Vince Young drops by Titans locker room

Just a few days after Titans tight end Bo Scaife said Vince Young divided the locker room, VY showed up in Tennessee.  (No word of the locker room parted like the red sea upon his arrival.)

Young was warmly greeted by a number of teammates, but declined to talk to the media.  It was the first time Young was back with the team since a day after his verbal altercation with coach Jeff Fisher after the team’s loss to the Redskins.

It’s unclear why Young was back, but Terry McCormick of speculates it was to get his thumb checked out and that he has a charity event scheduled next week.

It will be interesting to hear if Young speaks with Jeff Fisher while he’s in town.   A possible meeting could go a long way in determining if both men could co-exist any longer in Nashville.

UPDATE: The Titans confirmed through John Glennon of the Tennessean that Fisher and Young didn’t meet.

15 responses to “Vince Young drops by Titans locker room

  1. “Hey guys, check out my new thumb!………Yeah, I know it looks funny, but it works great.

    The only one they could find in my size came from a guy in Norway who fell off a trawler the other day.”.

  2. Maybe he can join Moss on the local radio call-in show bashing publicly bashing the head coach..
    Great example for a young guy like Britt – not

  3. Err, because it’s a Pro Bowl photo?

    Coach Fisher doesn’t have to go to him. He is busy with “team” related matters. Young is a player, he should man up and approach his coach.

  4. elyasm says:
    Dec 17, 2010 4:14 PM
    Why does the right guard for the Titans in the photo above have a Patriots’ helmet on? Weirdest photoshop ever (on PFT).

    Pro Bowl pic

  5. @elyasm

    It is not Titans player. The photo is from the Pro Bowl. I thought it was strange at first too, until I notice the jerseys.

  6. I for one was surprised that VY was placed on injured reserve… maybe the rehab period is longer than I expected for having one’s thumb surgically removed from one’s ass.

  7. @mean13.

    Fact is, VY has saved Fisher’s job twice already. If Fisher is back next season you can make it 3 times because Fisher sunk the season for personal reasons to manipulate the current situation to shuffle blame.

    If VY is a “worthless, washed up turd” what does that make Fisher?

    Look at what a good coach like Andy Reid did with a raw talent like MV. You think a good coach like Reid couldn’t build a solid playoff team with VY? (Go look up the Titan’s record with VY vs. not with VY).

    There aren’t 10 better QBs in the NFL. Fisher has let his ego and his need for authority sour a good player and possibly a franchise.

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