Healthy scratch of Bo Scaife raises eyebrows

Included among the list of inactive players in Tennessee today was tight end Bo Scaife, who did not appear on the injury report at any point this week.

Scaife recently said that the locker room was “divided up” over quarterback Vince Young, a contention with which Charley Casserly of CBS disagreed during The NFL Today.  Per Casserly, the notion of a rift is overblown, and most players on the team support coach Jeff Fisher’s decisions and actions regarding Young.

Fullback Ahmard Hall could be the next healthy scratch, based on his comments regarding Young’s recent visit to practice.  “A lot of guys were happy to see him,” Hall said, per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “Everybody loves him.  He’s still a part of this team.  He’s one of our leaders.  We support him.  Everyone sees that.  When he comes here, everybody is smiling and joking around with him.  That’s the energy he brings to the team.”

Whether Young brings his energy to the team in 2011 depends on whether coach Jeff Fisher can be persuaded to let him — and whether Fisher even remains the head coach.

2 responses to “Healthy scratch of Bo Scaife raises eyebrows

  1. a few weeks ago there was an article about how jared cook had earned more playing time, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Also, jeff fisher said throughout the week that they would be trying to work young guys in at a couple positions to see what they can do. Probably seeing what they have in cook so they can get rid of the overrated scaife

  2. This has nothing to do with Young. NFL teams don’t run their business like 13 year old girls run their sleepovers.

    1) The Titans chose to go with extra depth on a banged up DL.

    2) The Titans are over loaded at WR/TE.

    3) Scaife has underperformed and made crucial mistakes (drops, fumbles) in key spots all year.

    4) Cook has played better and earned the nod.

    I don’t think Scaife will be complaining about contracts anymore. He’s a classic case of not taking the bird in hand when he had the opportunity.

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