McNabb’s agent tees off on benching

Though the tea leaves have been in place since Sunday, when FOX’s Jay Glazer first reported that Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb could be benched for Rex Grossman, coach Mike Shanahan’s decision to flip the switch from franchise quarterback to a guy with the accuracy of a sawed-off shotgun who has been bouncing around the league since losing his job in Chicago is a stunner.

Count among the stunned McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith.

Disrespectful is probably not strong enough of a word,” Smith told Jason Reid of the Washington Post.  “Donovan has handled himself with nothing but class, not just in Washington but as an ambassador for the league.  To treat him this way . . .  it’s beyond disrespectful.”

Smith says the pattern of disrespect began when McNabb was benched for Grossman late in a Halloween loss to the Lions.

“[I]t really started with Detroit and it was just wrong the way Donovan was treated,” Smith said. “Just the way Mike handled the whole situation in Detroit, and in almost every instance since that time, and this is, I guess, the culmination of that.  I think it’s . . . again, it’s beyond disrespectful.”

If, as Smith believes, this all started on October 31, why did he let McNabb sign a contract extension 15 days later?  Smith’s decision to recommend that McNabb ink a deal that, in essence, pays McNabb $3.5 million in exchange for the Redskins’ ability to decide whether to keep him or trade him until September 2011 suggests to us that Smith was led to believe that the Redskins wouldn’t move on from McNabb after one season.

Smith’s anger suggests that he now knows he was duped.  (Don’t feel bad, Fletcher.  Shanahan lies to everybody.)

With Grossman now at the wheel, the message is that McNabb is available to whoever may want him.  Though the benching necessarily reduces Donovan’s trade value, Shanahan and his son, Kyle, apparently have decided that the time has come to find out whether Grossman could be the starter next year.

80 responses to “McNabb’s agent tees off on benching

  1. What difference does it make? The Skins and Cowboys are both out of the playoff hunt. Why risk an injury to McNabb that could diminish his trade value? If he gets injured seriously in the final three games they get nothing for him. If he’s healthy he has trade value. Maybe Donovan would have been better off accepting that (reported) trade with the Raiders. They seem to be doing OK this year with no one of his caliber at QB.

  2. Shanahan is a disgusting, petty little gnome of a man who has to validate is own manhood by doing underhanded, lowlife crap to people for no other reason than because he can. What a scumbag. I hope Donovan McNabb backhands him across the face on his way out of town.

  3. The worst words any fan can hear…”the time has come to find out whether Grossman could be the starter next year”


  4. Disrespectful? Whatever. In the NFL everyone eventually comes to the point where they can’t get the job done anymore. At that moment respect and courtesy flies out the window. If not your franchise suffers.

  5. I applaud the move. McNabb has been terrible this season and doesn’t deserve to start for anyone.

  6. McNabb has never been a difference maker and has always had limitations as a quarterback. The fact that Shanahan brought in McNabb for the price of a 2nd round pick and gave McNabb a contract extension (really simply a raise in this year’s salary) shows his inability to make a reasonable personnel decision at quarterback.

    Shanahan’s misguided belief that Rex Grossman is a reasonable and/or viable alternative to McNabb is simply confounding and insulting to Redskins fans who deserve better from this franchise.

  7. Well, at the end of the day, you gotta go with Shanny, don’t you? He didn’t puke. Not once. Two Championships.

    And what does “class” have to do with the inability to play? McPukey apparently just isn’t good enough. He’ll have to go elsewhere to be classy.

    You stay classy, McPukey. You and your paid agent.

  8. If Mcnabb isn’t playing up the calibur of not only his contract, but that of an NFL starting QB in general, then he deserves to be benched. You don’t get to start just because of your resume. Play well or you sit. It’s not rocket science. Somebody needs to clue in Mcnabb’s agent.

  9. Hey Fletcher funny how “Disrespectful ” only works one way.
    I seem to remember you client being “Disrespectful” the Eagles by demanding a “financial apology”. How about you have your client stop sulking every time some one dares to say (or do) anything that hurts poor Donny’s feelings.


    Donny was notorious in the Philly area as being money minded. I’m sure that Donny is not as worried about the benching as he is about how much more of a Financial apology he can cry his way to.

  10. Didn’t McNabb lead them to a game tying touchdown in the last game? And then they blew it. Shanahan and son are a disgrace.

  11. For lifelong Cowboys fans, it doesn’t get much better than this. Even in a down season, much has been accomplished:

    1) Wade Phillips is toast
    2) Dez Bryant is a Cowboy
    3) The Redskins prove once again why they suck out loud.

  12. Wow! It looks as if nothing is set in Washingtoon.

    Could it be any worse if they just gutted the whole squad and started over?

  13. AHAHAHA LOL !!!

    In the words of the late Heath Ledger (aka the Joker)

    “And here…we…GO !!!”

    Cue the explosion (or this case IMplosion) sound effect…..

    LMAO, this is great !!!

  14. As a die hard Redskins fan for over 35 years I can honestly admit that this is the by far and away the most dysfunctional franchise in all of sports.

    It’s sad, because the fans are truly loyal. A bit clueless and misguided at times? Sure. But no one can question the loyalty.

    Something tells me that loyalty will be quickly waning…..

    Thank you, Dan Snyder.

  15. Neither McNabb or Grossman are the answer in Washington.

    Consequently, it’s obvious Snyder/Shanahan erred BADLY in trading for McNabb.

    Look for him in MN or SF next season!

    Those two teams don’t mind old, washed-up and/or error-prone quarterbacks (e.g., Favre and Alex Smith).

  16. Anyone remember in ’06 when Grossman played as well as any qb for the first six weeks? What the hell happened there.

  17. mcnabb is a crybaby. gimme a break, donnovan. why do these guys think they’re owed anything? you are owed your paycheck until the day you quit or are cut, nothing more. It’s disrespectful to the rest of the team and to the fans who shell out their hard-earned dough to watch the game if Shanny doesn’t sit this guy down.

    it’s also ridiculous that grossman is the next best thing. i thought the packers were ill-prepared with Matt Flynn the only backup.

  18. “Smith’s anger suggests that he now knows he was duped. (Don’t feel bad, Fletcher. Shanahan lies to everybody.)”

    What and these ultra scummy agents aren’t lying every time they open their mouths as well ?

    You know very well why he recommended McNabb sign that contract. He saw $$ signs entering his own bank account as a result. He didn’t give a sh*t about Donovan or the team.

  19. Please stop with the jokes. My sides are in stitches with the “Shanahan won two championships” lines.

    The only time Shanahan was of any value was when he had John Elway as his QB. After that he wound up driving the Broncos into the dirt.

    Now he’s doing the exact same thing with the Redskins and there’s little chance that Snyder’s going to wake up and stop him from doing it.

    That’s just fine with the rest of the NFC East. Stick to your guns Shanny, and watch your team swirl down the commode.

  20. If Shanahan is seriously considering Grossman as the starter, he should just retire unless he wants to continue coaching a 4-12 team for the next 4 years. Not saying McNabb is much better but everyone knows what Grossman is…you dont need the rest of the season to evaluate him as if he is some rookie with no resume.

  21. “Well, at the end of the day, you gotta go with Shanny, don’t you? He didn’t puke. Not once. Two Championships.”


    Yeah, Shanny has two championships that he won through salary cap cheating. That the league fined them 950k and took away a draft pick for.

    You should probably have written “Not once*. Two Championships*”

  22. Serves him right for saying he would retire if traded to the Raiders. I know–he denies that, but I believe he did. They would have won a few more games with him and he may (i said “may” – before you all gang-up on me)—may have found himself in the play-offs.

  23. Donovan had a couple of big plays once in his career. He is a 7 on a 10 scale and that’s being generous. Its about time he gets the bench.

  24. Nobody cares how classy ( debateable anyway) he is if he can’t play. As an Eagles fan , I can tell you that his ineffectiveness is not an overnight development. The Skins are going to get rid of him in 2 weeks, and will only be on the hook for about 3.5 million. Smith might want to tell his client that if he doesn’t get his head together that his career will be over sooner than later.

  25. I agree McNabb isn’t that good, but is Shanahan trying to get fired? He’s destroying whatever chemistry is on that team. No one is going to want to play for him, free agents aren’t going to come, and ultimately he can’t be effective as a coach. Maybe he’s just trying to get another big buyout?

  26. Was the new contract disrespectful as well? Agent should STFU. McNabb has been pretty bad for the most part this year. It’s obvious that it isn’t going to work out for him here.

  27. Just curious, when mentioning the “accuracy of a sawed-off shotgun” was that supposed to describe Grossman? Because it just as easily could have described McNabb.

    This is much ado about nothing. The oline has been terrible this year so either QB would’ve had problems.

    I heard mentioned that McNabb has lingering injury issues, but judging by the agent’s response that must be window dressing.

    One person had it right–could be neither of these guys is in Washington next year.

  28. As a Bears fan, I wish to send my condolences to all the Redskins fans out there. Once you see “Wrecks Grossman” in action, you’ll be longing for the days of McNabb.

  29. Everyone continually talks about how classy McNabb is in the face of continual “adversity”.

    But no one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room – that McNabb is, at the very best, a slightly better than average QB. And that is really being generous!

  30. Worst, dumbest team ever. The Redskins amaze me at how utterly retarded they can be with their front office moves.

    Such a joke. Grossman? You want to see if he can be the starter? Short answer, hell no. Long answer, hell no way in hell no.

    Good luck Deadskin fans!

  31. McNabb played poor at times, but Grossman over McNabb is outrageous.

    I hope Grossman lays a huge egg against the Boys…I want to see Shanahan squeal like a stuck pig.

  32. So, all of you remember when he was benched for “not knowing the two minute offense and Grossman gave them a better chance to win” ?

    Remember that?

    Well if that was true how comes it didnt happen again last week and Grossman was named the starter then?


    Because Shanahan knew last week that it wasnt the case and isnt the case now.

    Doesn ANYONE here HONESTLY think that Grossman would’ve led them like McNabb did last week in the two minuted drill OR is the better chance to win?

    Please. Shanahan has lost his mind. Its obvious him and Elway shared the same brain (John’s) and when he retired, Shanny showed you how much he had left upstairs. NOTHING.

  33. Kudos to the BALLS of Shanahan. Rush Limbaugh WAS RIGHT!!!

    Admit that Shanahan made a mistake signing McCrap, but he isn’t stubborn (ala Brian Billick) and stay with a mistake at a such an important position.
    That is a sign of a good coach. You are in great hands Washington Redskins. Don’t listen to all the rasists and fire Shanahan.

    Again salute to you Shanahan!! This was long due!

  34. boy did the eagles know when to unload this “load”!!! mcnabb has no balls, and no backbone. being a redskins fan living in south jersey i got too watch mcnabb more than i would have liked, the guy crumbles and disappears when the game is on the line. he plays for a paycheck, like many, and lets you know it during local interviews. mcnabb had to have known every game this year was a job interview for another team, but not know!!

  35. Seems like Shannahan has been trying to find his John Elway, it started after Elway left, Jake Plummer, Brian Griese, now Donovan McNabb. Looks like Shannahan talent evaluation at QB is about the same as Josh McDaniels…We’re all seeing how good of a coach Shannahan is…..Glad he didn’t come to Dallas. Also, even though I’m a cowboys fan, McNabb is being screwed here and Rex Grossman replacing him is a complete slap in the face. This is crazy considering they re-signed him in the middle of the season.

  36. The answer to the contract question is simple.

    Without it, McNabb would be a FA at the end of the season. This way, Washington can attempt to get something for him instead of paying him and letting him go.

    Seems to me to be a smart business decision on the Redskins part, piss poor decision on McNabb’s part!

    Then again, making complex and difficult decisions in the heat of the moment hasn’t always been McNabb’s strong suit, has it…..

  37. I think it’s disrespectful for McNabb to whine about how he was mistreated (benched one half in career) in Philly. Plus, who could forget “authentic” Donnie after his Skins beat Philly in WEEK 4. “Errbody make mistake in they lifetime, and they made one last year, soo…” referring to the Eagles.

  38. flynn is a huge drop off from rodgers. i bet 10 points at least.

    the way mcnabb is playing, grossman isnt a huge drop off. neither is accurate. rex can probly throw the ball a little further.

    i plan on giving the points on that game.

  39. Is Shanny really this power hungry. I’m begining to change my opininon on Big Al. Maybe he is mistreated.

  40. The Redskins deserve both Shanahan and McNabb and Haynesworth. There has to be some fungus in the NFL and the Redskins are it for this year.
    I mean this crap has been going on since training camp.
    1. Yes Mcnab hasn’t put up the numbers but he doesn’t have the skill players he did at Philly so blaime who for that?

    2. Yes Mike was stuck spending a lot of time of one big crybaby disrupting training camp and the game plan in general, blaime who?

    3. Shanahan is only in his first year with a group of players not of his choosing, blaime who?

    4. Yes Haynesworth is a total peice of work and a worthless scum bag of a player who’s getting 100 million, blaime who?

    All the above is basically caused by upper management decisions or lack of control.

  41. as an eagles fan, i have to say…


    consider operation kotite 2.0 complete. we knew he was done being great so we said “here, you take him and we’ll draft future allstar safety nate allen with that pick. no, there’s no catch.”

    there can be no more doubt when we say: we knew what we were doing and we still do.

  42. Snyder has to be rethinking his decision to hire Shanahan. This is the brilliance he has brought to DC:
    1. Traded a 2nd round draft pick for a QB he doesn’t want.
    2. Paid said unwanted QB an extra $3.5 million even though he doesn’t want him.
    3. Changed the defense (which was the one good part of the team last year) from a 4-3 to a 3-4 without having the right players in place for the scheme. (Top ten defense last year has now reached cellar-dweller status).
    4. Brought in a DC (Haslett) to run the 3-4 even though he’s never run a 3-4 defense before.
    5. Paid Albert $21 million rather than trading him even though he knew Haynesworth didn’t want to play in the 3-4.
    6. Gets into a pi$$ing contest with his highest paid player, causing untold drama and a locker room split.
    7. Now there are reports he’s informed McNabb there’s no guarantee he’ll be with the Skins next year.
    Whatever you think of McNabb or Haynesworth, there is no denying Shanahan has taken this team and run it straight into the ground. If I were Snyder, I think I’d cut my losses and get rid of him now, rather than wait until they’re in the basement next year like the Broncos did with McDaniels.

  43. McNabb has no supporting cast….BUT….he’s the one who wanted to pick and choose the team he got traded to…How’s that working out for you Donovan?
    Also,where’s all the HAILERS that said Shanahan and McNabb were gonna take them to the play-offs this year,and the Eagles would be in last place?


  44. Two things in common with rex grossman and donovan mcnabb. Both led their teams to superbowls because of defenses that carried them all year. And what happened in those superbowls? The teams with great QB’s took care of business. This is a QB league and yes defense wins championships in “key moments” but if you don’t have Brady,Manning, Big Ben, or Brees…. Forget about it

  45. Here is the play, kids.

    Shanahan took the job so he could give it to his kid. His kid is not prepared.

    So the plan becomes to wreck the team, start over and therefore give his kid some time to be the head coach.

    Better for Kyle to have a 3-13 team than a 10-6 team. I mean, if the team is at rock bottom he’s guaranteed 4 years of employment. And he would be considered a genius if he went 6-10.

    Mike’s plan was to break the team, and then make Snyder pay his son to fix it.

  46. @meatball13 How the hell can Donovan pick who he’s going to? The Eagles went we can get a 2nd from the Raiders or the Redskins… well he won’t report to the Raiders, so we won’t get our pick, so he got traded to the Redskins.
    And the only reason the Eagles MIGHT go to the playoffs is because of Dogkiller #7. Don’t expect to go far, because your defense gives up too many points, and your offense can’t run the ball for crap.

  47. F this agent tool.

    Send Tawana Sharpton and Rev. Shakedown to protest.


    McNabb is “respected” to the tune of $17 Million …

    The Skins are a complete disaster.

    But the-QB-who-hasn’t-won-jack hasn’t been dissed.

  48. Getting back to the topic of the story, I’m trying to figure out how someone who has been playing sports all his life equates being benched with being “disrespected.” Hey, I’m sure everyone has all the respect in the world for McNabb as a human being, but if you don’t play well in this league you get benched, no disrespect intended, pal, Just business.

    Really, the sense of entitlement this whole idea of “disrespecting” implies is beyond words. Players want to be treated like men—you hear that all the time—but so many of them act like the spoiled children they are.

  49. JSpicoli says:
    Dec 17, 2010 1:42 PM
    Shanahan without Terrell Davis:

    [ ] Winner
    [X] POS


    LMAO !!!

  50. 4sac, I disagree.

    Fletch is anything but that, he totally rolled over in his negotiations with the Skins. That contract he negotiated was 100% one-sided, he sold McNabb down the river and got only an extra $3.5M for all the concessions. Ha!

    He is mad because he then went and LIED about the contract, and when the media jumped all over the Skins for being dumb they jumped all over Smith’s statements and him look like a serial exaggerator.

    Fletch was holding that grudge, waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

  51. I am not a McNabb fan but Shanahan is a train wreck he needs players to put on the field McNabb is the least of his problems this guy and his son should both be fired. Would never had won if not for ELWAY.He sure looks clueless.

  52. Ok I have had enough of these people who have no clue about Rex Grossman. Even the so called experts are clueless. Im a die hard Bear fan and we havent been to the playoffs since Rex left. We made it easily with Rex and we had a minimal offense. Our defense was great but so what. It wasnt legendary or anything it was solid. Rex carried us in more ways then you would ever know. Deep balls to Berrian all day, 40 plus points in first half vs Buffalo a 1st half record a win in the NfC championship. All of you fans that only watch the televised games and sportscenter are clueless. Whn you have watched all his starts can you comment about Rex. He carried us. This year we have a great D and when we played the Giants we were left with no QB and a better D than we had in 06 and we had no chance in the game. Rex wil manage the game, he wil play with heart, and Im sure he wil win. You dont get to a superbowl without being a good player and haveing good energy. The Superbowl loss had very little to do with Rex. The defense let us down, Benson let us down, Ron turner was calling plays, it was raining. Rex had little to do with the loss. You guys are clueless Im sorry. When Rex wins the next 3 remember where u heard it first. Rex is great..Why do u think we havent been to playoffs since him?

  53. Mcnabbs a joke and always has been…Hes awful..He doesnt even care that hes awful thats the worst part

  54. McNabb has always been over-rated.
    Grossman and McNabb have appeared in, and lost, the exact same number of Super Bowls.

  55. Kaz, stop crying. Go watch your ancient history films of the Redskins Super Bowls while the rest of us are watching meaningful football games in December.

  56. Shanahan is a ./…. (you fill in), and don’t worry, what comes around goes around, he thinks he’s GOD. And Shanahan, FYI, God wouldn’t treat somebody like you do!

  57. All you McNabb haters, McNabb has NEVER, as long as I’ve been an NFL’er said anything critical about anybody, so don’t start criticizing the man. He’s been as big a man as anybody in the NFL and I’m not even a Philly or Redskin fan. Vince Young, or any NFL quarterback would learn a lot from McNabb about being a man, PERIOD.

  58. brew…

    “We showed our youth today”

    “Believe me, I’m not the only reason we lost that game”

    “Keep my name out yo’ mouth”

    “Some people make mistakes in they lives, and they made a big one last year”

    “We had the lead when I left the field (against Arizona)”

    Donovan made a career of passive-aggressive throwing of teammates under the bus. Sorry, it’s a fact. If you lived with the man as your QB for a decade you’d know this.

    And if I invest money in the team, I can assess whatever I want to. And so can you.

  59. Most overrated player of all-time. If he would have went to another team and did not have Andy Reid to camoflauge his many weaknesses, he would have been out of the league long ago.

  60. @themage78,let me help you with your reading comprehension….Donovan wouldn’t report to the Raiders,but would report to the Redskins,thus he CHOSE the Skins.
    As for the play-offs,I posed the question to the HAILERS of what happened to the people who said Shanny and McNabb would take them to the play-offs and the Eagles would be in last place,they seem to be very quiet now! I made no mention of the Eagles and the play-offs.
    As for running the ball,how long was that TD run McCoy had against the Giants?Didn’t the Eagles seal the Cowboy game with McCoy running for 4 consecutive 1st downs?
    I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me…..but,disagree with what I wrote about,not with what you think I wrote about.

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