Flynn, Packers run out of time in Foxborough

The Packers defense held Tom Brady to 163 passing yards Sunday night.  Matt Flynn threw three touchdown passes in his first NFL start.   And it still wasn’t enough.

On a night where the Packers did so many things right, Flynn’s inexperience running the two minute offense ultimately cost Green Bay in Foxborough.  The Packers lost 31-27, but had the ball on the Patriots’ 32-yard line with 53 seconds to play.  They only ran three more plays before time expired.

On third-and-11 from the Patriots’ 25-yard line, Flynn found Donald Driver for ten yards.  (Safety Patrick Chung’s tackle was the unsung play of the game.)  Flynn then panicked.  He took a ton of time getting up to the line of scrimmage, finally snapping the ball with five seconds left.  He was sacked and lost the ball.  Game over.

The final sequence shouldn’t distract from Flynn’s excellent overall effort.  (He finished with 251 yards, three scores and a pick on 37 throws.)  The Patriots were somewhat fortunate to be in the lead at the end of the game.

The Patriots won by taking the turnover battle 2-0 and scoring a defensive touchdown.  They won with the help of the all-time record kickoff return by an offensive lineman.  (It’s also a record for most awesome in a single play this year.)

They won despite going three-and-out late in the fourth quarter with a chance to take time off the clock.

The Packers out-played New England for much of the night, but the Patriots scored ten quick points early in the fourth quarter.  That’s what good teams do, and this game will give Bill Belichick plenty to harp on during the week.

At 8-6, the Packers can only take so much consolation in a moral victory.  They need real victories the next two weeks to get to the playoffs.

If  Green Bay can continue to play complete team football like they did Sunday night, they should have a good chance.

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74 responses to “Flynn, Packers run out of time in Foxborough

  1. That’s not on Matt Flynn for not knowing what play to run. That’s on Mike McTurdy for not having 2 plays called in the first place.

    Thats on Mike McTurdy for taking their time when they’re out at the 40 yard line with less than 2 minutes to play.

    That’s on Mike McTurdy for using 2 timeouts in HORRIBLE fashion at the end of the game.

    That’s on Mike McTurdy for horrible play calling down at the goal line. 2nd and 1, and you somehow manage to lose yardage. Terrible.

    Oh…and yes…I’m a Packer fan, and normally a McCarthy fan, but this game was managed terribly at the end. Problem is, you can manage the clock well for 99% of the game, and that other 1% can cost you, and tonight, it did.

  2. -TOP was 40:19 in favor of GB.
    -Patriots cannot tackle.
    -Pats offense was efficient.
    -Flynn’s played well, but let’s not get too high on him. One score was a fluke 60-yarder. The Pats also didn’t scheme on Kuhn, who made a ton of plays.
    -Belichick looked like he was dying.

  3. Even though it was a loss this was a valuble lesson for Green Bay. With Rodgers out everyone stepped up their game. They need to play with this sense of urgency when Rodgers is in the lineup next week and they can get a playoff run going. The talent is there.

  4. Packers 8-6
    Vikings 5-8

    Different records but both face the same fate – no playoffs for either team this year.

  5. @bluestree

    Yeah the talent may be there but the coaching sure isn’t.

    Coaching is 90% of the game in the NFL. Mike Holmgren came to GB and went 9-7 in 1991 with 4-12 talent even as a rookie HC.

    This Pats team is not at all ‘loaded’. But you have a top 2,3 QB and maybe the #1 HC and you win.

    The Packers,even with the injuries..would be 11-3 right now if they had a top 7 coach.

    Heck,they may be 11-3 with Jason Garrett or Leslie Frazier.

    People in the national media who only see 7 minutes of any given Packer game just don’t realize how bad this guy is on game day.

    I think I’d take a 90 year old Lindy Infante right now over McCrappy.

    He runs a clean lockerroom (by todays standards) and isn’t a bad guy to have in charge of your QB’s but the rest leaves much to be desired.

  6. Haha the great Packer team is gonna end up with the same record as the Vikings. Where’s our pal Jimmy right now? I’m sure the excuses are gonna start flyin again. The same ones we get accused of. Maybe this is where Flynn takes over the team. Rodgers=Majkowski?

  7. #
    dumperthumper says: Dec 20, 2010 12:26 AM

    Pack got a lot of calls and the onside kick. Still lost.
    Retarded comment. Not one call was anything but legit or controversial.

  8. Hey, Flynn – and the rest of the Packers – have nothing to be ashamed of tonight. The kid looked great, kept composed for the most part, and managed to control the ball 2/3 of the damn game. If McCarthy had his act together on that last drive and not exposed Flynn’s inexperience the way he did, different ending to this game, possibly.

    The Packers played New England far tougher than Pittsburgh, the Jets, Baltimore, and a few other teams did.

    Still, the Pat’s came through when it counted, on both sides of the ball, and this will be like another Cleveland wake-up call for them heading into the post-season.

  9. This is big for the Bears. They need to clinch tomorrow. I don’t want anything on the line when we play them on the last game of the year.

  10. I bet the Packers phone will be ringing come the off season. I bet calls from Seattle, Arizona,Washington, Cinnci, and Miami are coming.

  11. McCarthy’s M.O. is for his team to go out there and show that they absolutely are the better team on the field, but then to turn around and piss the game away with grotesque lapses, such as letting a guard return a KO 73 yards.
    Story of McCarthy’s career. And that stuff’s been happening for years, so it’s not just all the injuries we’ve had.
    Finding ways to lose games.

  12. The scary thing is, Bill is going to have N.E. practicing and playing as if they were embarrassed and lost that game to the Packers. Good luck to all that have to play them now! Timing is everything, and for this to happen now makes N.E. much more dangerous going into the playoffs.

    Even with most of their D-linemen out, they still managed to plug people in at the right moments. Incredible!

  13. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says: Dec 20, 2010 1:17 AM

    Retarded comment. Not one call was anything but legit or controversial.


    You mean like the facemasking call on Wilfork that only happened because he was blatantly held? Or did you mean that defensive pass interference called in the end zone when Driver didn’t even see the ball until it hit the ground past him? There were a ton of one-sided calls this game and the Pats managed to overcome them. I wouldn’t complain if they’d lost and no comments were made about them. But you brought it up, and you must be completely blind if you didn’t see the controversy in those calls. Those botched calls resulted in 2 of the 3 Packer TDs. Nevermind the legit hit by Devin McCourty on Quarles to knock the ball away that was called as Unnecessary Roughness that extended the drive leading the the third TD and the Meriweather INT nullified when Banta-Cain pushed the facemask of an OL who has just twisted his head using his face mask and got called for illegal hands to the face. That last one resulted in the failed drive at the end of the game.

    No controversy – the Pats beat the Packers AND the refs tonight. Without the help of bad calls, all 3 GB TDs would not have happened, and GB wouldn’t have had the chance to win in the last seconds (if not for some really bad clock managemment and lack of preperation).

    That said, if Flynn doesn’t get a chance to start somewhere else soon, I’ll be surprised. He showed the poise of a veteran and the vision of a young Brady (but with the guts of a young Favre). I was very impressed!

  14. McFatso’s seems to always coming up short at crunch time. How many close games have they lost at the buzzer this year? I think it’s up to 4 or 5. Maybe he should quit calling plays and concentrate on running his team! He’s getting too wrapped up in game action and not seeing the big picture. Hire an O coordinator fatso!

  15. The Packers stole a possession and controlled the tempo of the game. That Patriots defense is still too vulnerable to be counted on.

    In it’s defense though, when your defense scores, it has to go right back onto the field.

    The blueprint for beating the Patriots at home is now out there. And still they have clinched nothing other than a playoff spot.

  16. So lets talk about flukes seanmartin.

    OL running back a kickoff to the Pats 5. FLUKE
    INT return for TD. FLUKE
    2 Gimmie INT dropped by Packers defenders. FLUKE

    So according to your logic. Tom Brady is the worst qb in football because he put up terrible #’s and on top of that would have nothing if not for 2 flukes.

  17. If Flynn wasn’t ready to execute the two minute offense, that’s on McCarthy.

    Every other coach in the league (except maybe Andy Reid, or Mike Singletary) would have had Flynn call two plays in the huddle. McCarthy may be a great coach in other ways, but he is terrible at end of game management.

    Just because Collinsworth went totally in the tank for McCarthy and put 100% of the blame on Flynn doesn’t mean you have to be such an NBC suck up and agree with him.

    What the hell was the kid supposed to do if he didn’t have the play?

  18. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says:
    Dec 20, 2010 1:17 AM
    dumperthumper says: Dec 20, 2010 12:26 AM

    Pack got a lot of calls and the onside kick. Still lost.
    Retarded comment. Not one call was anything but legit or controversial.
    The call on McCourty was terrible. Led with his shoulder, hit him in the chest. Took the narcissist ref about 30 seconds to decide on that. Which lead me to Gooddell ruining the NFL. How can you lower your shoulder, to hit a moving target, and not have some helmet contact? They should either put flags ont them, or taking the helmets off.

  19. Wasn’t it more a combination of being down 4…4 D lineman ? 3 coming into the game and losing 1 during ? They were playing with guys signed off the street. They did come out flat and they did over-pursue a lot of tackles. Too aggressive. When the guy needs a 1st down, let him come to YOU. Don’t take bad angles and not have your feet underneath you when he makes the inevitable cut. They also just didn’t seem ready and Pack was hungry. Needed that game. But alas, did not get it.

  20. “seanmmartin says:
    Dec 20, 2010 12:35 AM
    -TOP was 40:19 in favor of GB.
    -Patriots cannot tackle.
    -Pats offense was efficient.
    -Flynn’s played well, but let’s not get too high on him. One score was a fluke 60-yarder. The Pats also didn’t scheme on Kuhn, who made a ton of plays.
    -Belichick looked like he was dying.”

    And the Pats still won….suck it!!!!

  21. Flynn looks like the real deal. Not sure how many years he has left on his contract but I suspect that before too long we’ll see him in another uniform as a starting QB. If the Pack are smart they will trade him at some point before his contract runs out so they get some value for him, because it’s quite clear he can play in this league and so I can’t imagine he is going to re-sign with GB knowing full well that Rogers is going to be the starter there for the next 10 years.

  22. “More Mediocrity From Mike McCarthy”

    On a night when Green Bay needed to raise its game for its young QB, here is what McCarthy’s charges did:

    1. Charles Woodson drops an INT. Pats score TD seconds later.

    2. After taking 17-7 lead, Packers annually sucky special teams allow a 300-pound lineman to run 71 yards with a KO return. On third-and-goal, Woodson then covers no one, but rather appears to be spying on Tom Brady as though he were Michael Vick. Result: TD.

    3. James Jones, a model of inconsistency for how many years now (?) (who nearly dropped – again – the TD toss from Flynn) breaks off his route. Result: NE INT and TD return.

    4. McCarthy’s pathetic o-line cannot advance the ball 36 inches on three tries from NE 2. Result: FG. Difference in game.

    Add in the weekly drops by Driver and Quarless and the laughable punting game, which has not been corrected since Ted Thompson took over in 2005, and you have the Packers – just another mediocre NFL team slogging through another blasé Sunday.

  23. The only one who looked a a rookie out there was McCarthy. He was worse under pressure than Flynn.

    Patriots make big plays when they need to, that’s what makes them so hard to beat…

  24. I thought I was in a time machine back to 1992. The young Brett Favre was getting his first start. He would lead the mighty Packers to a …..loss. Oh well, sounded good for a minute any way!

  25. pats were due for a let down, thankfully they didnt lose this time like the cleveland game. I would hate to be buffalo next week, would also hate to be at practice this week in foxboro, belichick is going to kill them.

  26. Playing in New England with a back-up QB making his first start, it was not going to be easy for Green Bay. But they keep losing close games and that has to be troubling. All 6 losses this season are by four points or less. There is not a ton of difference between the teams in the NFL – it is the ability to win close games that really separates teams. Right now, Green Bay can’t win the close one (and again, I understand it was a tough situation last night, but the game was there to be won and it wouldn’t be such a big deal if they hadn’t lost all those other close games).

  27. Lol! CMON WTF

    im so fkin sick of people jumpin on the packers bandwagon. people wanna brag these clowns up and for what? bc they can beat detoilet? bc they get calls, bc they have GayRod? i mean cmon the packers aint that fkin good, LUCKY doesnt make you good.

    how many playoffs have the packers won since favre left?

    Post season only matter now, and if your packers can’t run down and tackle a 300pound lineman your a shyt world of trouble.

    ONE N DONE haha

  28. that’s probably as good a game as Flynn could possibly have played. Threw a couple of lousy passes and held the ball to long a few times, but for the most part he was very efficient.

    Mike McCarthy is a heartbreakingly bad coach right now. Horrible game and clock management.

    With 3 TO’s left he failed to use one while Brady was in the no-huddle tearing the packers nickle D apart for an easy 4th quarter TD. Ok, he must be saving them… then on the next defensive series, a three-and-out, he uses a TO. Mind boggling.

    On the Packers last drive, he used the TO’s both on back to back plays, which is bad enough. But the icing on the cake is the indecision. Watched it back last night and counted 19 wasted seconds ticking off the clock while coach McCrappy was deciding whether to call those TO’s.

    Play-calling also terrible in some big spots. 3rd and 17, inside hand-off to Kuhn. 3rd and 1, go deep to your rookie tight-end. 3rd and goal from the 1, after running 2 straight running plays, they ran a straight-up pass play instead of going to the play action.

    They have a kicker who can kick it into the endzone every time if you tell him to. Instead, they’re in this strange pattern of trying to do something different with every kickoff. pop-ups, squibs, line drives, deep, short, left right. You don’t have to change it up that much, it’s not rocket science.

    extremely frustrating football team to watch right now.

  29. @minnesconsin

    ~Completely Agree.

    I think the 71 yard kickoff return the special teams allowed by an f-ing OT was the dagger. If you give Tom Brady 1st down on the 4 yard line, chances are he’s going to score. Just frustrating.

  30. Mike McCarthy = The new Chilly of the North! Good for you guys!

    Real game at the Bank tonight,see the Bears get spanked by Joe Webb!

  31. 5-16.

    McCarthy record in games decided by 4 points or less.

    An NFL team with a traditional owner would tell this clown he’s coaching these last three games for his job.

    But Mark Murphy appears more interested in marketing and PR crap than being responsible for oversight of Ted Thompson and McCarthy who continue to operate in a pressure-free vacuum up there.

    Memo to Murphy: You’re not in academia any longer. Grow a pair and do your job.

    Thompson (6 years) and McCarthy (5 years) have to be held accountable for the myriad problems this team has had during their tenure: lousy specials, (no punter and no return game), passive, soft o-line, no talent in backfield, and poor LB’s for a 3-4 scheme.

  32. pastabelly says: Dec 20, 2010 12:31 AM
    The Patriots young defense leaves them very vulnerable. It showed tonight.

    Umm, they actually made big plays when they needed them, which is what they have been doing all season.

  33. Pats won despite the D-line being in rough shape and the officials making some terrible calls. They didn’t murder GB but they still won in a game that meant more to GB then it did to NE.
    You gotta bring more than that if you are going to beat the Patriots in NE.

  34. importantpftcomment says:
    Dec 20, 2010 12:40 AM
    Being a Vikings fan, I must say it was GREAT watching the FudgePackers not know what to do in the last 20+ seconds of the game!


    Being a Packer fan….I must admit how GREAT it is that the Packers have 2, possibly three QB’s, that will more than likely dominate the Vikings for the next 4 or 5 years….maybe more.

    I’d take my odds with Donald Driver as the QB of this time over any of the 3 dog and pony acts you losers are going to try to pull out of the hat.
    Have fun getting your asses handed to you tonight…in front of millions. Again.

  35. to all pats fans wgo are worried and to all packers fans that are excited

    on top of having the most guys put on IR this season, (i mention this cause packers fans think they are he most injured)

    we had 4 d lineman out for last nights game, are best runn stopping linebacker, and 3 o lineman.

    we will be a lot healthier come playoffs

    past will get thier lineman and linebacker back and this wont be the same defence

  36. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Dec 20, 2010 2:25 AM
    What this did was show the rest of the AFC how vulnerable the Patriots really are. Film study should be fun!

    Should make for a fun playoffs too.

    What a STUPID post!! You said this same STUPID stuff before.

    What “blueprint” did GB show??

    NE came into the games with the 27th ranked D.

    The idea of a “blueprint” is dumb.
    If it was true then why havent teams over the last 5 weeks done what the Browns did to the Patriots??

    Didn’t everyone say the same thing 3 years ago “the Giants showed the blueprint how to beat the Patriots”.

    This was a GB team that was told all week they didn’t have a chance because they would be playing with a backup QB.

    Everyone on the team new they would have to play a great game and they did. In the end it wasn’t enough.

    And last time I check A. Rogers does not play defence.
    GB came into this game allowing 15 points per game.
    NE scored 24 on offense and 7 on D.

    Uh oh, maybe NE showed the “blueprint” on how to beat the Packers!!
    You know since NE WON the game.

    Haters will always hate, if NE would have blown them out you would have said “the Packers were playing with there backup QB”.

  37. packerbacker12 says:
    Dec 20, 2010 9:59 AM
    and if anything Patriot fans there should of been a penalty on the kickoff return by Connolly for an illegal block in the back on Crosby. It was clearly visible.
    And stop with the excuses, GB had calls go there way.

  38. The Patriots are doing the same same thing the Saints did last year.
    The Sainys had the 25th ranked D but they led the NFL in turnovers and ther O scored a lot of points.

    This year NE is first + 19 in the turnover margin.
    And they are #1 in the NFL in points scored 31 points per game.

  39. Not so long ago the Pats had allowed more yards per game than any other NFL team. I believe that is still true. Let’s not get carried away about what Flynn did in one game.

  40. pervyharvin says:
    Dec 20, 2010 9:31 AM

    Real game at the Bank tonight,see the Bears get spanked by Joe Webb!


    We can only hope, but no… more than likely the Queens will let us down now that we actually want them to win a game.

  41. Since McCarthy is the veteran and Flynn the 1st-time starter, the coach should have called plays in a hurry-up and conserved timeouts, as it was quite possible that an inexperienced QB might panic or need more time. McCarthy used the clock cavalierly, as though he was more concerned about the possibility of leaving NE with time on the clock after the TD than actually getting the lead. Consecutive runs up the middle, no quick out passes to the sideline, no hurry-up offence – all evidence of poor coaching and poor game planning.

  42. Flynn out-played the “greatest quarterback in NFL history” last night, which clearly shows that Brady is GROSSLY OVERRATED, just like the Patriots.

    Packers need to win out and they’re in.


  43. I don’t know if I would deal him, as a quality QB is hard to find, but the Packers can land a serious bounty for Flynn if they trade him in the offseason.

    See: Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck, Aaron Brooks.

    The Packers have had more quality QBs in the last 15 years than the Lions and Bears have had in their entire history.

  44. And, yeah, Vikes’ fan — we’re one in the same, right?

    Because if you win out, you’re in as well?


    But I must say, I hope you guys winn tonight.

    I also hope you get a stadium deal done, and the Queens never move. I hate your team, but respect the rivalry.

    I’m excited to see some outdoor football in Minnesota for a change.

    Never thought I’d say it, but, GO VIKES (only for tonight).

  45. And whatever you do, DON’T injure Cutler; we’re going to need him to toss about 10 picks between now and the end of the season.

  46. @gregjennings85

    As a Vikes fan I’m with you – I hate the Pack but love the rivalry and respect the organization. Hopefully we can eek out a win in the snow tonight. I’d love to see us build a real outdoor stadium too, we’ll see though.

    BTW, is Flynn a free agent after this year? My squad needs a QB… 🙂

  47. “and if anything Patriot fans there should of been a penalty on the kickoff return by Connolly for an illegal block in the back on Crosby. It was clearly visible.
    And stop with the excuses, GB had calls go there way.”

    Well since some Patriot fans were whining about some calls, I just said one play that they got away with. In no way did it affect the game.

  48. “Not so long ago the Pats had allowed more yards per game than any other NFL team. I believe that is still true. Let’s not get carried away about what Flynn did in one game.”

    It isn’t that. People are just surprised with how well Flynn played, especially with most of the predictions being that this game was going to be a rout.

  49. @gregjennings85
    NFL records broken by the ‘GROSSLY OVERRATED’ Tom Brady & the Patriots:

    * The Patriots have scored at least 30 points without committing a turnover in each of their past six games to extend their NFL record. No other team in NFL history has had 30-plus points and no turnovers in more than three straight games.

    * The Patriots extended their NFL record to six straight games without a turnover. No other NFL team has gone longer than four straight games without a turnover.

    * Tom Brady extended his interception-free streak to 292 consecutive pass attempts, setting an NFL record for the longest single-season stretch without a pick.

    What were you saying, again?

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