Tyler Brayton decked a gunner last week, too

When the NFL tried to quickly move on from the Sal Alosi incident, we knew that the league didn’t want to start down another rabbit hole that would have revealed widespread evidence of similar incidents.

Jay Glazer of FOX has found one.

Glazer has gotten his hands on video of Panthers defensive end Tyler Brayton stepping from the bench area toward the sideline and decking a Falcons’ gunner last weekend in Carolina.  A stiff fine is coming for Brayton.

According to Glazer, other teams indeed use a “wall” concept.  One team even calls the move “Pink Floyd.”  Glazer said that a head coach told him on Sunday morning that one of the coach’s coordinators took out a gunner earlier this year.

The point that has been overlooked in all of this is that the rules that will be more closely enforced as of Week 15 and moving forward aren’t new.  If the game officials hadn’t previously failed to ensure that the rules regarding the sideline and bench area had been respected.

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  1. Of all the great bands to call it, Pink Floyd?

    Wouldn’t something heavier Led Zeppelin be more appropriate?

    Anyway, before any ignoramuses start with the “it was Brayton who need that player in the balls”, that player was Jeremy Stevens, (the serial rapist) and he definitely had it coming.

  2. I see it like taking a charge in basketball: if you’re just standing there and the guy wipes you out, it’s on him. If you move to take him out, it’s on you.

  3. Well the Panthers suck. Why not resort to that kind of crap. They were dancing after a sack when they’re down 24-7 in the 4th ina 1 and 11 season at that point. Just dumb.

  4. But PFT sure as hell doesn’t care unless it’s the Jets doing it.

    Unbelievable how some of you clowns ignore the fact that all of these teams do far worse.

    Why this Alosi thing was made into anything big is so confusing…

    Steve Tasker and other special teamers have talked about getting shoved and decked when being the gunner.

    Just more anti-Jets and anti-Rex stuff because people don’t get Rex.

  5. This is ridiculous. The league should heavily fine players & coaches that do this. Throw in a suspension to send a message that people on the sidelines are just that – NOT involved in the games.

    Hell, if they want to put an immediate end to it, let everyone know that the next time it happens, the team who does it will forfeit the game and it’ll add an “L” to their stats. See how long it takes these little boys to shape up if that were to happen.

    Sad how you have to force men to behave like men. Apparently they can’t decide to behave ethically on their own.

  6. The video is on the foxsports website.

    What I also found interesting about this video is I thought there was a rule preventing players from blocking out of bounds where it looked to me like the Carolina player was blocking all the way down the field… out of bounds.

    It is unfortunate you need something like the Alosi incident to get refs to actual enforce the rules.

  7. @joeintoronto
    Umm, i kinda think they named it Pink Floyd, beacause of the album, movie, concert tour “The Wall”…just sayin

  8. It has nothing to do with bands, it’s Pink Floyd that did The Wall.
    THAT IS WHY the team calls it Pink Floyd!

  9. “Just more anti-Jets and anti-Rex stuff because people don’t get Rex.”


    Oh please. If this had been the Pats aligning inactive players like that you and a thousand other idiots would be screaming about how the Pats cheat and only win because they cheat.

    How does the shoe feel on the other foot ? The Jets are cheaters. They were caught redhanded from the top down organizing this little bit of cheating, and no matter how much Ryaliar denies it, it is very clear that this was orchestrated by him or the DC and NOT a strength and conditioning coach.

    Jets are this year’s cheaters along with the Panthers.

  10. Of course “everyone’s doing it” when it comes to forming a wall. As has been made clear there’s nothing illegal about doing so.

    Outright tripping a gunner? Yeah – not so legal.

    If the NFL doesn’t want teams making walls however, they should institute a rule saying so.

    Goodell has a bad habit of selectively enforcing some rules but not others, for some teams but not others – more depends on how Goodell is perceived in a PR sense than whether or not an obscure rule is, or is not obeyed.

  11. I have to laugh myself silly at these stupid Jets fans. Here the babies are complaining about someone doing to them exactly what they have been doing to the patriots all this time.

    “Unbelievable how some of you clowns ignore the fact that all of these teams do far worse.”

    Like that makes your team cheating better because you think someone is out there doing worse things. LOL. Face it Jets fans… your team got caught cheating and we are not gonna let you forget it. We are gonna keep making comments about the cheating Jets forever, just like you do about the Pats.

  12. @dragonhawke3

    the difference between the Jets cheating and the Patriots cheating is the fact that what the Patriots did effectively wipes out three superbowl championships whereas the Jets incident doesnt wipe out a whole season or even three. Not even one game since they lost to the dolphins anyway. So you can gloat about having something on the Jets all you want but youve got nothing compared to what Jets fans have on you guys. I mean, without cheating you guys have never even won a single superbowl in franchise history. Thats sad.

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