Danny Woodhead knows how to sell Danny Woodhead jerseys

Danny Woodhead has become a fan favorite in New England for fairly obvious reasons.   The fact that his success only serves to annoy Jets fans is an added bonus for most Patriots fans.

Just when you thought Woodhead’s popularity couldn’t get any bigger, the following video was taped.  [Hat tip to NBC’s Off the Bench blog for the head’s up.]

We present Danny Woodhead, selling Danny Woodhead jerseys, mostly to people who have no clue who he is:

53 responses to “Danny Woodhead knows how to sell Danny Woodhead jerseys

  1. “The way the guys ride my ass at work, and you want me to wear a shirt that says WOODHEAD on the back? Jesus, kid, gimme a break…”.

  2. Danny really bucks the stereotype that says short white kids can’t make it as clerks in the industry.

  3. “Thanks kid, but it’s not for me. We just want to nail it to our idiot foreman’s office door as a joke on Monday morning. It’ll crack everyone up.”.

  4. Awesome. The kid really looks like an athletic store salesman, rather than an actual athlete.

  5. Great stuff. He doesn’t even look old enough to play, lol.

    Crap, he looks even younger than Rosenthal.

  6. jesus…kid’s got a future in sales after this. seven jerseys and seven shirts in a little over an hour? that is impressive.

  7. I like this kid, and I think everyone else does too.

    I was in Chadron this summer, had no idea where I was. Had a very nice dinner at the Heritage Grill.

    Always wanted to give that a plug. It was a nice respite in between 6 hour stretches of driving.

  8. I love how he wasn’t good enough to play for the Jets…….but Belichick plucks him off of the waiver wire, and turns him into a star.

    Some teams (Jets) will never admit that some unknown is better than a guy that they spent a high draft choice on. They will keep and play the draft choice, in an effort to make their drafting ability look good. Belichick doesn’t care if you’re a first rounder, or an undrafted free agent, the best player will play. He’s quick to cut his losses with draft choices if he doesn’t think that the guy can play, and he’ll play guys like Woodhead, Guyton, Arrington, and Green-Ellis over them if they show that they deserve it. That’s why Belichick is not only the best coach in the NFL….he’s also the best GM in the NFL.

  9. I would click on the video, but the picture reminded me Elf is on TV right now….


    Laughing. My. Arse. Off.

    He’s an angry elf.

  10. Funny stuff. Looks like the guy you drove around on lunch hour with, smoking doobies and jamming out to some Zeppelin.

    Rock on, Woodhead. Livin’ the dream!

  11. It’d be funny if the Jets traded Woodhead … but it’s even funnier because they CUT him. Read below:

    Associated Press
    NEW YORK — Danny Woodhead’s stay on the New York Jets’ active roster lasted 24 hours.

    The small and shifty running back was waived Sunday, along with punter Reggie Hodges, offensive tackle Mike Kracalik and linebacker Brandon Renkart, a day after coach Rex Ryan got down to the 53-man roster limit.

    (Say what you want about his “hijinx,” but Belichick knows his sh!t when it comes to taking players off the scrap heap and turning them into productive players. That is simply inarguable.)

  12. Productive player. The only tough thing here is that this may mean the end of one of the most clutch Patriots, Kevin Faulk. Kevin never got the credit he deserved and this looks like it.

  13. i wish Danny the best but he wont have more then one good year.

    teams will figure how to stop him

    guess we should have let shone green got instead..

    morons !

    He would have got no touches or limited touches with the Jets..

    So he was let go to have a chance to play ..
    give it a rest..
    the Jets gave the kid a chance to be successful some where else..and he is

  14. He does seem to have this James Franco Pineapple Express/Jeff Spiccoli thing going for him, which is
    funny as ab%st#rd. He also just seems like a high
    school/freshman college kid just trying to make. LOL.

    Man, never ceases to amaze me how many people
    actually hate the Pats as well. Lotta haters out there.

    Love it.

  15. #
    bspn2 says: Dec 18, 2010 10:28 PM

    It’s too bad he plays for an organization that prides itself on cheating.
    Dude! Your outta touch. Woodhead’s not playing for the JEST’s anymore.

    Woodhead is a riot in the video. Seems like a nice guy and he IS a valuable player. Hope he has a great career.

  16. That’s good stuff. Woodhead seems like a cool dude, and one to root for (even if he plays in NE).

    The Pats are cornering the market on undersized, white slot WR’s and RB’s. If they had Amendola, they’d have a near monopoly.

  17. #CKL says: Dec 19, 2010 5:02 AM

    “Also, I think I know who hobartbaker is…robert ethen.”

    I believe you’re right, he cracks himself up with his little “skit” posts.

  18. Jetfans….He was cut and Downy was put on the roster! Really? You don’t have a clue!
    Great pick up by Belichick!!! This kid will have a real future in New England… He’s already a folk hero around NE!
    Proof that it’s not the size of the dog theory!

    How’s that McKnight guy working out?

  19. How can you NOT like this kid and wish him well?..Having watched “Hard Knocks” Woodheads few seconds on there was the most impressive thing I saw!…I was shocked when he was waived …others could have been wavied to keep him. Foolish move on the Jets part.
    This kid is Fun to watch and equally impressive. As far as the comparisons go…..its a little to early to be crowning him the new “whoever” the NFL can be a dangerous place when people eventually figure you out!…Lets wait and see ,but for now best of luck Danny…You deserve it.

  20. Woodhead has brought such an energy to this team. He plays his a$$ off, and plays with more heart than guys twice his size. He’s added so much to this offense, he can run, block, get open for a short throw, you name it. His acquisition reminds me so much of Wes Welker’s!

    And kudos again to Bill Belichick for seeing and grabbing another gem tossed aside by a division rival. Any Jets fan had to wonder on that Monday night what Belichick saw that Ryan and the Jets missed. Number 39 hasn’t look so good in many years, Danny; thank you!

    And thank you, Rex Ryan, for being too stupid to see the potential in Wodhead that Belichick saw.

  21. gojets said:
    “i wish Danny the best but he wont have more then one good year.

    teams will figure how to stop him

    guess we should have let shone green got instead..

    morons !”

    I didn’t realize that it was a Shonn Greene or Danny Woodhead choice for the Jets? You are the idiot for trying to portray it that way.

    Grren also has 1 td against Woodheads 5 TDs so maybe Green can pick up some tips from Woodhead while he is figuring him out. Jets players will have tons of time to watch that film during the playoffs.

  22. Some of you forget that the Jets did this to the Pats first. The Mangina knew the Pats were targeting him so he grabbed him first on draft day. Ryan was a dolt for thinking he could drop Danny to waivers and not have him get snagged by Belichick. As a Pats fan, I love that the Pats are owning the Jets, but what makes it better is that its being done with Woodhead as a star. How’s Ladanian working out for ya?! Enjoy his early production, because he disappears the closer you get to January.

  23. That’s terrific. And listen to those people. “Nah, she loves Wes Welkah.” “He’s too small.” (Ouch.)

    Love these types of guys. He plays cause he loves it.

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