ect.) where most people actually live, know how hard it is to get to a 7 pm game at the Trop when you dont get out of work till 5 or 5:30. You still have to go home, get changed, and get the family, then fight rush hour traffic accross packed bridges (yes I do believe stadium location is a big problem for the Rays). So please lay off of our City and worry about your own.

  14. Here’s the solution. It’s Christmas this week. how about you Buc fans go and get your significant other or family member or friend tickets to the Next Bucs game. if you need some other justification for buying tickets you can also get good ole dad, an early birthday Present.

    12% of 3 Million people still leaves enough people to fill Ray Jay, 50 times over. no excuses. Everyone is hurting for money. yes some more than others. but The Tampa Bay area is a very large area with a huge population. There should be no problem to fill a stadium with 60k+ for 8 measly games.

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