Coughlin defends decision not to use hands team

The turning point of Sunday’s Miracle at the New Meadowlands arguably came immediately after a 65-yard catch-and-run by Eagles tight end Brent Celek cut the New York lead from 31-10 to 31-17 with more than seven minutes to play.

The Eagles opted to try an onside kick.  The Giants opted not to use their hands team.

“We talked about the onside kick as a possibility,” coach Tom Coughin said after the game.  “We didn’t put our hands team in there, no.  There were still seven and a half minutes to go and they were down two scores, so we didn’t think it was necessary to do that at that time.  There was no reason for us not to make a better play on the ball.  We didn’t have anybody even around the ball.”

They didn’t make a better play on the ball because, as the replays showed, the men on the front line were dropping into position to set up the return as the Eagles were executing the onside kick.

“The upside is to try to get field position for your offensive team,” Coughlin said. “Seven and a half minutes to go, let’s have a return and position — we had been doing a good job returning. . . . However, all people up front, again, were told to watch out for the onside kick.”

Again, they didn’t.  And when the Eagles recovered the ball, it set the stage for a comeback win for the ages.

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17 responses to “Coughlin defends decision not to use hands team

  1. Coughlin later stood on the field yelling at the punter. When the coaches call a bad play, do the players get to yell at the HC in front of 60,000 people?

  2. Ooooh! I haven’t seen this game yet. And now you’ve spoiled some of it for me!

    Tuesday night. NFL Replay. Watch it or DVR it!

  3. The guy is lieing through his teeth. We all seen how he reacted after the onsides. He face was blood shot red. He was screaming at his special teams corridinator for not using a hands team and being ready for the onsides kick. So how is he gonna defend not using one?

    The guy is full of $hat we all know that he wanted his hands team out there and the fact that he’s lieing about it after we all seen him say other wise on tv is sad.

  4. “There were still seven and a half minutes to go and they were down two scores, so we didn’t think it was necessary to do that at that time. ” Ummmm why wouldnt they at that point?

  5. This team wins despite the head coach. The coordinators do the job, not Coughlin. He doesn’t call plays at all. Fewell calls the D and Gilibride calls the O. The problem is if you bring in another coach, he’s gonna want his guys and the coordinators are doing a bang up job for the most part, so you’re stuck with Coughlin.

  6. fire that old man. he is not thinking fast enough to outsmart younger coaches. gilbride and coughlin go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. if it aint broke dont fix it.

    giants were running the ball great the last couple of games with subsitute o-linemen. BUT today the olde brain coughlin puts back ohara who has missed many weeks as starting center and diehl another now liability back at tackle.

    and today when giants were expected to run THEY WERE UNABABLE TO as the giants oline was being overpowered all day by the eagles dline.

    coughlin is too olde. he hasnt a clue.

    fire this old man now!

  8. Funny I was in the stands and knew it was going to happen
    As did most of the fans around me
    Do not understand why the ones getting paid to coach did not see it

    The Giants screwed up as a fan who braved the cold
    Thanks for nothing

    I have defend TC in the past but after that Giant mess get rid of him the Special teams coach and anyone else who was part of the mess

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