Jags get rousing sendoff to Indy

As the Jacksonville Jaguars headed out to Indianapolis for one of their biggest regular-season games in franchise history, an impressive number of fans showed up to see them off.

According to the folks at Big Cat Country, more than 2,000 came to Everbank Field as the team started on their trek to Indiana.

The Jaguars will capture an unlikely AFC South crown with a win on Sunday.  Not bad for a team that was stuck in the basement when the Colts, Titans, and Texans each were 5-2, with the Jags winning only three of their first seven games.

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  1. Wish them luck. Great to see them rounding the corner. Only wish Kampman could be a part of it, he deserves it.

  2. 2,000 people.

    About the same number of people who go to their games.

    Insert tons of Jax homers here claiming they’ve had no blackouts when they have tarps all over the place and most of their club level seating people look just like empty seats.

    Jacksonville has never beaten Indy twice in a season and won’t this year either.

    Oakland could end up being the game that puts Indy out of the playoffs.

  3. puddinpouch says: Dec 18, 2010 1:32 PM

    Wish them luck. Great to see them rounding the corner. Only wish Kampman could be a part of it, he deserves it.

    Don’t even mention anything about injuries it’s not even close. Is 7-6 rounding the corner? haha.

    Even if they DO make the playoffs they are a one n done special just waiting to happen.

    They have won lucky most of the year… luck runs out eventually.

  4. The Jags are not ready for primetime players. They coughed up a huge fur ball against the Giants in a road game they should have won…but didn’t. They’re not going into Indy and beating a proud Colt team.

  5. adx321 stop being such an ass. The Jags were supposed to be a 4-12 team who didn’t have the coaching staff or personnel to win this year and they’ve beaten the odd and shown a lot of guts to get where they are, so go whine about how unfair your injuries are to someone else.

  6. @adx321

    What are you implying by saying “don’t even mention anything about the injuries it’s not even close?”

    BS!!!!! The Jags are just as injured as the Colts. Their best defensive player is out-for-the-year, their starting Safety is out, their #1 WR has been out for several weeks off-and-on with a lingering high ankle sprain, Their kick returner missed half the year, their punt returner is on IR, their starting RT is out-for-the-year, their #2 QB is out-for-the-year…..I could keep going.

    Don’t think that if the Colts make the playoffs, that they won’t be one-and-done!

  7. The Jags are an impressive young team with a bright future. Unfortunately the future ain’t here just yet, the Colts will win this one. But this season signals the beginning of the end of the Manning era. Yes he will play for 4 or 5 more years, but the Colts are on the verge of becoming a perennial 8 or 9 win team.

  8. I don’t have a horse in this race, but personally I think Jax is going to bloody Indy’s mouth good tomorrow.

  9. Jags lead the league in most players on IR. Yet everyone talks about the Colts being more injured. This guy even thought the Jags were only 7-6.

    I’m proud of the Jags, good for them. They are quietly saving their franchise slowly but surely and now it looks like it’s obviously going to be either the Vikings or Chargers who go to L.A.

    That’s a big step you can’t argue. If Jags make the playoffs everyone thinks they’ll be one and out but they get a home game. I don’t see them losing at home against a team like the Jets. The Jags beat the Jets IN New York/NJ last year when they were a worse team! Remember MJD falling down at the 1 on purpose? Pissed off every fantasy owner that he had to apologize for playing the game right hahaha.

    Only teams that I think definitely would beat the Jags are obviously the Patriots, the Chargers and… that’s it actually. I think the Jags can beat the Ravens in Jacksonville (where it would be.) In ’07 they were the first team ever to beat Pittsburgh twice in Pittsburgh included in the playoffs (I think the Steelers are a lesser team and the Jags are a better one since that time.) KC? That’s a close one due to match ups. KC won earlier in the year in Arrowhead but David Garrard didn’t play so who knows.

  10. ADX321: Your just mad because the Colts suck. They are going down while the Jags are going up. Peyton Manning can only make up for so much bad drafting, and it finally has caught the colts. Before you trash talk attendance you should know that the Colts sell Personal Seat Licenses, so the stadium is sold out no matter how many fans show up for now, but the decline of Peyton Manning and the gang is gonna make people rethink those expensive PSLs, which is probably why there are AT LEAST 1000 tickets for sale on your local craigslist alone during a MAJOR GAME FOR THE PLAYOFFS DURING EVERYONE’S HOLIDAY BREAK, that way a JAGS fan like myself could sit anywhere I wanted in your over sized sissy factory, along with countless other tickets available in any website that sells tickets. Not a REAL sellout like in New England or Pittsburgh where you cannot get a seat in an important game, since as a real fan of my team I attend some important away games as well and know this from experience. But that is ok, your team will lose on Sunday, you will make up another lame batch of excuses, I will enjoy a nice first round home playoff game, and you can spend the postseason working on your garbage WordPress page. I think someone named techguy should do a little more than stick to a basic theme in WORDPRESS before he goes off criticizing other people for their technical knowledge, but what should I expect from someone who is such a TECHGUY that he uses his skills at home as he cannot get paid for them somewhere else. You should go work on curing obesity in Indianapolis, or at least train some of your citizens to block for Manning and pick them up as undrafted free agents next year. Go Jags.

  11. Jags have always been regular season tough guys that melt in the playoffs like a snowman in the desert. Even if they win the division Jags will be one and done.

  12. Brag about your two years of big attendance numbers, they will continue to dip with the teams performance. After all , you guys showed what world class fans you are with the INDIANA PACERS. They were perennial finalists and as soon as Regiie Miller left, so did your fans. He set the stage for Peyton Manning and the colts little run in INDY, and when Manning leaves, so will the colts fans. Never mind that before Lucas Oil Stadium you were dead last in attendance every year. And go ahead and blame the venue size, but clearly venue size shouldn’t matter right? Jags average 62,000+ a game, about 4000 people less than the colts, and about 6000 more than the colts best day at the RCA dome. Take away PSLs which would adjust for the fact that the colts operate off of sales numbers and not turnstile numbers, and all of a sudden your argument looks pretty dumb really. In 2008 the Colts finally out drew the jags with their new stadium, by 1200 people. WOW. So your stadium has more general admission than ours allowing you to out sell us FINALLY. 3 years EVER the INDIANAPOLIS Colts have outsold the Jags, these three most recent years, when the jags have been turning the corner.

  13. since when harrison? LOL they’ve only been in the playoffs in ’07 recently… and they went INTO Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers for the second time IN Pittsburgh… IN Freezing temperatures (the first game was a snow game) and became the FIRST team EVER to do so twice in Pitt in the same season. After that they lost to the Pats but who doesn’t lose to the Pats in the later rounds? You obviously-like the majority of America-have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to small town teams like Jacksonville. No one cares about that town and their team and somehow everyone thinks they know all about that town and their team, it’s hilarious really.

  14. Why can’t anyone admit that the colts aren’t going anywhere this season? Even if they do make the playoffs…they lose in the first round.

  15. There are no PSL’s in Indy. Have been a season ticket holder since 1995 and never paid anything but the price of the tickets. Make sure you know what you are talking about before opening you mouth and removing all doubt about how smart you are not. Go Colts smack those kitties.

  16. adx32169men

    PSLs in Indy? That has never been. Can’t get your head on straight. That erroneous statement and your unfortunate breathless stream of consciousness lead me to believe you must be a closet Pats fan.

  17. goatcheez says:
    Dec 18, 2010 3:03 PM
    Jags lead the league in most players on IR.

    Goatcheez: They are up there, but they do not lead the league in players on IR. They have 13.

    Here is a list for teams with over 10 players on IR.

    Houston: 15
    Carolina: 14
    Green Bay: 14
    Jacksonville: 13
    Cincinnati: 13
    Detroit: 12
    New England: 11
    New York Giants: 11
    Indy: 11
    Miami: 11
    Buffalo: 11
    Tampa Bay: 10

    I got this info per this list, which was updated today:


  18. Wanna know how weak this division is? If the Titans win out (with wins over Indy, Houston, and KC) and the Jags lose out, the Titans win the division.

  19. #
    jerranamo says: Dec 18, 2010 3:52 PM


    Which meltdown in the playoffs are u referring to?

    How about every one of the few appearances they have

    They’ve won nothing.

    They are a perennial chest thumper who never actually backs up anything they say.

    Every year it’s THIS YEAR WE… blah blah blah

  20. Im not normally one who talks trash, but, the jaguars fans sure aren’t, 2 months ago they were ready to fire del rio and let the team pack up and move, but now since theyv’e ran into a short streak of good luck, those same fans think there the best thing in football, but after today there will be a lot of disapointed jag fans once the colts beat them, and at the end of the year, if the jags don’t make the playoffs, it will be back to the norm of fire del rio and let the team pack up and move on

  21. qb19 says:
    Dec 18, 2010 10:43 PM

    Wanna know how weak this division is? If the Titans win out (with wins over Indy, Houston, and KC) and the Jags lose out, the Titans win the division.

    There’s only one problem with your scenario. If the Colts beat the Raiders they would have a better record than the Titans.

  22. @nesuperfan
    from Adam Schefter

    Each season is a war of attrition.This season, some teams have been able to withstand multiple injuries. As of Wednesday morning, no team in the league had more players on injured reserve than the Jacksonville Jaguars, who had 16. That makes what the Jaguars have accomplished this season even more impressive. They are trying to become the first team since the 2002 Titans to sweep the season series from the Colts. But the Jaguars are hardly the only team that has had to combat a huge loss of manpower. The Colts, Lions and Bengals each have placed 15 players on injured reserve. The Packers and Dolphins have 13 players on injured reserve. And the Patriots, Buccaneers, Bills and Panthers each have placed 12 on injured reserve. It’s impressive that the Packers, Dolphins, Patriots and Buccaneers could lose that many players and still rack up so many wins. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, some teams’ health has contributed to their winning ways. The Bears, Falcons and Raiders have been the healthiest teams in the league, each placing only three players on injured reserve. No wonder their seasons have gone so well.

  23. suuupahstah, Thanks for the update. I trust your source more. Having lost 12 players, my Pats are pretty amazing to have overcome that so well.

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