DeSean Jackson “could care less” about celebration criticism

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson made one of the plays of the year when he turned a short pass into a 91-yard touchdown Sunday against the Cowboys, but people have been talking less about that touchdown this week than about the way Jackson celebrated, turning around and falling backward into the end zone.

Jackson knows people are criticizing him this week. And he doesn’t care.

“Everybody’s not going to like it,” Jackson said. “I could care less about who likes it and who doesn’t.”

I think Jackson means he couldn’t care less, but in any event, Jackson says he believes the fans like the way he celebrates his touchdowns.

“I do it because it’s entertainment,” Jackson said. “That’s the type of business we’re in, entertainment. The fans like it. Everybody else, like I say, you wanna talk bad about it, that’s your opinion, I could care less. That’s his own opinion. He’s his own man. I’m my own man. I coulda just wished I didn’t get penalized for it, to hurt my team, but as far as me doing my celebrations, doing my entertainment, that’s going to be me and I’ll still do that.”

Personally, my favorite way to celebrate a touchdown is the way Barry Sanders did it, handing the ball to the official and jogging to the sideline. Then again, there’s plenty of room in the NFL for those who emulate Barry Sanders and those who emulate Billy “White Shoes” Johnson. Jackson says he’ll keep celebrating his scores.

“I’m just going to be myself,” Jackson said. “I’m not going to change for no one.”

80 responses to “DeSean Jackson “could care less” about celebration criticism

  1. “I do it because it’s entertainment,”
    BS! He does it to get attention and taunt the other team. It has nothing to do with anyone’s entertainment other than his own.

  2. i hate the eagles with a passion, and that should not have been a penalty. He did not cross the goal line yet so he’s allowed to fall to the ground.

  3. To be fair about half the people who use the phrase get ‘could care less’ and ‘couldn’t care less’ confused. It’s hard to get on DeSean for that one…

    Until he actually costs his team a win because of his antics no one’s going to stop him. His upside far outweighs whatever penalites he gets costs the Eagles.

    DeSean might have been well served to reconsider this attitude, considering his attitude was one of the factors that caused him to slip out of the first round of the draft.

    For someone so concerned about getting paid you’d think he would have a little more sense.

  4. I am a Cal fan and would tend to agree with him, if he were not such a modern day athlete dousche bag.

  5. I could care less if he celebrates. But I do think it’s pretty dumb to cry about a contract, but at the same time have no problems throwing money away in fines to celebrate.

  6. If people don’t like it, then stop him from getting in the endzone. But that won’t happen, because complete and total frauds like Terrance Newman can’t cover him. End of story.

  7. He’s an egomaniac who will never be as talented or classy as Barry. He’s not trying to entertain, it’s just his way of chest-thumping.
    I never got the TD celebration anyways, it’s your job to get them. If you don’t, shame on you; if you do, all you did was what you were expected to do and what you get paid alot to do.

  8. What would truly be entertaining would be for someone to run through one of Jackson’s fair catch signals and blow him up then pull out a blank check with Roger Goodell’s name as the recipient and “Jack(son)-Ass Deterent Fund” as the account holder! I’d contribute if they were taking donations as would plenty of other players in the NFL I’m sure. The difference between this jackass and someone like Ochocinco is that Chad was actually celebrating and entertaining with things like his river dance and putt in the end zone, he wasn’t taunting and show-boating to show up his fellow players. Jackson has never gotten it, still doesn’t get it and never will get it.

  9. Hey MDS, what’s worse, Jackson’s celebration after a 90-whatever yard catch and run or the assinine practice of Dls and LBs dancing around/posturing after making a coverage sack or DBs doing the same after tackling a receiver who just made a first down on them?

  10. the guy outran the entire dallas secondary the entire length of the field on a bad ankle. he has every right to put an exclamation point.

    like one of their DBs said if they don’t want him to celebrate they have to stop him from scoring.

  11. No Fun League.

    I like the celebrations… I also like the Barry Sanders style. It ALL has its place in the No Fun League.

    My stance is, as long as there are no props ( ie TO, Chad Johnson, Joe Horn ) let them celebrate.

    If a defensive player has a problem with and thinks he’s being shown up? Deal with it… do YOUR job and stop them from scoring…

    Now, the one celebration I do despise are all those players celebrating like they’ve scored, and they’ve only gotten a 1st down, or made a tackle their supposed to make.. etc. those players and celebrations look like total asses… especially when is happening in the 1st quarter.

  12. I cant wit till the Giants end this little bitches season on Sunday..He is the biggest deush bag in the NFL and at 165 lbs should be a little smarter about the way he behaves..When you constantly do things like that to show up NFL Defenses, you motivate guys to put hits on you like the one’s Atlanta’s DB and Washington’s LB have put on him in the last 2 seasons that led to concussions..If the Giants dont put his lights out this week, I’m pretty sure the Dallas DB’s will be looking for him in a few weeks..Did anybody else see the way he was acting while Andrea Kraemer was interviewing Captain K9 after the game Sunday night? If he wasn’t playing in The NFL, I’m pretty sure MEsean would be flipping burgers some where..Dude is a total mental midget..

  13. He shouldn’t have gotten a penalty for that. But at the same time, he needs to be careful about his antics so he doesn’t drop a ball at the one yard line again. He needs to grow up, still.

  14. Actually “I could care less” is a perfectly acceptable variant of the original British “I couldnt care less”. A quick Google of the phrase would teach some of you dummies a thing or two, including the author of this dumb story.

  15. I savor the hatred non-fans have for this kid like the last of the summer wine. Each comment trying to paint this kid as anything other than a talented young receiver with a lot of swagger is like music to my ears. DeSean Jackson hasn’t complained publicly about his contract. DeSean Jackson hasn’t held a press conference in his driveway. DeSean Jackson hasn’t blown his leg off in a nightclub after coming in strapped and in knowing violation of gun laws. DeSean Jackson hasn’t struck and killed a pedestrian while driving intoxicated. DeSean Jackson hasn’t been popped carrying drugs, been involved in late night altercations with his “crew”, become a locker room cancer, or been disrespectful to his coaches, teammates, or fans. All DeSean Jackson has done is make fans of opposing teams hate him, members of opposing secondaries fear him, and keep opposing Defensive Coordinators up all night drinking Maaloxtinis. How does he accomplish this? By continuing to embarass the hell out of all of the aforementioned parties.

    And you hate it. And I love that you hate it.

    Keep on hating. In the meantime, #10 will keep on winning, leaving guys like LaRon Landry and Terrence Newman wondering if it isn’t maybe time to hang up the cleats.


  16. All the haters are the same lather jobs that do a victory dance around the basement of moms house when they win a game of Madden football!!!

  17. Hey DeSean, celebrate when the Eagles pay you. Oh wait they won’t give you a huge payday, because they have to open up their wallets. They never do that. Also they’ll lowball you due to history of concussions.
    If you don’t believe me look at Westbrook, Dawkins, McNabb, and countless other Eagles who still hd some decent years of football, yet got tossed to the curb once the Eagles got done with them. You’ll be the same.

  18. I couldn’t care less if he wants to taunt, but because he does he should stop acting like a little girl and diving to the ground when those he taunts are about to flatten him. He is the poster boy for cowards.

  19. Echo the statement that if you don tlike him celebrating: DONT LET HIM SCORE.

    And I laugh at all the negative comments here, the same people that probably call it the no fun league. The real problem you people have is that hes not on your team, so you talk smack. LOL.

    90% of you would take him on your team in a second, and 10% would lie and say you wouldnt.

    Dion Sanders was a showboat and I hated every minute of it, but i’d take him on my team in a heartbeat because he was the best cover corner ever to play.

    Hes a showboat, so what. Hes never in legal trouble, never causes problems in the locker room, and hasnt been a distraction to the team.

    Bottom line is you hate him because you aint him and because he aint on your favorite team.

    Bottom line either stop him or shut up. And like someone else said the celebration wasnt against the rules. You are allowed to fall or dive into the endzone before the TD. Going to the ground after is illegal.

    You wanna flag him for taunting, Ill give that one to you. He did that. (whine cryboys whine) But excessive celebration was wrong. He didnt score at that point.

  20. yeah, themage78, none of those guys made ANY money. Brian Dawkins was grossly overpaid by the Broncos and everyone with half a brain knows it. The Eagles offered him a very good deal but they’d have been crazy to match the Broncos considering his age. He had a single decent year left in him, and it’s pretty clear that his Pro Bowl invitation last year was mostly on rep. Do you think teams should just keep paying guys who are no longer performing vast sums of money just to be nice? Grow up. If you start getting steadily worse at your job, don’t expect your boss to give you a raise. This is reality, son.

  21. i was THOROUGHLY entertained by that Nestea Plunge.

    it all goes back to that Belichicknian (pronounced BEL-eh-CHECH-nee-en, like the rebels) principle: if you don’t like it, stop him

  22. Having a cretin like Mike, Dave, Smith correct anyone’s grammar, syntax or spelling is laughable.


  23. yashraba says:
    Dec 17, 2010 11:14 AM
    i hate the eagles with a passion, and that should not have been a penalty. He did not cross the goal line yet so he’s allowed to fall to the ground.

    No, it still should have been a penalty, just for taunting instead of excessive celebration.

    And everyone says “he hadn’t scored yet” as if that small technicality overlooks the fact that he really was celebrating. You can’t compare what he did to someone diving for the end zone. He was just celebrating a nanosecond before crossing the goal line, which he’s done before and it’s bitten him a couple of times. The guy’s talented but he’s a punk sometimes too. And I could NOT care less if he “could care less.”

  24. Barry Sanders was an ass. He held-out 3 different times, the final time, retiring, after milking the Lions for more money only 1 year prior. Jackson, who is grossly underpaid, did not hold out, is having a pretty good year. The Eagles will pay him, they just wanted to see how he would act and how he responded to the concussions. As for McNabb, Dawkins, & Westbrook, they were all paid well. The Eagles added money to McNabb and restructured Westbrook. They also know when their players are done – which McNabb clearly is and Dawkins is very close. Westbrook is a backup. None of them have had a winning season since they left, while the Eagles will make the playoffs both years.

  25. themage78 says:
    Dec 17, 2010 11:37 AM
    Hey DeSean, celebrate when the Eagles pay you. Oh wait they won’t give you a huge payday, because they have to open up their wallets. They never do that. Also they’ll lowball you due to history of concussions.
    If you don’t believe me look at Westbrook, Dawkins, McNabb, and countless other Eagles who still hd some decent years of football, yet got tossed to the curb once the Eagles got done with them. You’ll be the same.


    LOL and we have this guy. Ahahaha, you say the Eagles didnt pay THEM? Thats right they didnt pay THEM.

    They have paid MANY players in FA since Laurie has taken over. MANY. Their payroll is right at the cap EVERY YEAR.

    So get your facts straight.

    Oh and btw, how’d that work out for those players you listed when they got “PAID”? How has their production been? Yeah thats right, hardly nothing. So it looks like the FO got those right.



    I doubt Allen will ever surpass Dawkins but the verdict wont be back for another decade or so. Nevertheless HOF safeties dont come along all the time, so ill defer to Dawkins there.

    But again, I thionk the FO doesnt need advice from you.


  26. 1st, I don’t like or prefer myself as a football fan for that type of gesturing/celebrating

    2nd, he could have gotten blasted or risk losing the ball had he been persued and not aware

    3rd, this is the guy who got destroyed on that hit where he received a concussion earlier in season ….

    SO with the fact he was able to come back and play at a high standard, while helping his team – I say bravo …let him celebrate. Most NFL careers are short-lived.

    Steeler Fan

  27. I can’t wait until the officials start celebrating making good calls.

    There are so many distractions from what used to be a game . . . .

  28. @stevemcguigan…very well put.

    @klunge–Having success in your job can be exciting, like a salesman making a big sale. And you should be permitted to show that excitement if you want by a little celebration. It’s not overly dramatic, it’s just a harmless little expression of emotion. Having emotions separates humans from robots, so you should just start watching robots play football and maybe you’ll enjoy it more.

    @themage78 Some of your points have flaws. Like to say Dawkins and Mcnabb were “tossed to the curb”. Sure you get attached to these players especially when they have been around a long time, but remember the business part of it and that sometimes it is time to part ways. As we’re seeing in Washington, Mcnabb’s better days were clearly behind him. He was going into his 11th year when we traded him, and I think we got a heck of a deal (remember, players playing til they’re 50 like Favre is a rarity, not the norm) The same goes for Dawkins and Westbrook. Sure, they might have some years of football left. But are they good years? Are they as good of years as the younger guy you can put in now that is a) cheaper and b) a long-term solution? I see your point about the Eagles front office not opening their wallets, but I’m confident they’ll get a deal done for Mr. Jackson.

  29. Good for him. Everyone these days is thinking that football is soooo much more than what it is….a game. #10 is flashy, but listen to ALL his interviews, he is always talking about winning first.

  30. You people that are arguing for this stupid display are part of the problem too. It is 7 points; celebrations are fine, taunting and saying how you like to do it is asinine. But in today’s me me me me me laced society there are no manners or honor, just unabashed selfishness. He really doesn’t even realize what a douche he is, and that is sad.

    I hope he gets hit twice as hard as he did earlier this year.

  31. ……..and to the guy who thinks Desean wont get paid, think again. The Eagles just don’t ever drop what they are doing to re-negotiate a contract, they will deal with #10’s contract after the last game…….like they should, and if #10 doesn’t like it, the Eagles #1 receiver will be Maclin.

  32. perhaps a game suspension or two would make him care a little more….? same for all the rooster-scratching after a sack. highly unprofessional and aren’t these supposed to be professional athletes? they’re getting paid WELL to do what they’re crowing about.

  33. There is a reason Barry handed the ball to the reffs. he want excited and he didnt like football.

    Thats why he retired in his prime.

  34. I love celebrations

    It’s a game.. their careers last 10 years max.. let them have fun and celebrate, they are hurting NOBODY and are providing entertainment.. penalize them for boring celebrations

    White old people hate young black youth celebrations.. you’ve earned it, now celebrate

  35. sorry but I enjoy watching celebrations and dances. I see nothing wrong with it….I loved what he did

  36. “could care less” is right up there with “irregardless” as far as stupid phrases that professional athletes and coaches love to repeat. good thing most of these guys went to at least some kolledge.

  37. Personally, I think over the top TD celebrations make the player look foolish. However, I kind of like a player telling the media to go screw. These days the media try to make stories out of everything. Oh god, the Jets coaches lined up players out of bounds to try to keep the gunner from using out of bounds to their advantage! WHAT A SCANDAL! And I’m a Pats fan so you know there is no bias here. So I applaud Jackson for saying to the media that he likes to celebrate and whoever doesn’t like it, oh well.

  38. Too much is made about celebrations. I will agree with him on that one point. Why we need to get all angry and throw flags when some man child acts up is still beyond me.

    One’s like DeSean’s are annoying. He does it for attention, knowing it will probably draw a flag. He’s just selfish by doing it. Then to go out and spin it off as all for the fans. Yeah right. Keep telling yourself and the coaches that.

    But in the grand scheme of things this is pretty minor. I’m sure coaches were still happy with the overall result of the play.

  39. What DeSean Jackson fails to understand is that when he “entertains” the fans, he’s also intentionally humiliating his opponents.

    Whenever the great Bobby Orr scored a goal, almost always skated away from the opposing goalie with his head down. When asked one time by a Boston sportswrite why he did this, Orr paused and said “why would I want to celebrate in front of that goalie? He already feels bad enough that he let the puck by him, there’s no need to humiliate him on top of that”

    Humility, and respect for your opponent, Jackson.

    We all know how great you are, we saw that when you made the catch and got the extra yards; you don’t need to rub it in our faces – and your opponent’s face – by being a show-boating hotdog.

    You may be talented, but you’re an a$$clown for that.

  40. stevemcguigan says:
    Dec 17, 2010 11:50 AM
    yeah, themage78, none of those guys made ANY money. Brian Dawkins was grossly overpaid by the Broncos and everyone with half a brain knows it. The Eagles offered him a very good deal but they’d have been crazy to match the Broncos considering his age. He had a single decent year left in him, and it’s pretty clear that his Pro Bowl invitation last year was mostly on rep. Do you think teams should just keep paying guys who are no longer performing vast sums of money just to be nice? Grow up. If you start getting steadily worse at your job, don’t expect your boss to give you a raise. This is reality, son.

    LOL @ your stupidity. The Eagles offered him only half a million less then the Broncos. So if that’s “overpaying” then you’re club was willing to “overpay” him as well.
    I’m not saying to overpay them, but you could still pay them to be somewhat productive on your team. Not everyone deserves Tom Brady cash. And tell me which one of those guys got steadily worse when they were let go? Even Tra Thomas and the other tackle were at least servicable backups tha you could’ve paid league minimum to, but the Eagles kicked them to the curb.

  41. demo3356 says:
    Dec 17, 2010 11:29 AM
    I cant wit till the Giants end this little bitches season on Sunday..He is the biggest deush bag

    That’s the New York public education system for you, folks.



    I agree with everything you said, and even the things you didn’t say but are only thinking.

  42. Do you guys even read the articles before you post? It’s not about whether you approve of the celebrations or that a defender should stop him if they don’t like the celebrations. It’s about his dumb ass immature comments. I’m an Eagles fan and I am sick of hearing about his mouth. He needs to shut up and play ball. You don’t have to go tell the media how much you care or don’t care about what your QB thinks. Just play ball and stop taking the bait. His problem is that he has the personality-in-the-making of a TO but not the body to support all the hits that are coming his way.

  43. And the reason I say Westbrook was tossed to the curb is because he was used as the main back 24/7. He carried the majority of the carries for the Eagles whenever he was healthy.
    And that’s the point. They never gave the ball to anyone else. That’s why he was never 100%. He gets a concussion, let’s rush him out after 3 games. And he comes back and gets another concussion right away. Piss poor management.
    And for all your Eagles fans praising Vick and killing McNabb, when was the last time you went to the big dance? 2004? the last time you had a true #1 wideout on the field for McNabb. He finally gets someone to throw to, and you trade him before they get any chemistry together.
    Oh and where’s your QB of the future? Kolb?I bet all you have a #4 jersey sitting in your closet. You all don’t care wtf your organization does to the players, as long as you win. I hope Vick spurns you and goes somewhere else in the offseason. It will serve you right.

  44. I think the fans are about over the TD celebrations this year. Jones-Drew’s little “dance” this past weekend looked like something you’d see in the SF gay-pride parade.

  45. @stevemcguigan – I don’t mind celebrations (heck, as a Rams fan, I hated when they banned team celebrations to put an end to the ‘Bob & Weave’), but I think Jackson needs to make sure he’s not doing things like, say, tossing the ball away on the 1-yard line, or diving for the end zone and landing a yard short.

  46. If you want to celebrate a TD with a dance AFTER you cross the goal line so be it. Jackson is a clown though, and while he wasn’t in the end zone and got flagged for going to the ground there is no reason for dancing backwards into the end zone as he has done 2 or 3 times. I still feel he should have gotten flagged. You can’t taunt people after you deliver a big hit. I don’t see how this is much different call it it unsportsmen like conduct. He is VERY lucky the league is cracking down on the helmet to helmet, but the way this diva is, he might just get crushed by another one anyway.

    If you want to make a donkey of yourself thats fine, but don’t come looking for sympathy from me after you get laid out after your taunting ignites the other team.

  47. nogoodell……watch what your saying about old white guys…I’m an old white guy and I enjoyed what DJax did and I hope he comes up with something even crazier next time!!!

  48. I think most people are sick of the whole “ME” thing in the NFL.

    There are 11 guys on the field making the play happen and Jackson thinks he did it all himself and should be cloaked in glory for on damn play.

    Its ok in the NBA where there is basically one guy can make a difference but Football is a team sport and trying to draw attention to yourself because you made a play is selfish and juvenile. The whole “Hip Hop” mentality belongs in the NBA not the NFL.

  49. How dare Jackson celebrate like that in Dallas. A place known for its humility and professionalism.

    All those years with class acts like Irvin and Deon have made that city a place where only true competitors take the field. Men who care little about personal accolaids and only about team success. How dare Desean disrespect all the true professionals that rose from those mid-90s Cowboys teams.

  50. @stevemcguigan-
    No, D Jax hasn’t done any of the things you mentioned. Yet. So far he has:
    *cost the team several times with his celebrations, once, even spiking the ball before he even crossed the goal line.
    *Refused to field punts in practice
    *Been disciplined for spending too much time on his blackberry trying to get “Paid” and not enough time practicing, while at practice
    *Demanded that he no longer has to run a shallow cross, due to his size disadvantage and the way it leaves him open for “further concussions”
    *Demanded that the Eagles “Do more to protect their investment in him, by protecting him more.”
    This is just the beginning TO2.0 is up and coming. The man has talent, but no brain. He has attitude, but no class. I hope the Giants thump him this week. If they don’t I hope his next opponent does. People like him need a lesson in humility. Maybe Antrell Rolle will give him one. Maybe the banged up Vikings can. Maybe Terrence Newman will, just to make up for getting burned last week. Don’t care who it is- I’ll cherish the highlight reel.

  51. And I could care less if and when a defender cleans his clock– and I don’t care who likes it!

  52. I prefer the player give the ball to the ref duuuuhhhhrrrrr

    dey terk er jerbs duuuuuhhhhrrrrr

  53. stevemcguigan you hit the nail on the head! Sorry there Michael David, but first off “could care less” is a perfectly acceptable form of American English instead of the couldn’t care less coined in England. Secondly, we get it that some conservetards like a touchdown to be celebrated by handing the ball to the official, but MDS . . . the league allows these celebrations, and frankly if you don’t like the celebratory fashion of today’s NFL, then don’t watch! Aren’t you an award winning MMA writer? Such hate for a man that is vastly underpaid (how many two time pro bowlers are in the league that make a half million other than him and Woodley??), goes about his job without complaint and as Stevie intimated, how can the man be considered so bad for spiking a ball after he scores in an NFL game? I’m glad he couldn’t care less about morons upset about him doing something within the confines of the rules of the game he plays. Continue to care less about idiots, and understand the franchise tag is coming since Philly won’t have the cap room to pay you, and Vick.

  54. Im not an english professor or anything, but if he “could care less” doesnt that mean that he “cares a little”. And I dont give a crap what language it orignally came from, British, German, or Pig Latin. If you “couldnt care less” than you really dont care at all. So maybe DeSean is like the grinch and his little heart can grow to care. Or, some linebacker is going to taek in a 15 yard penalty to level him into oblivion. Either way, its fun for me to watch.

  55. I’m 50/50 with the posters on this board. The Cowboys should have stopped him if they didn’t want him to celebrate like that, and Jackson shouldn’t have showboated. There is a fine line between showboating and celebrating. Also where were any of the Cowboys, if a guy did that in my house I would have body slammed that twig like Emmitt did to T.O. when he ran out to the center of the star and put the ball down after going for SIX. The Cowgirls got disrespected and let it happen. You have to question Leadership on that team, cuz if that was me DeSean would have missed a couple of weeks due to a Fractured face.

  56. @redbeardxxv . . . really . . . I mean really . . .

    * never recall his team losing a game because of his spiking the ball and this was the first penalty assessed.
    * if he’s a pro bowl returner and has an injury, why would he do that – you do know he did all that damage with an ankle injury?
    * don’t recall him ever being fined for using twitter, and even you want to get “paid”, so what’s the big deal that a two time pro bowler makes about a half mill when others get 10 to 15 mill for the same all pro performances?
    * so you feel that a 165 receiver should get more concussions, instead of the tight end or the full back or a larger receiver, well that’s your opinion and good for you, but it still is not indicative of anything other than wanting to survive.
    * the NFL routinely dismisses concussions and makes players play while hurt so the Eagles SHOULD protect him more – what’s wrong with you, that’s a no-brainer and not a reason to be mad at the guy, geesh!

    This is the beginning you speculate (that’s ASSume for those that don’t write well), well if he’s T.O. 2, then Philly fans rejoice – you got a hall of famer on your hands. A Cal graduate has no brains, hmmm, okay, if you say so . . . and there’s the rub, you hope he gets hurt, because he doesn’t play boring football like dad used to like, huh? Waaaa, waaaa . . . You feel he has no class, but we see how you really feel (maybe there’s a racial component to your angst). People like him need a lesson? Really? Well since the cowboys couldn’t teach said lesson, good luck on finding someone to teach this lesson you want him to learn – geesh dude, what a douche! How about cherishing finishing your shift on fries and leave the writing for those not so bitter!

  57. There is a difference between celebrating with genuine enthusiasm and taunting. Jackson’s actions remind me of T.O. going out to the Dallas 50 yard line and celebrating on the logo. Sportsmanship should not be disrespectful of other players or teams. It looked to me like he was trying to “dis” the Cowboys. It should have been called a penalty.
    Going into the endzone and spiking the ball or dancing with your teammates is not taunting because you are not directing your celebration toward them, as Jackson clearly did.
    Next time Jackson gets blown up on a play, the player that does that should stand over him, point a finger, and laugh. Thats what would have happeend 25 years ago. Not to mention, piling on and eye-gouging.
    Bootom line Jackson looks like a low-class fool and I hope he gets lit up this week.

  58. I have been watching pro football for more than 50 years which qualifies me as both an old coot and an old fan who has watched them all. Or almost all.

    Jim Brown was the best. He was the baddest, he was the BEST and everyone knew it.

    He would score, then he would hand the ball to the official. The message was clear:

    ‘I’ve been here before, I’ll be here again.’

    If anyone tried any of the stunts they pull these days he would get carried off the field the next time he stepped on it.

    That’s how they used to play it.

  59. My favorite Desean Highlight was when the DB on Atlanta knocked his punk ass out! I am 100% sure he gets it again either this week or week 17 vs Dallas..

  60. Most of you need to look down and check your baggage and if you come up lacking grab a pair. It was a simple touchdown celebration, that’s all. Don’t bring up crap 50 years ago, that was a totally different era and the game was completely different. There was no disrespect, he made a short yardage play look awesome. I figured it was well deserved. If you don’t like it, check you manhood please, or simply STFU!!!

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