Britt, Moss not expected to play at same time

One day after the strangest off-field Randy Moss story in a season full of them, we’re reminded how inconsequential Moss has become on the gridiron.

Titans ffensive coordinator Mike Heimdinger strongly indicated this week that Moss and Kenny Britt wouldn’t be on the field much at the same time.  That means Moss will likely be watching much of Sunday’s game against Houston on the bench.

“Randy’s really smart, but he’s also on his third [team] this year,” Heimerdinger said via the Tennessean.   “Flipping him to the other side would be a stretch. We’ve tried that with Kenny, and the more we extend Kenny, the worse he plays. As long as we can keep Kenny somewhere and say, ‘Hey, go do this real fast, real hard,’ we’re in better shape.”

It goes without saying that teams find ways to get great players on the field.  The Titans don’t seem to think Moss is great anymore and his stats this season would support that.  (He has 375 receiving yards overall, and only 62 in Tennessee.)

Moss seems fine with the arrangement.

“I don’t have a problem with moving out of the way and making room for Kenny,” Moss said according to  “This is his team, it’s not mine. I’m just here to be a part of it.”

Moss lauded Britt’s work ethic, saying the youngster could make a name for himself.   The 14-year veteran was asked if Britt could one day be another Randy Moss.

“There’s only one Moss,” he replied.

No matter what you think of him, there is no arguing that.

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  1. Moss is being smart. If he wants a job anywhere next year, he has to deal with his current situation professionally.

    As long as he doesn’t alienate the rest of the league, he’ll get a chance to come into camp and fight for a job on even playing field next season.

    Whether he has anything left or not is a separate question.

  2. Yeah, they don’t want to extend Kenny too much by asking him to make sudden turns in his routes and stuff like that. In BOTH directions. Guy is only in his second season after all, his head is full as it is.

  3. what a shame…he could have been the greatest ever…if he had been trying, he would be so close enough to the all time record that breaking it would be inevitable…maybe this will dawn on him after he retires, and he will live the rest of his days regretting what could have been…nah

  4. I wish someone would use a voice synthesizer(or whatever) to prove that was Moss calling in to that show. It sure sounded like him to me, and most people that read this site. If it was, he is more of an idiot than I thought. I mean, I know he’s run over a cop before, been kicked out of multiple colleges and had multiple issues in the NFL. But to call in to a radio show pretending to be a “fan” and rag on your coach? Yeh…that sounds like Randy

  5. There’s no nice way to put it — the Titans have absolutely wasted Randy Moss. It’s almost like they picked him up just to put him on ice. I hope Moss manages to make at least one touchdown reception as a member of the Titans, though I’m not counting on it at this point.

  6. Actually there’s at least one more Randy Moss and he works for the NFLN. And it is proof that someone at the network has a sense of humor because when Chilly got fired which reporter did NFLN send to cover the story at the Vikes facility ? Randy Moss LOL

  7. “There’s only one Moss,”…. yes Randy, I gotta agree with you on that one

    not matter how much of a pain in the ass you eventually turn into but you truly are one of the greats of this game

  8. Another Moss bash fest? The propaganda against Moss on this site amazes me. How hard is this to understand? Randy Moss will be a FA at the end of the year and the Titans are not in the playoff hunt. Kenny Britt only excels at the position that Randy has been learning. Why would the Titans work one of them at a new position for the last few weeks of the season? What’s the upside? Why not play the guys who will be there next year? Moss is probably happy not to risk his body in meaningless games as an impending free agent. It’s a win/win for both sides.

  9. There’s only one Randy – and he’s washed up. And the first one to know it? His initials are B.B. Keep losing, Vikings – that 3rd round pick just gets better and better.

  10. Is it just me, or is Mike Heimerdinger calling Kenny Britt an idiot?

    Just run straight, run hard, and run deep. Don’t memorize any routes, dude. Just go deep!

  11. the coach is a moron.
    So lining Britt and Moss both up on the left doesn’t work.

    problem is the QB’s suck. You cant have 2 guys streaking down the line when the qb cant even find the man over the middle.

  12. Randy say: “There’s only one Moss.”

    That’s for sure. And it’s a good thing!

    Where will Randy be playing next season?
    a. NASCAR
    b. UFL
    c. CFL
    d. Jets
    e. all of the above

  13. Anyone who feels sorry for Moss is a sucker. His statement in Minn. says it all. “I used to eat this way but I have money now.” He is the ultimate, spoiled, selfish player. Goodbye randy.

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