Favre, Cutler trade early touchdowns

The frigid conditions in the first outdoor Vikings home game in nearly 30 years hasn’t curtailed early scoring.

The Bears lead 10-7 after one quarter following a 67-yard touchdown from Jay Cutler to Johnny Knox, who made Vikings safety Madieu Williams look bad on the play.

The Vikings got on the board with an opening drive touchdown that was capped off by a 23-yard touchdown from Brett Favre to Percy Harvin.  The slick field (and ball) does appear to be causing some havoc, but defenders are having just as much trouble cutting as the offensive players.

While some may not love the manner in which Brett Favre suddenly became available for tonight’s game, we have a feeling he’s going to make this game a lot more entertaining.

UPDATE: Favre is doubtful to return to the game after having his head slammed on the turf.  So much for that.