Texans’ Brian Cushing fights teammate Antonio Smith

The first time the Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans this season, Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan got into football’s most talked-about fight of the year.

Today’s Texans-Titans rematch did not feature a Johnson-Finnegan rematch. But it did feature another fight on the field — and this time it was two Texans teammates going at it.

Texans linebacker Brian Cushing and defensive lineman Antonio Smith scuffled in the final seconds of the second quarter, and although teammates and officials intervened before it got as violent as Johnson vs. Finnegan, Cushing did get a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty because his helmet came off in the skirmish.

Our friends at The Big Lead have video of the fight.

It’s not clear what Cushing and Smith were upset about. The fight came right after their teammate Mark Anderson sacked Titans quarterback Kerry Collins. Now the league office, which fined Johnson and Finnegan $25,000 apiece, will have an interesting question to answer this week: How much do players get fined for fighting a teammate?