Eric Wright’s season is over

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At times in his career, Browns cornerback Eric Wright has looked like a potential star.

We remember Shawn Springs saying on NFL Network that Wright was one of the five best cornerbacks in the league.  Like so many young cornerbacks, however, Wright is streaky.

He started off this season poorly and things only snowballed from there.  He was eventually benched for Joe Haden and Monday he was placed on injured reserve with a knee injury, ending his season.

Wright is a free agent and could be an interesting pickup in the offseason.  He’s young (25) and has a lot of experience.  Still, his 2010 campaign has crushed his chances of getting a big contract in 2011.

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  1. Browns need to re-sign him while he’s affordable. He can still be a very good corner, and Sheldon Brown can’t be a stud forever.

  2. Wouldn’t mind the Eagles picking this guy up. With Dick Jauron coaching him, he could end up being pretty good.

  3. While I’m not happy to hear about anyone getting injured, I am hopeful that this injury is a blessing in disguise for Browns fans- that blessing being that Wright is done in Cleveland.

    Shawn Springs said Eric Wright was one of the best corners in the league and he’s right… Eric Wright *was* one of the best corners in football- for about 5 minutes. However, this year he has sucked so badly as to convince me that his heyday is well over with.

    This is a guy who gives up on plays left and right, almost never looks for the ball when he’s covering a receiver, and throws a hand up to deflect even less. Did I mention that he couldn’t tackle an 8 year old outside of the stadium? A typical Wright tackle basically consists of him sticking one arm out to stop a freight train.

    That all said, I’d be more than happy to see Wright be reborn on another team. Maybe a fresh start on another team would bring him back to the better-than-average CB he was, but I think (I hope) he’s done in Cleveland ’cause he blows waaaay too many big plays for the Browns.

  4. hope we re-sign him. ever since his rookie year Wright was the ONLY DB who did ANYTHING for us and even in this “what have you done for me lately” league, 1 bad year shouldn’t undue a handful of good seasons especially with a guy coming into his prime.

  5. “thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Dec 20, 2010 9:00 PM
    Sorry, all I want for xmas IS for you….”

    So you post this post, but NOT my previous post correcting your mistake where you said, “We remember Shawn Springs SAY on NFL Network that Wright was one of the five best cornerbacks in the league.”

    NICE. Freaking hack……

  6. I agree with about 90% of what trickbunny says. One thing I differ on though is that I don’t think Wright was ever in the top 5 in the league. I think that the other Browns db’s have sucked so badly in past years that QBs have just preferred to throw to their side instead of exposing Wright. But, now that they have some NFL caliber db’s(Brown, Hayden), the QBs are throwing at Wright and he’s been exposed. I’m sure some team will end up paying him big money though. I just hope it isn’t the Browns.

  7. i hope the Browns re sign him also . he will be fine as a nickelback and spot starter . who knows maybe he turns it completely around and regains starter form .

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