Is Favre ducking a meeting with Goodell?

Every once in a while, or more often, we engage in rank speculation.  It depends on our mood.

And right now I’m in the mood for some rank speculation.  (Blame it on Christmas.)

Commissioner Roger Goodell is in Minnesota today for a series of meetings and to attend the historic open-air game at TCF Bank Stadium between the Bears and Vikings.  Four days ago, Goodell met directly with former Jets in-house sideline reporter Jenn Sterger in connection with the ongoing investigation into Favre’s alleged behavior in 2008, when he was the Jets’ quarterback.

So what if Favre feared that Goodell was going to request a sit-down, at which time Favre would be asked questions about any potential conflicts between the things Favre told NFL V.P. of security Milt Ahlerich and the information Sterger has given to the league?  We can think of no better way for Favre to duck the session than to suddenly be upgraded from “out” to “questionable” on the injury report.  Now that he’ll be worked out by trainers 2.5 hours before the game and that he otherwise needs to digest the game plan, Favre will be too busy to meet with Goodell.

Then again, if Goodell really wants to talk to Favre, Goodell can push the issue.  But with time running out on any decision that would impact Favre before Favre exits the NFL’s jurisdiction once and for all, every day that passes before Favre would be asked follow-up questions will make it more difficult for the NFL to punish him, especially if the NFL otherwise is faced with a he-said/she-said situation that can’t be resolved in any forum other than a court of law.

If Favre ultimately doesn’t play, our rank speculation could be right on the money.

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  1. Favre’s ducking any meeting he can from anyone other than someone with a TV camera or a microphone…working damage control.

    The one he’s really going to want to duck out of is the meeting that his soon to be ex-wife will want to have with him when he gets home in a few weeks….if he lives through tonight. He may upstage even himself and DIE on the field tonight at the hands of concrete turf and the Bears D. What a way to go out.

  2. Goodell is going to do his best to run out the clock. There is no reason not to announce the findings unless he wants Favre to retire so Roger can cop a “Well he is no longer under our juridiction so we can’t punish him” defense.

  3. You cant be serious….do you actually think Farve is going to be punished unless he is officially put on ir. He will once again retire be punished and then unretire ala M jordan with his gambling debts… fortunately for nba fans, mike got the message after his first attempt.

  4. Of course, you are conveniently forgetting the fact that Goodall could have met with Favre earlier this morning.

    More often, it is not just the speculation provided by PFT staff that is rank………

  5. Yeah I’m sure Goodell is playing along and doesn’t want to be the guy who suspended Favre on his way out for this embarrassment. He’ll run out the clock and Favre will pull a Tiger Woods and pay off Sterger and it’ll go away into the ether.

  6. The lengths Favre will go through to not have his last pass be a pick. I truly hope he plays. That turf is really going to hurt when he gets planted.

  7. I agree with Zaggs. It’s in the both Favres, the Jets, Vikings and the NFLs best interest to run the clock out on this money grubbing gold digger.

  8. Pure garbage. I expected nothing more after reading the headline. What if Favre fears reprisal from a commisioner that has shown absolutely no competency in conducting investigations and no rhyme or reason applied towards issuing “punishment”? Based on all the stuff that has come out in regards to this, it is easy to conclude that ALL the elements of “sexual harassment” do not exist. Goodell is trying to handle this in the best way possible in regards to the NFL’s PR…not in regards to what actually happened. Sterger has in no way acted similar to any other victim of workplace sexual harassment and has actually come very close to crossing the extortion line…some could argue that she has crossed that line. Favre is likely guilty of sending “junk” mail but that is not illegal and is a matter between he and his wife. Goodell is standing on a very slippery slope because it seems he is contemplating disciplining Favre based on moral issues rather than legal ones.

  9. For what will hopefully be the FINAL time —

    The Vikings will NOT put Favre on IR, even if it is evident he cannot play the rest of the season. Why? Because if they do that, he cannot attend practice or team meetings.

    Even if he is unable to play, his football knowledge is far too valuable to lose!

  10. Why is a meeting even necessary? You would think they are trying to solve the crime of the century given all the time it is taking.

    I think Goodell is delaying the decision out of respect for the Vikings and their big 50th Anniversary celebration. Its bad enough the Metrodump roof caved in and forced them back outside, how would it look if Goodell had a meeting with Favre prior to the game? Embarrassing for all parties involved, not that the Vikings aren’t used to being embarrassed with their 0-4 Superbowl record and their 0-5 record in the last five NFC championship games. They are used to the humiliation by now.

    The Vikings don’t need the Commish suspending their million dollar per game star QB. Talk about rank, I wonder if Ziggy holds his nose when he is forced to write that check every week?

  11. Oh pooh! “Rank” about covers it. If Goodell wanted to meet with him, he’d meet with him, and you know it. Because of the way she’s handled this, Goodell has no grounds to suspend Favre. He’s dragged this out because he’s trying to serve multiple masters. He doesn’t want to be seen as letting players get away with “harassing” female employees because the NFL already has a negative reputation in that regard. And he doesn’t want Brett Favre at the center of a harassment scandal. He just wants all this to quietly go away when Favre retires.

  12. @FinFan68


    The most pathetic thing about all this is that I have not heard ANYTHING about Perrish Cox!!! He actually did something to a woman too.

  13. “Every once in a while, or more often, we engage in rank speculation.”

    You’re giving yourself way too much credit. Everything you write is based on rank speculation. And now you have Peter King pimping for you.

  14. Mike you are a real piece of work. As if there isn’t enough out there to report on you have to speculate now that Favre is ducking a meeting with the Comish?

    No wonder these blogs get such bad names and are avoided by the players.

    Do you sit up nights thinking these scenarios?

    I have lost all respect for you and your reporting!

  15. #
    steelers6pack says: Dec 20, 2010 4:33 PM

    Goodell will do NOTHING! This is the worse commish ever!

    Steeler fans are worse than the gecko. Enough already.

    satanphoenix says: Dec 20, 2010 4:39 PM

    I agree with Zaggs. It’s in the both Favres, the Jets, Vikings and the NFLs best interest to run the clock out on this money grubbing gold digger.

    Both Favre, Jets, and Vikings…did he say both? Both?

  16. @lordodysseus

    It started out as favre and the nfl and then I added jets and vikings. Sometimes I have other things going on around me that to pay attention to englsih professors

  17. Goodell has no intention of doing anything to Favre. #4 generates dollars and that, and only that, is the only thing Roger Goodell cares about.

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