DeSean Jackson: When I dropped the ball, I panicked

DeSean Jackson provided one of the NFL plays of the year with his 65-yard punt return as time expired to lead the Eagles over the Giants today. But he could have provided one of the blunders of the year.

Jackson initially muffed the punt at the 35-yard line, and if the Giants had been able to cover it, they would have had time for a long field goal attempt or a Hail Mary, and it could have been the Giants winning the game on the last play. Jackson said after the game that he was scared for a split second when he dropped the ball, but he actually thinks it put him in a better position to find a path to the end zone.

“When I dropped the ball, I panicked real quickly,” Jackson said at his post-game press conference. “It was probably a good thing because when I panicked I was able to locate the ball and it was maybe a foot or two away from me and when I grabbed the ball I went one way and when I looked up I saw a crease and I just shot through that crease. I made a couple of little moves and I saw someone try to take a dive at me so I kind of just kicked my feet up and from there.”

While Jackson was the game’s hero, he knows that Giants punter Matt Dodge was the goat for kicking the ball to him. Giants coach Tom Coughlin chewed Dodge out on the field after the game.

“Somebody told me that Coach Coughlin ran on the field and tried to get his kicker because he was just so pissed that his kicker punted the ball to me,” Jackson said. “That just shows how mad he was at that punter.”

In the future, it’s probably safe to say that every punter who plays the Eagles will be instructed to kick the ball away from Jackson.

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21 responses to “DeSean Jackson: When I dropped the ball, I panicked

  1. No need to panic, MeSean. No chance Lurie won’t pony up after that play. Andy should also get a nice bonus for that Eskin slam at the press conference.

  2. Where are all the loudmouthed Giants fans who posted, on the site, earlier in the week??

    Suck it Trebek!

  3. LMAO @ Giants.

    I hate DeSean and the Eagles, but beating the Giants like that was just hilarious to watch on my big screen.

    I have been laughing all day long.

  4. vtboarder,

    What did Reid say about Eskin? I didn’t get to watch the press conference.

    On another note, DeSean and Andy seem VERY close. They’re always joking around with each other, and always seem near each other in the locker room. He’ll be allowed to keep acting how he acts until Big Red tells him to knock it off. I don’t really think he was showboating all too much on the end play. Gotta run that clock out. Don’t want to have to kick off and give the opponent a chance to run it back and tie the game.

  5. It does NOT matter who the returner is. That amount of time left you NEVER kick it to the guy. There is no upside, only downside. You ALWAYS kick it out of bounds, even if a 30 yard kick. That’s H.S. football 101

  6. haha cue the racists or the haters to come complain about Desean

    he needed to run out the clock, or thought he did so he ran around.. of course they will try and spin that


  7. Michael, Michael, Michael! The last six minutes of that game after the first 54 minutes when the Giants controlled the game is just incredible.

    Yes, Desean dropped the ball but as it turned out the drop and subsequent recovery helped to stratify the kick off coverage allowing a seam to open up. Just like they wrote it up!

  8. Um….all of you that want to rationalize Jackson’s showboating by saying he wanted to run the clock out?

    The clock expired when Jackson was approaching the 20 yd line on the return.

    I know this because you can clearly see Coughlin at the top of the frame slamming his play sheet down in disgust as Jackson passes right in front of him.

    Good times, Rusty.

  9. He said he was thinking about running the clock out. He’s 2x as fast as anyone else on the field, but not fast enough to look at the 0:00.

    if anything he left style points on the field by running along the goal line.

  10. Instead of Coughlin going after his punter after the game he needed to go and yell at the 4 guys who missed tackles allowing jackson to score like he did. That was pathetic special teams defense.

  11. Jackson is only the 2nd player in history to have a Receiving TD, Rushing TD, and Punt Return TD in each of his first 3 seasons in the League.

  12. Like Deion said the fumble did help out Desean. When the Giants players saw the ball on the ground they all got out of there lanes to try to make a play on the ball. Which made it possible for the Eagles to make a great seal for Desean to run through.

    If that ball wasnt put on the ground the Giants would have mantained lane discipline which would have made it impossible for the Eagles to create that great seal which would have made it 10 times harder for Desean to find a crease.

    If that ball didnt hit the ground there would have been no way for that hole in the middle to open up like that.

  13. Run Forrest Run !
    I was screaming just watching the TV.
    Jackson has a rocket gear… there was a point where
    he might not have been able to get separation and he just exploded through the crack and wen to warp speed…. and as far as show boating…. no…. that was very smart football… like the time brian westbrook took a knee at the two yard line instead of scoring to run the clock out (which cost me my fantasy game).
    Jackson was looking at the jumbotron, the clock, and updating his twitter feed he was so alone at the end of that run.
    Hey Giants fan… how’d that taste ?

  14. C’mon folks…why dont we just state it plain and simple…the Giants thought the game was over up 31-10 with 8 minutes to go and just started coasting..the Eagles never stopped playing..the end result probably cost a punter and coach their jobs. The whole defense should be ashamed of up 28 points in 8 minutes is pathetic..First Cliff Lee and now this…Start spreadin the news, New York…you aint nuthin’

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