Donovan McNabb will become a third-string quarterback

Just when you think the Redskins quarterback situation couldn’t get any more ridiculous, coach Mike Shanahan has found a new way to “disrespect” Donovan McNabb.

John Beck will pass McNabb on the depth chart on the depth chart next week, in addition to Rex Grossman.  McNabb will be the backup Sunday, then slide into a No. 3 role.

I want to see John Beck,” Shanahan said.  “John Beck has been exceptional in practice. I want to see him in No. 2 role.”

Shanahan says the decision to bench McNabb is all about getting knocked out of playoff contention.  (Then why decide on Thursday?) They want to evaluate the young quarterbacks on their roster.  Shanahan couldn’t “guarantee” McNabb would be back next season, although this move almost guarantees he won’t.

The Redskins’ website official blog makes the case that going to Grossman is not that big a deal.  That’s laughable.

The same organization said that the McNabb benching against the Lions wasn’t a big deal.  They trumpeted McNabb’s contract extension as proof.  It’s a big deal because it indicates the Redskins have no idea what their plan is or how to deal with players.

This isn’t about whether going to Grossman is the right decision.  It’s a window into larger dysfunction.

From Jay Glazer of FOX, here was the Redskins’ week: “[Glazer] reported Saturday that [offensive coordinator] Kyle [Shanahan] said he wanted Rex in.  Sunday, Don was efficient.  Monday,  Kyle wanted to start Rex.  Tuesday, Wednesday changed their minds, Thurs changed back.  Friday told team.”

It’s a big deal because McNabb, not Grossman, took the majority of first team snaps this week, according to tight end Chris Cooley.   It’s a big deal because the Redskins gave up a second round pick and paid McNabb more than $17 million this season even though Grossman was Kyle Shanahan’s “guy.”

The team is admitting their evaluation about McNabb was wrong, just like their decision to pay Albert Haynesworth his roster bonus this season.  Or their decision not to trade Haynesworth.

It’s a big deal because the Redskins’ players aren’t happy and it’s a big deal because Shanahan has seen enough of McNabb.

“The next three weeks won’t change my mind,” Shanahan said.

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  1. every eagles fan is giggling a little bit, just wanting to go up to the nearest washington fan and scream in their face:


    consider operation kotite 2.0 complete.

  2. i want to see Beck too.. This is the NFL.. no coach will tell you the truth (see Reed) to maintain a competitive edge.

    If you trully think this decision wasn’t made weeks ago.. you’re the clueless one

  3. The mistake was made by acquiring McNabb in the first place. If the Redskins wanted to be competitive in the NFC East the best bet would be leaving McNabb on the Eagles. McNabb is a turd. Always has been, always will be. Yeah, the Redskins are disfunctional and suck. They were with McNabb or without. Best thing is to rebuild.

  4. It’s a loss of $20.5 million for starting a washed up QB for one season and not having one for 2011.

    Plus, do you think future free agents will wish to play for an unorganized, dysfunctional NFL organization? Or take their services elsewhere?

  5. The Redskins organization is a complete disaster.

    Dan Snyder is an idiot. The Redskins fans need to start boycotting the games and begin a movement to somehow get rid of Snyder.

  6. No matter how much heat Shanahan gets, it’s not enough.

    What a fricking disaster he’s been.

  7. Sounds to me like McNabb stunk it up in practice this week. It’s no secret that Kyle and Rex know each other well from the Texans days. The Skins are out of the playoffs and know McNabb is not their guy for next year. Based on that, what is wrong with giving Grossman the start and moving Beck up? The Broncos are likely going to do something similar with Orton/Tebow. The cardinals have done it. The 49ers are still doing it almost every game. Many fans/media were screaming for the Vikings to do it. This happens all the time but since it is McNabb, everybody says it is disrespectful. Bottom line: McNabb’s benching is not undeserved and the Redskins are taking a harder look at who they currently have so they have a better idea what to do next off-season.

  8. I am not surprised that Grossman is starting. The Skins have been eliminated from playoff contention so you need to see what you have in Grossman. I am also not surprised that Shanahan tried to operate under a veil of secrecy, basically lying throughout the whole week. This team is splintered and these next 3 games should cement the opinion that Shanahan will not be here next year. Buyout, firing or resignation he needs to go. He has made more mistakes in one season than would be allowed to any rookie head coach and Shanahan is no rookie. Some may argue that they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. MY WARNING TO THEM- GET OUT OF THE TUNNEL!!! THAT LIGHT THAT YOU SEE IS A TRAIN!!!!!

  9. Does that mean he isn’t going to the Hall of Fame?

    Because so many of you claimed for years that he was.

    He is what we thought he was – Drew Bledsoe.

  10. When is Rex and Beck’s contracts up? Maybe, just maybe, they want to evaluate these guys in a gametime situation to see if they want to keep them around?

    Well, that and McNabb sucks. To all the apologists that say ‘oh its cuz he has no one to throw to’, before TO and until DeSean Jackson, WHO DID HE HAVE TO THROW TO IN PHILLY? Todd Pinkston, James Thrash and Freddie Mitchell? Yeah, thats right. He had success with nobodies before. He’s WASHED UP. Its not the lack of talent around him, he’s DONE.

  11. “It’s a big deal because the Redskins players aren’t happy.”
    Does it really matter what a locker room of losers think? Give me a break…..

    The Shannahan’s took over a terrible roster and tried to make a run with what they had, didn’t work. Time to evaluate who they have to determine what will happen next year. As they have no real practice facility, a game is really the only way to do that.

  12. Shanahahahahaha! What a piece of work is Shanny. He is clueless in D.C. Not that Donovan was the answer for the Deadskins, but could Shahahahanana handle these situation any worse? What a freaking uptight, control, freak jerk he is. Enjoy him Deadskins fans and wittle mr. snyder!

  13. And this has’t even hit critical mass yet.

    Wait for McNabb’s passive-aggressive act to start now.

    And then, oh baby, Mama McNabb is gonna hop into the fray.

  14. Why is this a big deal? Who gives a sh**. There is a reason why Andy Reid traded him in his own division, news flash he sucks. Even at the top of his game he still sucked.

  15. Snyder has to be rethinking his decision to hire Shanahan. This is the brilliance he has brought to DC:
    1. Traded a 2nd round draft pick for a QB he doesn’t want.
    2. Paid said unwanted QB an extra $3.5 million even though he doesn’t want him.
    3. Changed the defense (which was the one good part of the team last year) from a 4-3 to a 3-4 without having the right players in place for the scheme. (Top ten defense last year has now reached cellar-dweller status).
    4. Brought in a DC (Haslett) to run the 3-4 even though he’s never run a 3-4 defense before.
    5. Paid Albert $21 million rather than trading him even though he knew Haynesworth didn’t want to play in the 3-4.
    6. Gets into a pi$$ing contest with his highest paid player, causing untold drama and a locker room split.
    7. Now he’s informed McNabb there’s no guarantee he’ll be with the Skins next year. 2nd round pick and an extra $3.5 mil for a 3rd string QB that you’ll be getting rid of after the season.
    Whatever you think of McNabb or Haynesworth, there is no denying Shanahan has taken this team and run it straight into the ground. If I were Snyder, I think I’d cut my losses and get rid of him now, rather than wait until they’re in the basement next year like the Broncos did with McDaniels.

  16. McNabb is setting aside a substantial portion of his contract money for a top of the line RV to get him through the latter part of his career.

  17. LMAO at all of the non-eagles fans who said Reid was an idiot for trading him to a division rival. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  18. Well, the Redskin ARE out of playoff contention. Still, the only reason I see for wanting to see Grossman and Beck is because Shanahan is expecting McNabb to be gone next year.

  19. What contract was more foolish, giving Favre the extra money after missing training camp, or McNabb getting that extension after halloween.

    Maybe McNabb will be a Viking next season, they could use another washed up QB past thier prime.

  20. Very Very true moochzilla.

    moochzilla says:
    Dec 17, 2010 2:10 PM
    Does that mean he isn’t going to the Hall of Fame?

    Because so many of you claimed for years that he was.

    He is what we thought he was – Drew Bledsoe.

  21. We all knew Dan Snyder was a dumb ass with tons of money. Now we know “The Rat” is living up to his name. This guy can’t handle Donavan or Albert. This guys past players made him look good. And the foundation Reeves installed.

  22. Wow and everyone said the Eagles disrespected McNabb, 3rd string QB how disrespectful is that.All you skin fans thought he was going to take you to the promise land guess not.

  23. I’m just throwing this out there…. but what exactly would you expect him to “look like” as the #2 QB? I’ll save you the trouble. He’ll be on the sidelines watching the #1 QB.

  24. @ moochzilla, that is a perfect comparison! It never get’s mentioned of course because Bledsoe is not black, but very similar players and careers. Nice observation.

  25. Everyone outside of Washington sees how disastrous an organization the Redskins have become.

    Only the fanboys are left trying to defend this comedy of errors. Criticizing your team does not make you a bandwaggoner. It makes you realistic. You guys should be holding Dan Snyder and your coach to the fire for what they’ve put you through.

  26. rdsknguru says:
    Dec 17, 2010 2:10 PM
    I am not surprised that Grossman is starting. The Skins have been eliminated from playoff contention so you need to see what you have in Grossman.

    See what you have in Grossman? Dude’s 30. Been in the league 8 years. Everyone knows who Rex Grossman is.

  27. Mike Shanahan has completely lost his marbles and Kyle is a joke. The only coach in the league that was a bigger disaster is the guy that replaced Shanahan in Denver. Unbelievable!! Not that McNabb has played really well, cause he hasn’t, but he has no running game, no blocking and no receivers (next to Cooley). How could anyone look good in his place? I’m telling you, unless your a Redskins fan (in which case you gotta be thinking “Holy Crap”, will we ever get a winning season again) you have to be laughing your butt off at the ineptitude of the Redskins coaching, front office, and player personnel.

  28. so shanahan did not tell you guys or mcnabb ahead of time big deal!why let the other team know and have time to prepare for grossman instead of mcnabb? what he says makes sense in that mcnabb had plenty of time to show what he could do and now the skins are out of the playoffs. what harm can it do them to see what they have?you think if they get rid of shanahan the next coach is going to stick with mcnabb?

  29. Where are those skins fans that were laughing at the eagles earlier this season?

    Show some guts and admit that you were wrong, that your all a joke, that your team is a joke, and that half your city are cowboys fans.

    This washington debacle will forever taint Mcnabb’s career. Instead of remembering the 4 NFC Champ. appearances, people will question whether or not McNabb was holding those teams back with 1000s of 4 yard out routes being thrown at the feet of James Thrash and Todd Pinkston.

    Would the Eagles have been better with Doug Pederson or one of the Detmers? The world may never know.

  30. I’m still not sure why its somehow considered wrong to just say, “Donavan, you stink on ice; we’re playing the kid”.

    Is it because he’s so nice? (Andy Ried)

    Because they booed him on draft day? (Ricky Wiliams)

    Because he’s black? (Rush Limbaugh)


    Why does everyone (for years) treat this guy with kid goves?

    The skins should just cut him and move on.

  31. The Deadskins have to be the worst run team in the NFL. That’s saying al ot considering what the Vikings did this year.

    Now the cherry on top is when McNabb signs with the Vikings this off season. Another desperate move, another washed up QB, another season down the drain.

    If you want to see what Rex can do, just get some Bear’s game tapes. He’s hot, he’s cold, he’s a loser.

  32. It’s the coach’s job to get the players together playing as a team. He couldn’t deal with McNabb. He couldn’t deal with Albert. So, what exactly does Shanahan bring to the table? Discord, that’s what. He’s hasn’t won crap since he had Elway and Davis. He is seriously overblown as an NFL coach. Shanahan is the problem. Shanahan is the one that must go. How disfunctional this team has been for the last decade. Well, Shanahan actually made it worse. He must have a completely divided locker room by now.


  33. That’s not an insult. Drew Bledsoe and Boomer Esiason (who Donovan’s #’s will most mirror in 3 years) are very good QB’s.

    Seriously, look at Boomer’s #’s and then project McNabb in 3 years. It’s uncanny.

    And they both lost 1 SB and missed out other times.

    Very good QB;s. Just not HOF’ers.

  34. Umm, realistically, the Redskins have been out of contention since like week 2 of the season. Shanahan seems to be coaching purely out of spite.

    The Eagles knew what they were doing when they dumped McNabb, but Shanahan has made the situation even worse.

    “Rex is our quarterback.” LOL!

  35. Interesting to watch an entire organization fall off the edge.

    And Mike, it wasn’t just a high 2nd round pick, it was a high 2nd round pick last year and either a 3rd or 4th round pick this year — kinda makes it worse.

    So they’re evaluating their ‘younger’ QBs are they? Well, I guess Grossman is ‘younger’ than McNabb, but the dude will be 31 next season and, oh by the way, his contract is over at the end of this season.

    So they want to see how Beck is at holding a clipboard? Going to learn a lot about him that way.

  36. Just a question. Isn’t there a salary cap in the NFL? How does little Danny get around it with all of these high priced useless players? There has to be a loophole somewhere, doesn’t there? Just sayin’.

  37. Ever think that he just wants to look to see if his 2nd and 3rd string QBs were no good in case say next year if we are in the playoff hunt and D Mc5 goes down we have a capable QB. It would not suprise me to see Beck play a game as well. I just hope he waits till after the Cowboy game to start rotating other positions around.

  38. charliework says:
    Dec 17, 2010 2:43 PM
    At this rate, McNabb will be demoted to assistant quarterbacks coach by tomorrow morning.


    LMAO !!!

  39. I acknowledge that McSlob had been playing like crap but come on what’s there to see with the “TrainWrecx Human Turnover Machine Grossman”? Mike Shanahan has lost his mind.

  40. @red513 – “Brought in a DC (Haslett) to run the 3-4 even though he’s never run a 3-4 defense before.”


    That’s nonsense. Haslett was the Defensive Coordinator under Bill Cowher from 1997-99 and ran the zone blitz 3-4 schemes that entire time, including a run to the ’97 AFC Title game. His 3-4 players included Pro-Bowlers like Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, and Jason Gildon at linebacker, and Joel Steed at nose tackle, and he taught the craft to future Pro-Bowlers and Super Bowl stars like linebackers Joey Porter, Carlos Emmons, and Mike Vrabel.

    Very few guys have a better idea how to transition to a highly productive 3-4 defense than Jim Haslett.

  41. Problem is that this is the Cowboys game and Donovan gives you the best chance to win. It is rediculous that Kyle and Rex are BFFs and daddy is letting his boy play with the toys he wants. I could understand doing it next week but not this week. Shanny has officially thrown in the towel on the season, that’s a guy that I want as my head coach.

  42. Redskins fans…think about it like this……all the babying, whining, bounce passes, puking in the huddle, slow ass playcalling in the Super Bowl…passive aggressiveness….failure to man up…..fakeness…..parents getting involved….Chunky Soup commercials…..Rush Limbaugh/TO/other BS… guys got sick of it after what…13 games?

    Us Philly fans had to deal with it for 11 years. You should be happy your organization is cutting him.

  43. Didn’t McNabb just take a 2 minute drill to tie up the ballgame…only to have the OT squelched by a botched extra point he had nothing to do with?

    I feel like I’m missing something here.

  44. This is quite the “shibacle” indeed, although a completely different one than what Deion predicted.

  45. Boy I will say that some of the Eagles fans make the rest of us look like the idiots everyone already thinks us to be. First off, Andy is the luckiest coach in the world that Mike Vick can actually play QB now. If Kolb was the starter we wouldn’t be laughing because that’s the mistake. Trading and replacing with Kolb was dumb. Secondly, do you guys even watch football? McNabb has played terrible but he is a shell of the same guy that could make lemonade out of lemons. No oline, no RBs, no WRs, defense sucks, new ego-maniac coach, new system and a team full of rebellious underachieving loud mouths. Seriously, you put 95% of the leagues starters in that situation and they would fail. Period. Thirdly, McNabb will never be able to carry a team again. He needs to be on a team that already has talent and are looking for a QB that knows how to play, i.e San francisco, Minny and Ariz. Teams like that. So Eagles fans, please don’t act like Andy was so smart, because he wasn’t. he was lucky and that’s it. I have a feeling if McNabb goes to one of those teams I stated he will put up some pretty good numbers BECAUSE THERE IS ACTUALLY TALENT ON THOSE TEAMS.

    Sometimes it seems that no one who posts on this site really watches football. They try to win the “moron of the week award” every day.

  46. “(Then why decide on Thursday?)”

    So they game plan for mcscabb and not grossman

    “just like their decision to pay Albert Haynesworth his roster bonus this season.”

    They would have had to pay the bonus regardless. they restructured his contract so they could pay him most his guaranteed money in case the league reimplemented the cap the following year. They gave Haynesworth the decision “take the money and play or leave the money and walk” and he took the money like the selfish jerk he is.

  47. Yuk yuk yuk
    Laugh it up.
    Truth be told they made a stupid trade. Should have never gotten McNabb. Now they know it and they know they dont want him next year so whats the point? Keep playing him like he was great this year?
    Like the Copukes are so great. Let a home Superbowl opp slip through their fingers like sand. Thats a great organization there. Piss poor performance led to them being in the basement. Last time Boysroll was making predictions was the first pukes game. It was 35-0 he predicted and then he vanished like the cowpie chicken turd he is. Now hes not even original enough to come up with a new prediction. Stuck on stupid.
    Egirls aint going to win a superbowl no matter how many draft picks and great players yall have. Thats even worse then the Bills under Kelly at least they made to the SB numerous times though they never won. That is the legacy of the egirls org. Squandered opps.
    So yuk it up but facts are facts. Pukes you are what your record says you are. Egirls you can talk trash but you aint wont the big one…ever.

  48. So Shannahan is not allowed to look at the younger QB’s now?

    As usual, PFT makes a mountain out of NOTHING!

  49. All I can say is the Chunky Soup is really gonna hit the fan now.

    Can’t wait to hear the outraged, lividly angry presser that Donovan’s Mom is going to hold once she’s calmed down enough that she can form words again.

  50. What a mess. Could it be possible the Redskins are worse now with Shanny than they were the past two years…

  51. Shanarat says in his news conference about if Donovan will be back next year:

    “I will be as honest with him as I can…”

    Are you really that much of a transparent clown? What he meant to say was:

    “I will lie to him as much as I can get away with.”

  52. Why are people saying that the Redskins “need to see what they have in Grossman?” This guy is not a rookie. He’s been stinkin up the league for years. You wanna see what you got? — You have a guy that, in 8 years in the league has thrown 33 TDs and 36 INTs and had 13 fumbles. His QB rating is a whopping 69.6.

    You have a terrible back-up QB that you are thrusting into a starting role on a losing team. That’s what you have.

  53. As a longtime Giant fan I have to say I’m really sorry to all of you Redskin fans…It’s been nothing but misery for you guys since Cooke passed on and the team was sold to this poser Snyder. The Redskins have a rich history and certainly deserve better than what you currently are getting. Donovan McNabb deserves better than to be demoted to third string by a coach who hasn’t done anything since Elway saved his bacon. This has to be the most dysfunctional team ( and not from the player level ) in the entire NFL. Snyder and Shanahan are the only two dolts who can make Haynesworth a sympathetic figure.

  54. Mike Shanahan has completely lost his marbles and Kyle is a joke. The only coach in the league that was a bigger disaster is the guy that replaced Shanahan in Denver. Unbelievable!! Not that McNabb has played really well, cause he hasn’t, but he has no running game, no blocking and no receivers (next to Cooley). How could anyone look good in his place? I’m telling you, unless your a Redskins fan (in which case you gotta be thinking “Holy Crap”, will we ever get a winning season again) you have to be laughing your butt off at the ineptitude of the Redskins coaching, front office, and player personnel.


  55. Ok I have had enough of these people who have no clue about Rex Grossman. Even the so called experts are clueless. Im a die hard Bear fan and we havent been to the playoffs since Rex left. We made it easily with Rex and we had a minimal offense. Our defense was great but so what. It wasnt legendary or anything it was solid. Rex carried us in more ways then you would ever know. Deep balls to Berrian all day, 40 plus points in first half vs Buffalo a 1st half record a win in the NfC championship. All of you fans that only watch the televised games and sportscenter are clueless. Whn you have watched all his starts can you comment about Rex. He carried us. This year we have a great D and when we played the Giants we were left with no QB and a better D than we had in 06 and we had no chance in the game. Rex wil manage the game, he wil play with heart, and Im sure he wil win. You dont get to a superbowl without being a good player and haveing good energy. The Superbowl loss had very little to do with Rex. The defense let us down, Benson let us down, Ron turner was calling plays, it was raining. Rex had little to do with the loss. You guys are clueless Im sorry. When Rex wins the next 3 remember where u heard it first. Rex is great..Why do u think we havent been to playoffs since him? YOU GUYS KEEP GIVING ME STATS AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE ONLY STAT I WORRY ABOUT. SUPERBOWLS. HES BEEN TO JUST AS MANY AS ANYBODY IN THE LEAGUE OUTSIDE OF 3 GUYS..GIVE IT A REST..

  56. @hoobsher …

    Why don’t you and the other Eagles fans ripping McNabb ask Vick what Donovan did for him? Instead of acting like a threatened prima donna, he lobbied to get Vick, took him under his wing when fans were chanting “Dog Killer!” and taught him how to become a better QB and student of the game. Vick says he wouldn’t be the QB he is now if not for McNabb. And McNabb still acts genuinely happy for the guy he helped replace him.

    McNabb had a better winning record for you than anyone else in recent memory and left you in capable hands. But all you can do is p*ss on him. You’re the sorriest bunch of ingrates in football. Hope the wind carries the mist back where it belongs.

    As for Washington, sounds as though Shanahan and his kid would have a nervous breakdown trying to order in an I-Hop. The menu would be too big for them to make up their minds. No matter, Danny will buy them anything they want.

    Jack Kent Cooke must be spinning in his grave.

  57. McNabb “deserves” better? Really?

    Lookit – I agree that it makes no sense to replace McNabb with another aging vet who is of lesser talent.

    But where does this “deserves” nonsense come from? McNabb is the only player in the NFL that the term “deserves” is ever used for.

    It’s a different mentality with him. I have to think it comes from the victim persona that Donovan has adopted.

  58. Is it not true that the Philly trade for McNabb has an 80% playing time and/or 9-7 record stipulation and if he does not reach these milestones the pick becomes a 4th rounder, not a 3rd rounder. Also, losing their remaining games can insure the 4/5th pick and not the 8th/9th pick (ie Cam Newton or other top QB).

  59. Publicly humiliates your nose tackle for an entire year.

    Publicly humilate and demote your QB.

    Im sure the team feels like performing for Shannahan…..not.

  60. The way the Shanahans have treated Donovan McNabb has been disrespectful, deplorable, and
    disgusting(forgive the alliteration)…

    I’ve never been a HUGE fan of DM but let me tell
    you something straight up…

    You DO NOT have a 6 time pro bowl quaterback
    come to your team and immediately suck!!

    The problem with this ENTIRE situation is the
    Shanahans EGO! It’s all about THEM. Not the

    Here’s what needs to happen ASAP…


    WARN BIG MIKE S that unless he changes his
    attitude and take the “I” out of team, he’s NEXT!

    Build a f**cking offensive line and draft some young gun receivers!

    Problems solved!


  61. @rexsuperbowl06:

    wow…did you take that name just to post in this thread?

    So let me get this straight: if the Bears had a world class QB all those years that their defense was in its prime, they wouldn’t have done any better than they would have with the mighty Rex Grossman at the helm? Is this what you mean to suggest? Seriously? I mean…really?

    Didn’t most bears fans want….of all people….McNabb to come home to Chicago because they couldn’t stand watching Rex play catch with the other team’s safeties and CB’s?

    If Rex is as good as you claim, then how come he hasn’t had a starting job in the past few years? It’s not as if the league is stacked with solid QB talent.

    Screen name: “rexsuperbowl06″…sheesh (shaking head in disbelief).

  62. rexsuperbowl06,
    your reasoning makes no sense sir. Bears made the superbowl because of their defense and in spite of TrainWrex’s horrible decision making and frequent t/o’s. You’re prasing the TrainWrex, have you lost your mind??. He is the human t/o machine and he proved that over the years. Just because he made the SuperBowl leaning on Bears great D and special teams doesn’t make him a good QB. So according to you Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino because he took the Ravens to the SB and won it. What you have said sounds so ridiculous dude.

  63. hoobsher says:Dec 17, 2010 1:51 PM every eagles fan is giggling a little bit, just wanting to go up to the nearest washington fan and scream in their face:
    consider operation kotite 2.0 complete.
    Yeah, you WOULD do that, because…

    Most classless fanbase in the NFL;
    1) Raiders.
    2) Eagles.
    3) Patriots.
    4a) Giants.
    4b) Jets.
    5) Broncos.


    Most clueless head office in the NFL;
    1) Raiders.
    2) Lions.
    3) Redskins.
    4) Rams.
    5a) Browns.
    5b) Panthers.

    I always thought that McNabb and Shanahan were going to be awesome assets for the ‘skins, but they clearly don’t mesh and you need to get rid of one of them. Historically, the smart thing to do is keep the coach and oust the QB, but I would do the opposite if I were them. Shanny looks like a pissed-off lepruchan every week and he might be going senile. McNabb is a stud with a great attitude.

  64. Deb – McNabb famously had Vick pulled from a preseason game. There is only Donovan’s own word to indicate he lobbied for Vick. No one else ever mentioned it.


  65. I bet Dan Snyder is regreting the hire of Shanahan. Now we see why Bowlen wanted him out of Denver. And why Al Davis fired him. Shanahan’s arrogance is counterproductive to the concept of TEAM. Haynesworth must be laughing like a madman as he sees the Redskins unravel for reasons unrelated to himself.

  66. As a redskins fan(yes i admit it) I don’t have a problem with this. It will be a good thing for this coaching staff to see firsthand that Rex is not the answer at QB(or at back-up QB). They should know this already but now it will be obvious. Secondly, I was not a fan of McNabb as QB in the first place so if he moves on for say a 3rd and 6th pick that’s fine by me with not too much lost in the process. Skins are 3 yrs out from being properly rebuilt so lets just take our lumps with a young QB and stock up on those picks.

  67. @natelan who says “McNabb is a stud with a great attitude.”

    1. He can’t play anymore. Reid’s jettisoning of him and his play since then combine to be proof enough of that.

    2. His attitude stinks. The next time your team is in a big game, and he’s playing poorly, let’s see how you feel about his attitude while he either mopes on the sideline even though the game is still winnable or jokes and slaps backs even though the game is all but lost.

  68. @ moochzilla who says:

    “There is only Donovan’s own word to indicate he lobbied for Vick. No one else ever mentioned it.”
    Dude. So you’re saying that McNabb shouldn’t get credit for even that? Are you really THAT committed to hating the man? I have to ask why. Did McNabb do something to you?

  69. I’m saying I live in Philadelphia and live, eat, sleep, breathe Eagles football.

    And I never heard anyone say the McNabb lobbied for Vick.

    But I guess you know better than I do, since you read one post from Deb.


  70. My recollection was that Reid texted McNabb that they were signing Vick. McNabb replied “go get him”. Or something like that.

    So while it is accurate to say the McNabb didn’t try to prevent the signing of Vick (like that would have mattered as Reid does what he wants) and supported him (which he should be given credit for), you can’t say he “lobbied” for him and drove the process.

    That was Reid.

    Let’s just keep it factual is all I’m saying. You can make your point without exaggerating McNabb’s actions.

  71. What many people here seem to forget is that the Redskins can cut McNaab after the season without any repercussions. They designed the contract that way on purpose. I’m willing to bet they’ve had this planned the whole time.

  72. @moochzilla …

    Is that you, mooch? Why you guys keep changing your names?

    I’m not trying to exaggerate. From my recollection, McNabb did push for the Eagles to bring in Vick. I thought he was nuts because Vick might well replace him. And in at least two recent interviews Vick has said Donovan taught him to have a better work ethic and how to study film. He was the one giving Donovan credit for helping him develop. That’s not something I dreamed up.

    Donovan’s getting older, and no, he’s not the QB he was five years ago. But he’s always been a class act who somehow winds up taking crap from the weirdest assortment of nutjobs: political buffoons, locker room cancers, and now the coaching version of the Marquis de Sade and his little son, too.

    Geez, can’t people just let the guy play in peace until retirement?

  73. Apparrently, one of the board moderators is a Shanahan supporter … I have posted this twice and twice it has gotten deleted.

    Here’s an abridged version of “the twelve years since Elway,” a Christmas poem that shows how Shanahan is overrated and is riding off the fumes of his association with one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

    In the twelth year since Elway
    Coach Shanny gave to me
    A franchise going no place (2010, 5-8, no playoffs)
    A deeply pissed off fan base (2010, 5-8, no playoffs)
    No NFL job to mention (2009, unemployed)
    A year out of contention (2008, 8-8 record, no playoffs)
    A sub-500 season (2007, 7-9 record, no playoffs)
    A year with no postseason (2006, 9-7 record, no playoffs)
    A home championship wheezin’ (2005, 13-3 record, 34-7 home AFC title game loss to Denver)
    A wild card loss repeat (2004, 10-6 record, 49-24 wild card loss)
    A wild card game defeat (2003, 10-6 record, 41-10 wild card loss)
    No appearance in a playoff (2002, 9-7 record, no playoffs)
    An eight loss eight win layoff (2001, 8-record, no playoffs)
    A wild card game shallacking (2000, 11-5 record, 21-3 wild card loss)
    A six win ten loss smacking (1999, 6-10 record, no playoffs)
    And no chance at the Lomardi Trophy

  74. Since John Elway retired, the great Superbowl-winning coach Mike Shanahan has accomplished the following in the next eleven seasons that he was employed as an NFL head coach:

    * For seven of those eleven seasons, Shanahan’s teams did not qualify for the postseason at all.

    * For three of those eleven seasons, Shanahan’s teams made the playoffs only to be eliminated in the wild card game by a combined score of 111-37.

    * In the most successful of Shanahan’s eleven coaching seasons after Elway, 2005, the Broncos went 13-3 only to lose the AFC Championship game at home by a score of 34-7.

    * For only four of those eleven seasons have his teams won ten games or more in a season. Three times, his teams had losing records. Twice they had .500 records and twice more they won one game above .500 to go 9-7.

    Why is it that Shanahan is routinely described as a great coach? His teams have missed the playoffs much more than they’ve made it since Elway retired. The one and only playoff game that his teams have won since January, 1999 was against the New England Patriots and was assisted by five Patriots turnovers.

    Shanahan is an experienced coach, yes. He’s a coach who has had success in the past. But he is not statistically a great coach or anywhere near it. A number of other long-tenured coaches have more consistently had their teams in contention for the championship and have produced more results when it counted.

  75. Yes Deb, it is! When they went to WordPress my login would not work for some reason.

    I’m saying the story has morphed into something else. He supported the move, but I never heard that he went to Reid and came up with the idea to get him, or championed Vick’s cause. Or even that he was in the pitch meeting to get the dog-loving owner to accept.

    It was 100% Reid. Largely because he was enamored with Vick’s skills and longed to be a part of the redemption story due to his family issues.

    McNabb did set a good example, as he is a model citizen. He did support Reid when he wanted to sign him.

    But the part about lobbying for Vick…that is something that I never heard aside from McNabb claiming to have done it a year after the fact. And since I live here and have more access to the team, I would expect that I would have.

    Thats pretty much all I’m saying.

  76. @moochzilla …

    You had to re-register on WordPress. But you might still be able to just use Mooch as your screen name. Look at the WP toolbar at the top of the screen. Click on My Account, then Edit My Profile. Then scroll down to Display Name As and type Mooch, then update.

    Well, can’t argue because I’m just going by memory. But Vick definitely says Donovan took him under his wing and taught him work ethic and film study. For as long as I can remember, someone has been dumping on the guy and he always seems to handle it with class.

    I understand Andy needing to make a tough call for the future of the franchise. That’s the nature of free agency. You can’t hang onto your team legends once their skills begin to fade and risk losing the next star who’s getting antsy on the bench. Don’t like it, but understand it. Wouldn’t have dumped McNabb for Kolb, but wouldn’t have risked losing Vick to keep an aging Donovan. Just think the home fans should still show some loyalty.

    But Shanahan? The guy is coming across like some schizo-Nazi. Rex Grossman??? He’s no Mike Vick, no Kolb, and no McNabb. Shanahan’s just trying to jerk Donovan’s chain.

  77. Thanks for the info on login. I never argue that McNabb was solid with Vick. My point was that the “he lobbied for signing Vick” was a new one for me. The only source I can find for that particular claim is McNabb himself.

    What do you mean about loyalty? Was it the fans who traded him? Or was it the owner and coach who drafted him and coached him for a decade?

    That’s my point through all of this.

    When the Eagles trade McNabb it is blamed on the fans, because we never “appreciated him”. Whatever that means since the stadium was full of #5 jerseys.

    But when he gets benched in DC – and I agree he did and in a totally inappropriate manner given McNabb’s standing – it’s all on one man…Mike Shanahan.

    McNabb gets replaced in Philly as part of a youth movement that started years prior with Dawkins and then Westbrook…IT’S THE FANS FAULT. And we disrespected him by not somehow vetoing the trade. The national media made it 100% about us, the fans who pay hard earned money to support the team,

    McNabb gets benched for Rex Frickin Grossman in DC…IT’S SHANAHAN’S FAULT! The fans are not part of the equation now.

    Why is it that the fans in Philly got blamed?

  78. Did Edmonton fans have no loyalty to Wayne Gretzky? Knick fans for Ewing? Boston fans for Pedro? Yankee fans for Matsui? DC fans for Riggins? Chicago fans for Pippen? Pittsburgh fans for Bonds? San Francisco fans for Montana?

    Sometimes It’s just time. Sometimes it becomes a business decision. Sometimes the coach thinks he has a better option short term or long term.

    But no one ever said those fan bases were to blame. No one said they ran those guys out of town. And I lived in NYC, Ewing was under WAY MORE PRESSURE than McNabb ever was. And so was Eli before her won a SB.

  79. @mooch …

    Silly … wasn’t talking about fans being responsible for player personally decisions. Was referring to nasty things some Philly fans post about him. My comment was specifically directed “hoobsher” because I was responding to his nonsense.

    Guys like that bad-mouthed McNabb nonstop while he was in Philly and are still posting smack about him now that he’s working for Mr. Schizo-Nazi. Can’t those clowns just leave him alone already? Or are they still going to be flogging him 25 years from now? It’s ridiculous.

    Don’t get offended at me; be offended at the dipsticks in your fanbase. We all have them. Have called out three in our fanbase in the last two days for saying unbelievably stupid things. Must have been a bad batch of Iron City Beer.

  80. Deb – where was that “bad-mouthing the whole time he was in Philly”.

    Pretty sweeping statement. Do you have firsthand knowledge?

    I’m not offended, just trying to show you the difference when it comes to Philly fans and how we’re portrayed in the media. The narrative on ESPN was that the fans somehow forced McNabb out of town. Which is ludicrous.

  81. Not going by PFT’s editorial narrative (are you kidding?). Going by posts I read from self-identified Philly fans. And was specifically posting to one of those fans who was lambasting McNabb even though he’s no longer in Philly. Not going to tell you that again.

    You couldn’t turn on a sports show on any network in the last five years without hearing mention of how the Philly fans didn’t appreciate McNabb–and you know it. That doesn’t mean every fan. It means a lot of vocal fans. One of them was being a jerk on here, and I responded to him. Meant what I said to him, too. That doesn’t have anything to do with you–unless you pick on him, too. Anyone who has to live with Shanahan has enough on his plate. Philly fans should be happy about their standings and leave Donovan alone.

  82. “You couldn’t turn on a sports show on any network in the last five years without hearing mention of how the Philly fans didn’t appreciate McNabb”

    OK, and all I ask is that you cite examples of that lack of appreciation – beyond the idiots recruited to boo whoever the Eagles drafted as part of a radio stunt.

    Just cite an example. The national media never did. Not once.

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