More disrespect for Donovan

As if Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb hasn’t had enough slaps in the face this week, what with the booing at the basketball game and the benching and the slide all the way to No. 3, McNabb has received another slap in the face.

The team’s official online store has slashed the prices on his jerseys by 50 percent.

The standard price for replica jerseys bearing the names and numbers of players like LaRon Landry — and even Malcolm Kelly — is $80.  Donovan’s jersey can now be had for $39.95, the same price that has been applied to the jersey of Albert Haynesworth, who currently is serving a four-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

Ditto for “authentic” jerseys, which carry a standard price of $289 but for McNabb the price is $149.95.  And for youth jerseys, which have a standard price of $50 but for McNabb and Haynesworth it’s only $29.95.

Frankly, the price is likely still too high, given that both players seem destined to be former Redskins after the current season ends.  But the move can be construed as even more proof that the Redskins and Donovan are heading for a divorce.

30 responses to “More disrespect for Donovan

  1. it’s not disrespect, it’s called MARKETING. I’m sure after both players are jettisoned from Washington their Jerseys will be in TJMAXX or Ross’ for 10 dollars each… just like how McNabb Eagle’s jerseys are now

  2. It’s not disrespect if you are just trying to reduce inventory.

    It is another sign that McNabb won’t be a Redskin next year though.

  3. OUCH!!!!

    Well skins fans the kiss of death has been placed on McNabb. When the team slashes prices on the jersey that means you have seen the last of that player.

    How do all you fans feel now? Remember before the season when I kept telling you all that the Eagles scammed your boy Danny? Remember when I kept telling you all how the washed up McNabb would fall on his face and how stupid Snyder is?

    90% of you loudmouth obnoxious Skins fans had idiotic comments and delusional dreams, about how the Redskins would now be a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

    I laughed at you then…….I’m laughing at you now.
    I told so then…… And now I’m sayin I TOLD YOU SO again !!!!!

  4. johnnyb612 says:
    Dec 19, 2010 8:37 AM
    Man, this guy sure catches enough crap. I feel sorry for the dude.

    Come on. He brings it on himself. Philly fans tried to tell you for years, but no one would hear it. We said his best days were behind him, he had no heart, no leadership skills, made bad decisions, missed easy throws, wasn’t that smart football or PR-wise, made constant excuses, didn’t take the game seriously enough, and was incredibly insecure. We saw that once his physical skills started their decline, he started sucking. He’s had a very bad year this year.

    We wanted to know if the problem was Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb. I guess we found out.

  5. The disrespect really bugs me. Donovan was an integral part of the blending of psychedelia and folk-rock and a key member of the mid-60s musical landscape; revisionist historians be damned.

  6. #flavordave says: Dec 19, 2010 8:46 AM

    “The ACTUAL final insult will be when we see kids in Ethiopia wearing his jersey.”

    Like all those poor kids in Nicaragua who wondered “What does 19-0 mean? ..and who the *&^% are the New England Patriots?”

  7. flavordave says:
    Dec 19, 2010 8:46 AM
    The ACTUAL final insult will be when we see kids in Ethiopia wearing his jersey.


    Yea, justt like the whole country of Honduras is wearing 19-0 jerseys

  8. iamalwayscorrect says: “90% of you loudmouth obnoxious Skins fans had idiotic comments and delusional dreams, about how the Redskins would now be a legitimate Super Bowl contender.”

    As opposed to , 99.8% of you loudmouth, obnoxious Eagles fans who have made idiotic comments and had delusional dreams about how the Eagles would be legitimate Super Bowl contenders for the last 45 years.

  9. It’s a great move. Other than Wilma McNabb, who the hell would want to pay for a #5 Redskins Jersey?

  10. Iamalwayscorrect – knock it off. No real Skins fan had any delusions about us going to the Super Bowl this year.

    And McNabb hasn’t been the problem for this team, as we’re about to find out today. He has no help on offense and still would have broke 4,000 yards for the first time in his career.

    I don’t mind McNabb, but 2 picks was too much for us to give up for any player before this year.

    As for the Eagles, enjoy the ride now while it lasts, because your trophyless streak will continue when Andy Reid horribly mismanages one of your playoff games.

  11. They’ll be giving the leftover McNabb and Fat Albert jerseys to the third world in the near future. I can’t imagine they’ll sell a single one for either player between now and the end of the year.

    Skins fans have to know they are both gone in 3 weeks and who likes to wear the jersey of a failed player that was booted off their team for being a black hole of suck ?

  12. Don’t worry Washington Redskins fans, you still have the Washington Capitals to cheer for….Ooops!
    Okay maybe the Washington Nationals….sorry!
    The Wizards??

    I apologize Washington fanbase, you have every right to jump off the nearest tall structure.

    Happy Holidays!

  13. Actually redskins dont even run their retail stores or online store anymore. They sold it to a company called maingate and they slashed the prices bcuz they have so much on hand in inventory hoping to get rid of as many and make some type of profit off them now. So it actually Maingate not redskins that did this.

  14. Mcnabb is the lucky one here. All over the hill check cashiers come to DC to get paid and then get off that titanic! I just wish he would have finally done the right thing and punched Kyle and and Mike in the mouth on his way out. That’s the respect they deserved.

    Donnie’s on the down side of his career for the past 3 years yet somehow the skins expected him to be something else? Only the idiots in DC were giddy thinking they got a steal, now they want to trash the guy to somehow convince us that they are not the Real idiots in that locker room. Seriously if your ranking the 22 starters on this skins dononvan has to be top 3 yet now he’s the scapegoat. No running backs, no defensive lineman, one rookie o lineman who’s injured most of the time, a decent tight end and 10 year 150 pound wideout.

  15. Excitement is in the air in Washington as the off-season is almost here!

    We’re going to restore the Glory Years and win the Super Bowl.

    Buy your corporate suites and season tickets now.

    Pay through the nose to park next Fall.

    Pay now for overpriced beer and hotdogs next Fall.

    Includes a free picture of me counting my money! (That, suckers, is my Super Bowl!!!!!)

    Dan Snyder

  16. Okay, the Vikings fly down to Mississippi and talk McNabb into playing one more year. They get within one play of winning the championship game when he throws an interception. Then they start all over the next year. *&^%$# I just woke up from that nightmare. Whew, that was so real…..

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