Jets get third visit of the year from league office

On the field, the Jets are having a good year that’s possibly turning bad.  Off the field, the Jets are having a bad year that’s possibly turning worse.

Four days after NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT that the league office wouldn’t be investigating the Jets regarding the circumstances surrounding the placement of strength coach Sal Alosi’s knee into the path of Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll, representatives of the league office were at the Jets’ facility, investigating that situation.

We heard on Thursday that a visit was coming on Friday, and Jane McManus of reports that a visit indeed occurred on Friday.

It’s the third time this year the league office has visited the Jets.  The first came after the Ines Sainz situation.  Next, Jenn Sterger.  Now, it’s the Alosi alignment.  Or the Westhoff Wall.  Or the Ryan’s Lyin’.

Either way, the Jets continue to get the league office’s attention.  The Jets, however, have yet to incur the league office’s wrath.  League insiders are curious as to whether that will ever happen.

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  1. The Jets, however, have yet to incur the league office’s wrath.
    That’s because the only incident that has to do with football is the last one. I don’t see how the league will do anything about this either. The Jets fined and suspended the guy. Unless the league finds somebody retarded enough to say something like “_______ told Alosi to …” then what is the point? All thre “incidents” are management/leadership issues that go back to before Ryan. Sometimes it just seems the league investigators have nothing better to do.

  2. Funny how the Jets get away with everything and Goodel used to be employed by them.
    They rank right up there with the Titans and Steelers as the dirtiest teams in the League but the Team everyone seems to hate is the Pats. The same team that won 66% of their games before spygate and 75% since. Like it really was some sort of advantage.
    Just a bunch of crybabies that can’t admit how great BB and Brady are.

  3. The league will do nothing to a big money market team like the losing jets ! ESP.. a New York team. Are you kidding !

    Of course, if is was the Patriots. Well there winning ways are just bad for business. The jealousy and animosity toward them is HIGHLY apparent. So I’m sure they would be making it sound bigger and more dramatic if it was the Patriots. It has been ‘hysterical’ and ‘point making’ to see the jets and outside media weakly try an attempt to do just that.


  4. Rex Ryan is lying through his teeth about this thing. I think lining up the coaches on the sideline was not a particularly egregious offense (the tripping was). But now that he’s lied to everyone concerning his role in it, the league has no choice but to look into it and dole out a suitable punishment against his sloppy fat, lying arse.

  5. What about the illegal camp Sanchez ran in the offseason? Not one word was said publicly about that either.
    They’ve been linked with other stuff since Goodell has come to power and nothing has come of it. I can’t prove anything of course, but it does raise suspicions. The only thing they’ve been whacked for is Favruh running his mouth about his injury. And Favruh being wronged >>>>Goodell’s old employer. 😀

  6. Whomever represented the league, I hope the first words out of their mouths were:

    “WHO was the guy who dropped a shoulder towards Carroll, and WHEN can we talk to him …. in PRIVATE?”

  7. My guess is that Son of Buddy has a far bigger set than the league commissioner. Somebody needs to deflate windbag Ryan. If not the G man, then who? Bill B and Tommy Brady will just have to hammer Rexy into the ground.

  8. what about the jets ignoring league protocol and publicly accusing the Pats of doing the same thing?

    will the jets ever be punished for anything? what kind of example is it for they young nfl fans o see a team cheat, then get away with it b/c they cant stop lying?

  9. “I don’t see how the league will do anything about this either. The Jets fined and suspended the guy. Unless the league finds somebody retarded enough to say something like “_______ told Alosi to …” then what is the point? ”

    First off, why wouldn’t the league impose it’s own fine and suspension? If the Jets fine Alosi, the money just goes back to the Jets. How is that a punishment to the team? Look at it this way, if a Jets CB lays a helmet to helmet hit on an opposing player, the Jets can’t negate a league-imposed fine by first fining the CB themselves.

  10. Let’s see, An illegal passing camp, sexually abusing a reporter, employee of the team aiding a pervert to sexually abuse multiple women, a wall to trip opposing players, but nothing is done to the Jets. Even Pats haters know if these charges were brought against the Pats, they would lose all their draft picks for the next two years.
    This, along with all the fines the league is handing out for hits they sell on videos, making the Bears and Vikings play on a minor league field, that is frozen. No safety issues there.
    How does this guy Goodell keep his job?

  11. They also got away with tampering with D. Branch a few years back. Now that they have a former employee as Commish, its carte blanch on the cheating.

  12. I will admit I dislike the jets the stench they leave in Giant Stadium is horrible

    But beside that 3 visits in one year me thinks something is rotten in the Meadowlands and its not the bodys rotting in the swamps

  13. This was actually the fourth visit.

    On the third a representative from the league lost and found brought to the JETS what he believed to be Braylon Edwards’s arms and hands.

    Turns out they were the arms and hands from a mannequin; they proved to be way to flexible for those Braylon lost.

  14. The low class little brother of the NY Giants strikes again. If they don’t get their act together, they aren’t going to make anything of themselves. We keep telling them, but they don’t listen. Good luck fat boy, hope you’re season doesn’t disintegrate into the ether.

  15. The league investigation on Friday was cut short by a fire alarm, triggered when Rex Ryan’s pants caught on fire.

    I think the Jets can still salvage the season however if the Eagles pull a “Colts” in the last game and sit all their starters.

  16. The funniest part is watching the anger, as Jets fans realize ……….that after all is said and done……they’re still Jets fans. Bwwwahahahahahahaha!!!

  17. It is obvious Goodell doesn’t hold the Jets to the same standards as he does the rest of the league. The Jets should be penalized for their dirty behavior and also for lying and Goodell should be removed from his posit if he can’t rule fairly!!

  18. Effing jets got it real bad.

    Serious ugly stepsister to Giants….No championships for 43 years, not even close.

    Ridiculously lowest # of playoff wins in AFC East w/Buffalo putting them to shame.

    Not to mention, nothing more than a mosquito to great franchises like Pitts & NE….as well as a fan base that KNOWS that doom will fall on their laps.

    Pitiful..NFL’s laughingstock

  19. It’s seems like it’s Goodell’s dream to have the Jets win a Super Bowl. He has proven over and over that he’s going to come down hard on other AFC teams at every opportunity, while simultaneously ignoring the same behavior from the Jets. It’s beyond a perception at this point, the NFL has proven that they cannot be impartial when it comes to the Jets, but fortunately the Jets will always be the Jets so even with all of Roger’s special favors they’re still losers, cheaters and frauds.

  20. we got fined for not reporting Favre on the injury report..

    all these incidents are by individuals not the team
    the individuals were punished or not based on the leagues findings..

    freaking Jet haters..

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