Jaguars-Colts one-liners

The Jaguars suffered major breakdowns in both rushing offense and defense during a 34-24 loss to the Colts that robbed them of the chance to control their own playoff destiny.

An audio malfunction in QB David Garrard’s helmet helped contribute to the Jaguars’ failure to convert a fourth down early in the third quarter.

Said Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, “If we’re going to beat these guys, we have to be able to get a hard yard when we need it.”

Jaguars PR Mike Thomas took one kick back for a touchdown, but fumbled another when a Colts player hit him after being blocked in the back during a fair catch.

Garrard set a Jaguars single-season record by throwing his 21st and 22nd touchdown passes of the year.

LB Tyjuan Hagler picked up an onside kick and scampered 41 yards for a touchdown to put the final touches on a big Colts victory.

Colts WR Austin Collie had eight catches for 87 yards and two touchdowns before suffering another concussion, and the Colts dropped from 6.6 yards per play to 4.6 after he left the game.

S Antoine Bethea’s interception in the second half helped the Colts build a two-score lead in the second half.

Said Colts LB Pat Angerer of the team’s unexpected success against the run, “It just shows the experts really aren’t experts.”

Colts RB Donald Brown broke a pair of runs of more than 40 yards en route to topping 100 yards for the first time in his career.

4 responses to “Jaguars-Colts one-liners

  1. NFL Network guy (first name Charles) says the hit on Collie should be fined by the league?

    He is out of his mind.

  2. I hate to play the ref card (especially when the team was I pulling for won), but that was one of the most shockingly mishandled games by a usually solid Ref Crew. Being at the game, the Refs tainted the entire 1st half. The crowd seemed unable to focus on the game with how lousy a job they did overseeing it.

    -The leading with the helmet call (when it was clearly the arm and shoulder)
    -The phantom “5th Down” for the Jags which they later scored on after the Colts appeared to stop them
    -The incredibly suspect Pass Interference
    -The “swim move fair catch” signal which caused a couple Colts to pause before the KR ran it back led to a very choppy game.

    Del Rio has some questions to answer about going for it on 4th down at their own 40 in the middle of the game. That was just dumb, no matter how you look at it.

    Huge win for the Colts in spite of the “critics”.

  3. How about incorrect call where the Colts player ran into Jacksonville’s returner and then gave the ball to Indianapolis? The cheap shots the Colts defensive players took on Garrard that were not flagged? I hope they lose to Oakland.

  4. xli2006, I couldn’t agree more. I was at the game and everyone was heated over the slew of ridiculous first half calls. I’m glad we overcame them though. Great game, but I felt sick to my stomach when Collie went down. The Raiders aren’t going to be easy and neither are the Titans, especially without Collie. We can and will get it done though!


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