Jets escape Pittsburgh with big win

The Jets still have plenty of fight left in them, and the Steelers still have to fight to win their division, after the Jets went to Pittsburgh and won a thrilling game, 22-17.

It was a game that went down to the very last play, with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger throwing incomplete into the end zone with no time left on the clock. To get to that point, Roethlisberger had marched the Steelers 82 yards down the field, using his feet to buy time and pick up a 22-yard run, and his arm to make several big passes, including one to Emmanuel Sanders for a 29-yard gain on a crucial third-and-24. But as close as the Steelers got, they couldn’t pull it out in the end. Roethlisberger had three near misses in the end zone in the game’s final seconds.

Brad Smith got things started for the Jets by returning the opening kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. The Steelers answered in the second quarter with a 16-play, 96-yard drive that culminated in a nine-yard touchdown pass from Roethlisberger to Matt Spaeth to make the score 7-7, and that was the back-and-forth nature of the game: The Jets took a 10-7 lead, then the Steelers made it 10-10. Rashard Mendenhall scored a two-yard touchdown to make the score 17-10, then Mark Sanchez scored a seven-yard touchdown to make it 17-17.

But the Steelers failed to answer when a Jets field goal made it 20-17, and then Jason Taylor tackled Mewelde Moore in the end zone for a safety to make it 22-17.

This was a game that had everything — except a last-second touchdown, as the Steelers’ final drive came up just short. As Jets coach Rex Ryan walked off the field, he shook hands with Steelers players and coaches and said, “You know we’ll play again.”

If the Jets and Steelers do meet again in the playoffs, NFL fans can only hope it’s as good a game as we got today.

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  1. c’mon dolphin fans and J-E-T-S haters where you at ……playoffs??? bring it on… were in it to win it J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS… see you next year dolphins fans good luck in the draft lmao

  2. This was the worst I have seen the refs in a while. No pass interference calls on so many plays I stopped counting. I am not one to complain much, but this game was a disgrace by the officials. they should be ashamed of the job they did…it was absolutely disgusting. shows you how badly Goodell wants the Jets in the playoffs.

  3. Mark,
    Thanks for showing us jet fans that you can play in awful weather, against an excellent team, and prove yourself to be a QB who can win tough games.
    From all jet fans, thanks

  4. Well, tough game to lose but thrilling to watch for any fan. Congrats to the Jets. The Jets seemed to do a lot of miss-direction and motion-type offensive plays which seemed to fool us a number of times.

    The officiating was downright horrible. It has been pathetic and is just getting worse as the season rolls along. Bad calls, missed calls, phantom calls, what a shame. I do think they went both ways, but still too many bad and non-calls. Not that it mattered but it sure looked like Sanders was interfered with on the incompletion going into the right side at the end, and either Sanders or Brown was being held when Spaeth missed the last pass. And there seemed to be some questionable first down rulings in favor of the Steelers (but not on a 4th down play so they may have made them anyway). Again, no excuse made for the outcome, but GODell had better start addressing this situation as much as he is addressing the illegal hits.

    Can’t wait until Thursday night.


  5. A major personal foul call on Ryan Clark with no helmet to helmet contact and an outrageous personal foul on Flozell Adams for touching someone’s facemask in a multiple player scuffle. Meanwhile, two “missed” interference call against the Jets and a holding call which prevented a touchdown.

    Further confirmation that anyone who voices dissent will be punished severely by the league.

  6. Worst performance from the Steelers … horrible. Both sides of the ball (where was that “dreaded” Steelers defense? These guys made Mark Sanchez look like he BELONGED out there!). Roethlisberger was attrocious.

    I hate rooting for the Steelers as much as the next guy, but when they’re playing the Jets, I want to see the Jets humiliated.

    Nope, because the Steelers sucked, I have to hand it to the Yets; they played a good game.

  7. The Groundhog saw its shadow. Here come the Jets fans with their fantasy that this is not a one and out playoff team.

  8. Just goes to show the the steelers can get screwed by goodell even without polamalu. The helmet-to-ball hit? The grabbing the jersey on the last drive? Goodell’s worst nightmare is the Steelers in the super bowl. Welcome to hell goodell!

  9. Officials horrible again…

    Obvious holdjersey/interfence on Saunders in the endzone on the deep play… but to top that off, a blatant hold on him in the endzone which was right where the ball was thrown (5 feet from official)

    The hit to edwards was not illegal, he did not lead with his his head (even i still don’t know how any human being can run without leading with his head, excluding napolean dynamite)…

    And so you don’t think I talk about the bad officiating the other way, the complete bs of giving the steelers the first down when it was obvious a 2-and 2…

    Should I also mention the three “we thought there was a foul so we will throw this flag…. oh wait…. lets pick that up..” How can that happen three times in the first 14 mintues of any football game??? even at the pop warner level, how can any fan of any team not question the officiating and their employers.. the NFL…

    Walk out players, this fan is with you and I will gladly watch the UFL next year if you are there…

  10. richmm2256 – the jets didn’t play a good game, they cheated and got away with it. As a Steelers fan I am tired of how much the refs mess up with no reprocussions. I don’t care how I sound, I know football and the refs handed the Jets the game again, remember last year??? Here we go again.

  11. Late season jitters on behalf of the Steelers. There’s a lot of holes that teams can exploit against the Steelers. But it was a hell of a game though.

  12. blkandau says:
    Dec 19, 2010 7:33 PM
    This was the worst I have seen the refs in a while. No pass interference calls on so many plays I stopped counting. I am not one to complain much, but this game was a disgrace by the officials. they should be ashamed of the job they did…it was absolutely disgusting. shows you how badly Goodell wants the Jets in the playoffs.

    Are you serious? Did you watch the first half at all? The Steelers got spotted a free first down 2 times. The refs didnt throw one flag against them, But the “JEts got all the calls” right? GTFOH idiot.

  13. Cue the Steelers fans: The refs screwed us!!!

    Cue the Jets fans: Super Bowl here we come! We’re the team to beat!

    Well, after watching my Ravens look great in beating the Saints, I saw two teams that won’t go far in the playoffs. Looking like Patriots year…unless Ravens can derail them…if Indy doesn’t derail the Birds first.

  14. thecgroup says – I am with you – I would rather the players walk out than have another year of Goodell turning the game into the WWF. UFL, I will watch you, just don’t have your commish act like Goodell, and get respectable refs.

  15. Kudos to Steeler fans that at least gave the Jets one ounce of credit.

    Officials were blind on several plays I agree.

    Biggest play was the safety by Jason Taylor and the 2nd to last play Ben had a guy open in endzone but the pass was just off.

    Not about to shoot off at the mouth all I will say is thank God the Jets have finally, finally won a game in Pittsburgh and finally, finally won a game in the state of PA.

  16. Steelers fans from a Ravens fan, the league isn’t out to get you, the league is out to get teams that actually play defense. The league hates 13-6 and 14-10 games. The teams that play tough physical defense, i.e the Ravens, Jets, and Steelers get more flags called for ridiculous penalties because of the perception of them being dirty. Oddly the flags tend to stay in the pocket when those teams play each other. The league loves to promote those games, the smashmouth hard hitting football. It’s similar to the hypocrisy we’ll see tomorrow with all the focus on player safety to play on that field tomorrow. The Ravens were in the bulls eye of the league last year, committed to playing “proper” defense this year. The penalties are down, but so is the defensive effectiveness, intimidation, and swagger. There is a happy medium between player safety and good football, the NFL just can’t find it, they go from one extreme to the other. These men play a sport for entertainment, injuries, while unfortunate happen. That is why players get paid the way they do, the shelf life of an NFL player is short. These men know the risks they are taking Goodell, do everything in your power to make them safe, but don’t change the game itself. I watched the NFL top 100 showing Willie Lanier last night and while he is a hell of a player, every hit they glorified and showed would have been penalized today.

  17. The refs were HORRIBLE – on the opening kickoff – (to the right of Smith) a steelers player is tackled from behind – or isn’t that a hold? There were at least 4 occassions where the steelers receivers were held – none more blatant that on Sanders on the last drive – how the FU*K does much crap get missed – especially a blatant grab of the jersey – when there is an official assigned to each eligible receiver – its becoming pretty blatant that the officials are out to screw the steelers – there were at least 6 horrific calls from the game that affected the outcome. HORRIBLE – and if these two teams meet in the playoffs – the JETS will get pounded.

  18. “Sanchez behind center. He hands to Greene. Greene up the middle. He has the first down. Wait! Sanchez has the ball! Sanchez has the ball! And he’s walking into the end zone for a touchdown! He kept the ball!

    The Jets are an extra point away from tying it. They’ve given the Steelers the Dirty Sanchez! Unbelievable!”

  19. Hate to be that guy but even chris collinsworth was saying we got screwed. Thats like me eatin my own heart.

  20. to the couple Steelers fans who said good job to the Jets, it’s nice to see you guys have some class.

    for those Steelers fans who shot their mouths off this season and now complain about the officiating….welcome to your rude awakening

  21. I dont care who you like, we should feel that the entire game is officiated correctly.

    They gave the steelers a first down when they did not, and missed numerous calls throughout the game. Should we not demand that they make the right calls while the play is happening??

    Its just like the jets game last week, the story line pushed by the NFL/media was about the jets coach and the trip, but the real story should be why did the officials not see the play and why was there no penalty thrown… they are missing blatantly obvious infractions and penalizing/fining players for playing the same game they played two years ago.

  22. Gotta tip the cap to the Jets. A special teams TD and two penalty aided scoring drives can cover up for a lot of struggles.

  23. Wow, what a game.

    Terrible officiating on both sides, but overall a great game. Both teams should be writing the league asking why and why not certain calls happened. Lack of two pass interference calls, one when the DB grabbed Wallace’s hand warmer to slow him and the other when Emmanual Sanders was kept from catching up with a TD pass, the latter was obvious at any speed. Two Steeler first downs should have been just short. The final play of the game, Emmanual Sanders was being obviously held in the endzone, granted Ben was out of the pocket, so the pre-pass chucking was legal, but the hold when the ball was in the air was not. I also question, big time, the unnecessary roughness call on Clark.

    A lot of poor officiating, but still a great game and the Jets won it fair-and-square, as both teams had calls for an against them that were unjust.

  24. NFL=rigged. Revis and Cromartie are average when they are forced to play within the rules.

    Watch the effin game and just tell me why there weren’t 4 or 5 PI calls on the Jets.

    I hope the refs get a terminal case of crabs after that game. Such a joke.

  25. #mswravens says: Dec 19, 2010 7:49 PM

    “Cue the Steelers fans: The refs screwed us!!!”

    Nah, that’s OK.
    We w0uldn’t want to encroach on your territory.

  26. Listen, I admit, the steelers got a couple good spots. Yep, it happened. The Jets could have challenged them. I would rather have the refs actually call pass interference when it’s right in front of their face. 15 yards and first down, c’mon, you are a fool to say those don’t matter. I like the Jets, Sanchez is good, I want the game to be a fair game. I agree with Derek who said that the NFL doesn’t like defensive teams. I think teams like the ravens (tho I dislike them) have to work harder like the Steelers to make it. The patriots, colts and jets don’t.

  27. richm2256 says:
    Dec 19, 2010 7:39 PM
    Worst performance from the Steelers … horrible. Both sides of the ball (where was that “dreaded” Steelers defense? These guys made Mark Sanchez look like he BELONGED out there!). Roethlisberger was attrocious.


    Sorry to call you out here, but uhhh what game were you watching?? Ben had a decent game, weather considered, the defense played relatively well too, they only gave up 13 points… It was the special teams that screwed up, on several occasions and one great play by the Jets D.

  28. We beat the Steelers and the refs. I had no idea that a first down was now 9 yards. Good job Pittsburgh, you and the zebras cheat and still lose. And I wonder hoe Ben felt being the rapie instead of the rapist.

  29. Congrats Jets. I knew that opening kickoff return was going to haunt the Steelers.

    I was happy with how the Steelers fought back after the safety. Even in the games they’ve lost, they’ve generally fought hard, which is something they didn’t do down the stretch last season.

    I wasn’t happy with the officiating, but I was even less happy with Bruce Arians. I think they made a huge mistake by not getting rid of him after last season.

  30. Wow what a suprise, the Steelers lose and it was the refs fault. I suppose the refs missed the block that let Taylor tackle Moore in the endzone for a safety? I saw one of the refs make a killer block on the opening kickoff for TD. LMAO!!!

  31. Its so ironic to see Pittsburgh fans complaining about the refs after giving Ravens fans crap about doing the same thing for years. Karmas a bitch huh?

  32. “Worst performance from the Steelers … horrible. Both sides of the ball (where was that “dreaded” Steelers defense? These guys made Mark Sanchez look like he BELONGED out there!). Roethlisberger was attrocious.”

    Are you joking or were you dropped on your head as a child?

    I thought both teams played hard… good, close game. And in good, close games it usually comes down to a handful of key plays (and, for all of you conspiracy theorist Steelers fans out there, calls). I’m holding my head high after this one. Time to regroup and take care of business against the Panthers of Browns and look towards January.

  33. The only thing that matters is that the Ravens beat the Aints and the Stoolers lost. The Stoolers should have lost the week before when the Stevie Thompson dropped the winning touchdown

    Ravens Rule

  34. nice hold on a would be TD pass to emmanual sanders, oh wait they didn’t call that one either….

    picked up 3 flags for the jets in the first half and didn’t throw any on them in the second half.

  35. mswravens says:
    Dec 19, 2010 7:49 PM
    Cue the Steelers fans: The refs screwed us!!!

    Well the refs weren’t the reason the Steelers lost the game but the officiating was pretty bad. When you can see the Jets secondary holding the Steelers receivers on the replays and I thought the Ryan Clark hit was a text book hit.

    The Jets just made more plays than the Steelers did. The Steelers defense played pretty well and the Steelers offense put some drives together. Special teams hurt the Steelers spotting the Jets 7 points on the first play. And the Jets punter continually pinned the Steelers near the endzone.

    “If I was a little bit blinder and a little bit dumber I could be an NFL official.”
    Bum Phillips

    Fire Goodell.

  36. I thought my buddy (Steelers fan) was the only one who yells at the TV and calls 71 penalties on the opponent every game? It’s hilarious reading posts from people who blame the refs every time they lose and then call the Jets classless.
    Grow up.

  37. Can’t you Steeler fans (minus a few exceptions) have some class? You got beat by the Jets. The Jets earned it. You choked in your own end zone and gave up a kick off return TD. Did the refs give those to the Jets? Remember the bad call for roughing the punter against the Ravens in the opener? It gave them the game. We let go of it. At least we had a case. You don’t.

    Act like adults not kids. Your bellyaching about the refs is a joke and saying Goodell wants the Jets in the playoffs so the refs favored them today? A joke and baseless.

    The Jets have been screwed by the refs all year. They get unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for farting and pass interference calls for breathing on a receiver.

    So give it up. You lost.

  38. Escaped is right.

    My favorite announcer moment: Phil Simms “…and Emmanuel Sanders just stopped in the end zone!” Gee Phil, did the fact he was being HELD FROM BEHIND have anything to do with that? Wow, the officials can bang on Clark for a perfectly legal chest hit, but somehow miss Cromartie holding the entire game. If that’s not pass interference, there’s no such thing. Awful and embarrassing — great job once again Goodell, destroying the best sport America has to offer.

    Selective vision has a lot to do with which team escapes.

  39. I like to think of myself as a reasonable Steelers fan.

    And the Steelers have usually found a way to clean up things they’ve inexplicably done wrong (The whole “Tommy Gun” experiment. Not drafting suitable WR’s.)

    But I cannot remember a year, heck since I started watching Steeler football (which was 34 years ago) when I have seen a GOOD Steelers team on special teams (kicking game excluded).

    The absolute last thing you wanted to do, at home, was give a downtrodden Jets team any ray of hope. And sure enough, that was one of the EASIEST KO returns for a TD I have ever seen. You couldn’t get that clean a return on Madden if you tried.

    And, when the Steelers assumed control at 17-10, they did not put the Jets away. And at some point, kudos to the Jets for having an outstanding game plan, recognizing what was wrong with their offense, and punishing us for overcommitting (exhibit A: That Sanchez fake that tied the game).

    The only non-call that really upset me was when Emmanuel Sanders’s jersey was clearly held on the play with 29 seconds to go. If you aren’t going to call that then you should never call another pass interference/holding/illegal contact foul ever again. That was the ball game right there.

    The bottom line is, the Jets were the most desperate team, they played like it, and they won a game they had to have. The Steelers still control their own destiny and need to get healthy.

    Should the Steelers clinch the #2 seed, we very well could see a rematch. It really depends on who slips in (Chiefs or Chargers? Colts, Jags or Titans (Yes the Titans are alive. If the Colts/Jags lose their final 2 games. And the Titans win out. If they all tie at 8-8, the Titans would win the AFC South with a better record against common opponents).

    If the Chargers and Colts make it, there honestly isn’t a weak team in that bunch, and I could make an argument that any of them could get to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs and Jags would definitely be teams either the Steelers or Pats would want to see in the 2nd round.

  40. And if the Steelers find a way to bungle one of their final 2 games, they will have to rechannel 2005 all over again as they would be the #6 seed. The Jets would be the #5 seed based on this H2H victory (assuming they have the same record). Even if the Ravens lose their final 2 games they will get in likely. Basically, the Jets/Steelers/Ravens just need 1 KC or JAC loss at this point in the final 2 weeks and they are in regardless of what else happens.

  41. ok the jets win, but why do we have to accept bad officiating… lets break this down

    1. in the first 14 minutes of the game, there were 3 flags thrown that were picked up?

    2. the steelers were given a first down on a nine yard run on first and ten

    3. the hit on edwards was not illegal, helmet was to the side (contact was with shoulder), reciever was not defensless as he was turned up field and ready to run (if not hit).

    4. The comartie jersey grab on saunders

    5. two plays later saunders is clearly being held again on the last play, 5 feet from official and right where ball is thrown, yet not penalty….

    It does not matter who the bad calls go for, its there damn job to make sure the games are fair. I understand that missed calls are going to happen, however its happening way more often this year than in the past, regardless of what team benefits. The outcomes of the games are being affected.

  42. About 10 minutes ago in the Patriots Packers game they showed Goodell in the Patriots’ box sitting beside his long time buddy Kraft. Tells you all you need to know about who the league is engineering to be in the Superbowl.

    All of this garbage about safety seems more about extending the season and outcome determination for certain teams than any genuine concern for players.

  43. Do people actually believe that Roger Goodell fixes the outcome of games by instructing the referees how to call a particular game?

    It’s possible that the Steelers may be suffering from the fact their entire team has diarrhea of the mouth and have complained about the refereeing more than every other team in the league put together.

    But did it ever occur to all of you conspiracy theorists that it may be the refs themselves that are sick of the Steelers and are deciding on their own to not cut the them any slack?

    I’m not sure I even believe this. I think the refereeing in that game was just plain terrible for both teams.

  44. Who didn’t think the refs would really hurt our season. The non-called interference absolutely changed the game at the end. We would have had 1st and goal with plenty of time left.

    Anyways, it wasn’t called. It helped the Jets. Maybe if they didn’t interfere we catch the ball and win. Maybe not. They interfered, they got away with it, and now we have to win out…no 2 weeks off, just try for 1.

  45. Everyone is getting screwed by the officials. It’s not limited to the Steelers. One of the worst calls today was in the Colts/Jags game when Mike Carey decided inadvertently dropping a flag–no foul–meant the Jags got to replay the down. He’s been an official for 20 years! And what’s with them dropping flags three or four times for no reason in our game?? This officiating ineptitude is an embarrassment to the league, and it’s happening in every game.

    What’s worse, a Jets conditioning coach has admitted conspiring to cheat in a way that could have seriously injured a player. Rather than yanking him up by the collar to ask why he dared usurp his authority, Ryan just keeps saying, “I knew nothing.” Sgt. Schultz, you don’t suspend a guy for that–you fire him! That’s like suspending a bank teller for embezzlement because he’s sorry he got caught.

    Ngata slammed Roethlisberger in the face mask with his fist and Alosi could have hospitalized Carroll. No flags were thrown in either case. And the fines have been a huge help to Heath Miller, Aaron Rodgers, and Austin Collie, haven’t they. But on the bright side, people watching football on Fox will get soundtracks with their games. Whoopie.

    Goodell is about to steer this canoe straight over the falls, and if the owners don’t stop him, they deserve to lose their golden goose.

    @cup1981 …

    richm2256 is an irrational Roethlisberger hater. It’s impossible for him to view Ben’s performance with any objectivity. Don’t waste your time.

  46. The crying Steelers are at it again. I am so sick and tired of this week in week out.
    Did the Steelers lose or the Jets win.
    I think the Jets won and good for them.
    I cheered the loudest in Pgh when the game was over.
    You all know how I can’t stand the raper Ben.
    Still hoping he gets his leg broke
    Don’t forget read what I say and then you cry about it. lol

  47. Deb is exactly right. While the NFL is trying to legislate illegal hits on the field, they are completly missing obvious penalties. I wont allude to whether its intentional or not, but we as fans should demand better.

    Whats most offensive is the media (CBS,NBC/pft,ESPN, FOX) are not doing their jobs of reporting on the bad officiating… they are just mouth pieces for the league…

    will someone please report on this issue.. i can not be the only fan that is being turned off by bad officiating… I dont care who its against

  48. Interesting how all the Squealers fans are whining about officiating, while they talk about Ravens fans whining every week. Pittsburgh is by far the most whiny team in the league. Never have I seen a team get so many calls and still complain about the refs.

  49. **Hate the Jets and most of their fans, but I think this was a damn good win for them. They showed some character that I had hoped they didn’t have and beat a good team in the snow on the road. Too bad nobody told them they already won the Super Bowl in October.

  50. The refs really blew a lot of calls that affected the outcome of the game. Add in the Jets O lineman with the leg whip that missed a Steeler DB on the Sanchez bootleg TD…how the hell is that not called?

    Both teams should be furious with the officiating and demand an explanation from Goodell.

  51. Every game there are calls missed or called wrong. There are no League Office conspiracy operations going on. The damn Seahawk fans are still complaining about the refs from their Super Bowl, even though their tight end dropped three passes and they missed two field goals. “It’s the refs fault!” Sick of hearing that crap.

  52. In most professions, there are ethical rules barring the appearance of impropriety or bias. Goodell has no regard for such behavior and openly flaunts his proclivities by sitting beside his longtime friend Kraft in the Patriots box.

    @Deb- I wouldn’t say everyone is getting screwed – definitely not the Patriots despite their history of cheating.

  53. The officiating was downright horrible. Just terrible.
    -there were at least 3 missed calls on the last drive, most obvious an outright HOLD on #88 Sanders.
    -how many flags are going to be thrown, but then no calls?? Something doesn’t add up. Please.
    -helmet-to-helmet call on #25 Clark was ridiculous. Something needs to be done about the actual definition of this rule.

    Horrible draw play call in your own endzone. Just stupid. Unless you’re trying to get safetied, then kudos.

    I will say that the Jets special teams won the game. Not just the opening kick, but the two great punts more specifically. (and the Steelers still should have won)

    I would have liked to see Ben gamble and run it in on the last play.

    Steelers D will actually show up in the playoffs. With Smith and Polamalu back when it counts, the Steelers embarrass the Jets.

  54. @sundaysundaysunday …

    I wish people like you could get over your Steeler hatred long enough to recognize that there’s an officiating problem in the league that has an impact on almost every team.

    Did you see the Sunday night pregame show interview with Charles Woodson? Unless you’re a Patriots fan, you should still be as offended by the call on the imaginary “tuck” rule a decade ago as he is. And that had nothing to do with the Steelers. The Raiders were done wrong in that game. As 3yrsnfl points out we were as screwed by the poor officiating in Super Bowl XL as the Seahawks, because they made colossal mistakes and bad calls went against us, too. We still would have won the game, but we’ll have to hear about from whiny Seahawks fans through eternity. And the call I pointed out earlier from the Colts/Jags game had nothing to do with the Steelers.

    If you clowns would realize that it’s not all about us and look at the issue objectively, maybe we could all scream loudly enough to be heard. Instead, you’re just going to bleat about the Steelers and Goodell is going to keep running the league into the dirt.

    The game is faster than it was 10 years ago. We need the NCAA system of booth officials. The rulebook needs to be simplified. We need more officials on the field, and they need to be better trained. And the league needs an immediate termination rule for coaches like Alosi who are caught blatantly cheating.

    Football the only major sport that doesn’t have full-time officials. So what if the NFL only plays five months out of the year? The owners are making billions and should care enough to see that the sport is officiated properly. These officiating crews need to be training together as much as the teams do.

  55. The officiating had nothing to do with the Steelers play. Escape is a choice word as the Jets led most of the game ….

    The Steelers now managed 2 offensive TDs in 14 quarters of play – certainly not the ifficials fault. Quiet frankly there is no game plan to speak of … what does Arians say to Ben through the head set – go up to the line of scrimmage …. and … scramble????

    Have you noticed that most every team you will face in the playoffs score close to 30 points every game? The Steelers will be out in the first round of the playoffs because they cannot score enough.

    I have never seen more fans scream and cry about officiating foul play, absolutely pathetic. Steelers have already over achieved this year, you have already won all the games you should have lost, no karma left.

  56. First off, kudos to the Jets for coming into a difficult environment and winning when the entire league was saying their goose was cooked. Sanchez particularly impressed me — he was calm and cool all game long. Part of that, I think, had to do with the fact that I don’t think he was touched once. Whether that was because of his offensive line or because the Steelers completely backed off the blitz, I’m not sure.

    Secondly, I think we’re seeing, once again, how important Polamalu is to the Steelers’ defense. I’m not talking about pick-sixes or forced fumbles; those are missed, certainly, but he’s also so important to the run defense and also the blitz schemes. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the Steelers (1) gave up the most rushing yards they’ve allowed all season and (2) failed to record a sack, or, really, any plays at all in pass defense, whether it’s an interception or just a pass breakup. Not saying the Steelers would have won with him in the lineup, but I think the defense clearly missed him.

    Thirdly, I will not blame the officiating for the loss. There were bad calls on both sides — the 9-yard first down was particularly horrendous. And I also think the Steelers may have hurt themselves by begging for flags after so many incompletions early in the game. Note to Sanders and Wallace: if a pass was incomplete, it does not automatically mean you were interfered with. Take a lesson from Ward and keep your damn mouth shut. No wonder the officials didn’t want to throw flags on the plays on the final drive; they were tired of your crying.

    That being said … there were two blatant interference calls missed on the final drive, first when Sanders was held on the deep ball and second when Cromartie was draped all over him on the final pass. Could a call there have changed the outcome? Sure. Would it have? I have no idea, and neither does any other Steeler fan…so stop your crying, all. Remember what you all said after the Miami game? That “good teams overcome bad calls”? Funny how you don’t seem to remember that now.

    Anyway, I was glad to see a good game from Mendenhall and a gutsy performance from Ben, even in a losing effort. Hopefully the Steelers can beat the Panthers and Browns and hang onto that No. 2 seed, because I think they definitely need that bye to get healthy.

    Kudos again to the Jets. Maybe we’ll see you again in a few weeks, and next time hopefully the outcome will be different.

  57. @somesome …

    Karma for what??????? You clowns don’t care about criminal justice. If you did, you’d be as annoyed as I am that the Milledgeville sorority sisters weren’t prosecuted. Roethlisberger may be an off-field idiot, but no one deserves to be falsely accused of rape–and the medical exam showed it was a false accusation. Karma would be for that woman and her buddies to pay for the harm they’ve done real rape victims.

    With the o-line injuries we’ve suffered, I’m under no illusions that this will be a Super Bowl year for the Steelers. And we lost primarily because of superior play by the Jets special teams. That doesn’t mean officiating isn’t an important issue that desperately needs to be addressed. If you fools could stop playing hater long enough to look at calls in games other than ours, maybe you’d start raising enough ruckus to persuade the league to do the right thing.


  58. The only team who averages 30 points per game is the Patriots chief. Besides, its not all about points scored and a little about points against. Steelers #2 in the NFL for fewest ppg ; )

  59. @somesome

    wow. i can’t believe you wrote the words i was just going to write. if Arians isnt gone by the end of the year, win/lose in the playoffs, i’ll actually believe he has ties to the Rooneys. seriously…scramble guys, its week 15, bad offensive line, but theres still no short passing game? seriously. rushing mendenhall only 17 times? you can’t put up 17 pts against NE, Colts, ATL, Saints. you just cant. the problem is that no one officially points out the just horrid offensive play, so it goes unnoticed, like William G. being the worst cornerback to ever play the NFL for a good 2 years with the steelers.

    somethings have to change, blaming the refs after a atrocious offensive game like that is terrible. and im a die hard steelers fan whose been saying that Arians is awful for a while. Get McDaniels, Chilly, these renown offensive coordinators that aren’t good coaches, but good OCs. you cant even watch their O anymore, its laughable at best

  60. Now that i have had some time to think about it, the officiating was just plain bad. I still don’t understand how we got a 9 yard first down… But in the end the steelers just didn’t do enough to win it. It was a good game but we need polamalu back to make a real playoff run. It seems pretty obvious to me that he is the cornerstone of our defense.

  61. I thought Steel town had shut down completely but no, the whiners are out in force.

    If you squealer fans wonder why we call you that just look at all the squealing you do when your team loses.

    And “Yes” losers always blame the officials. Or in this case squeal about the officials.

  62. It is their fault when they allow players to constantly hold the receivers which is what has been happening not only yesterday but all season.
    This proves that the Goodell wants the Steelers out of the playoffs. The refs throw a flag for an obvious block in the back on the kickoff return and then pick it up with no explanation once they see the Jets score, The refs had the Ty Law rule in effect for the Jets and what was those 2 personal fouls? You didn’t win that game Goodell handed it to you with his striped henchmen.

  63. I am a Ravens fan, and I have been sick of our fans complaining so much. We’re 10 and 4, and had a chance to beat the Steelers at home. Lost very fairly.

    However, I should have known better. EVERY team has whining fans that shout from the rooftops. While most fans of the team understand the game, and do not post their complaints online.

    The Ravens, Jets and Steelers all have whiner fans. They also have some great fans that bleed their teams colors. Let the best team WIN (except the Patriots).

  64. @Deb

    woooooow, angry at all???

    Karma as in no good Karma left for the Steelers. Ravens happened to lose several fourth quarter leads, I believe something like 8, not that they lost all these games, but they lost the lead.

    The Steelers on the other hand should have lost to the Bills if it was not for a dropped TD catch, to the Ravens who were leading for 55 minutes had it not been for a man playing possesed (great Palomalu), the last game to the Bengals had it not been for the horrendous throws of one C. Palmer and again your great defense. You burned all the good karma on these games. Your offense cannot score 20+ points and that will not be enough.

    As for 30 points, even the Ravens score 30 almost every game. Pats, Atltanta, Chargers, Colts, NO ….. will all out score the Steelers.

    There will beb three teams in theplayoffs were it will be difficult to score against that is the Ravens, Steelers and Jets but you still have to produce an offensive TD or you are just not going to make it.

  65. So effin funny! 1 offensive TD since Thanksgiving!!!! One. Gadget play at that!

    Let the chest thumping begin! Yeah, I know the Patriots snuck by the Packers…

    They still put 31 points up in a so so performance.
    At least it was kind of fun to watch. Wasn’t like that 9-0 game at the Meadowlands…

    J-E-T-S!!! jets, jets, jets……Ryan will be crowing today!

  66. If the roles were reversed and the Steelers weren’t called for PI on the Jet’s final drive, are you trying to tell me you wouldn’t say a word about it? Right. Stupid hypocrites.
    somesome – how many points did the falcons, saints, and ravens score on the Steelers this year? anwer – 9, 20, 17 and 10. Maybe my math is fuzzy, but those numbers don’t look like 30 to me.
    deb is right – officiating has been horrible in ALL games this year, not just against the Steelers, and it is costing teams games (or at least chances to win games). That being said, the Jets played a really good game yesterday and deserved to win. Definitely missed TP, but he wasn’t covering kickoffs or missing blocks that led to safeties.

  67. Congrats to the Jets for pulling out a win in Pittsburgh. I missed the opening kickoff for a TD because my bar didn’t turn on the game right away, and I knew that was a bad sign.

    Sanchez–you had me fooled on your TD run.

    As for Revis, I give the man props for thinking he could fight Flozell 🙂 The height difference was hysterical.

    But after going to sleep bummed out about the loss, I woke up to Mike & Mike telling me we earned a playoff spot, so my Monday is better that it usually is after a loss.

  68. @steelnucs

    again edumacating Steeler fans. That is what I said, read Ravens, Steelers and Jets will be the teams in the playoffs were points will be hard to come by BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SCORE AN OFFENSIVE TD.

  69. somesome –
    thanks for “edumacating” me, thou highest god of football knowledge – you must be an NFL coach or coordinator or something! You know so much! I’m just tingly all over that you would take time to respond to my insignificant little post!
    My point is that those high-scoring teams you mentioned (except NE) didn’t put up that much on the Steelers the first time so why would they if they played again. Chargers w/o Gates? Maybe. Colts? Maybe. Agree with you that the Steelers, Ravens and Jets will be hard to score on, and of course you have to be able to score offensively in the playoffs.

  70. @somesome ….

    Oh … nevermind. 😳

    And I forgot to congratulate our opponents, which is shameful! My apologies to the Jets fans.

    No, we didn’t lose the game because of the officiating. In fact, I thought the flags on Flozell and Clark were justified. I’m riled up about bad officiating in general–not saying it cost us our game.

    The Jets special-teams play was outstanding. First the kick return. He so completely blew through our coverage he made it look like we only had half our guys on the field. And then their punter pinned us back time and again. The credit for that safety goes to him more than to Taylor (though punters never really get credit for anything).

    So a belated congrats to the Jets for playing a terrific road game against a tough team in inclement weather.

    Now can we all talk about the need for the league to address inept officiating, which should have happened five years ago? Instead it’s gotten worse.

  71. @ someone

    Steelers average more then 20 points per game on offense. Look it up before you post.

    Like they Steelers even have to worry about all those teams, ATL PHI. There in what is called the NFC. If they wanna play the Steelers, they better go all the way to the superbowl.

    Not every team can make the playoffs buddy.
    I don’t feel like spelling it out for you, has a good “playoff picture” if you need help.

  72. Aaahhh, Deb. One of the few voices of sanity and reason on a board filled with dipsh*ts, embeciles, and just plain ignoramuses (ignorami?).
    The subject of incompetence on the part of officials is one that MUST be addressed, and even the most moronic Bengal fan knows and realizes this (but may not be able to adequately express this idea coherently as many of them are too busy blindly defending TO / Ochocinco / Marvin). All teams are affected. Every week, any fan of any team can say that there was an obviously missed or incorrect call against their team. I mean blatant, obvious stuff. I don’t think there is a conspiracy against the Steelers, it just seems that way because there are so many bad calls by inept refs. Go to other teams’ boards, they probably read similar to this one.

  73. I bleed Black-n-Gold but i can take a loss like a man. I congratulate the Jets special team for the returning the opening kickoff for a TD. Also congratulations for getting away with some questionable defensive play. If those plays would have been in favor of the steelers I would have taken them without question. Sometimes human error goes our way and some times in doesn’t. ALRIGHT NOW THAT I GOT THAT SHHH OUR OF THE WAY…

    The Refs were obviously intoxicated. First of all, a drunk can’t walk a straight line and the refs couldn’t see one. They gave us 2 first downs that were obviously NOT first downs. Secondly, a drunk falls asleep at the worst times and the refs HAD to be asleep on the holding on Sanders. Thirdly, the drunks threw 3 flags and then said, “OOPS WE DIDN’T MEAN TO DO THAT” If that aint some drunk shhh…..

    I know that we steelers fans have been accused of whining but even a ravens fan, who is a true football fan knows that there were some drunks in strips at this game. If you beg to differ you’re more of a HOMER than you accuse us of being…… DAM DRUNKEN REFS!!

    This rant brought to you but IRON CITY BEER…So good, even refs drink it!

  74. to all those steelers fans, cry me a river. As a life-long Jets fans we have a lifetime of bad calls go against us. So, cry me a river. We have over 40 yrs of bad luck and calls go against us. But, I do agree the officiating has been terrible this yr.

  75. Ok – we can all agree that the officiating is NOT consistent or even completely fair. Jets did benefit from some non-calls.

    Officials just seem to have a unconscious predisposition as teams & players. Ravens, Steeler, and Eagle fans can point to a variety of plays where (our) QB’s – Ben, Vick, Flacco ..have been hit illegally YET no calls are made by the refs …late hits, blows to the head, etc.

    Instead Manning, Brady, and Brees seem to have a different standard for the Refs ??? why – if any of our teams the hard hitting and nasty D oriented teams like Raven or Steelers hit those QB or similar ‘small’ receivers ….every flag is thrown. It’s really becoming a double standard. Were all going to see more non / bad calls come up in the playoffs because those games we be viewed by a variety of neutral fans ….we can only hope than to see how glaring it is that the refs are just not getting the job done.

    Steeler Fan

  76. Wow, almost 100 comments from Jets, Steelers and Ravens crybaby fans and not one of you claimed that Belichick cheated.


    Doesn’t matter anyway. Patriots will be healthy for the playoffs and that means none of you stand a chance.



  77. @bcozthenight

    Really? get over yourself and your team, we all know the who has the best record right now in AFC. It is what it is ….lots of regular fans care about who their ‘team’ is playing next – not about other coaches or teams.

    Right now I’m looking at Steelers playing Panthers on a short week …that is what I want to know about. Not your coach or whatever. It does seem awfully funny and juvenile that you’re looking for something to argue – or be offended by …it’s Christmas lighten up. We (Steelers) won’t be worried about your team until we play you again hopefully. And no matter how much you want to feel other teams are afraid of you – they’re not.

    The playoffs is a whole new dance buddy. Getting in is half the battle. Steeler Fan

  78. masteel,

    Now, now, there’s no need to get personal.

    I guess I touched a nerve. Sorry. Didn’t mean to send you into a psychotic tailspin. Don’t operate any heavy machinery until you calm down, OK?

    Also, I have a question: are the playoffs a dance, or are they a battle?

  79. Out of all the games that the Steelers lost, this is the only game that COULD–I repeat could–be attributed to officiating.

    I only complain about officiating because it has been bad all season. The Jets got away with PI against the Browns, Broncos, Lions, and Steelers. They should have lost all of those games, if PI was called when it happened.

    The Steelers fans have a legitimate beef over the past few weeks. Ben gets hit late and it the head against the Ravens–no flag. He gets hit 4 steps late and in the head twice against the Bungles–no flag.

    And in this game, Revis and Cromartie showed that they are the most average set of corners in the NFL because they can’t cover without cheating and committing PI.

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