It’s official: Bears, Vikings, elements

After a few days of uncertainty, the NFL has made it official.  We think.

In a press release issued within the past hour, the NFL declared that the Vikings “will host” the Bears at TCF Bank Stadium, the relatively new home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Not may or might, nor could or should.

“Will host.”

The game will be played on the 29th anniversary of the last outdoor NFL game played in Minnesota.  The Metrodome isn’t available because in the most recent game played there, the final score was Snow 1, Roof 0.

Here’s hoping that the experience is good enough to prompt the powers-that-be to ponder building an open-air stadium, not another dome, in the Twin Cities.

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  1. But if they do that, how will they get any more end-of-the-line QBs? You know those guys like warm cities or domes.

  2. They’ll get a new outdoor stadium because they’ll be able to sell “antifreeze” at that one to fight the chill of late-season home games.

  3. This game is going to be brutal on their bodies. That turf is going to feel like playing on cement.

  4. Its a tough one – Youd like to see them outside – But if you are a season ticket holder it can be tough on Sunday morning knowing you will be outside in sub zero temperatures for as long as 4 hours.

    They need to work on more technology to keep the fans warm without a dome – I know Buffalo has some heated seats that dont always work too well.

  5. joelvis72 says:
    Dec 17, 2010 4:30 PM
    They’ll get a new outdoor stadium because they’ll be able to sell “antifreeze” at that one to fight the chill of late-season home games.


    yeah, its going to be a long cold game w/o it. (the anti-freeze)

  6. ….then they take away the only thing Vikings fans had left. The right to get mucked up in and around the stadium. What’s up with that?

    Suddenly the U of M is a Quaker school or am I missing something?

  7. @highfivefootballfan….I think the roof collapsed because the snow was too heavy on top of what is essentially fabric being held up by air compressors. They should have built an actual roof.

    @obsession55…lets see the twinkies play in 10-20 degree weather. Heck, if you look at their history, it seems that they’ve just begun playing in the summer.

  8. @Obsession55

    You said, “If the Twins can handle playing outside I think the Vikings can! Get rid of that awful dome for good”
    Please tell me the last time the Twins played in below 0 weather.

    Retractable roof and climate control is the ONLY way to go.

  9. gmsingh says: Dec 17, 2010 5:02 PM

    “The frozen fake tundra of TCF Bank Stadium” just doesn’t have much of a ring to it.
    Yeah, but “The Frozen Tundra of The Bank” does, since that’s what everyone around here actually calls the stadium.

    highfivefootballfan says: Dec 17, 2010 4:37 PM

    whatever. the vikings are moving to LA. why do you think the metrodome roof collapsed?
    Are you implying some sort of conspiracy in that the dome was rigged to collapse? If so, that’s going to work in FAVOR of the Vikings STAYING, because it’s added a whole lot of new fuel to the new stadium bill debate.

    nokoolaidcowboy says: Dec 17, 2010 4:47 PM

    This game is going to be brutal on their bodies. That turf is going to feel like playing on cement.
    Actually, according to the U of M:
    “Because the field has been under a blanket of snow and at a constant temperature since last week’s storm, the playing surface is in great shape,” Ellison said. “In fact, because we have not had that constant freezing and thawing that we had prior to the Iowa game [on Nov. 27], the field is actually in better shape today than it was for the Gophers’ season finale against the Hawkeyes.”

    The Gophers played fine on that field that day, these professionals will be fine, stop preemptively whining for them.

  10. Dome or no dome? That should not be the question. The question should be: Should the taxpayers of MN pay over $1 billion dollars at a time when we will have a $6 billion dollar deficit…particularly for a private company to make more money? I say no. It might create temporary jobs….but the economic impact won’t pay back the taxes dollars used before the stadium will need to be torn down and a new one payed for…this after at least 2 renovations. That said, if the Wilf’s think that $1billion for a stadium is a good deal, let them spend the money and make any profits….instead of letting the rest of us eat the cost and the Wilf’s getting all the profits. That said…the economy won’t be severely hurt by having them leave. Any concerts, tournaments, etc., of losing the metrodome is covered by the other venues in Minneapolis, like the basketball stadium and the hockey stadium. In the summer, it could be the Twinkies stadium.

  11. Love watching football in the elements, so not a big fan of domes. But there are pros and cons.

    Although it’s a pittance compared to the cost of a permanent structure, $14 million (probably much more now) is still a lot to pay for potentially fragile inflatable roof. It could have been a disaster if people had been in the stands during the Metrodome roof’s collapse.

    On the other hand, having a covered stadium makes the venue viable for year-round concerts and other activities than football. An inflatable roof on a college stadium like the Carrier Dome increases its year-round earning capacity at a significantly reduced cost. No roof is cheaper than an inflatable roof, but would the stadium earn more with some kind of roofing structure?

    Interior heaters are sufficient to melt the snow buildup on an inflatable roof in typical seasons. But in heavy snows, hoses have to be hauled up to de-ice the structure from the outside. Although rare, workers have died falling through the Teflon-coated material, and–as happened last week–it’s impossible to get workers into place in high winds. Syracuse deflates the Carrier Dome when a major blizzard is expected, but in the NFL, the show must go on … except now the roof is torn and it can’t.

    All these questions have to be weighed in deciding what kind of structure to build. The biggest question for them now is whether they can get the local funding for any structure. It would be a shame for yet another NFL team to be dragged away from a loyal fanbase.

  12. This is good for the rest of the NFC. The Bears will get beat up nice and good on that frozen field limiting their health for the rest of the year. Good, good deal.

  13. I am a Frazier Fan, Viking Fan for my whole life!

    But the Vikings will not play well as a team. The cold weather will not suit them! No matter they will lose to Chicago!

    I think the Vikes will stay in Minnesota! One way or another!

    but they will need to spend the money on a retractable roof!

  14. Bud Grant has been hired as a Cold Weather Guru to offer tips to the Vikings for Monday night.

    Cutler wants an XX Large jersey so he can wear a down jacket underneath.

    He bought a personal gas generator to run a hot air blower on the sideline.

    The Bears are gonna win easily…..Webb will NOT do much vs. Chicago’s defense. 7-0 Chicago victory.

  15. I don’t what’s a bigger joke, this year’s Vikings or the fans who will be forced to endure sub zero weather to watch a 3rd string QB playing for a soon to be in last place team.

    The ticket holders were thinking about staging a protest and staying home but the Vikings wouldn’t even noticed, the fans don’t even buy enough tickets to sell out a playoff game much less a meaningless game at the end of a forgettable season.

    Can’t wait for the half time festivities where they will roll out the 50 greatest (and I use that term loosely) Vikings. Hopefully, they will include Fred Smoot (Capt of the Loveboat), Onterrio Smith (of Whizanator fame) and Carl Eller (better not have the police escort him, he might punch-em again). Mike Tice will be on hand to sell Superbowl tickets (not that the Vikings are going anytime soon) just to round out a night of Viking memories.

  16. Jimmy, you are a tired old man who needs a life away from bashing a team you claim to care less about, go to bed.

  17. dont forget taco-muncher McKinnie or love boat captain chauncey pullpecker

    if they are going to trot these recent overrated vikes out there, they better get favre out there too

  18. The field will be fine, if needed they plan on heating it up!! It is not like this is the first time a team has played on a frozen field. Back in the day they did not have heating elements which meant the players had to suck it up and play on the hard field!! Today’s players are spoiled rotten!
    A lot of you need to know what your talking about before you start spitting off lies!! It would make you sound a heck of a lot smarter if you actually knew the facts!!

  19. Retractable roof, why? They’re always closed!! big time waste of money. Grow a pare Queens fans.

  20. Retractable roofs are a waste of money, I agree. Here in Indiana, the roof is always closed on Lucas Oil Stadium. They should have saved the money and just built the roof, other than that, the most beautiful stadium in the league.

  21. #
    childressrulz says: Dec 17, 2010 6:16 PM

    Just hoping for lots of Bear injuries.

    Your parents must be so proud.

    The sad thing is–this is really the only thing Vikings fans have left to root for, isn’t it, loser?

    Have fun watching the playoffs from home, rebuilding your sucktastic team, and buying a cable package that gets local L.A. programming so you can watch your team continue to not win any Super Bowls.

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